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  1. bugsmum

    Past Seasons: The Rose Tyler Years

    I hadn't watched any Nine episodes recently so catching up this week was a great reminder of how much I love him.
  2. bugsmum

    S16.E01: The Fastest 2 Minutes in Cooking

    So much this.
  3. bugsmum

    S16.E01: The Fastest 2 Minutes in Cooking

    Very glad Top Chef is back! And I look forward to the day the Mansplainer packs his knives.
  4. bugsmum

    S11.E03: Rosa

    Oh, I loved it. Loved pretty much everything about Ryan in this episode and think the actor did a great job showing us a young black man from 21st century England dropped into 1955 Alabama. Loved Ryan and Graham speaking of Grace, and what this experience would have meant to her. Loved Yaz not knowing where on the bus she could sit. (Where she would have sat on the bus is the question Bugschild, who is neither white nor African American, asked when she was small and first learning about Rosa Parks.). Loved the Doctor and companions realizing they had to stay on the bus. Loved the companions realization that they were actually witnessing the world changing.
  5. bugsmum

    S11.E02: The Ghost Monument

    Love the new theme although I miss the flying Tardis and the Doctor's eyes in the opening. Not sure about the new TARDIS. I'm sure it will grow on me but at the moment it just looks dark. Really liked this episode, love the Doctor and think Ryan, Yaz, and Graham will add a lot to the show. Kinda loved that moment when the Doctor was reunited with her TARDIS.
  6. bugsmum

    S03.E05: Pies

    That Stargazy pie is quite a sight to behold. I won't be looking for a recipe to try anytime soon. I have put To Say Nothing of the Dog on reserve at the library, so thank you Rinaldo.
  7. bugsmum

    S03.E05: Pies

    I absolutely loved seeing the cultural differences in play here. When I heard "Pie Week" my American mind went immediately to fruit or custard pies. Not that I've never heard of a savory pie, obviously, but they don't have a big place in my life. It was fascinating, and pretty entertaining, that the first two challenges were savory pies. It also made me laugh when Paul and others talked about American pies being too sweet. I cannot stand pecan pie precisely because it is (to my mind) nothing but a sugar bomb. Agree with the person who said most of these particular American pies looked like tarts, not pies. I kinda want to try hot water crust and try my hand at a Wellington now. But I draw the line at eels.
  8. bugsmum

    S03.E01: Cake

    I'm so so happy the show is finally back! Not a big fan of upside down cakes, so didn't love that as a challenge, but whatever. I liked Natasha so I was sad to see her go first, but there's no getting around the fact she had a bad weekend.
  9. bugsmum

    S07.E07: Episode 7

    Well, damn, show. That was uncalled for. You bring her back just to kill her off? That's just cold. Totally got me, though. And poor Phyllis! Phyllis and the 23rd psalm! Phyllis sitting outside on the steps breaking down.... crap, now the room is getting dusty again...
  10. bugsmum

    S06.E09: Posen on the Red Carpet

    I loved Fabio's dress. Loved the color, the flow, everything. Stanley's was simple but elegant. Not surprised Georgina didn't like it since simple isn't exactly Marchesa's jam. Helen's looked like something had spilled down the front; I was surprised she was safe. Couldn't be happier to see Josh go. Based on what we've seen on each of his runs on this show he's a deeply unpleasant, ignorant, arrogant person who creates garments that are, for the most part, awful. And those shoes!!!!!!!!!! Aside from the hilarious fact that he could barely walk in them, they looked beyond stupid with the rest of his outfit. Not for the first time, but with any luck the last, I question his taste level.
  11. bugsmum

    S06.E08: Mizrahi Madness

    I'm a little surprised no one chose a print; that seems like such a natural for a spring dress. And I don't know why so many of them made gowns when the task was to make a party dress, are the two interchangeable everywhere but in my head? I couldn't even with Merline's blue and yellow that were identical to my high school's colors, and I laughed out loud when Orange Josh said it looked like a redesigned high school cheerleader's outfit. Very glad Ken got his act together. Even more relieved Anthony did not depart the premises.
  12. bugsmum

    S02.E08: Dear Mrs. Kennedy

    The casting, and the writing, of the Kennedys almost entirely sank this episode. There was NOTHING about how they were presented that rang true, except maybe JFK's public flirting with other women in his wife's presence, which he evidently did in fact do. Michael C. Hall is a fine actor but here he was awful. I get that British writers often enjoy presenting Americans as rubes and fools (Downton being exhibit A) but JFK and JBK were neither. Although the Adeane/Charteris chatter during the introductions was priceless. And I find it extremely hard to believe that the decor at a formal White House dinner during the Kennedy administration would include red/white/blue bunting draped across the front of the table. Come on, people. That was just stupid. On the upside, Claire Foy continues to be amazing. Loved pretty much everything about the Ghana trip even if the historical accuracy was sketchy.
  13. bugsmum

    S00.E154: Twice Upon a Time

    This. So much this. I'm really going to miss Capaldi - but I resent that so much of his time as the Doctor was wasted with Clara, who stayed on WAY too long. Loved Capaldi with Alex Kingston; hello sweetie still gets me every time. Going to miss Bill and Nardole, too. All in all I thought this was a very good episode.
  14. bugsmum

    Halloween Baking Championship

    I like this show, but then again I don't expect much from it. It's relaxing and entertaining enough. Totally fine with judges getting totally into their characters as long as it's balanced with commentary from them that actually has some substance. I do wish we'd get less time "drama" and more on how these people actually execute something. Don't show me yet another shot of someone running around shouting something that's supposed to be clever. Show me professional bakers doing things I can't do. Show me the judges discussing the pros and cons of each person's presentation. I felt bad (well, not really) for the one home baker. She was in so far over her head it was ridiculous.
  15. bugsmum

    S10.E01: The Pilot

    I loved it. Love Capaldi's Doctor when he's freed from the shackles of the specialist snowflake ever. Starting with Husbands of River Song he's been an even better Doctor than he already was. I feel like we've all been freed from the shackles of the specialist snowflake ever. Love Bill and the way she was introduced. Did not love the Clara reference during the episode - come on, Moffatt, let it go. So happy show is back!