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  1. I have no clue as to who or what Lisa Vanderpump did to become a celeb. But watching her in this episode, especially with her dog in a restaurant kitchen, tells me she is a giant POS. The other celeb was at least a decent person, and one of the rare HK celebs that I actually have heard of, as opposed to the usual D List celebs. As others have mentioned, that box of shrimp stunt was idiotic, and wasteful if it was real shrimp. Did absolutely nothing to further the show. The right people went home today, although the first elim was pretty easy to call based on the girls being the type of characters that stick around half a season for drama, so it was obvious they weren’t getting the boot. Especially Robin Lite.
  2. Can we start a pool for which episode a customer will find one of the bearded dudes long, straggly beard hairs in his or her food? Part of the fun of every 1st Episode is trying to figure out which stereotype each contestant is before it becomes too obvious. I’d say I have about half figured out in the first 20 minutes.
  3. My thought exactly. Who in their right mind would think that Is the atmosphere people want when going out and paying for a dining experience. Amazing none of the judges questioned that. It would also give a whole new meaning to when the owner says it’s time to crack the whip. Seriously, that was mind bogglingly stupid for a concept. What next, a holocaust dining experience? Some themes are better for museums, not restaurants. Also, regarding Malarkeys 19 restaurants in 5 years. That is pretty much one new restaurant every three months for five years. How can you really devote any real attention to any of them when you are pretty much onto your next one as soon as one opens?
  4. Regarding the Bachelor Slobs emergency exit, that whole thing was so fishy. He supposedly gets the life altering phone call while still selling greasy grub, and they make it apparent that it is a dire emergency and he will have to leave. Then they wait till the sales have ended, the trucks have all driven to the meetup with Tyler, and Tyler begins his monologue before Greasy decides to tell Tyler. Which had to be at least several hours. As if Tyler wasn’t told right away by the crews filming, yet he acts like he had no idea. If they are going to put such nonsensical drama into the show, at least make it realistic.
  5. I spent two years stationed in the Philippines. That being said, lumpia is like a national dish there, and it is basically a thinner version of an egg roll/ spring roll, usually accompanied by a dipping sauce. They are usually very tasty. Also, adobo is delicious Filipino style, and I make it regularly at home these days. Although what they served on the truck did not look like traditional Filipino chicken adobo. I also don’t like the huge difference the challenges make, especially in a short competition. It isn’t fair to a team that is consistently good, to lose a single challenge and have that send them home. Finally, all the teams had one member yammering on about how the $50k was life changing. It always seemed like the person saying that was planning on keeping the entire pot of money, not sharing it with the team, or even considering the tax bite. Realistically, you would end up with mid to upper 30’s after taxes, and split three ways maybe $12-$14k a person if shared equally. In other words, just basically a little more than a single episode of Chopped, but you have to commit to a month or more for the contest. They really need to up the prize money, perhaps $25k for each team member.
  6. If the producers really to push the sewer worker angle for Goober Noah, they should have dressed him like TV ‘s most famous sewer worker : Ed Norton
  7. Whether or not Noah dressed himself, it was embarassing as an American to see him wandering around London, and into the Savoy, dressed like he worked in a filling station in 1961 Mayberry. He, or the producers, just confirmed in the minds of numerous Brits, that American tourists are as tacky as they thought they were. All he needed was a loud “Golly”. And how does raw or overcooked food get past the expediter? This episode sucked. Noah was the worst hands down, and should have been sent back on the Clampett mobile.
  8. Amazing. He actually does have something besides overalls in his wardrobe.
  9. Regarding the food inspector storyline, nobody has mentioned that a big red flag is the fact that the alleged inspector gave the ticket/fine paper to Tyler, not the violator. Kind of like giving a traffic ticket to your boss at the office instead of the driver. Doesn’t ring true at all. Put me in the group who is glad they no longer waste time with the phony charade of seeking prime parking spots, it always wasted time and came across as scripted. Wonder if the vegan who quit was still in town, and could have helped when her fellow vegan passed the dreaded kidney stone. Which begs the question, was the stone vegan? A little late, but the Peoples Fry, who purported to sell the worldsgreatest fries, used frozen supermarket fries. Are they really that out of touch to think that would work, especially when you had another truck actually making fries from scratch? I believe the whole storyline with the vegans being $1 below NOLA was total BS, scripted to make it seem like there was an actual competition.
  10. That pool party episode was a new low. 60 minutes of Hell’s Kitchen Lite, with GR hurling verbal abuse non stop to a group of amateur chefs, who have never worked together or prepared a large scale catered event. Absolutely nothing to do with the stated premise of this show. Also, as others have stated, Noah has sunk his ark as far as I am concerned. I thought he might be a humble dude in the first episode, but he comes across after these two as an absolute jerk. And I’m not too sure, but is there a former army member in the mix somewhere? No matter how many times they say it, this season is neither stunning, amazing, or incredible.
  11. Just watched the pizza challenge. Enjoyed the camaraderie between the chefs, and thought John, the older guy, was the clear winner, but who knows. I am glad the guy who was the Infomercial for his Amazing World Famous Gluten Free Dough didn’t win.
  12. So what was the point of keeping 3 chefs at the end of the last episode? I figured there would be a challenge, then one would get dumped, and the final would be down to two. They should have just eliminated Bret last week, it’s not like the viewers weren’t going to come back for a finale anyway. Mia comes across as an excellent chef, but a terrible leader in the kitchen. Ariel comes across as a very good chef, and was very competent at running things. There really was no question as to which door would open at the end. I am still amazed at the poor team selections of Mia. Ro over Motto? She actually passed on Motto twice. He should have been the first draft pick, followed by Kanae. Heather, and to a lesser extent Kanae, showed that they are not team players if they don’t get their way. Kanae, even though she did fine on Ariels team , made comments about how she did not want to work for Mia. Like Mia or not, you should always try to do your best when on a national stage, instead of looking petty. Heather actually did bitch and moan throughout, showing her lack of class and maturity. The more I saw of her this seaso the more I disliked her. I don’t even see what the hype is, she isn’t that good a chef.
  13. I believe Mia is the same age as Heather. I can’t believe Motto quit. Makes Kanaes elimination even more awful. Sorry, if you aren’t up to this challenge, don’t stick around and screw over others just to make yourself feel good. I really thought Motto was a finalist, although he did seem overwhelmed in the pass. Does anyone else feel the challenge reward, where Ariel chose the disgusting slob Bret, was scripted? Why in the world would she want to spend a day with that slob, especially when a massage is involved. We had to fast forward through that disgusting scene. I was also surprised that the horseback ride did not require them to wear helmets. Almost any place that provides horse rentals, especially to people who have never been on a single horse except the electric one outside the old Woolworths, requires helmets in case of a fall. Although, to be fair, I don’t think Bret would have to worry about any additional brain damage if he fell off. The cliffhanger ending sucked. Why leave us hanging, it’s not like we aren’t going to come back for a finale after all these weeks. Just please let it be Mia, not the disgusting slob. I don’t want to see his tattoo kissing heavenly reaching mug anymore. In the slim chance Bret somehow wins and ends up a GR chef, expect the first GR Pizza slice restaurant.
  14. Brett , and his studly boasting, reminds me of the old saying “He couldn’t get laid in a Bangkok Brothel even if he was waving a fistful of fifties”. His comment about spawning illegitimate kids hither and yon also lowered my already low opinion of him. Trev, not only chainsmoking butts, but washing down the the nicotine with cherry gatorade. No surprise he can’t taste anything. Am I the only one who was hoping for a mass dismissal from the show of the entire mens team? This crew would be above their culinary levels at a White Castle.
  15. Interesting episode. Was nice to see the female team have a pretty much flawless service. As usual, they also won the challenge, in fact I can’t recall them ever losing one. Although Heather needs to upgrade her wardrobe for future Vegas trips, the two sizes too tight tank top does not work on her, unless she was hellbent on showcasing her cheap tattoos. Was funny seeing Kanae acting like a kid in a candy store over the bathroom. Out of the mens team, as far as I am concerned, GR can eliminate all of them except Motto next week, There is no leadership or culinary talent in the rest of them. This week was so bad that Bret actually came across as the most level headed of the bunch. I was worried that with the three guys in the losers circle, GR was going to can Jose just to keep the two drama queens both around. I was actually surprised he canned Scotley, no matter how deserved that ejection was. Good riddance, to an all around anchor on a sinking sink. And once again, we get treated to best and brightest in the D List celeb free meal circuit, from another unknown upper cable channel show that only 38 people actually watch.
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