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  1. So why doesn't pwesious Geoffie use bamboo forks and spoons? Shoot - you can get buried in an environmentally friendly bamboo coffin these days. And BTW, have you stopped stealing you servers tips>
  2. Mr. pig and I were watching a pretty fascinating series on Netflix or Prime or something called "Ladyboys". About transgender/transsexuals in Thailand. One ep was about an international beauty pageant and went into the lifestories of the contestants. One thing that stuck in my mind was their statement that beauty pageants are still hugely popular in the Phillippines. Here in the US I can't remember the last time I saw Miss America, or if they even bother to televise it anymore.
  3. Did you see her on (I think) the Oscars a few years ago where she wore the same dress she had on accepting Best Supporting Actress for West Side Story about 50 years earlier? You go girl!!!
  4. Oh Geoffie - get over yourself. I'll bet when you were a kid you called your parents "Mater" and "Pater". (Insert massive eyeroll here)
  5. Sorry - I meant to post in misc celeb news so I moved the text over there. Damned eyeglasses!!!
  6. Just saw a newsflash on TV...Captain Kirk is back on the market. He and wife #4 Elizabeth are divorcing. The Shat is 88 years old.
  7. If any of you are Audible subscribers, Rene Auberjonois IS Aloysius Pendergast. I can't imagine anyone else reading the novels. Jumping into the wayback machine, Mr. Auberjonois was Dago Red, the priest in the original and absolute best movie M*A*S*H. My friends and I cut classes to see the movie 5 times because the audience was laughing so hard we missed most of the dialogue.
  8. OK. So what are you supposed to do with Chia Pets? Eat them as a garnish? Maybe I should move this to the Food Network page.
  9. I always wonder about this. $20??? Unless you are serving uni with cavier, how can you justify $20 from a truck?
  10. As someone 16 years younger than Leonard Rosenberg, I can attest to the long-lasting effects of a fall when you age. Instead of jumping in and out of the shower as you did in your younger years, you have to think about placing your feet. I'm still suffering from neck and hip injuries from a tub slip three months ago. It really sucks, and you can't believe it happened to you.
  11. I'm liking this season much better than the previous few, if for no other reason than that the locations are so picturesque. Inlaws are from New England, so I have many fond associations. Portsmouth is charming. Don't really have a favorite truck team, so I'll just enjoy the scenery.
  12. Time to bring back the Obnoxious Bus for a special stop. "Chris Coleman - party of one". I reran the ep to see where he worked so I'd make sure to avoid it. It's Stoke in Charlotte NC. On the other hand, the next time I'm in Manhattan I'll check out the Landmark restaurant and give kudos to Mark Moran who should have won on general principle.
  13. I was just talking about Jonathan Miller yesterday with Mr. pig. He was a cousin of one of my college roommates. I saw many of his productions in London and he was a brilliant conversationalist on Cavett back in the day. I'll always remember him discussing his severe stutter and having to instantly search for a workaround when he realized that on that day his challenging consonant was, for example, "M". How horrible that such a brilliant, funny and articulate (despite or maybe because of the stutter) died of Alzheimers. RIP, sir. You were witty, generous, and one of a kind.
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