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  1. She left everything to charity, but looking at the state of the house, there's only the house to inherit anyway. Lady Denham has spent her money, poorly on Sanditon. They've been out of money for weeks with the workers, she is house rich but cash poor. Esther won't need the money anyway if she gets with Babington. Sidney is not rich. He was dumped for lack of money and he hasn't been able to shore up Sanditon either. As the younger brother of 3? brothers he wouldn't have inherited the family fortune and would only have a yearly stipend. Interestingly, they haven't shown that traditionally the younger brothers would've gone into law or the church.
  2. Lady Susan, was played by Sophie Winkleman who is married to Freddie Windsor. His dad is one of the Queen’s cousins. I didn’t find this episode bad, it was actually watchable. It would be nice for Esther to make another good decision and marry the duke or earl, whatever his title is. Eliza is actually Sydney’s real life wife...and quite honestly Charlotte looks like a child compared to her. I would’ve thought she was the Nanny as well. Why was Georgiana just hiding in her room after all that? Stringer and Charlotte would be better together but I think she really is in a vastly different social class. Sidney is richer than Charlotte but I would guess by not much considering Eliza dumped him for someone with real money.
  3. The acting is pretty bad overall, everyone is twirling their mustaches so to speak. Despite being on a beach, we rarely get any gorgeous shots. All of the women are ridiculous, including Charlotte. The way she is portrayed I keep expecting her to pull out her phone to check snapchat at any moment. I think her character is too "woke" for the circumstances. None of the men are redeeming beyond young Stringer, who has such a small role. I did think it was interesting that Charlotte said his home reminded her of hers. There's no way that can be true as her father is a gentleman and he's a tradesman.
  4. Still hate watching Sanditon. I wonder by Sidney really wants to keep Georgiana away from her boyfriend. I suppose it’s about her money vs racism. The whole manor house stuff is so boring. Every week they must all find suitors. But why does the nephew have to if he inherits the house? He could sell it and the property and be totally fine! The entire episode felt like filler. Just end the series already!
  5. Why is he even replacing things on a brand new truck? The whole point of it being new is that you don’t have to do any work.🙄. They must’ve got the car seats for free in exchange for gramming them. Also, Bode is 2 weeks old and just had his first bath? Is that normal? I’m not a parent so I don’t know but I would think he’d be having a bath every couple of days at least.
  6. Why does Alysa get to compete at the senior level in the US but is clearly too young for international competition at the same level? Seems like age should be standard. A 13-14 year old shouldn’t be competing against 21 year olds. She’ll hit a growth spurt before the Olympics and her skating will change just like Michele Kwan’s did. I do wonder how much damage she’s doing to her feet with the quads. After their skate last night while still on the ice Zach apologized to Maddie. I wonder if he insisted on the program? It’s mind boggling that they wouldn’t have been able to tweak it enough to get at least the scores they had last year.
  7. Run Justin! I watched the whole season in about 3 hours. It was amazing the amount that I could fast forward through and still get the full story. Theres no way that Kat could’ve skated that well either at sectional or regionals. Hadn’t they just been skating together a couple of months at that point? How would she have the frame of mind compete with all of the chaos raging around her? Too much drama!
  8. So Amazing Winter Romance is awful? I’ve been trying to watch it and I just don’t get it. Another city girl goes home to her small town for inspiration and runs into her high school best bud. Random girl from NYC decides to love there too and likes the same guy. The guy is totally boring and I find it hard to believe he’s the only catch in town. Could the bakery have been a more depressing set? No color or warmth.
  9. My mom said it’s so the better looking one gets all the attention. The thing is though, she just looks normal in this Iceland movie but is pretty in real life. I would guess they were trying to down play her looks so as not to compete with the lead. I thought the lead and the tour guide had way more chemistry in their scenes than she did with Colin. It also made no sense for the friend the be paired off with the tour guide when they had no chemistry. They should’ve cast the pairings differently. The scenery was amazing! The winter fest countdown was totally lame, Unleashing Mr Darcy as number 1? It’s a summer movie!
  10. Robyn needs her thyroid checked, that neck swelling is not normal. Christine doesn’t have to move, doesn’t she own the house she’s in? Everyone else is renting.
  11. Could someone please get Charlotte some spectacles? The squinting is so distracting. I loathe all of the characters associated with the manor house. There’s no way the niece would’ve been allowed to take a bath in a room full of people. There’s no way that Austen intended a slightly incestuous step sibling couple. Charlotte can’t marry the construction manager because he’s a tradesman. The only thing that resembles an Austen story is the clothing, sort of.
  12. I didn't like it, but I'll keep watching hoping that maybe it will get better? It's hardly Jane Austen though. Sidney (Darcy 2.0) Charlotte (Elizabeth B.), Sidney's sister reminded me of Jane Fairfaxes Aunt in Emma. The brother and step sister are gross and some how related to the rich old lady? But the poor niece is as well? Sidney's involvement with the girl from Antigua is puzzling, why on earth would they have brought her to England? I don't find Charlotte all that likeable but atleast the heroine comes from a middle class family this time and doesn't have to marry for money if she doesn't want to.
  13. There was no reason to move other than they needed some drama for the show. The women do not want to live under the same roof so Kody moving them to rentals again with the idea of building a big house creates the needed drama. The years have not been kind to anyone but Christine just going off those flashbacks. If they stay together, the will all end up in the same house eventually.
  14. Ember is sick again. I know they believe in oils but maybe it’s time to bring out some bleach and get the house disinfected before the imminent baby arrives? Go to Auj’s parents for the night if they don’t want to be around the chemicals and hire cleaners? I would think Auj is in no shape to deep clean at this point.
  15. Just watched the Christmas special... I prefer Elizabeth with Lucas, but they had no story together in the Christmas special. I suppose the writers were trying to balance out she and Lucas dancing in the finale with tree shopping with Nathan at Christmas. She mooned over Nathan the entire episode, and for what? He accepted a promotion and was happy to leave until his niece started pouting. Elizabeth basically threw her self at him (in a modest 1900’s way) trying to remind him of all the friends he had in town and to not leave them. Elizabeth and Lucas had 2 conversations about Christmas and that was it. Lucas is the better match but apparently the show will only allow Elizabeth to be with a Mountie. He’s so boring. Ugh.
  16. I liked the Dream Home this year and the decorating is pretty solid. I even enjoyed the special because they didn't make it into one big commercial likes it's been in the recent past. Yes, everything is sponsored, but they did it mostly by showing boxes or how things worked instead of screaming sponsor names over and over again. Well done!
  17. So Tori insta storied that Lilah’s 3rd bath was today...I’m not a parent so I wonder if that’s normal for a baby to be bathed every 10 days or so?
  18. Hallmark has a PDA problem. Just watched A Recipe for the Perfect Christmas on UP. The leads kiss 45 minutes in, then they actually cuddle on the couch in the next 30 minutes while facing all the usual Christmas movie tropes (can they save the inn, will he leave)? Even looking at Hallmark movies from 2016 there was far more affection. This year, everyone is awkward and waits till the last minute for a peck on the lips. Really? Whatever happened to holding hands or an arm around the shoulders? Perhaps even standing less than 2 feet away from each other.
  19. I feel like the Hallmark Christmas movies are especially bad this year. Where's a Crown for Christmas or Christmas in Homestead, quality movie? Granted, I haven't seen all of them but I kind of hated Christmas Under the Stars, Sense Sensibility and Snowmen, and Christmas in Rome wasn't great, we could tell it was summer! Candace's movie was a little too much to believe. The only ones I've liked so far are the Jodie Sweetin Candy Cane one and Christmas in Evergreen because I like the leads and the advent calendar idea. I hope this weekend's movies are better.
  20. Well, and how did she adopt a kid without a permanent address? Wouldn’t there have been a home inspection? She was living in a one room attic! No kitchen, maybe a bathroom?
  21. Exactly! And why did she leave the giant trunk in her apartment? Where did that end up? The movers had already been there. I also find it unbelievable that she wouldn’t have been adopted. And why didn’t the dad send the broken wing with the angel to be fixed? Ugh!
  22. Ok Christmas Town...she gets stuck in the town because the train is stuck. Takes a job in the local cafe 5 minutes after walking in even though she’s just spending the night...Really? I liked the foster care storyline but not a fan of promoting the Salvation Army. They are a church vs a charity. Did they pay for product placement like Balsam Hill?
  23. Ally was falling out of her lifts in the freestyle and still managed 10’s. There was no way they could ding Hannah on hers. I suspect one more point for Kel wouldn’t have mattered, Hannah was never in the bottom two all season. James should’ve won. But the top four were willing to tour, he wouldn’t have been able to leave his family for 4 months.
  24. Cute family. Love the name and I think she does look like Amy. Ember will forever be correcting people who try to call and spell her name as Amber.
  25. Grassy knoll theory...Ally is willing to go on the tour. I would bet Hannah is too. James was never going on tour with all those kids at home. Lauren is off in her own tour in the spring and I would guess Kel would not be going either. Ever since they started heavily promoting the tour Ally’s had ridiculously high scores and been saved 3 times? from the bottom 2.
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