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  1. Kanye West has been banned from Twitter for 12 hours for posting private information after the rapper engaged in another tweetstorm Wednesday night. West has been tweeting liberally this week, with fans concerned for his mental health. Twitter confirmed the rapper's temporary removal from the platform to Newsweek. According to a Twitter spokesperson: "The Tweet was removed for posting private information, and the account has been temporarily locked in accordance with our Private Information policy." https://www.newsweek.com/kanye-west-kicked-off-twitter-12-hours-doxing-1532528
  2. I can't remember any of the names... but the girl who punched the guy with six kids in the head, at the end of the episode .... would he be able to report her to the cops and get her arrested for that? If he stays with her after that he is even more pathetic than he already was.
  3. I think I am one of the only people who think David's hair is real. I've been analyzing it every time he is on screen and also noting all the times they've showed pics from when he is younger for comparison. I think he just naturally has very thick hair. I do think he dyes it though. Maybe someone with a twitter account can ask him - he seems so over-sensitive, I imagine he might feel compelled to prove that his hair is real (if it is) and respond back. If its fake he would just ignore the comment.
  4. Physical attraction is a strange thing. I've been in the situation where I was really attracted to someone's personality but they had certain physical traits that I just could not deal with. I felt terrible and tried for weeks to see if I could get past it. Even had a make-out session. Based on that experience, I can understand why it could happen on a show like this. Alternatively, I've had the experience of not finding someone particularly attractive, but then once I got to know them, my feelings did a complete 180 and I found them to be the hottest person in the entire world. Also had the experience where I gradually got to know a co-worker over many months. Slowly I started to have a massive crush on them. Then one day, I went over to their desk and as I leaned over to show them something on their computer screen, I got close enough that I could smell them. Instantly I was 100% turned off. It was not body odor, but just their natural scent. My crush immediately ended. It would be too much work for these shows, but it might be nice if they could find a handful of possible matches and then show the candidates the photos and ask which ones they are and aren't attracted to and then choose one of the ones they found attractive. Or... maybe they should let them smell the person's dirty t-shirt and then pair them with the one whose smell they liked best. That would be pretty interesting.
  5. Hi there- just thought I would share a food blog I really like - and one reason is that she posts step-by-step photos for every recipe so you can see exactly how to do it - she also has a ton of great tips for what ingredients to keep in your kitchen, and various helpful tips and tricks. Also, her recipes tend to be more on the easy end of the scale - https://www.budgetbytes.com/
  6. Kris's head looks like it was photo-shopped onto her body. It may not be but it seems possible.
  7. But yet... he didn't break it off with her and kept up with the pretense that they were in a relationship. In my book, that is bad character. Yes... she should also be wise enough to look for these red flags as well though.
  8. Yes... this is why I say his cheating on Madison was a foreshadowing event revealing a person with poor character. Maybe he will turn it around and never cheat on someone again....
  9. Thanks I will do another search on my DVR and see if it comes up.
  10. Grrr.. I'm annoyed my DVR did not catch the reunion. And it doesn't look like it will be on again. A google search revealed that Brandon cheated on Camilla and the side-piece is having his baby!!! Wow. Dude has confirmed he has bad character - cheated on Madison, and now on Camilla. If anyone knows how to watch the reunion on-line will your let me know?
  11. I thought they were allowed to leave the show any time ... except if they write leave at the commitment ceremony and the partner writes stay, then they do have to stay for another week. I could be wrong though.
  12. Some folks may already be familiar with this, but I stumbled on this old blog about the Roloffs that offers some unique information about them over the years ... items taken from various social media accounts, gossip, comments by people who know them, etc ... hasn't been updated in two years but if you're interested in going back in time ... http://spiritswander.blogspot.com/
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