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  1. Right? What happens the next time Taylor Swift comes into town? Does he go with his best friend, or his wife, or both?
  2. Meowwww


    WF bankers are taking in person appointments. They are expected to have 6 a day, and are being encouraged to bring their “book of business” (family, friends, previous customers) in for a “financial review”. Aka sell them stuff. I am so glad I am out of there.
  3. So, I just had a sandwich with Hellman’s mayo squeezed out of a plastic bottle. I wish I had read this first.
  4. So, tomorrow I go to a drive in testing center at my doctor’s office to get tested. I haven’t been 100%, but that could be allergies. Hubby’s coworker is home with symptoms, he got tested over a week ago with no results yet. I’m just curious. As you know, I’m an essential worker. I took the screening quiz and qualified for the test. I am just worried they are using the super long swab to jam down my nose into my throat. I had that done once as a kid and swore never again. Symptoms: sore throat this weekend, still not much better. Basically I feel like I am getting a cold or sinus infection. But last night I had a temp of 100.3 after ibuprofen. Tickling cough but not much cough. I feel bit muzzy-headed, again it could be allergies. So I am hoping negative, pretty sure it will be negative, but I would just like to know. We will see when I actually get my results in weeks lol.
  5. The way she slimmed her face! Her face is a natural rectangle, so this is no bueno.
  6. So Asuelo isn’t just a dolt, he’s a MEAN dolt.
  7. See, the thing about Ari that gives me pause is the cutting scars on her arms. She said “I don’t handle stress well” so I hope she won’t let the need for cutting win. (I know someone who cut herself, she has the same type of scars all over her arms and legs).
  8. Did anyone notice the truck Andrrrrrrrei and Libby drove to the airport? A new 2019 Silverado. Leather interior. A 50k plus truck (I have the same one in grey). I’m 49 and hubby and I scrimped and saved to buy. How do they afford it? Father Libby I bet.
  9. 'Dollars to doughnuts' is a pseudo betting term, pseudo in that it didn't originate with actual betting involving doughnuts, but just as a pleasant-sounding alliterative phrase which indicated short odds - dollars are valuable but doughnuts aren't. The phrase parallels the earlier English betting expression 'a pound to a penny'.
  10. We had turkey vultures when I lived in Texas. They just sat in the trees, watching, waiting for someone to die so they could eat. They are huge.
  11. Meowwww


    Honestly, former WF employee here, if they have enough down ($ from the show), good credit, and can show they can afford the payments, they are in. Being an employee gets you a discount of .25% on the rate, but they still have to qualify like everyone else. The days of privileged lending are long gone. Credit, proof of being able to pay, and down payment are everything.
  12. So, what does this mean from him. Is he going to go beat people up?
  13. So hubby and I were in our backyard last night, our neighborhood sounded like a war zone. People spent tons of money on fireworks, there were beautiful displays. Our lab was out with us, she didn’t care at all. Just wanted us to throw the ball. I board my horse at a secluded barn, no issues there. A friend of mine was out with her horse at another barn, she pasture boards. The horses there were running in panic. Her horse is old and she was very distraught. People don’t think, nor do they care. Horses are herd animals, and no matter how sane an individual is, once the herd is riled up, all bets are off.
  14. Who paid Asuelo’s bus fare? And accompanying expenses? Kalani’s debit card, that’s who. I hate him soooo mahch (tm Zied) Mother Debbie going to Brazil is tv gold. I can’t wait. Pole throwing the 2 year old French fries into the yard. How is this normal? He has a problem and it’s hard to watch.
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