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  1. After the whole speech by JL at the end, I was surprised to see that the baby has been born and they still haven't spoken. Here's my take: the guy is immature and also a 25yo (whose brain is finally fully formed around this time) and he doesn't know how to deal with it. I think the geographical distance makes this even more challenging. I think he does not want it to be his, and this is coming out by insisting on a DNA test, but then not being willing to do it, making excuses, and not contacting her. Basically his actions are revealing his true feelings (actions always speak louder tha
  2. I am so happy this show is back!!! Are the producers and contestants certain that a grizzly would always be repelled by bear spray? I can't imagine how scary it would have been to see the bear swimming into shore while you are getting caught up in the bushes. I wonder what the clause looks like that says you cannot sue the show if you die while on it. I wonder if the families talk about that before they go. I also wonder if maybe the crew watches their GPS tracking device and if they notice an unusually long period of no activity (aside from their normal sleeping habits), they would
  3. I have zero sympathy for Jason -- he has known about Sunhe the entire time he's been dating Angelica, and he went along with it!! He is a total fool. Now that I've seen his mother (and heard more about her), I think he is involved in an unconscious repetition compulsion - Sunhe is exactly like his own mother. There is no other explanation
  4. Mark is fortunate to be rid of Ning. I feel for her, but she really should heal her neuroses before she gets into another relationship. She put Mark through the ringer and she is going to regret letting a guy like that go. He seems decent, stable, caring, and he was open to being with a woman with three kids. Her emotional problems caused her to jerk him around throughout the entire experiment and he was smart to walk away. I can only imagine how messy it would be if they stayed together. I wish Mark had been hooked up with a nice stable woman.
  5. I think the moment when GarrICK used the translator app to ask Bert if she wanted a morning quickie was one of the most gag-inducing moments I've ever seen on this series.
  6. It was funny for me to see Ginny and Eric do exactly what I suggested way back when they were first having problems with Rocky - which was to hire a dog trainer and work together to learn how to have well-behaved dogs! They even said they could have avoided many arguments if they had done it sooner. Notice when the trainer was there, Ginny was willing to admit that he had many behaviors she didn't like. She was too defensive/immature to admit that Eric was right about Rocky. The dog problem was another manifestation of the parent-child dynamic they had going on where Eric is the stern p
  7. The contrast between Mike and Cam is so striking. I try to imagine what Heidi would be like if she were with a guy like Cam who she also felt attracted to. I doubt she would be referring to herself as difficult and "too much" and other such phrases. I do believe the core issue is Mike's lack of empathy in general. Not saying he has no empathy, but that he is someone skews toward the lower end. It probably works for him in his life, in business, he's an attractive guy so can easily get dates... but he falls completely short in an intimate relationship (not surprising). And we shoul
  8. I bought a CreaClip back before it was on Shark Tank! I found it through Youtube videos back then. I still use the small one to do my bangs. Back when my hair was longer, I used the bigger one to trim the ends.
  9. "You want fireworks??? I'll show you fireworks!!!!" - slams plate on floor - Anyone remember that scene with Samantha's lesbian lover in Sex and the City? Its a great scene.
  10. Finally watched this over the weekend. It must have seeped into my subconscious because I had the most horrid dream last night. You know those dreams that seem insane once you wake up, but while you're in them, they feel utterly real? In this dream, I was on a show like MAFS. I was paired with a guy who was a bit younger than me. It was such a mind-**** because since we were paired, I felt like I needed to make it work with him. I had this feeling that we were put together for a reason, and so I kept looking for that reason. I kept trying to have good conversations with him, and to unde
  11. Brandon seems like such a turd. Didn't he cheat on Madison and on the blonde chick after her? That's a sign of bad character. Now he has a baby from it - 18 years of child support... might be tough on a small-time rapper. What a fool.
  12. Carly truly has a very unique life experience. Her life has been filmed and broadcast to millions around the world starting before she was even born. And with the internet, clips, photos, and memes will last forever. Then her biological parents stayed together and went on to have multiple other children... so far, all the same gender as her. She will have several full sisters in the world (is it currently two, with one on the way?), who grew up very differently from her. She will be able to watch the entire TM series and see her biological family over many years. And then, a
  13. I had flashbacks to Shayden (sp?) on the other pregnant teenager show... I think it was Unexpected? When he was yelling at his baby's mother that she was spoiling the 3-day old infant by holding her too much. I wanted to jump through the tv and strangle him. I would LOVE the producers to make Jovi attend a parenting class for new parents and watch his face as he is taught how newborns need to be cared for. I can't stand these men with new babies who have no frikkin clue what they are talking about yet they think they are experts!!!
  14. I liked that guy who sang who wore the red letterman's jacket with the dancers .. can't recall his name but I thought his song was cool and I liked his voice. I am THRILLED that Cam won!!!!!!!! He is super talented - hope he goes on to have a real career from this.
  15. I threw all my votes at Cam ....loved him singing Dead or Alive .... that was a unique choice, and he did amazing with it.
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