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  1. I'm just going to go on the record and say I will be truly surprised if Javi and Lauren are still together in 15 years. With infidelity so early on in a relationship, it doesn't bode well for the future, IMO.
  2. By the time all of Isaac, Lincoln, Lux, and the new babies' various biological parents are 40, how many more half-sibs do you think they will have? Nothing against half-sibs (or step-sibs)... but all these folks are fairly young and odds are they will not only have more kids, but potentially more partners between now and then.
  3. OMG - I finally watched this today. But guess what I also did today? I went to the local dollar store - and while standing in line, I was checking out all the items they sell up by check out. And one item that caught my eye was a pregnancy test!!! It was hanging there with the chapstick, energy shots, and car sanitizers. Hilarious!!
  4. Happened to catch a re-run of 16& Pregnant yesterday - it was Jordan, a girl who was homeless and moving from house to house with her slacker boyfriend. There is a scene when the two of them are up in the middle of the night during the first couple of weeks with the baby. The baby (a girl) is crying that super high-pitched cry that newborns make. Jordan is crying, saying the baby is hungry. The boyfriend won't give her the baby. He's sitting there saying they need to let her cry...that the mom holds her too much!!!! OMG a newborn infant and this stupid, stupid manchild is telling the mom the baby needs to learn how to get back to sleep without being held!!! It reminded me of that scene with that other girl on Young and Pregnant or something - the dad with severe acne scares- Shayden I think his name was. He did the exact same thing. Two young, inexperienced parents, and these stupid manchildren acting like they know everything about how to treat a newborn.
  5. The worst moment in this episode for me was the scene where Kiaya was screaming her head off on the phone while her baby was sitting a few feet away in his carrier/bed thing. You could just see how stressed he was. He's a very alert little guy and always very interested in what's going on around him. I wish someone would speak up about how screaming around infants is wrong. Its hard to watch. I wish someone (like Kiaya's mom), would call her out on that during one of her episodes. Point to her child and say "look at him- look at how he is squirming and scrunching his face up and starting to cry - that means he is feeling stressed and scared and he is too young to say anything - do you want your son to feel scared around you? Well if you don't, then learn to get a grip on your emotions... at the very least, leave the room and shut the door so he isn't exposed to your toxic anger."
  6. Mariah is not hard to understand. Think about Kody's personality for a few seconds. Now think about Meri's personality for a few more. What do you get when you mix them together?
  7. I was very pleased to see Stephan's change of demeanor in this episode. I won't be holding my breath waiting to see if it lasts, but this is the first time I've ever seen him have a calm conversation and take accountability for his actions. If he can stick with this, maybe his life will eventually go on a better path. I agree with others that Brianna should figure out a way to pay for school. Given that she has experience working in a dental office, she's in an even better position to get a decent job after she finishes school. If I was her mom, I would be trying to figure out how to make that happen for her (like factoring in how much she'll make from the show to see if that could repay loans, etc.). If you have a kid who has a child and is showing interest in bettering themselves, the best thing you could do for them is get them the training in a marketable skill. The short term financial pain from that nine months will contrast to potentially decades of an income she can use to support herself and her son.
  8. If you enjoy art, and you enjoy reality tv... https://www.instagram.com/p/B7t05QYn8i0/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link (if you look at the rest of her work, you will see many other reality tv stars)
  9. Karl was not emotionally or psychologically healthy when she got pregnant with Isaac and ten years and three children later, she is still not. So many viewers watch this show and see the resources these women have to better themselves (namely, large amounts of cash) and we can't imagine why they don't, but there are many, many people in the world who have lots of material resources who have serious mental health problems. As I have said in the Tori Spelling threads, wealth can be a protective factor against the negative impacts of mental illness. Janelle is a good example in the way she has used her wealth to protect her in the legal system. Karl has been coasting along, with her wealth somewhat protecting her, in the sense that she has financial security which allows her to leave when her relationships go south, and to live in safe neighborhoods. But in the midst of that, she keeps birthing children, and they will all be the witnesses to her dysfunctional ways. Hopefully, at some point, maybe when her kids start showing problems, or when her high income drops, or maybe just due to getting older, she will choose to get real therapy and be honest with herself and the therapist and actually change. Until then, her life will be filled with the drama she creates.
  10. I recently looked up Kevin James' wiki ... did y'all know he has four kids? He seems like he would be a fun dad (I base this on thinking that some of his natural personality leaks out if you watch a lot of KoQ episodes - same with Leah Remini).
  11. Well, he's a not-very-bright womanizer who looks like Shrek, so buying him a reality show seems like the best thing Daddy could do for the guy.
  12. I thought that it was Alex's dad who initially got this show started.... but I don't have a source for that....
  13. What was the cause of how Rhylee acted last season? Its hard for me to recall details but I don't think she was warm/fuzzy/calm that season either.
  14. Vancouver BC has passed legislation to address the problems created by foreign buyers of real estate... The B.C. government took steps Monday to reduce some of the pressure in Metro Vancouver's overheated real estate market, introducing legislation that would add a 15 per cent property transfer tax for foreign nationals buying real estate there. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/metro-vancouver-home-sales-foreign-buyers-tax-1.3694167
  15. Cat in the baby carrier for the win tonight!!
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