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  1. It reminds me of the homes along the PCH in Malibu. From the road, they look tiny. What you don’t see is the multiple floors in the back.
  2. Anyone watch the preview? Iris still doesn’t get it.
  3. Anyone watch the preview? Iris still doesn’t get it.
  4. Me too. Keith is allowed to make his own choice. The experts were all disgusted at Keith for his choice. That was so rude of them. Call me crazy, but I can see Big Red and Jamie making it work, and I might be kind of rooting for them.
  5. Ugh with Iris and her 14-year-old-girl personality. She will never understand.
  6. Was Tayshia stoned? That weird high pitched fake laugh....
  7. Hubby and I are watching it on DVR right now. And we are walking around the house interjecting “like” after every word. It’s hard to do! 😜
  8. Finally the birth. Karine has been pregnant for 4 years now, or so it seems. That was one big baby, I bet she ripped. Pole and his gloves Liam needs to take a seat or three. Ugly American indeed. I kinda like Deaven and clueless 30 year old Jihoon. I know someone who had their phone pickpocketed in Korea last year, bet Jihoon sold it 😶 Laura looks pretty with her hair straightened.
  9. I mean....my hubby has a little bit of hair on his back. Very small amount. But that.....is excessive. 30 bucks, dude.
  10. Just coming back to say that she’s had fillers in her cheeks, along her cheekbones. Not hating, I get fillers there too. Just not so much as she does.
  11. Meowwww


    No. Just...no.
  12. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I will have nightmares!!
  13. Meowwww


    Cauliflower crust isn’t much different than wheat crust. A little bit less sodium, maybe a few less calories. For me, it’s not worth the switch. Cauliflower crust doesn’t automatically make it healthy.
  14. This Couples Couch show. FIX THE AUDIO!! The couples’ audio is so weak and full of static that it pains me to listen to their (very few) comments. Pillow Talk, it is not.
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