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  1. This is how family dysfunction can incrementally diminish over each generation. I've definitely witnessed this in my own family. There is a lot of abuse in my mother's branch of the family going back at least four generations that I am aware of. Each generation is slightly less abusive than the previous one.
  2. The sad part is that four kids were brought into the picture before Kail even turned 30. That is a lot of lives to be responsible for before you've even started sorting out your baggage from childhood. Many people do that, though. But four kids is a lot any way you look at it... and then you add in the multiple fathers, and one father who is not particularly functional himself. I think as Isaac and Lincoln get older, they are going to gravitate toward the stability of their father's homes (assuming those two fathers can keep it together and maintain stable homes - I think Jo will do OK, not so sure about Javi). I personally cannot imagine the stress I would feel knowing I had four kids to provide for for the next 24 years (just assuming they go through college or trade school). After that kids still have needs and good parents tend to want to help their kids to the extent they can. The weirdest part for this family is that they are going to have a DVD collection of their childhood to watch when they get older.
  3. I find myself wondering what would have happened with the Jenna and Adam trajectory if she had not been so bold at this point. Not that it matters at all..
  4. @Mkay - I really feel for you. I would be going absolutely nuts in your situation. Its noise pollution, hand down. There is research showing that intrusive noise can be extremely detrimental to both mental and physical health. I have stories I could tell about noisy neighbors... .barking dogs, drummers, loud cars... ugh. I ended up sending an anonymous letter to one neighbor describing several situations with their dog barking excessively (one night they left him out for an hour during a horrible freezing rain storm and the poor dog was squealing in pain/fear the entire time). I was polite, but firm about how the dog sounded stressed and unhappy, and the noise was intrusive. Thankfully (and surprisingly), they've only left him out a couple times in over year since then. This website might have some ideas for you http://barkingdogs.net/
  5. The guy at the end was awesome! I've been waiting to feel wowed and I got that from him.
  6. Thank you! Its nice to have some solidarity in my excruciating disdain for Katy Perry. I think she's a decent performer and has some catchy tunes. Not really my taste, but she's clearly been a success in pop music. Anyway... until she was on this show, I never knew anything about her personality at all. OMG once I first started watching her on here I was astounded they would hire her for this gig!!! I am amazed at how amazingly not funny she is. ARGHHHH I will be fast forwarding through every minute she is on the screen.
  7. No one will care but I just have to say it - I can't stand Katy Perry as a judge. I don't know why they keep her on this show. I will start watching when we get to the actual competition - I do like listening to the performers.
  8. OMG - Home slice - I haven't heard that for years - too funny!!
  9. I completely agree. I remember this one guy I met via on-line dating years ago. I didn't find his photo off-putting and he had other good traits, so we met for dinner. I ended up dating him for about six weeks. I really liked his personality and he wasn't unattractive. If you passed him on the street you would most likely consider him very average in appearance. But there were a few specific things about his appearance that I just could not get over (and I tend to have very broad standards when it comes to looks - personality is what usually trumps appearance for me). I knew once we had kissed several times that I would not be able to get past the physical aspects, and I broke it off. He was very upset and I felt terrible. -- As for Derek talking about taking ****s - I would love to see them sit down and have Katie say to him, very directly, I cannot handle the bathroom talk... and then see how Derek responded and acted from that point forward.
  10. I'm just going to go on the record and say I will be truly surprised if Javi and Lauren are still together in 15 years. With infidelity so early on in a relationship, it doesn't bode well for the future, IMO.
  11. By the time all of Isaac, Lincoln, Lux, and the new babies' various biological parents are 40, how many more half-sibs do you think they will have? Nothing against half-sibs (or step-sibs)... but all these folks are fairly young and odds are they will not only have more kids, but potentially more partners between now and then.
  12. OMG - I finally watched this today. But guess what I also did today? I went to the local dollar store - and while standing in line, I was checking out all the items they sell up by check out. And one item that caught my eye was a pregnancy test!!! It was hanging there with the chapstick, energy shots, and car sanitizers. Hilarious!!
  13. Happened to catch a re-run of 16& Pregnant yesterday - it was Jordan, a girl who was homeless and moving from house to house with her slacker boyfriend. There is a scene when the two of them are up in the middle of the night during the first couple of weeks with the baby. The baby (a girl) is crying that super high-pitched cry that newborns make. Jordan is crying, saying the baby is hungry. The boyfriend won't give her the baby. He's sitting there saying they need to let her cry...that the mom holds her too much!!!! OMG a newborn infant and this stupid, stupid manchild is telling the mom the baby needs to learn how to get back to sleep without being held!!! It reminded me of that scene with that other girl on Young and Pregnant or something - the dad with severe acne scares- Shayden I think his name was. He did the exact same thing. Two young, inexperienced parents, and these stupid manchildren acting like they know everything about how to treat a newborn.
  14. The worst moment in this episode for me was the scene where Kiaya was screaming her head off on the phone while her baby was sitting a few feet away in his carrier/bed thing. You could just see how stressed he was. He's a very alert little guy and always very interested in what's going on around him. I wish someone would speak up about how screaming around infants is wrong. Its hard to watch. I wish someone (like Kiaya's mom), would call her out on that during one of her episodes. Point to her child and say "look at him- look at how he is squirming and scrunching his face up and starting to cry - that means he is feeling stressed and scared and he is too young to say anything - do you want your son to feel scared around you? Well if you don't, then learn to get a grip on your emotions... at the very least, leave the room and shut the door so he isn't exposed to your toxic anger."
  15. Mariah is not hard to understand. Think about Kody's personality for a few seconds. Now think about Meri's personality for a few more. What do you get when you mix them together?
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