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  1. I delete it without watching. I don’t even watch Unfiltered. Can’t stand Jamie and her too-small dresses. Myrla at the dress shop, trying to look all extra with her hood up. Ugh. I kind of feel like I missed an episode or something…I feel plunked down farther ahead of where it ended last week?
  2. I got tired of her American expectations (and I’m American) and the faces she was making.
  3. It bothered me when Courtney grabbed him, because she slammed her hand over his nose and mouth and pushed his head underwater. Drunkenly. If someone did that to me, I’d be PISSED.
  4. I have a giant headache from drunk Courtney and her screeching. “Daddyyyyyyy!!!!” Shoot me now. And Lexi and her mean self.
  5. Right!?!?? They are telling her she is inspiring. And they all want to be her BFF.
  6. That’s true and I hate it when all of them do it lol.
  7. I’m not a fan of Su because I feel like she is leaning on her hook of Burmese food styles. I think Anne is being set up to win and I’m ok with that; she’s delightful in her enthusiasm. ETA I lived in Massachusetts for a terrible 6 months lol….the accent is true to life there.
  8. All these people talking about how love conquers all, but so picky “beautiful wife” are idiots. None of them are open to being matched, they all want the ideal rainbows and unicorns
  9. Caroline really needs to have that mole removed before it becomes cancerous. She seems like a sweet girl and maybe the most real of the bunch.
  10. Thank you all cash-stashers. We aren’t weird or WTF worthy. We aren’t planning to leave. We just are planning lol. Rewatching now. The dire music when she found Money in his sock!!!! Omg the drama. “It’s a red flag”. Uh no it isn’t. Producer drama
  11. Uh….I have a small emergency cash fund stashed away. So do many of our friends. It’s come in handy! My parents came to the USA from Eastern Europe with nothing and my dad always had a secret stash. I guess he imprinted it upon me lol. Hubby knows about it. He doesn’t know the amount but he knows I have it. It’s really no big deal and certainly not a WTF like the friends made it.
  12. I’m so tired of the show bringing back previous couples/cast for advice (“Communicate!” Is the advice. Duh.) I am over it. This episode could have been a hour or less without them. I tried to sit through it…but got to Keith and Christine, fast forwarded and caught a glimpse of Haley and turned it off and deleted. Blah. I can’t stand Haley She’s so brittle and mean. I also think the “oh no it’s JOHNNY” is a misdirect by the editors.
  13. I agree. I had to turn the volume down. The female couple trying to get pregnant by manually injecting sperm. I mean…..this whole show seems like a crock.
  14. My opinion: He wanted to be in the city for a fun change in his life. (I don’t know where hey came from). She wanted a quiet location. She won. The whole episode fell flat.
  15. Same. She reminds me so much of my ex. Screaming over the other persons words, abusive language, drama, blaming. It’s not good tv when I have ptsd from that traumatic relationship and it’s triggered by her. It’s not cute, funny, silky, or ok. It’s wrong and awful and abuse. Period. I’m not ok with the Pillow Talk couples saying “go Angela!” Clearly they have never been trapped in a relationship with an abuser. I’m to the point where I can’t watch her segments. It’s not ok. And that’s such an understatement.
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