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  1. I didn’t realize it was a double episode until I started to read this thread. We watch it on demand, so I was able to go back where I cut it off, and catch the 2nd half. Anyways… Steve started strong, and seemed very competent, but seemed to go downhill rapidly the last few weeks. Couple that with his lack of assertiveness, and it just proves he might be a good cook, but not a good leader in a busy kitchen. Not that anyone in this crew really is. Kiya continues in the grand tradition of arrogant HK chefs who can’t even come close to backing up their boasts. Plus her Brynn
  2. One, the episode started off on a nice note with the announcement the Female Gomer Pyle won’t be back. Two, the best part of this show is when Gordon gives a cooking lesson. He makes it look so easy, and it’s easy to see why he is such a great chef. Three, holy cow, I looked up Minas menus online. Doubt I’ll be stopping there next Vegas trip. Lobster Pot Pie for $105, among other pricy entrees. I can see a dinner for two being in the $500+ range with wine and tip. I enjoy fine dining, but not being gouged. Finally, who in their right mind would think garlic and chocola
  3. For some strange reason, on reddit TC forums, Gabe is being portrayed as either falsely accused or a martyr. One complete moron actually invoked Emmet Till regarding the accusations against Gabe. Sometimes reddit is a complete sewer, populated with the stereotype of basement dweller losers with zero life experience.
  4. Amazing how the season where Social Justice pandering was shoved down our throats every week ends up with a dude who abuses women and cheats on his pregnant wife as the winner. And Bravo basically admits that they didn’t address it or change the finale due to inconvenience and cost. So ignore all the holier than thou bullshit they pushed this season, and realize that they will place profit over principles when it comes down to it. Now Padma is speaking out, a little late if you ask me. The news about Gabe was out there months ago, and was completely ignored by Bravo. This
  5. She took the role of the Goober from the previous season, the sewer worker dude with overalls.
  6. This season is shaping up to be much better than Alaska, although that was a really low bar to reach. i am curious as to why they didn’t provide totals for NOLA and the Waffle dudes. That whole accident fee seemed very sketchy. Even if the damages was limited to a side mirror, it is still several hundred dollars to replace. They made it sound like it was more damage, and I find the whole thing suspicious, I also find the huge differences in money amazing. . If their numbers are legit, the winner made almost 3x what the loser made.
  7. While Ava might have been a bottom tier contestant, Matthew was horrendous and should have went first. Between poop sack shrimp (which seemed a revelation to him), to raw chicken, he was obviously out of his element.
  8. Not knowing a single item is not the same as not being aware of the various foods and styles of an entire continent.
  9. They have highlighted African food over the years without reverting to using it as cudgel. Taking the cast to various African style eateries was treated as if the chefs were all oblivious to Africa style cooking, treating them and the viewing audience like idiots. Are you OK with them treating these contestants, allegedly some of the best chefs in the country, as being completely ignorant of the food of an entire continent? Also, what was the chance one the chefs would actually say he or she didn’t like the food at one of those places? Chefs have said that in past seasons at some fam
  10. A few late observations: Dial back the SJW stuff. A little is fine. This is a cooking show, not a rectifying history show. As Tom always says, it comes down to the food. I have never walked into a restaurant and demanded to know the chef’s POV, or life experiences. What is it with the lightning fast blurbs they put on screen, with the chef’s name and some info, then remove them after 1 second? Also, has anyone else noticed the color schemes they use with the chef’s names often blend into the background colors, making them unreadable?
  11. A few observations: Chef Susan raves about Declans plate, stuffing her piehole like she is going to the chair, and acts like it is the best thing she has ever seen. She then gives him the worst rating of the 3 chefs. What was the point of that? Also, is she as short as she appears, or were the others on a platform? For those who claim Mary Lou won’t get the nod because of her hairdo, look no further than blue haired sous chef. Even though he is not a HK winner, he seems to have done alright by Gordon. I can see Declan coming back as one of the Sous Chefs in upcomin
  12. Surprised nobody mentioned Blais has removed the idiotic wave hairstyle from Ep 1, and had a normal hairdo this week.
  13. What a terrible finale, to a terrible season. The only reason they didn’t announce the sales numbers is because they most likely didn’t crack $100. Giving a team a $400 advantage in these circumstances was criminal, even if they did somewhat rectify it by giving the other team $300 near the end. There was zero chance the annoying Ballers were going to get the prize from the second challenge, so there was no suspense at all when he announced the second challenge. As another poster mentioned, the Balls most likely were handed the win in lieu of a lawsuit over the frostbite injury. Th
  14. A few observations: Showing the 3 screens after naming Declan as the first finalist ruined the surprise of another elimination. It was obvious there would be 3 finalists. GR, who always tells everyone about his extremely high standards, needs to address Declans grotesque sweating over everything. There is no reason he can’t wear a headband or bandana on that massive noggin of his. When guests are commenting on it, it has gone too far. In the first few episodes, I thought Mary Lou was this seasons resident clown character, there for comic relief. Over the cou
  15. This season is the low point of the series. The trucks are not only used, but severely used. Between mechanical issues, crud and grease buildup, and stuck and broken windows, there must be a used car salesman at “Honest Johns Food Truck Lot” laughing hysterically, while counting his cash, at the scam he pulled on the producers of this show. Wonder if he threw in the faulty generators as part of the deal. The parking locations often seem desolate, and I am amazed at the cash totals they claim the trucks have generated. Does anyone know if the contestants pay their way
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