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  1. I am not against Randall for his interactions with Kevin even though early on we saw kevin rushing out of an opening night to take care of a distraught Randall. I really dislike the way he made decisions regarding Rebecca without consulting her husband. How he confronted her at the Gala to introduce idea. The way he guilted her into his decision with his “you owe me speech”. Then lied and had a frail Rebecca lie to the other two about how it was her idea. I know he has anxiety but I’m unconvinced that excuses his behaviour in this case. It is this issue that has turned me against him. On a completely different topic things must be ok financially for Randall if they can afford to fly a family of five across the country for a one year olds birthday.
  2. Was no one else bothered by Kate and Toby immediately being able to scroll through pictures of children needing to be adopted? It was like “let’s adopt. Check out amazon!!” Is it even legal to post pics of kids like that? And choose based on looks alone. Seems a bit like a pedophiles catalogue. It made me feel sick.
  3. I thought that Kevin’s comment to Randall was the kind of knee jerk comment someone throws out in an argument when ,yes, they are looking to hurt the other. I know as a teenager I said things like “I wish you were dead” or “I wish you were never born” to a sibling. And never meant them. Randall’s shots seemed more thought out and cruel to me. But that’s just my opinion.
  4. Doesn’t the doctor who discovered the virus in the dead woman have to inform the US Center for Disease Control? And even if he doesn’t do so how does Cain expect to hide it once people start getting sick?
  5. Randall made a plan to send his moms way for 9 months and never consulted her husband!!
  6. I think this show is doing a real disservice to people on the autism spectrum, especially high functioning ones like Shaun is supposed to be. He acts like a spoiled brat. Regardless of his difficulties he should have been at least suspended if not fired. I am so tired of this whole plot line. The entire show has become a huge soap opera. Let’s get back to medicine.
  7. Never thought I’d say this but Victoria should have stuck with her asymmetrical pieces in fitted styles and random cutouts. Nancy should have given her wheelchair model some serious colour. Maybe even that liquid red. Disabled people tend to be pushed into the background and that colour coming down the runway just looked like a big rock or as if she had all her laundry piled in her lap. It took plus size designers a long time to start using colour instead of always grey and black. Nancy’s model needed something loud and flamboyant. “Hey look at me! I am here And I am fabulous!”
  8. When did Nic become able to make diagnoses and order tests. I know she is a nurse practitioner but I didn’t think they had that much power. She treated that young girl entirely on her own until the situation became critical
  9. Lots of women would be happy if their brother and friend became a couple. Was it ever stated why Kate was against it? The only valid reason I can think of is that she’s afraid Madison will get hurt. Many sisters in law become good friends
  10. Why does benson always wear those huge long dark coats? She even had one on during her TV interview with Luna and in the office at work and in Lunas apartment. Are they trying to hid her weight as they do with Saint Francis on Blue Bloods?
  11. Are people being sarcastic or facetious when they refer to Zied is attractive or hot?
  12. We don’t know enough about the dying mans finances to comment fairly. If they are a lower income family they might need two incomes to manage their bills. Many company plans do have lump sum payments or monthly allowances for surviving spouses. That is unless he has used it all up. If it was his own plan or savings it would all go to her. We also don’t know if she’ll be left with outstanding medical bills. They are a couple and he should give some consideration as to how she’ll manage on her own. Also I guess I am a prude or just very private but I would be very upset if my partner was discussing our sex life with several colleagues. It is even worse since she works with them. It would be different if he was talking about some woman they don’t know. I would have preferred a private talk with Glassman, Clare or even park. It all felt a little juvenile. He certainly is a fast learner going from near virgin to parade marshal in a day or so. Most couples need more time.
  13. It is probably an unpopular opinion but I don’t like Carly with Shawn. She seems too serious and treats him like a project. Leah on the other hand has fun with him does goofy things and shows him casual affection. I also think it’s pretty presumptuous of a relatively new girlfriend to demand he kick out his roommate especially on such short notice. Lots of people these days have opposite sex roomies. Or is her plan to move in? I guess I just don’t like it when partners start issuing orders
  14. My tv quit recording for about twenty minutes. Can somebody please tell me what the story was with Gwens baby and why did the newborn IV baby need donors. Thank you in advance
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