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  1. Looks like she is slightly ahead of the curve if that is her salary. The average salary in Flagstaff, AZ is $57k. Trends in wages decreased by -100.0 percent in Q1 2020. The cost of living in Flagstaff, AZ is 16 percent higher than the national average. The most popular occupations in Flagstaff, AZ are Process Engineer, Operations Manager, and Mechanical Engineer which pay between $35k and $101k per year. The most popular employers in Flagstaff, AZ are Northern Arizona University (NAU), W. L. Gore & Associates, and Northern Arizona Healthcare https://www.payscale.com/research/US/Location=Flagstaff-AZ/Salary
  2. I had to go to an appointment with a dermatologist a while back and they were having everyone wait in their cars and then being called in when it was time for their appointment - so no one in the waiting room. I liked that approach.
  3. As people age, they gradually produce fewer digestive enzymes. This can lead to increased difficulties with digestion of certain foods. You might be surprised at what a difference a digestive enzyme taken with meal can make. I've had really good results with these: https://www.vitacost.com/source-naturals-daily-essential-enzymes-500-mg-240-capsules-16
  4. Finished episodes 11, 12, and 13 all in a row - now my brain actually knows who all the couples are! I am liking this series. I like the commitment ceremony each week and I like that they have to stay another week if they disagree on leaving/staying. That is an interesting twist. I take the show for what it is - trashy reality tv. Since my expectations are so very, very low... I have not been disappointed! Its fun to hear the accents.
  5. Ok, this is kind of weird. Just two nights before I watched the episode this week, I was talking to someone about cell phone security. I said that if someone murdered or attacked you, they could potentially use your fingerprint or your face to unlock your phone, and that is why I consider a password to be more secure than either of those. Then... in this episode... JJ unlocks Amanda's phone with her face while she is asleep. Anyway, it was pretty weird the way they were editing Shrek out of this episode. Did you notice when they showed the exterior of his home, they labelled it as his parent's names' house rather than "Alex's house" - I saw that and thought.. woah.. they are really serious about taking him out of this show. I wonder what its like for him to watch these episodes. Its going to be even weirder when the show features this pregnancy storyline.
  6. Not Bethany fan, but I don't think childhood photos or living in a beautiful town or having nice clothes, hair or makeup are any sort of proof that someone has a functional, emotionally healthy family. Households with wealth can be just as emotionally and psychologically toxic as those in poverty.
  7. Where I live, I'd say 95-98% of people are wearing masks in the grocery store. Plus social distancing, plastic barrier in front of the cashiers, etc. I actually feel pretty safe going grocery shopping as long as I wear a mask. Ok, I saw this graphic today and thought it provided an interesting visual representation of how much comes out of our noses and mouths when we talk, cough, sing, and sneeze - compared to how much when wearing a mask. A doctor made this graphic and put it on his twitter (which I can no longer find - I saved the graphic). I can't get it to paste into my post here- but you can see it here if you click: https://imgur.com/a/CbR91F9
  8. deleted - can't get attachment to work
  9. Just wanted to note that See's Candy can be purchased on-line now! https://www.sees.com/
  10. Am I the only one who shudders at the thought of climbing into a bathtub filled with tepid water that another adult was just bathing in? It just seems so unhygienic ...ewww.
  11. I know I can't control the forum, but I wish all the comments about the after-show would be put as spoilers. I think I am going to stop reading here till the season is over. I'm going to watch each episode, but not the after-show segments. I'll save them on my DVR and watch them when its over. It will be interesting to see what sorts of subtle clues were given off during those interviews. As for this episode, I'm enjoying seeing all the wildlife encounters... but I wonder, do these folks have to sign a waiver that their families can't sue if they die while doing this? I mean what if the wolf pack decided to go after that girl? Its a great season so far!
  12. For whatever reason, I am enjoying this series. Its interesting to see that people can meet a total stranger and fall in love with them and then start having a family. Will be even more interesting to see who is still together in five years or longer. I think Jamie and Doug are a good match for each other. I think Jamie needed someone who is very secure in himself and also nurturing and supportive and Doug is those things. I'm happy she pushed past her initial feelings about his looks. It seems that was the right choice. Ashley and Anthony also seem to have a good relationship. I could see them dating in real life. Time will tell with Shawniece and Jepthe. Hopefully they will find a way to make it work. He does seem like he's more relaxed and engaged. It was interesting hearing them talk about how their daughter is the same as him. This wouldn't surprise me as Shawniece and Jepthe are polar opposites in terms of temperament. We have this in my family as well- dad is very introverted, mom is very extrovert - one of us is extrovert, and two of us are intro. Of course its all on a scale and no one is pure anything.
  13. I would think that any true fan of this show, having seen someone else lose their farro rod, would do something like tie it to one of their belt loops or something - maybe put it on a necklace and practice putting it back on every time you make fire so it becomes an automatic habit.
  14. The title of this episode was way too much of a giveaway. I was expecting someone to fall and hurt themselves. As soon as he started looking for the ferro rod, I knew he was going to tap out. I wish they would have shown him going back specifically to the boat area and crawling around on his hands and knees. The ferro rod has to be there because he started a fire at the boat! As the crew was walking up to pick him up, they had a shot of him patting his hands over the area of his front pockets - I half expected him to feel the ferro rod in there. THAT would have really sucked!! So happy this show is back!! I'm not going to watch the after-episode interviews either - like someone else said, I'm worried some little detail will get into my brain and I'll know who won.
  15. I know it happens to varying degrees on all reality shows, but this show, more than some others, feels "enhanced" to me - in the sense that I believe these folks have strange relationships, but they are coached to amp it up for the cameras, and make it seem much more dysfunctional than it actually is. I don't know why it stands out more for me on this show than others... maybe they're all equally manipulated. Years ago I knew someone who got approached about being on a reality series. She told me how the producers created a story line for her and then wanted to shoot the various scenes for this story. But their story was a massive exaggeration of her actual life/story. She ended up not doing the show because she didn't want to be portrayed the way they wanted to portray her.
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