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  1. As the "song" went in my childhood: The rain is gone, the land is dry. Why do you wear your pants so high?
  2. I don't think Nancy's outfit, which I really liked, was particularly meant to reflect an ethnic heritage at all - that was pure growing up in suburbia back in the day. As a woman of about the same age as Nancy, I laughed and had a flashback when I saw it on the runway.
  3. It occurred to me as I was watching this that if one of the FN baking shows did this sort of thing and brought back former Holiday/Halloween/Spring bakers for a holiday special I would maybe shrug and say "oh yeah, that one" when I saw them. Whereas I was absolutely DELIGHTED to see well-remembered and lovely bakers Flo, Jane, Andrew and Liam (I'm firmly in the I Love Liam camp). As for the baking, Jane was clearly at the top of her game start to finish. Since I am not a drinker and I don't care for either Stilton or Roquefort cheeses I wouldn't touch Flo's cake on a bet, but good on her for going so bold.
  4. David is a deserving winner. Alice or Steph would have been deserving winners, too. I'm puzzled by this "David was an underdog" notion I've seen; surely I'm far from the only person who called a David/Steph/Alice final weeks ago. Usually I have a favorite going into the final but this time I would have been equally happy to see any of them win. Steph is a great baker and seeing her struggle all weekend was terrible.
  5. So sad to see Henry go - but at this point I'm sad to see any of them go. It's hard to argue with, though. Henry's signature may have been fabulous but the rest of his weekend was not good. Rosie's showstopper, even with its flaws, was a much more complex and creative design. And her technical was better.
  6. I don’t like Prue. Part of the charm of this show has always been its good spirit. Mary could find something positive even in something that was pretty much a disaster. Prue just goes negative. It’s unnecessary and it’s annoying.
  7. It’s always so interesting when the technical is something I’m more familiar with than the bakers. I’ve never made beignets but lucky for me I’ve eaten them, and how in the world were so many of them lost making choux? Surely that’s something you’d make damn sure you practiced before you went into a baking competition. Did not see Michelle going tonight. Really thought Priya and Rosie were toast. Helena’s goth was getting mighty old and I’m not sorry to see her go. Really thought the 1920s bit was a stretch.
  8. Every time Michael got teary I thought that in the olden days Mel or Sue would have swooped in shouting obscenities to make sure that footage never made it to air.
  9. Michael's tear and share was beautiful, and his reaction to the Handshake was great. I never disliked him but he's really growing on me. Not much suspense about who was going home this week; Amelia's weekend was not good start to finish. She really lost me when she didn't use all the dough for the burger buns. No way that wasn't going to be a terrible decision. Although speaking of terrible decisions, did David seriously put buttercream on a cinnamon bun? That sounds just foul. Been re-watching S6 and Bread Week is up next; looking forward to revisiting Prison Paul's lion. That was AMAZING. I've heard the word "bap" used for a bread before but never knew exactly what it was. TV is so educational!
  10. So happy to have GBBO back! It's been a crappy few weeks in my world; I need the tent in my life. Also appreciating getting each episode right after it airs in Britain, as it is difficult to remain spoiler-free. I'm glad the young dude wasn't the first out. I didn't take his attitude to be uncaring at all. Looked to me like he cared a great deal but didn't want to show his feelings.
  11. I hadn't watched any Nine episodes recently so catching up this week was a great reminder of how much I love him.
  12. Very glad Top Chef is back! And I look forward to the day the Mansplainer packs his knives.
  13. Oh, I loved it. Loved pretty much everything about Ryan in this episode and think the actor did a great job showing us a young black man from 21st century England dropped into 1955 Alabama. Loved Ryan and Graham speaking of Grace, and what this experience would have meant to her. Loved Yaz not knowing where on the bus she could sit. (Where she would have sat on the bus is the question Bugschild, who is neither white nor African American, asked when she was small and first learning about Rosa Parks.). Loved the Doctor and companions realizing they had to stay on the bus. Loved the companions realization that they were actually witnessing the world changing.
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