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  1. I erected a wooden garden gate over the weekend. It was only 3ft by 3ft, but I was worried about how to fix the fence posts, and to make sure the gate was wide enough to close/open properly. But after watching several YouTube videos I felt confident to do it myself rather than pay over the odds and get a professional to do it for me, it took me just over 2 hours to put it up, but I am really pleased with the end result.
  2. So the UK put the clocks back an hour Sunday morning, and I was hoping for a really nice extra hour in bed. Instead, my stupid mind/brain decided that I should wake up at my usual time. And it didn't matter how hard I tried to convince my 4 brain cells, it still wouldn't let me enjoy that extra hour! This is an ongoing problem I have with all or part of my brain in that I can never overrule it. Instead it does its own thing and forces me to eat chocolate/cakes/junk food/wake up early etc, rather than doing the exact opposite. Perhaps the left side of my brain is saying one thing (eat cake!); while the right side is saying another (don't eat cake!). I just wish both sides would work together as a team and let me do what I want!
  3. Those moments when you spend an evening in a pub and have a pressing desire to pee! However, when you go to the ladies loo there is only 2 cubicles, both of which are occupied, and there's a queue of other women standing around with their legs crossed trying to not think about what they desperately need to do!
  4. The clocks go back this coming Sunday (27th). and it really is a PITA to have to go round adjusting every clock, watch, whatever in my house. Sometimes I wonder if this whole daylight saving hassle is really worth the bother! ***** NOTE- You guys in North America don't change your clocks until November 3rd!! Whereas here in the UK it's happening on the 27th October. So don't go changing anything until the 3rd ๐Ÿ˜€
  5. I love the opening scenes and dialogue to "Blood Simple" always sends a shiver down my spine ... It's that ominous final statement that really sets the mood for me, even before the film has really kicked in. Just shows that visuals can be trumped by some excellent writing.
  6. Zola


    There is something incredibly sexy about opening a bar of milk chocolate! I have no self-control: if I know there is a chocolate bar in the fridge, it will play on my mind all evening long, with my brain saying "No!" but my heart/stomach screaming "YESSSS!!!!!!" I am rubbish at saying no to chocolate.๐Ÿ™„ (just as well I do a lot of running otherwise.......)
  7. TV Sports programmes that air at least an hour before the actual game starts! It really does my head in to have to put up with an hour of people bigging a particular game up with loads of fillers, interviews, vacuous punditry & endless statistics etc etc. I do so wish such programmes could air 15 minutes before the game starts, or 30 minutes at a push!
  8. Robert De Niro in "Midnight Run" Such a change of scene for a quality and well respected actor to move away from the drama/thriller genre to mild comedy!
  9. Keyser Sรถze, from "The Usual Suspects" A great film, but the ending had me dropping my jaw to the floor and muttering "WTF, are you kidding me?"
  10. Zola


    I really must get used to the American date format on this site! Whenever I see something like 09/10/2019, I am thinking UK format of 9th October 2019, whereas in fact it's 10th September 2019. ๐Ÿ˜€
  11. I am a big fan of Herbie Hancock, and came across this old You Tube vid of him in concert, and a tune called "Silver Hollow" - I have to say I am total mesmerised by this every time I listen to it, especially when I am in bed or lying on my sofa of an evening.
  12. Having an embarrassing itch at the most inconvenient of times! (I will not go into details)
  13. When a popular website goes offline for whatever reason, you can guarantee its users will quickly post to a social media site complaining that "my <whatever> website is offline. Totally unacceptable. I need to post a photo of my baby smiling, and I can't do this now. What the hell is going on? This is the end of the world for me. I will never use <whatever> again..." Doesn't matter if its a shopping website, social media, a banking website etc. that goes offline, it's members don't half get into a hissy state when they can't log on!
  14. Am currently engaged with S1 after a recommendation from a friend. Ironically enough I used to live in Birmingham, England where the show is based; and I have to say the accents in the show are rather bemusing compared to what I was used to when conversing to the locals just a few years back. Must admit it does show a lot of promise with some very interesting characters, not least for Sam Neil, who I have always admired for his film and TV work.
  15. Zola

    The West Wing

    Have just been watching Season 2: 9 "Galileo" and the scene between Leo, Josh and Toby LEO What are you smiling at? (to Josh) JOSH Nothing, I just... Toby got the stamp assignment. TOBY Leo, I might need some help. LEO Take Josh. TOBY Thanks. Congratulations, Josh, you're choosing the next stamp. JOSH Wow, that happened fast. Such a simple but hugely amusing scene, not least for arrogant Josh to get his comeuppance! It just reminds me how great the writing was for this show.
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