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  1. Did you all catch when Father Andrrrrrei was telling Andrrrrrei to be calm, Lizzie said “for the sake of the baby, we all need to get along.” Andrrrrrrei was like. “Yeah that’s what he said” IT WAS NOT. Father Andrrrrrei was giving realistic advice.
  2. Meowwww


    Don’t worry, she’ll quite worming soon.
  3. Meowwww

    Meri Brown and her Wet Bar of Tears

    Fix that tooth!!! Ugh.
  4. I went to Zillow. There are tons and tons of homes for sale. Most in their price range have a pool and high end finishes. Even those in the 400s are higher end and prettier than the Brown homes.
  5. Meowwww


    Just read thru the comments. That comment is gone. I am grossed out by the nails. It’s devolved into a discussion about Bubly lol.
  6. Highly upgraded? Yeah....builder grade carpet and tile. A cavernous plain bathroom with a giant wasted amount of space, everything is up against the walls. Ugh. I irrationally hate their master bathrooms.
  7. This. She said the police would be there if he came over, and they would deport him. Huh? They would be more likely to arrest her crazy self because she would attack Jay. I am so over them.
  8. Meowwww

    Meri Brown and her Wet Bar of Tears

    I think Meri uses a waver. It looks like that anyway. https://www.ulta.com/a-wave-we-go-adjustable-deep-waver?productId=xlsImpprod6500909 So the coffin pic. My parents came from Latvia...they and their Latvian friends take photos with the dead, surrounding the coffin. Always have. To be fair, though, no one smiles in those photos.
  9. Meowwww

    S01.E04: Big Expectations

    This. To both. Jenny and her non-working phone. I mean, wouldn’t you have contacted your cell provider to make sure it works? Is Sumit pronounced like “Summit” or “ Sumeeee” or “Summeet”? I heard all those pronunciations. I get that Karine is pregnant. But she looks dirty and diseased. Unwashed. Her face is completely different.
  10. Meowwww

    S04.E08: Nowhere to Run

    Oh the pool. I thought the same thing. They gonna dump the blood and goo down the sink? Transport it to the sink one bucket at a time? Gag and puke. Plus, I am over them I remember Larissa’s posts on Instagram when this fight happened. A fan called the police. I believe this is when she scratched herself up and blamed Coltee, but the investigation found it all self-inflicted. Andrrrrrrei. Yes, he’s got an over inflated sense of self. But Sister Libby eggs him on with her words and faces. Toooo much family involvement. Chantel just can’t see her family was wrong. If I was Mother Pedro, I would want to beat them all up too....Mother Chantel and her slow speech and threats about calling immigration and constant belittling are too much. This is a no-win situation. As to the trip to the DR: Chantel shouldn’t have gone, but then there’d be no story one for the show.
  11. Meowwww

    S09.E01: Nice To Marry You

    So I have a question. Where do they find all these parents who are happy and accepting? My mother would have been SO not ok with this....same with my in-laws (we talked about this with them the other day).
  12. Meowwww

    S15.E05: Week 5: Scotland

    YES!!!! Like Christine on Sister Wives. Drives me nuts. Her face looked so different in the rose ceremony. Even DH noticed that.
  13. Now they’re both doing the “so much joy I am squinting my eyes” thing.
  14. Not shown: the pounds of eggs, bacon, and gravy she ate with it. 😜
  15. Meowwww


    So fake. Ugh.