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  1. So moving, and equally so sad.
  2. Guy Pearce in the mesmerizing "Memento" Kathy Bates at her beligarant best in "Fried Green Tomatoes" Matt Damon for an outstanding performance in "Good Will Hunting" Michael Keaton and "Spotlight" Ellar Coltrane and "Boyhood" Frances McDormand "Three Billboards...." Robert Downey Jr & Robert Duvall and "The Judge" Morgan Freeman for "Shawshank...." and Tom Hanks for "Castaway" (special mention for WILSON!!!)
  3. I recently had the pleasure of watching a hugely underrated drama called "The Judge" starring Robert Duvall and Robert Downey Jr. It was panned by most media critics, but quite well received by everyone else. And I thought it was a delight to watch. But my favourite scene is at the end where Downey enters the empty courtroom where his now deceased father and judge used to preside. Downey himself is a lawyer working in Chicago. But here he is back home in some small town out in the middle of nowhere. In this scene he spins the judge's empty chair, while standing and pondering whether he should return to the Windy City, or stay "home" and follow in the footsteps of his father and become a small-town judge. Of course the superb music by Bon Iver certainly set the tone, and I just cannot stop playing it back on a loop.
  4. Regrettably I don't recall many of Ennio's scores other than from "The Mission", and "Once Upon a Time in the West" But this track certainly stands out
  5. Most of the TVs in my home are 1080p HD SmartTVs, which I am perfectly happy with, especially when compared to the old standard definition. However, I am wondering of upgrading my main HDTV to 4K. I have read lots of comments/reviews about 4K, and they all bang on about better picture definition, even though there's not that many mainstream channels broadcasting in 4K. 4K is also relatively cheap, probably because 8K is just round the corner any time soon. Which leads me onto my other question: should I bide my time, ignore 4K and wait for 8K to come along? As I said earlier, I am quite happy with 1080p. If the only benefit of having 4K is better picture quality, then quite frankly I may as well stay with 1080p, unless it really makes a BIG difference! Thanks
  6. On hearing the sad news of the death of Sir Ian Holm a few days ago, I had to rewatch one of his most revered films in "Alien" I wasn't particularly saddened by his "death", but I did feel for poor old Kane (John Hurt), who ended up with that crab-like thing fixed to his face, and later on back in the spaceship's canteen suffering the painful indignity of "giving birth" to the Alien itself; while Ian Holm's character, Ash, was more concerned about the welfare of the latter rather than the former! ** Warning: quite gory!
  7. Eating an apple in the great outdoors, only to find a piece of skin getting wedged between two of my molars, and trying in vain to dig it out with nothing but my fingernails, while at the same time trying to look cool and ladylike!
  8. I haven't read the novels or seen "The Hustler" at present. But I did have the pleasure of watching TCoM, and because I had nothing to compare it with, I thought it wa a terrific film, especially with a young and annoyingly cute Tom Cruise as Newman's foil. Many great scenes of course, but its the final scene that will always linger, with Newman telling the world "Hey, I'm back!"
  9. Jaws, is without doubt one of my favourite films, even though it was made before I was even born! Can't believe its approaching its half-century in just a few years time.
  10. "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" (1978) - and the final scene with Donald Sutherland pointing and yowling at Veronica Cartwright. His facial expression still scares the hell out of me to this day, but a brilliantly executed scene for all that.
  11. Zola


    Spent the evening trying my hand at making Philadelphia-style vanilla ice cream. It's a bit of a faff, and I could have quite easily just bought a tub from the shop down the road. But I fancied a challenge, and hopefully come tomorrow it will be the bees knees!
  12. Replacing dead batteries in things like clocks, kitchen scales and TV remote controls; and more specifically the hassle of having to find a very small screwdriver because some devices have lids screwed in rather than clipped in.
  13. I bought an artificial Christmas tree that comes in three parts along with a stand. The 6ft tree (when built) came in a 5ft 6in rectangular cardboard box. All very easy and straightforward to take out and put together. However, I am due to fly out to South Africa on New Year's Day, so I have decided to take my tree down early and pack it away for another year. But my big irritation is how difficult it is to repack the three-part tree back in its box! I must have tried 5 or 6 times to get the damn tree to go all the way in, but even now it still doesn't fully fit. I had a similar frustrating experience with a mains electric drill. It came in a plastic carry case along with some drill bits and whatnot. The mains cable was also precisely wrapped to fit the molding of the inner case. So again, very easy to take out and put together, but the real PITA is folding the cable in such a way that it will fit back into its allocated space thus enabling me to close the lid firmly. But again I have tried and tried and tried, and I still can't close the fecking case! What is it with manufacturers/designers of these things that makes it almost impossible to put said items back in their respective boxes with room to spare! It seems these guys just don't live in the real world, but instead everything has to be compact, precise and efficient, much to the annoyance of the frustrated customer.
  14. Zola


    I had to re-read this at least half-a-dozen times, and even now I am still totally confused - but then that doesn't take much, lol Thanks for all the input, guys 🙂
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