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  1. I watched the Baking Championship from 2017 with Jennifer(swans 'aswimming, Joshua(12 drummers drumming) and Stephanie(8 maids a milking) and I think it was one of the best ever. I still like Joshua the best but Jennifer's cake was nice also. I don't see any of the contestants this year coming anywhere near the great work this bunch did! I am still amazed at the fruitcake that Joshua made....it was wonderful. Wonder if he ever used that design in his bakery? This year's bunch is so far not great and a bit boring!!
  2. Wow, 0-5 for me....can't remember such a week! 😓
  3. My last comment on this and I am just guessing but I am betting that Chance was a volunteer fireman in a pretty rural area. We only had volunteers and if there was a big fire, etc, they had to call help in from nearby cities. During one storm we had 3 barns, 2 houses and 1 church all get hit by lightning....we had volunteers from nearby counties and even the city of Richmond was called in.
  4. I was taught that if you can't say something nice, say nothing at all. The article said that he had been a firefighter for years. Everyone has done something stupid at least once and he has paid for his mistake in a very costly way but come out on the other side with a good attitude.
  5. I had the flu last weekend(actually through Monday) so I hope you are feeling much, much better! Sure not fun to be sick.
  6. Where? All I saw were the promotional shots and an article by/about Jay Sexton, the third member of the James and Emma game.
  7. My big surprise of the game? No one know Mickey Spillane! I have seen that photo many, many times! So not only did James not get it, it was a TS!
  8. Here is the YouTube with Ellen and Dhurv:
  9. Thank you @sheetmoss for adding this! I was just getting ready to. I really like this family and how they transform these houses. Loved the hundred year old family home they did this week. It surely had some big problems...that bathroom was interesting to say the least with the sink in the kitchen!! I love their helper Chase Looney and his back story is sad but amazing. https://www.distractify.com/p/what-happened-to-chase-fixer-to-fabulous He is funny and quite talented. I know that it used to be common to have a family of 7 with one bathroom but now everyone has to have a bathroom for each family member so it demonstrates how things have changed. The one thing I noticed was the beautiful brick steps they used and the open eating area that was added. I cannot get into no screens, just like I see on Home Town....I don't want biting bugs visiting me while I am enjoying my meal. All in all, I find this a fun show to watch and am looking forward to more.
  10. She would not, which is why I can't root for her to win. I almost wish she wouldn't have made the finals so the James/Emma rematch anticipation would have been a bust. Guess that makes me petty af, as the kids say. This is me! I really want a James win but I was rooting against Emma because I don't think she belongs here. She had a nice money amount but she was only on for 3 days, any other season she would not have made the TOC. Wonder how many other 3 day winners have won that much? GO James and if not you, then go Francois!!
  11. All I could see was a young Leonardo Decaprio circa Gilbert Grape.
  12. My son explained to me! "Rust Belt" is a term for an informal region of the United States that experienced industrial decline starting around 1980. It is made up mostly of places in the Midwest and Great Lakes, though definitions vary.
  13. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Came home from running errands and quickly turned on Jeopardy....and what did I see? The stupid impeachment hearings! They are on the News networks but is that enough? No! NBC sends out the announcement that the local stations have to run it. I immediately called our station(me and a zillion others!). They will be running the show at 2:30 AM so I will be able to see it at least. The programming director said that there is nothing planned for Thursday so the show should run as planned. As for Friday, they will start with the coverage at 9:00 AM but he said it should not run as long as today. If it does, they will have it at 2:30AM again. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!
  14. Well, we aren't sure it is her fork but if Jesse doesn't mind, why should we? Seems he is enjoying tasting!
  15. I did like the Dog biscuit baker! His first cookies were really beautiful and I could actually see using his Christmas trees in the center of a table. If used in "real life" they would probably not be eaten so the flavor wouldn't be a problem. The one place I had to laugh was the woman who worried that Ree would not like her cookies! Not sure when Ree became a cookie expert or actually a real cook!
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