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  1. I think too often folks in restaurant wars think their first pick needs to be the best remaining chef available or who they like the most when in reality the first pick should either be the best chef who is not a restaurant lead or the best front of house that is not a restaurant lead. So unless Gregory was going to do FOH himself, picking the person he thought would be best FOH was wise. Reading this post I was thinking about that very talented young chef a couple of years ago who opened a very high end and limited menu in DC and failed after a couple of months. Most of you know who I
  2. I understand your reaction to the Lunch Ladies. Jen does resemble a humorless Frances McDormand in Fargo. But their food has been consistent. So has Mystikka's. It's anybody's game. Oh please-please-please!!!
  3. I vented my spleen on last week's art-as-cuisine theme, so I have nothing left for this week's Rainbow Troll debacle. As far as the elimination challenge, Lisa's Brussels sprouts brought back terrifying memories of my mother's version of eat-your-vegetables-they're-good-for-you. Poorly cooked and visually off-putting. Yuck. None of the dishes in this ep would compel me to leave the house and drop cash in a restaurant. (If we ever have actual restaurants again.)
  4. At this point it seems the Lunch Ladies are being positioned to take it home. While I'm not emotionally invested in this season, I really hope Super Sope doesn't pull off an upset. All of their dishes look like they have been drizzled with Pillsbury Cinnamon Roll icing. And their giddy act turns me off. There;s always next season. I'd like to see something funky like "Great Food Truck Road Race...Rust Belt!!!" Film it mid-winter with trucks falling into potholes and then serving stuffed cabbage and sauerkraut and other terrific stinky cold-weather foods. Yum! (Grew up in Ohio.)
  5. ^^^I couldn't agree more. The burned cookies and dropped sorbet just screamed "fake". All that manufactured drama made me burn worse than the cookies. That entire farce of having three chefs compete for breakfast and lunch, and then bringing in Her Majesty for the dessert challenge was lame. I am so sick of FN pimping for Guarnaschelli on every damn show. How Chopped has fallen.
  6. The show is one big plug for Caesars restaurants. Ironic that they're all closed during the show's run.
  7. This type of art/movie/book themed dish is not my favorite concept. Too forced and twee, like when Charlize Theron hosted an "evil" themed competition to promote her Snow White project. Anyway, it's just me. I did agree that the lobster won ton looked the most appealing.
  8. Like several of you have mentioned, the Bachelors have grown on me since the departure of sleazy Stephanos. Their food actually looked pretty good and they came across as personable. I also agree about the annoying, squealing sopos crew. Just stifle. The glop produced by Team Fat Kid turned my stomach. Should have marketed their stuff with a gift certificate for a bypass.
  9. Yawn. Bring back Frank Darabont! Lather, rinse, repeat.
  10. The first couple of eps were mildly entertaining, but with this one (Giada, of all places) I thought I was watching Worst Cooks in America. They were all inept, disorganized and the dishes were pedestrian. No leadership qualities in any of them. I wouldn't have these guys cater my backyard barbecue let alone run a "$10 million restaurant".
  11. Having watched this show from S1E1, I have to say this is the scruffiest collection of contestants I've seen yet. Their concepts are not appealing and their food looks like the stuff they shoveled out on on "roach coaches" in days of yore. Not only would I refuse to pay $10-15 for their food, I wouldn't even slow down to check out their menus. Just yuck. Sorry, Tyler.
  12. Visiting Gold's choices was entertaining, but I was particularly interested in Union Station as a venue. Is it really as clean and bright and beautiful as it looked? Asking because I've recently heard that Grand Central in NYC has turned into a viper pit since its restoration awhile ago. Nini's doing surprisingly well.
  13. ^^^What everybody else said about Carl's April Fool show. Smiled through the tears.
  14. I was so happy to see Jonathan Waxman judging. I love him. (Who was the third on previous eps? I forget and I'm too lazy to go back and look it up but somebody here will know!) Sad for Jet and Darnell. They're both so laid back and darned cute. I agree about Brooke having something of an off-putting personality that makes me disappointed when she beats a chef I like better. She can cook alright, but she is a bit of a Debbie Downer. She's my fourth choice in the next heat.
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