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  1. I was browsing museum sculptures and came across this one that should be recognized by at least one poster here. Your mom is looking for you!
  2. Here is an interesting NY Times article about the guest hosts.
  3. So is Marjan on SM to make money by getting a ton load of followers/likes and shilling product? Or is it a personal pride thing. Either way, especially since she's so sensitive to the haters who live on SM, she needs to shut down all her SM accounts or at least make them private. She can make her Tik Tok vids for friends and family if they are that important to her. That will save her sensitive ego from people who say what they think about her self-important dumbass. There is life outside SM.
  4. Get six albums for just one penny!
  5. I'm pretty sure the phone was the one in the Whitley basement that we learned about in season 1. I questioned then why no one knew there was a working phone down there and who was paying the phone company. Besides the plane thing, my other problem with the writers of this episode is, do none of them know bowling alleys are coated with oil and are super slick. If you cross the black line, you are pretty sure to fall on your butt. Yet the scenes with Bowling Pete, they were all over those lanes and nothing. I was waiting -- and wishing -- for them all to fall down, Three-Stooges style.
  6. Oh, man, Carol King. Gold star for you, even if it wasn't the FJ answer. Carol, Joni and Stevie (Wonder) provided the background music for my misspent youth. So did Stevie (Nicks), but I never paid attention to song names or album titles. I would tank immediately on Name That Tune. So yeah no, I did not even have a guess for FJ, even though that album is in a box somewhere around here. @BuckeyeLou, did you get the Ohio TS? I spent a lot of time in Delaware when I lived in Columbus.
  7. I'd forgotten the crop-dusting thing. I don't know what kind of plane that was in the barn, but crop dusters are all painted bright yellow and while some are single wing planes, like the Air Tractor, many are biplanes. A duster needs to fly low and slow. The fields around me are dusted every year, and the planes circle over my house, barely high enough to clear the trees, and they are LOUD baby, LOUD. You don't sleep through a dusting. When actually dusting, they fly low enough I can wave to the pilot. Orchards are sprayed from tanks either mounted on a tractor or pulled by a tractor. The
  8. I interpreted that as Bryan remembering the different time loops and he was relieved to be back FINALLY with Finola, so now he loves, not likes, the ocean since those ocean dives is how they got back as they were suppose to be. I thought he could remember since he and Shelby were able to communicate across time to Finola and Kathleen. JMHO of course! I'd like to see Shelby and Kathleen again too. I wonder if their parents are still in Europe. Ha ha!
  9. LOL. No kidding. Grave digging by hand goes on in all tv dramas and every one of those characters can dig straight down with perfect 90-degree-angle corners. That would have been hilarious if the two boys decided to duke it out with shovels. Maybe Mom set up an off-shore account for Ronald so he would have plenty of cash in case she died. Not that Ronald ever gave her any indication EVER that her time was short.
  10. Alex said it a lot and it bothered me every time as I took it as his way of saying "You other two players are moronic dumbass idiots and you don't have a chance. Have fun driving home with nothing, losers." I'm glad the guest hosts are not pointing out the obvious, thereby sparing the feelings of two players who had their hopes dashed. They know they aren't winning, let them leave with some dignity and a bit of pride that they at least made it onto the show.
  11. Oh, but if you lean on the podium you will be raked over burning coals by posters in this thread and be forever damned.
  12. Thanks. I really need to pay more attention.
  13. My big question about this episode was how are they going to get that plane out of that barn when it was parked behind and between support posts. Then Malcolm and Gil walked out of the barn through regular doors, and I thought how the heck did they even get a plane INTO that barn. An airplane hanger has doors that open the entire end of a building, a barn with full loft does not. Did they take the wings off to get it in? Then why put the wings back on once it's inside since it needs to get back outside to be used. This was beyond hand wave for me. So I guess it's just a "whatever."
  14. Again, the two boys have to HAND DIG another grave when there they sit on a big ranch that has to have tractors and backhoes and skid loaders and other mechanized bucket machines. I guess they also haul big 1,000-pound bales of hay to the cattle in winter (they do have winters in Montana) one at a time, by hand. Alrighty then. Plus they have a big funeral with guests and a meal afterward ... in the middle of the freaking NIGHT. WTH show. Why did Ronald bring his lady and her daughter along so he could bury sis in the woods? Made no sense. Unless he figures to kill them too. But with
  15. Yeah, Owen is cracked open, a big chunk of his lung taken out and two days later he's out running around, wrestling bad guys and hauling big dudes out of burning buildings via the dead-man carry. The name of this show should be 911-Marvel Universe. This made me laugh, picturing going down Rob Lowe's nose. No need to duck. I personally think Judd should be the star of this show. Owen can go back to NYC.
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