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  1. It is probably an unpopular opinion but I don’t like Carly with Shawn. She seems too serious and treats him like a project. Leah on the other hand has fun with him does goofy things and shows him casual affection. I also think it’s pretty presumptuous of a relatively new girlfriend to demand he kick out his roommate especially on such short notice. Lots of people these days have opposite sex roomies. Or is her plan to move in? I guess I just don’t like it when partners start issuing orders
  2. My tv quit recording for about twenty minutes. Can somebody please tell me what the story was with Gwens baby and why did the newborn IV baby need donors. Thank you in advance
  3. I would like every one of these relationships to fail. And I think they all should.
  4. Thank you dleighd it was kind of you to take the time to post that for me.
  5. Can someone please put up the link to the site that shows the clothes from tonight’s show. Thank you
  6. If Baez wants to be taken seriously she needs to stop calling adult women girls. It was a men’s club that excluded women. A concept I also don’t find offensive as others have stated. Oh and St. Francis was wrong. While I don’t see why the commissioners office should care about someone’s affair it is apparently a rule. It shouldn’t matter if exposing it would hurt someone or some organization that is important that’s why churches hid things for years.
  7. What exactly is the criteria for making the final jury?
  8. I think the whole Dmitri Stevie thing was thrown in so the last episode can be devoted to their wedding. Then all sorts of former cast members etc can make an appearance
  9. I don’t see why Lauren would wear her hair like that to go on survivor. In real life great but it’s got to get in her way during challenges especially ones in the water where it would get weighed down by the water. They’d be better if they were shorter maybe? I’ve often thought women going on survivor must have to give thought to their hair. And are they allowed to take hair ties or elastics?
  10. I too was thinking Shaun was an orphan. When I saw the preview I vaguely remembered an angry father but nothing else. Could someone please remind me how he came to be placed in care after his brother’s death. Thank you
  11. I’m surprised that the boys parents hadn’t used some of the time before the surgery doing/seeing things he wanted. Like driving and maybe Disney land or any number of things. There are lots of “Make a Wish” foundations for kids who are dying why not for him. It seemed all they could do was hold his hand and look sad.
  12. Margot also wrote several books (I successful). I wonder why that wasn’t mentioned. On another note I was surprised how short Larry and Gerald were Oops unsuccessful
  13. How or why is it that buckets of water are just sitting around New York streets waiting to be thrown. (which by the way made both Jamie and the street guy look rather juvenile and silly.). And I think the confession Danny got could easily get thrown out by a good lawyer.
  14. And why did Eddy have to wear that stupid wig to go under cover ? I thought it was setting up for it to fall or get pulled off and expose her. Finally she goes undercover and doesn’t tell Jamie? Such poor writing
  15. milner

    S01.E04: Rose390

    As they were leaving the family’s house at the end David whispered something and my CC said “they’ve killed him”. I think that’s why Kristen was crying
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