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  1. This is my thinking too. Add in I live in a state that is less than 50% vaccinated with at least one shot, not even fully vaccinated, plus the Delta variant and I'm not doing anything different than I was this time last year. As a matter of fact it makes me even more nervous to think of going into a store or restaurant. When I do go out I'm still wearing my mask, still getting groceries and anything I can delivered. I see fewer and fewer people masked and considering that stats, I don't trust that the many more that are unmasked are actually vaccinated.
  2. That's just so sweet and sad at the same time. Sweet that she is aware and concerned, sad that she has to be.
  3. I am so sorry @Nicmar. I cannot imagine how stressful that is. I hope there are resources, your vet or otherwise that can help you both with adjusting. I wish you both the best of luck with the surgery and recovery.
  4. @Bastet already answered about signs of hydration or lack of better than I can, but, I did want to say if you don't feel comfortable administering the subQ fluids or try it and have difficulty, please don't fret or stress about it. When it was determined it was time to start them for my Shana the vet said they could teach me but they wanted to do the first one. It took 3 of them. So since she was not agreeable to this no one thought I should try it at home alone. I'm not sure how our vet's prices compare to else where, but, it was 7.00 for them to do it. Of course that isn't counting the
  5. I started drinking my coffee out of a travel mug at home because my cat would stick his whole face in my cup and go to town lapping it up!
  6. I'm not sure if I posted this before or not, forgive me if I did. I once got one of my cats a Thunder Shirt. As soon as I put it on her she went down to the floor like her legs suddenly disappeared. I took it off of her immediately. She watched me put it back in the box and put the box up. She refused to move until I did. That second picture of poor Cosmo looks like he's wondering how long this indignity is going to go on!
  7. I've had very few side effects from the Pfizer vaccine. No arm soreness to speak of unless something touches it like if I roll over on that side when I'm in bed, and then it's just enough to notice. However, I am so tired. Like Mono tired. It's not as bad today as yesterday though after a while I do seem to lose all energy and need to just stop and rest for a while. Yesterday when I got up I was so foggy headed I would have been hard pressed to even tell someone my own middle name. I did call and the pharmacist did say that could also be one of the side effects. I got better as the
  8. I got my first vaccine today! On a whim the other day I decided to see if I could luck up on any closer than the one I have scheduled for Sunday. I was able to make an appointment (well, both of them) at the Walgreen's that is less than 1/4 mile from my apartment. They were running a little late, but, it was only about 15 minutes after my scheduled time I got it. I think I may wind up with a sore arm, I try to keep moving it and it's just slightly twingey moving it one way. I did get some Ibuprofen while I was there so following the pharmacist's recommendation I will take some if it persis
  9. I swear all these pictures of happy dogs and cats and the humans' joy at having them just makes my heart happy!
  10. No, nothing special or unusual. What was happening before I was able to actually schedule and appointment was there would be a first appointment available, but, nothing for the date of the second dose, which just seems odd to me. I did try earlier this morning than I had been. I had been checking right around 7 a.m. but today I started a little before 6 a.m. At first there were no appointments, then the no second one. I went back in at 10 after 6 and that was when I was able to get them both scheduled.
  11. Success! My first appointment is scheduled 03/28 at the Kroger in Douglasville! I haven't been in a store other than Walgreen's, Racetrack or Best Buy (because of course my computer died in the middle of a pandemic) since all this started because I'm lucky enough to be in an area that I can get everything delivered or curbside pick up). I'm already having a minor freak out. That's more the anxiety than anything I'm sure. I wish they had morning appointments available but I took what I could get. Oh, even the second appointment is scheduled.
  12. Oh I loved it, but,
  13. I'm not going to say why so as not to spoil anything, but, Lonesome Dove is the only book I have ever thrown in my life!
  14. My Daddy (81) and Stepmother (67) live in Alabama and they got their vaccines at the local Walmart this week. They got the Johnson & Johnson. So far neither are reporting any side effects. I am so relieved that they've gotten theirs. There seemed to be a mix up in they couldn't find his appointment at first and my Stepmother asked if he could take her spot and she could schedule another one and were told basically "no swapsies". Thankfully the lady at the check-in desk took his name down in case of cancelation/no shows and shortly after they got home she called and asked if he could
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