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  1. I have two down parkas, a down vest, and a lighter weight non-down jacket all from Land's End. I love the quality and details on their coats, and mine have lasted for years. This year they have a new style of down parka in a color that I really love. I may have to buy it even though I don't technically need it.
  2. Is KK inspired by Diane Keaton by any chance? She is known for wearing gloves https://www.distractify.com/p/why-does-diane-keaton-wear-gloves
  3. I thought they both looked really good in the talking heads throughout this season. I was trying to figure out if those were shot before or after the trip to Turkey. Once they did the reveal for Florian, I thought their faces looked much worse than they did in the THs. Maybe with a lot of eye makeup it will look better though. I really preferred their noses before the surgery. The new ones looked too small and were giving me Michael Jackson vibes. I also was reminded of that guy who was going to marry the twins in Australia. Can't recall which show that was. When Florian was hugg
  4. I don't believe Phil was exploiting the Petitos. The only reason they and their attorney chose to go on that show was to get continued national attention on the case since the prime person of interest is still missing. Maybe it boosts Phil's ratings, but his platform is so huge, I can't fault anyone in their shoes for taking the opportunity to be on it.
  5. Has anyone mentioned the Black Swan episode yet? I had never heard of that case before. I found myself wondering if she may have possibly had some sort of delusional disorder - which is a psychotic disorder where a person has fixed illogical beliefs. The most common form of this is the persecutory type, which is consistent with some of her allegations against her husband. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/conditions/delusional-disorder Before anyone jumps on me, I am not arguing that she isn't responsible for her crime. I think it will be very interesting to find out what ty
  6. I remember when this show first started. My feeling was very "eh" - the whole cast of characters seemed very mis-matched and I just didn't see the chemistry between them. I found several of them very annoying and dim-witted. I saw them as a sad alternative to the original Jersey Shore series where the whole group just felt very in sync from the beginning. But I was bored so I started watching anyway ... lol Now I say, these kids have grown on me. I do still find them an odd, rather un-natural group of friends - meaning, if they had just encountered each other in real life, I don't t
  7. I wrote in the other thread that the only way for me to watch this show is with it recorded on my DVR. Then I fast-forward through all the back-stories (I don't care unless I really like the singer) and all of the banter between judges. I only watch each performance and then a few of the judge's comments if I like their voice. If I don't like their voice, I skip the comments. I really enjoy the show under these parameters! I really liked the guy with the dread-locks who sang the slower version of a famous rock song. I found his voice and the way he sang that song very appealing. I b
  8. I know virtually nothing about Ariana - although I do remember hearing about that concert with the bomb. I think she's OK on the show. I am soooo tired of the excessive, extended arguing between mostly Kelly and Blake. I don't CARE about the judges. I record this on my DVR, and keep my finger on the ffwd button and only watch the singers and a bit of the comments on the singer. Nothing else. A two-hour show can be watched in about an hour this way.
  9. Is there a bigger idiot in the world than Shawn? Is there? He is 1000% pure reality tv comedy gold... but how sad and embarrassed must his ex and kids feel watching him on this show? Whoever said he only does this because no decent woman without a criminal record would touch him with a ten-foot pole. I cannot wait until they both find out the lies they've been telling each other. Shawn deserves every single lie coming his way.
  10. Chad's daughter made the comment along the lines of "if he did kill them, he wouldn't be as stupid to bury them in his own backyard." As someone who reads/watches probably way too much true crime, I have noticed that MANY murderers will use the line "there is no way I would be so stupid as to do _____ " (with blank being some part of the crime). When you listen to interviews with people where the evidence is overwhelming, listen for this phrase and you will usually hear it. It was a bit different to hear someone other than the murderer say it, but it caught my attention because I'
  11. What bothered me the most was they painted the building bright blue. I was expecting Marcus to make a comment about it. Seeing the words "Grey Box Pizza" on a bright blue box-shaped building seemed wrong. I saw this guy as a grifter as well who tried to pull the same games on Marcus as all these women. I enjoyed watching him fail spectacularly. I loved when Marcus went off on him in the parking lot saying "I will make you deal right here in front of everyone" - he was getting a bit sassy there!
  12. There is no way for Georgi to prove that he didn't say the thing they are accusing him of. How would he possibly do it? If he denies it, they don't believe him. Let's imagine he says, "ok, yes, yes, I do admit I said it." What the hell would they do then?
  13. I was biased against Biko due to his weight. They said he lost 90 pounds which was 1/3 of his weight - meaning he came in at 270 lbs. I think they should have an upper limit on BMI and make it so there can't be too huge of a discrepancy between the highest BMI contestant and the second and third - equalize it a bit more. I don't think its fair when someone wins just because they have extra fat. Just my opinion. I wish Theresa would have won just because I liked her and her unique skills. eta - I watched Biko's follow up interview and he makes a comment about having extra fat
  14. I wonder at what point they will dissolve their financial entanglements entirely. I believe they had an LLC or something set up at one point which the TLC money was funneled into and then divided. Or possibly the TLC payments just go directly to each person at this point. Kody has no legal obligations to Christine except if she were to file for child support for Truly - I think that is the only child of hers under 18? Once the TLC money stops, I wonder if Christine, Janelle and Meri will expect any sort of financial support from Kody. I also wonder how Kody views his financial obligation
  15. I doubt she'll ever have a real job. I mean look - she is selling a home for over $700K and has never worked a real job.... looks like things are working out pretty well for her.
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