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  1. I think he looks like Brandon on 90 Day Fiancé.
  2. I’m so grossed out by Jenny wiping her nose and leaving the tissue on the table. I’m with mother Sumit here, it’s unhygienic.
  3. Question….are Woody and Amani having problems? I don’t regularly watch CC, but this struck me on this last episode.
  4. Michaela isn’t in a better place. She’s seething with rage. Just like my ex. I guess I am triggered by this. But her body language makes me want to run. She’s full of advice for others, just like my ex was. Thank goodness for life changing.
  5. I saw Grease about 7 times in the theater when I was young. I really enjoyed Amanda’s dance.
  6. Meowwww


    She got Mykelti’s eyebrows
  7. How many of us are sitting here mocking SteVen’s creepy gross laugh? Hubby and I are.
  8. Did Mary just say the person died then laughed with Whitney? What a horrible person.
  9. A big gust of wind from behind and it’s all over.
  10. Aka his parents own the motel but as he’s part of the family, he gets the net worth help.
  11. I’m sorry not sorry, but Tyra makes the most stupid comments in the most stupid tones of voice. She sounded full-on mean girl many times.
  12. Johnny is a mess. I saw her big strained smile and knew he would pay for this when they are alone. (Source, me, with a narcissist ex who was just like this). Big and bold on the outside until they get pissed then look out.
  13. I love Myrla and Gil. She seems like she is complaining but it’s cute kind of. Gil likes calling her out. Maybe they are playing for the cameras but I like them together. Michaela and Zach can be done any minute. She’s scary.
  14. And watching Pillow Talk. Who knew Brandon’s parents were all of us???
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