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  1. Except not as good, which isn't saying much.
  2. That whole scene was hilarious, like the writers had just gotten done with watching a Three Stooges marathon and incorporated some of the stooge action into this script. I will say that Tasha's flip from under the table to take down one of the bad guys was pretty cool. Yeay for me spec-ing that Patterson was only partly dead. Is there a reason Jane had a black hood over her head while locked in the back of a solid-walled truck? Like an American traitor prisoner isn't suppose to know what prison she's going to or what route they're taking? What was up with Weitz getting shot in the side and then dying from it. Like going from giving gigantic monologues to instant dead. I guess the writers were running out of script time and had to move on STAT. I was laughing about Madeline having a champagne glass in front of her on the plane. I thought that had to be the zip she drank, but how did she know her jig was up so had the zip already in front of her? She was all about the pilot taking off NOW. But ... whatever I guess. The weather blew this channel off the air so I missed the next episode. I'll have to catch up by reading everyone's posts there, which is the best part of this series anyway.
  3. I wasn't going to watch this crap show but tonight weather blew all my channels off and this was the only station that would come in so I saw the very last few minutes. It was so good! The woman star was talking to each of the men, saying exactly the same thing to each of them as the camera switched out the guys and left her the same, and not missing a beat of her speech. So hilarious! Then she ends up sending Marcus home. Wow, his rejection speech has to be at the top of dickwad rejection speeches. He wanted to "win this contest" because she is "pretty and a good kisser." Because that's the reason to have children together! Then he said a bunch more sentences that reinforced the fact the guy is a total jerkface and loser. I was too busy saying "Holy cow!" and "WTH!" to remember what they were. But they were golden in this franchise. Well done, Mr. Marcus! And good luck even getting a date if any women are watching this show. Ladies: Make sure you get a solid pre-nup with this guy, even for going on a date. Now I have to watch next week. Thanks a lot, show.
  4. Some day I will tell the story of the bat I found in my bedroom one night. They feel like paper when they land on your head.
  5. Out of respect for my friend @Trey, I honor her request for the return of Jokey Jokey Thursday. Because it's Thursday AGAIN, gang. How does that happen every week? First, to comment on @suebee1212's toad joke, last week I was sitting in the kitchen and a toad the size of a man's fist hopped across the floor. WTH! I caught it in a bucket, and that's when I learned toads have hands with fingers so they can jump up and grasp the top edge of any container they are in. I shook it back down and took it outside to live beyond my back-yard fence. This one is not a joke! I also have a frog that lives in my back yard. I ran over it once with the mower, and thank goodness it lived to hop away with all legs intact. The next time I mowed, it hopped out of the yard when I started the mower. Conclusion: Frogs are not stupid. Again: Not a joke. So it's safe to keep reading if you dare. I read in the Media thread the comments about Cheech Marin. I do know smoking pot causes short-term memory loss. Next thing you know, they’ll say smoking pot causes short-term memory loss. I’m not saying it’s bad here on Earth right now, but NASA is reporting that aliens flying by our planet are locking their doors. I had lunch at an outside restaurant last weekend. Two Karens were at the next table. The waiter stopped by and asked them, “Is anything okay?” Because of this Coronavirus, I’ve been washing my hands so much, this morning I found the answers to an old eight-grade math quiz. If I had five dollars for every math test I failed, I’d have 37 dollars. I told my doctor I am having trouble hearing. He said, “Well, can you describe the symptoms.” I said, “Sure, Bart’s a wise guy, Marge has blue hair, Homer’s kinda chubby ...” Woman says, “Doctor, for eight months now my husband thinks he’s a lawnmower.” Doctor says, “Why didn’t you bring him in sooner?” Lady says, “Well, the neighbor just returned him this morning.” Woman says, “Doctor, my husband thinks he’s a chicken.” Doctor says, “Why didn’t you bring him in sooner?” She says, “Well, we needed the eggs.” My friend asked me if I wanted to hear a really good Batman impression. I said, “Sure.” So he shouts, “NOT THE CRYPTONITE!” I said, “That’s Superman.” And he said, “Thanks, I’ve been practicing.” Now send the kids away or shield their eyes so you don't have to explain these PG-14-rated jokes. Broccoli says, “Hey, look at me, I’m a tree!” The mushroom says, “Wow, I look just like an umbrella!” The banana says, “Let’s talk about sports.” Young guy at the pharmacy buying his first pack of condoms. Pharmacist says, “That’ll be 10 dollars and 35 cents including tax.” The guy says, “Tacks? I thought they stayed on by themselves.” And finally this one, which is guaranteed to make every 12-year-old boy laugh: Do you know what a dinosaur fart is called? A blast from the past. That's all folks. Heading back into hibernation now ...
  6. Last night was a rerun of the first auditions. I had it on as background for a while before flipping channels. But audition 1 seems so long ago, I had already forgotten the very first act of the season, the performing pigs, then the second act was BAD Salsa, which was better the second time around. After that ... I left so don't know. But it was strange to see the audience back, all 6 zillion of them, cheering and clapping and giving standing Os in unison. Like a Stepford Audience! I do not miss them at all.
  7. I agree, but I also thought Wayne was wimping out in the upper-strength part too, when his ankle wasn't involved at all. Then jumping down the last row, he landed on his bad ankle when he could have held it up to land one-footed, which he did a couple of times. It's almost like he was using it as an excuse. JMHO, of course! I was wondering if Rock would ask any of these competitors to be in a future movie with him. They would make an awesome back-up bad-ass band for him.
  8. No kidding. Too bad TITAN is in the name of the show, and people are competing to become a TITAN. I was pumped to see Noah continue to rule as Tie-an. He's become the best part of this show for me. While the Cirque guy is handsome and looked good in his pretty blue skin suit, I was glad the single-dad-son's air time was minimal this week, and glad that camera-hog child is now gone. I know, I know, it's the show's decision to make the kid his hook, like there are no other single dads out there. But I tune in to see the tie-ans compete, not little kids jumping around and shouting. What was up with everyone climbing up the bottom of the golden log. Last time climbers were successful shimmying up the top. Maybe everything was more slippery this week. Jessie really killed it on her climb, she had that particular skill set down pat. I pay attention to how men vs. women are made to dress on athletic shows. I wonder why some women wear halter tops while others wear full-length tops. Yeah, the women's pants are pretty "thin" across the ass. It appears their material is thinner than what the men's suits are made of. At least the women are not forced to wear little tiny thong pants, so there's that. I thought Jessie did better this round, and I was rooting for her. Because she rocks. I didn't care if Dead Sister or Firefighter won in the end, although I'd be good not having to hear about Dead Sister for the zillionth time. But get ready because next time she competes, we'll hear all about it AGAIN.
  9. I remember you had met and knew Anneke. I was hoping your episode would have been replayed.
  10. I missed the cheer squad the first time around, but caught them on the rerun last night. I very much enjoyed them, slo-mo and all, which is always irksome. As I look around this room, I've come to the conclusion that I am the only one who enjoys this show and doesn't mind that acts and judges are from around the world. Once they land in the United States, America does indeed Got that Talent. At least for the few weeks while the shows tape/air.
  11. Didn't air in the Midwest either, due to the same long-running NASCAR show which is obviously more important than anything else on earth.
  12. My money is on Patterson being only partly dead.
  13. So much THIS. I was yelling for Tasha to kick Madeline in the head while M was on the ground. That would have knocked her out (I'm saying) so THEN Tasha could strangle her w/o Madeline making all that noise so her henchmen heard and were able to save her. That was a real WTH moment. Like because it's a lab everyone who works there is a trained computer tech / coroner?
  14. My guess is Yo was scouted and hired by AGT to appear, or got hired for the show via his agent. He has a "sob" story to get viewers on his side and create sympathy for him, doesn't mean it's true. This show does not count on the American public actually knowing any of these people or doing any research into the fact they have successful careers already. This is all about the (facade) of AGT discovering talent and MAKING THEM A STAR! (I should TM that last part.) That's why it's fun to read here, to discover the "real" stories. AGT is another reality show that is pretty much everything but real. Still, it's a fun way to spend some time.
  15. I am, quite literally, laughing out loud, so hard that it took forever for my mouse to hold still so I could LOL your post. (Insert more hysterical laughter here.) I don't have a clue what that says about my personality. (And don't want to know, either.) Happy James-Breaks-The-One-Day-Total Day everyone!
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