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  1. Peeve of the day, no matter what day the 2nd falls on, Saturday, Sunday, holiday Monday, we have to do our check out for the monthly run. It's not like Cash Ops actually accepts the file and processes the payments on those days. No, that happens the next work day. So, if 2nd is on Saturday, they receive the file on Monday and payments are issued Wednesday. If we were to do checkout on Monday, they accept the file Monday and the payments are issued Wednesday. I mean, I finished checkout and I'm here at 11:45 so it's not like it takes 1/2 the day or more, it's just the point that we ha
  2. Mine liked bottle tops and nickels. Nickels apparently spin better than other coins. We could play spin (me)/trap (them) the nickel for hours had I not got tired of it and took the nickel away. And shoes, Shlamey loved a shoe. Of course that was the reason one of her middle names was Imelda. 🙂
  3. Glad he's dong better! I always hated when they had to wait by themselves. Once when that happened when the vet came in the room she asked why I was crying and she said it wasn't mine, it was the clinic cat who cried when they put her in her cage when they had another animal out in the back. 🙂
  4. Try https://www.doesthedogdie.com/ I looked and there is a 2021 TV show listed that does show several trigger warnings. If this is the same one you saw I do sincerely thank you because I would probably have started it myself.
  5. I think the decision to euthanize is on of the most difficult, heart wrenching some of us will ever face. One that we agonize over at the time and for some time to come. We don't want to let go too soon. We don't want to hold on too long. Bottom line is the desire to do right by our pets. As long as it is made thoughtfully, with love and looking to what is best for the pet at that moment, we are doing our best to help them and that cannot be wrong. I think most people at some point question themselves if they made the right choice. I described it to someone as my head knows it was
  6. I am so sorry @GaT. It's always hard to lose them, but, for it to happen unexpectedly makes it even harder. I know you are sad and your heart hurts. I will keep you in my thoughts. She was a very pretty girl.
  7. I made is sound like they threw up a lot didn't I? They really didn't, but, one it could take a few times to get the hairball out. And I was nervous that something could actually be wrong with them. The first time one threw up a hairball, I actually didn't know what it was and took him over to the emergency vet about 2 in the morning. I explained what he produced and she, trying not to laugh, explained it was a fur ball. To which I said I expected them to be actual balls, not something looking like a tube. In peeves news, if I tell you I need a specific form to process your reque
  8. I once flung (not really but did snatch up and quickly semi-dropped onto the floor) one of mine when I heard THAT SOUND in the middle of the night. I sleep pretty heavy, but, THAT SOUND, cuts through anything. After that they would all get off the bed if they felt the need. Plus we had a rule at our house. In the course of a day: Throw up once - it happens, maybe you ate too fast/much Throw up twice - there better be a hairball produced Throw up the third time - that's it we are going to the vet - regular or emergency depending on the time.
  9. We may actually be.....I went to a woman's college too. Not a fancy one though. 🙂
  10. I'm the only leftie in my family too. One of the nuns at school taught several of us to crochet. She had me sit in front of her instead of behind like everyone else so I would be able to mirror her movements since I am left-handed. I still am not able to knit no matter how many times/ways I try to learn. After the last frustrating attempt I did read somewhere (and have no idea if it's actually true) that all knitting patterns are written right-handed. Also in college I took tennis and when we were learning to serve the teacher would say "Ok everybody face the gym....well, Tift
  11. It may only be me that did this, but, when my cats sneezed I would say "Bless you". This resulted in one of them when I sneezed jumping up, putting his paws on my chest and getting right in my face and saying "Meow meow. Meow meow." I took at as he thought someone should say something when another being sneezed. He even did it when I was on a conference call once.
  12. Oh, @Bastet, I cannot tell you how sorry I am to hear this. My heart breaks for all of you left behind, human and feline. As others have said dear Chester had a wonderful life and could have have asked for a better family to take care of him. I have no doubt he knew that and adored you all in return. His love will always be a part of you all.
  13. This is my thinking too. Add in I live in a state that is less than 50% vaccinated with at least one shot, not even fully vaccinated, plus the Delta variant and I'm not doing anything different than I was this time last year. As a matter of fact it makes me even more nervous to think of going into a store or restaurant. When I do go out I'm still wearing my mask, still getting groceries and anything I can delivered. I see fewer and fewer people masked and considering that stats, I don't trust that the many more that are unmasked are actually vaccinated.
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