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  1. This finale was one big fat eyeroll. Could we possibly get more gimmicky? Oh, wait...isn't the 154th season of Survivor due soon?
  2. OK, I'm back. Was Joe's ugly purple suit way too tight or is that the style nowadays? Every time I saw Gordon's blond upsweep do I yelled "Dondi!" (Ancient comic strip reference for you young uns) Food plated on a book? Nick, you got away with the mixer stunt but this was simply pointless and not the least clever. The producers gave the game away with Sarah's talking head saying confidently she aced it. Now on to American Horror Story, which doesn't look promising but has got to be better than this.
  3. Here's my takeaway from the awesomeness fabulous season of MC evah!!!!! Why did we have to view Chipmunk Cheeks Shaun in the balcony? There isn't enough eye bleach in the world. Other than that I really didn't care a rat's patootie about who won.
  4. Sure. He was a no nonsense news guy who always signed off with "Sander Vanocur...NBC News" escribed as "one of the country's most prominent political reporters during the 1960s,"[4] Vanocur served as White House correspondent and national political correspondent for NBC News in the 1960s and early 1970s.[5] He was one of the questioners at the first Kennedy-Nixon debate in 1960 and was also chosen as one of the questioners in the 1992 presidential debate[6] as well as one of NBC's "four horsemen," its floor reporters at the political conventions in the 1960s—the other three were John Chancellor, Frank McGee, and Edwin Newman.[7] While White House correspondent during the Kennedy administration, Vanocur was one of the first reporters to publicly ask Kennedy to justify the failure of the Bay of Pigs Invasion. Vanocur also dubbed Kennedy's coterie the "Irish mafia."[8] Later, Vanocur covered the 1968 United States presidential election in which Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated. Vanocur, who had interviewed Kennedy on June 4, 1968, shortly before the Democratic candidate was shot, reported on the incident from The Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, California, for the entire night. On the final night of the Republican National Convention in Miami Beach, during a convention-wrapping Thursday night round-table discussion with his fellow NBC floor reporters in the vacated folding chairs on the convention hall floor, Vanocur suggested that the Republicans had "kissed off the black vote" in 1968, a comment which caused a media uproar in the ensuing week.[citation needed] Vanocur also served as host of First Tuesday, a monthly newsmagazine that premiered in 1969 and continued after Vanocur left the network.[9] His work at NBC earned him a place on the Nixon administration's "enemies list". After leaving NBC in 1971, Vanocur worked for PBS and as a television writer for The Washington Post. He joined ABC News in 1977 and worked there until 1991, holding various positions, including Chief Diplomatic Correspondent, Senior Correspondent in Buenos Aires, and anchor for Business World, the first regularly scheduled weekly business program. He covered the 1997, 1998, and 1999 World Economic Summits and was Chief Overview Correspondent during the 1980 and 1984 presidential elections. In 1984, Vanocur moderated the Vice Presidential debate between incumbent George H. W. Bush and Congresswoman Geraldine Ferraro. He made a cameo appearance as himself in the movie Dave and was one of the major performers, again playing himself, in the sci-fi television special Without Warning as one of the main news anchors linking the various scenes together. Vanocur hosted two of the History Channel's primetime series: Movies in Time and History's Business.
  5. Sander Vanocur died age 91. NBC News. He was from my hometown of Cleveland.
  6. Oh, they did NOT kick off Father Adam and keep the cheerleader. My only reason for watching. Stupid show. Damn cookies.
  7. I simply couldn't take Liz Plank's motormouth at the end of the show. After the break they went straight to Stephanie Ruhle without any byebyes from Joe's panel.
  8. Is that why they keep showing him in a Harvard sweatshirt? Crazy producers. (P.S. I have a vintage Harvard t-shirt, and the closest I came to that lauded school was running across Hahvahd Yahd to catch the T to my Bahston job.)
  9. Noah should have gone after the steak episode. That said, Nick's plate was a mess. I hate those splatty presentations that Gordon normally wouldn't let through the pass without toweling them off. And the string!!! (smelling salts, please). Still, Dorian and Sarah were mediocre, and we know Nick is the Chosen One.
  10. Where's Martha? Did she fall on her chopsticks?
  11. I stand corrected, O Great Browncoat! I hate that commercial so much I can't bring myself to mention it by its ridiculous name - like Candyman, I fear it will loom behind me in the bathroom mirror.
  12. Thanks for your response, Funky. I don't understand the point of these ads (legal/medical) and wish they'd dump them as they do nothing but call attention in a bad way.
  13. It's worse than that. When the spot pops up (about every 4-5 minutes), Mr pig pulls the covers (non-Sheetz) over his head and accuses me of spousal abuse for not hitting mute on the remote.
  14. Sheetz. Their spot is on at least 3/4 times an hour after midnight. And I don't like to relax pre-slumber hearing one of the "inventors" talk about sweating in her sleep in regular sheets. "Sweating" and "sleep" do not belong in the same sentence.
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