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  1. This made me laugh so hard. As for Park having Ressler's drug test ... since when do co-workers have access to confidential personal information? Unless now Park is also head of the task force HR department. Yeah, that's it, so never mind.
  2. Only one $400 clue was left in DJ, none in the J round. Don't remember which round Whip was in, but typically the extra chatter doesn't prevent clues from being revealed, editing fixes that.
  3. Man, those black eye bags under Agnes' eyes. Yikes. She's not all that healthy under Cooper's guidance. She's gone all Goth, and so young, too. I laughed out loud when Cooper told Red he couldn't see Agnes because he's "a cold-blooded killer." Like, what was Lizzie? She murdered/tortured a boat load of people yet she's some kind of sainted deity? Gag me.
  4. She only has to keep it up one more day since Ken starts hosting Monday. She might be in some online Jeopardy fan site who talked her into doing jazz hands as a shout out to them. You know, like we tried to get @teebax to salute us with finger guns.
  5. While I have been following it courtesy of Chicago radio and no, he was not vaccinated. At least not with Moderna, Pfizer or J+J. Just with some made-up stuff. And I admit "Oslo" in yesterday's FJ clue helped me more than five years of art history classes. Pretty much all painters are "crazy."
  6. Robert Vesco! Hey, where's your cat?
  7. I beg to differ but in this part of Illinois it's ALWAYS Champaign-Urbana, NEVER the other way around. And that's a fact jack. Champaign is one town west of Indiana, only Danville is left before crossing into Hoosier land. Macomb and Carthage is on the west side of the state. Nowhere near Champaign-Urbana and there are no easy connecting roads, it's all "you can't get there from here" two lanes. I don't need to google any Illinois towns or roads since I've been driving them every single weekend for the last four decades for dogs shows, and went through Champaign (Urbana) more times than I
  8. I don't know what UIUC is, but Carthage is just west of Macomb, home of Western Illinois University which is mid-upper Illinois. I've been through Carthage many times when taking a convoluted route to Quincy, Illinois. Cairo, on the other hand, is way down in the hinderland where there isn't a lot of civilization. "Hill jack country" she said. And finally, a FJ in my wheelhouse. I guess I didn't do five years at art college for a BFA for nothing. Well, next to nothing. The Scream! One of my favs.
  9. That was a big story and got a lot of play on Chicago radio, especially because Rodgers shouted "I OWN YOU!" to everyone in Soldier Field after scoring another touchdown against Da Bears a few weeks ago. He's not popular in Chicagoland. In fact, it's still getting a lot of play on Chicago radio and I suspect it will be for some time to come. ALL OF THEM? Hokey smokes! One of my favorite movies of all times.
  10. Oh boy, a new episode! This show is must-see-teevee because of the posters here. Looking forward to some fun snark from y'all. And Aram's "difficult decision" ... what on earth could THAT be? Tune in to find out!
  11. And, what have you been eating for three years down here? Although the meal a soccer team that crashed in the Andes ate did pass through my mind as Diana lay there all dead and everything. And hey, new (well, different) clothes! And a tent shelter! On the beach!
  12. This made me laugh so hard. Thanks. And yeah, Scott buried the drugs six feet down. Plus since he dug the hole just a couple days ago, there still would be loose dirt. And WTH with the gold bars. Although they are probably all plastic movie props given that Drug Dude was able to carry a whole chest of them by himself. Since there were two planes down under, what makes anyone think the one they found a zillion years later was Levi's. Diana's plane was there too, and just sitting around for three years. Yeah, they had to kill the only person who was smart and talented and forward
  13. Gosh @theartandsound, that's scary for sure. Hope you are feeling better and it's behind you now. Stay healthy! We need you in the Contest!
  14. Why, that was the great lake they call Gitche Gumee of course.
  15. Who next school year came to work wearing a coat with a "fur" collar? This is so funny. And so true!
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