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  1. What??? No #LivingMyWhy? No #ParowanFashion? No #BecauseICan??
  2. So for me, it’s all of them. Not necessarily right away, but before bed. How soon I shower depends on how gross I feel. We usually go from airport to our hotel, drop off bags, and hit the town. Typically I will shower after getting back to the hotel that evening, before I sit on the bed to watch tv.
  3. See, about shower-gate: I shower after flying. I even put my shoes that I wore on the plane far away from my others lol. My husband is the same way. Suitcases do not go on the bed. I used to work for an airline...those planes are awfully dirty. I’ve heard so many behind-the-scenes stories. The idea of, say, hubby for example...getting sweaty on a plane and not showering before bed, after being around all the dirt and germs in a plane...well thank goodness he feels like I do. What if she had been extra sweaty, or complaining about being oily. Or didn’t shower that morning? Yuck. He could have handled it differently, though, instead of being a jerk.
  4. God help me, I can’t take another episode of Maddie’s guttural screams as she attempts to give birth.
  5. The good news? I am 49 and my leg hair barely grows anymore. And when it does...well, it’s kind of sparse. One upside to menopause?
  6. Yeah....what we don’t see are the dinner rolls and pie....
  7. This show has jumped the shark. A surgeon rushing to the school bus crash to save the victims? No ER I have ever been in has such a surplus of staff. Ugh.
  8. So, when I was in my early 30s, I got a new job. I am a very friendly person. One of my coworkers accused me of being fake, and told everyone who would listen. It was horrible. I overcame it eventually and became friends with that coworker. I am just good with customers. I rise to the occasion, too, probably like Alayah. So there’s a good part of me that feels for her. I mean, they ALL primp to look good for the cameras. They all try to be prettier, more interesting, more “there” for the cameras. Ugh. These high-schoolers (that’s what they seem like anyway) are quick to jump on the bandwagon to get competition out of the way. Worst season ever, so far, with the girl drama.
  9. Yes, they are terrible with money. That said, how are they getting approved for all the mortgages? TLC must be paying them really well. The mortgage industry is so regulated these days...there are no more sub-prime loans. So on paper, they have the assets/ income/credit to be approved. It boggles my mind (I’ve been in the banking industry for 25 years). I can imagine they have to show proof of future income in the way of show contract, etc to be approved. Shoot, good people all over the place are being denied these days, yet the Browns keep on buying.
  10. Yup Kodester wants his own kitchen and his own cabin to get away. He’s so flighty. He’s all in for the move. Then suddenly, dun dun dun....he’s freaking out and looking for answers from the wives. All the while making crazy eyes. He’s unstable. He’s one angry man.
  11. That intro. I keep expecting one of them to be holding a butcher knife in a picture.
  12. Hey weren’t they at this restaurant before??
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