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  1. I bought an artificial Christmas tree that comes in three parts along with a stand. The 6ft tree (when built) came in a 5ft 6in rectangular cardboard box. All very easy and straightforward to take out and put together. However, I am due to fly out to South Africa on New Year's Day, so I have decided to take my tree down early and pack it away for another year. But my big irritation is how difficult it is to repack the three-part tree back in its box! I must have tried 5 or 6 times to get the damn tree to go all the way in, but even now it still doesn't fully fit. I had a similar frustrating experience with a mains electric drill. It came in a plastic carry case along with some drill bits and whatnot. The mains cable was also precisely wrapped to fit the molding of the inner case. So again, very easy to take out and put together, but the real PITA is folding the cable in such a way that it will fit back into its allocated space thus enabling me to close the lid firmly. But again I have tried and tried and tried, and I still can't close the fecking case! What is it with manufacturers/designers of these things that makes it almost impossible to put said items back in their respective boxes with room to spare! It seems these guys just don't live in the real world, but instead everything has to be compact, precise and efficient, much to the annoyance of the frustrated customer.
  2. Zola


    I had to re-read this at least half-a-dozen times, and even now I am still totally confused - but then that doesn't take much, lol Thanks for all the input, guys 🙂
  3. Jeez you're a real a-hole 🙂
  4. Zola


    This might sound like a dumb question, but bear with me. TV cop shows in particular will make a comment about "take him Downtown, and book him!" Where or what is "Downtown"? And does every city have one? (we don't use that term here in England, so I presume its a US thing)
  5. Posters (not necessarily on this site) who resort to personal abuse when they know they're losing an argument in a thread. Doesn't seem to matter what topic we're talking about you'll always find a thread that started off quite well, but then descends into a fascicle slanging match between 2 or 3 posters who want to take the moral high ground by using personal abuse to win the argument, thus killing a perfectly decent thread.
  6. My girlfriend and I went to McDonalds yesterday. Now I'm not a big fan of fast-food joints, but she felt like a quarter pounder and fries, so to please her I went along with it. So why is it the reality of what a burger looks like is VASTLY different to the ones you see in the TV adds!!? My QP was limp, lame and generally had about as much life and appeal as a rotting cadaver! My partner's Big Mac was equally naff, and bore nothing like the photos and TV ads. Needless to say my "burger" went in the bin. and I can safely say "I wasn't loving it!"
  7. Just another 12 mile run - very boring and not at all challenging
  8. I fitted a new bird-feeding station in my back garden. And from my bedroom window I can watch a variety of birds feeding from there, pleased in the knowledge that I am helping them get through the tough winter months.
  9. I will be making a point of watching "The Haunting" on Christmas Eve night, because I want to be scared shitless; and to watch "Planes, Trains and Automobiles" on Christmas Day, for that feelgood factor.
  10. Hans Gruber from the classic action-thriller "Die Hard" Yes, I know Bruce Willis was the main man, but Alan Rickman's portrayal of super smooth, super slick gangster, Gruber, was the icing on the cake for me! Favourite quote from him would have to be
  11. Check out, Sin City, he was pretty hot in that 🙂
  12. Airplane, and the classic "Don't call me Shirley!" gag
  13. Zola


    Well its 3:30pm here in England, and i have that Friday feeling! The general election is out of the way, and normality has returned. I just need to write a few more Christmas cards and catch the last post of the day; and then I can relax for the evening. Am currently undecided whether to go out and party tonight, or stay in and watch "Peep Show" on the box. I do worry as how I get older I feel less inclined to do dumb asshat things like drink, dance, drink, dance, drink, drink and drink some more etc etc on a Friday and Saturday night, preferring instead a quiet night in at home!
  14. I watched "Spotlight" last night, and I must admit to being fully locked & loaded on Rachel McAdams as Sacha Pfeiffer. I haven't seen many of her films but she was pretty great here, and she has the most sensual eyes too!
  15. Gagging for a pee while stuck in traffic! or Gagging for a pee but stuck on a mobile phone conversation with a client who keeps on jibbing on and on! or Gagging for a pee while stuck in a fully loaded lift/elevator with the ladies' loo on the top floor, but everyone pressing every floor button below it! or Gagging for a pee in a concert hall/cinema/theatre and all the cubicles are occupied! *Speaking of which, I think I need to go ......
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