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  1. That is very sad. I feel sad for anyone who feels so much pain that they make this choice.
  2. I think the Situation and Lauren will have a successful long-term relationship because he took sobriety seriously and has deeply internalized all the lessons that can come with that path. In some ways, this can make a person even more functional/better than a person who has never gone through such a struggle.... but only in the case when the person sort of rebuilds their entire personality into a healthy form.... which I think Mike has done.
  3. Pleased to see so many share my view of this idiot. OMG. I could not deal with him at all. Of course I do not condone murder or suicide..... but when you play with fire, things like this can happen. And I consider dumping your long-term partner for a new model to be playing with fire. Its a sign of bad character. Humans are more vulnerable than we realize sometimes. I hated how they focused so much on how she was recording him and all that. Why not focus on why she felt a need to do those things in the first place!!! I wish the interviewer would have asked some harder questions. The show was very much spun to make her look crazy and him look like an innocent victim. I was soooo pissed watching this show!! Regardless of whatever spin he wants to try to put on it now, he will live with the horrible consequences of his choices for the rest of his life. He wanted to just waltz off with the younger woman and leave his wife in the dust. He wanted her to just get over it and let him do what he wanted. Soooo arrogant!! I guess he picked the wrong woman to do that to.
  4. I don't tend to think of big chunks of broccoli as particularly "easy to digest." Maybe she needs some digestive enzymes. I personally have found them very helpful.
  5. I skim through most of this show because I can't stand most of the couples... but today I watched the episode with the jeweler!!! OMG THAT was reality TV GOLD!!!!!!!! You could tell Shawn was completely undone by the fact that his lie about it being a real diamond bracelet was going to be broadcast on national TV! I believe the jeweler 100%. The way it happened was so innocuous as well. She looked at the bracelet and then made her comment. Then she saw the frozen faces of those two and she knew she just blew everything up for this guy. It was so real and awesome!!!
  6. I don't really see excessive spending in this family given their incomes. There are many reality TV families/individuals who have no other income than their TV show and social media who are much more extravagant in their spending IMO. These two have both been working their entire adult lives, in addition to the income from the show. We have no idea what Jen's salary is, how much profit they get from the pet store, what sort of salary Bill draws from the pet store, what they get from the show, and what they get from social media. Additionally, these two have most likely been investing in their retirement accounts/ 401K since they started working. We also don't know what, if any, aspects of their activities on the show are comped by production.
  7. This is kind of random but yesterday I watched an episode of American Monster. In it, they show home movies taken in May 1980. The mother is sitting in the front seat of the car, holding the baby in her arms, on the way home from the hospital. I was shocked to see that. Joshua Jenkins was adopted as a newborn baby, and his adoptive family seemed very normal- no abuse or anything. At age 15, though, he murdered his parents, grandparents, and sister, while they were all in his home. https://murderpedia.org/male.J/j/jenkins-joshua.htm
  8. Not defending Jamie's actions, but sometimes I get the feeling that he is reacting to deeper poor character traits in Beth.... aspects of her that are subtle, that he notices the more time they spend together. Then eventually he blows up about it. Again, his approach is incorrect, but he might have some legit complaints. Two of the things he has been angry about are her focusing on herself when looking at the album, and then not having humility about how she acted at the race track. Both of those are aspects of character, not just someone having an off day or being in a grouchy mood. Maybe on a deeper level he is realizing that while he is attracted to her physically and finds her entertaining, there are aspects of that he really doesn't like. I can see how this could happen on this show.
  9. I never watch this show but happened to tune in last night. My only comment- did anyone notice Opera girl's speaking voice - after she finished singing, and she was thanking the voters? Her voice, to me, sounded very strange. It was super high. Has anyone else heard her speak on this show? Now I'm just very curious about what she sounds like when she talks.
  10. Not the biggest reveal of wonky editing, but I noticed when Laura and Al-a-din filmed themselves arriving in the airport for the wedding, they both had t-shirts with writing on them. And then when they emerged from the airport, neither shirt had writing, and it wasn't due to the writing being blurred. Laura's shirt was black in the airport and then dark brown when they walked out.
  11. I didn't watch this show when it was originally on, and then just caught a few random episodes over the years. Either last summer or the summer before, MTV re-aired the entire series, and I recorded it on my DVR and then watched the entire series in order. It was quite interesting to see the characters and relationships develop and change over the years. I think it had more of an impact because I watched them all back to back. This bunch had an organic chemistry that is hard to re-create. I'm finding this season very interesting, just seeing the rawness of Ronnie's situation, and then Mike going to prison. I am not big on wedding shows but his wedding genuinely impressed me. I like his attitude now and I hope nothing bad happens to him in prison. Paulie is one I still feel a bit confused about. I wonder if he will ever settle down. Also Vinnie.
  12. Any guesses how much a wedding like that cost? I wonder how much MTV paid toward it. Is it possible they paid for the whole thing? The food looked amazing. I wonder why Gianni wasn't there.
  13. Re: how C&T act about Carly 1. Look at the families they grew up in - abusive/unhealthy adults, no healthy role models, no one even aware enough to realize these kids/young adults could benefit from therapy 2. Look at their lack of education 3. Look at the trauma in their histories 4. Look at MTV coming into their lives and rewarding their actions with LOTS of money and "fame" - many results from this: no need to get jobs, no need to learn skills, no fear of how to support themselves (which can serve as a motivator to get education/training/job even if a person has no real intrinsic motivation), 5. A decade of MTV producers playing therapist, coaching/encouraging the behaviors/storylines out of them that will enhance ratings rather than what would be healthiest for them. Had they been forced to get jobs/go to school due to financial need, they might have encountered some adult role models who would have inspired/motivated them to do and be better. Based on all of the above, primarily about the socioeconomic environment they grew up in, why would anyone expect them to act in healthy and productive ways with regard to the adoption of Carly? So much anger is expressed at them for not doing better and being better..... but the truth is they are not willing/able to be and do better. Their experiences in life so far have not caused either of them to want to be better than they currently are. Tyler has learned a few tidbits from therapy, it seems, and in small ways he tries to implement those things - concepts such it being OK/healthy to express one's feelings. That is a basic skill that children in healthy homes learn when they are young, when caregivers mirror the emotions back to the child and put words to them. So that's good that Tyler is starting to learn how to do that. But he lacks the awareness of how "expressing one's feeling" needs to be put into a broader context - when, where, and how to express one's feelings. That is a level up from just "expressing one's feelings." Tyler isn't really there yet. If he were in continual therapy, where he stuck with it, and kept working and working, over several years, he would progress up those levels. His therapist would help him learn about the context for expressing feelings, which includes considering how his expression of his emotions affects others. But based on all the factors I mentioned above, Tyler has no conception of this. So he gets stuck at the "I can express my emotions" stage and posts bad poetry on Twitter and rants about Carly. You can also see how these sorts of issues play out in the unskillful ways Tyler and Cate respond to Nova and her emotions. That is an example of the intergenerational patterns that happen in families. C&T are better than their parents in most ways, but there is still a lot of room for improvement. We will never know what direction these two would have gone had MTV not come into their lives. They might have done better being pushed into adult responsibilities such as training/jobs/education, but that still wouldn't necessarily fix all of the unhealthy emotional and relationship issues they have.
  14. There is also this website to search/view instagram anonymously - https://www.instastalker.net/
  15. Now that social media is here to stay, the head wraps and bows for babies is never going away. People believe that it makes their babies look better in pictures. Much more dramatic than a bald head. I am amazed so many kids will tolerate them. Maybe they yank them off after the picture is taken?
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