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  1. The local NBC affiliate changed its signal two weeks ago and my antenna can no longer pick it up. When tv went digital, I had NBC, ABC, PBS, CW and Fox. (I was never able to get the digital CBS channels.) Eventually, all have changed directions/power and I've gone from five networks to two, ABC and Fox. I have four different antennas of various sizes and none can bring more than those two in. I've lost pretty much all of my favorite shows over this period of time. And now, Jeopardy. Antennas that advertise they have a range of 150 miles are liars.
  2. Yeah, that runway was def a road, but I guess the show doesn't have the budget to CGI it into anything else. And the company town ... who was living in all the other houses? And Jo and partner just parking it in some old lawn chairs in the town square was all sorts of creepy. Like they were sure NO ONE was there watching them? And yeah, no Google Earth. But phone reception? I got a kick out of the woman hacker's Goth daughter being all, well, Goth. Nice touch. I hope the lady lives to hack another day. Her character is another golden one. Terry Quinn rocks. And he got to eat two bowls of noodles. Piper's creepy smile at the end gave me a look forward to how she will be as a sulky teen who doesn't want to do what mom tells her to. Like that little boy on Twilight Zone who keeps his entire family captive to his whims, because he can.
  3. That was so way OTT. The same thing happened to me when I was riding with a friend. I just said, "Oh, stop, there's a turtle," and she stopped, I got out and moved the turtle off the road. No big drama. I didn't get why the show had to make it like Piper was stopping the car from exploding or something. I missed last week's show so only found out Piper is AI from reading here. ABC wouldn't let me watch the ep online. I'm not sure I'm all in with the half robot/half human thing. But I'll give it time. I knew Jo publishing that story about Piper being orphaned would bring in the real Family Services. Good luck doing that background check on Piper, lady.
  4. I would have, if I could see it. No more Jeopardy for me ever, all my NBC channels are gone for good. And episodes are no longer posted online. Like an old soldier, I will eventually just fade away (from this thread).
  5. Add me to your minority. I'd like the crime to be less Bryan Fuller-esque and while it could still have an essence of creep, I wish it were more "normal." And dad and son working together/not together would be more interesting than some who-cares-about-the-box memory from 20 years ago. Malcolm also needs to stop being an ass. Dad was a serial killer but I'll bet he at least had manners. He could have at least asked the cat's name for pete's sake, since he promised to take care of it after the photog "dies." Malcolm is the last person I'd trust with any living thing, human or animal. I don't care how old actors are IRL, I want them to look the age they are playing in the show.
  6. I read the FJ clue early and almost came here to post my answer, in a spoiler tag of course. I'll do that now: And that's exactly what I said out loud. Don't hate me because I'm honest.
  7. LOL! This show should come with bed arm restraints and mouth retainer. To keep us, you know, from throwing the tv out the window while yelling obscenities about the jackass flashbacks.
  8. I looked at next Monday night's schedule and DWTS is on at its regular time and ABC channel here. Maybe your schedule will change back to no football?
  9. I wasn't paying close attention so didn't know it was a jazz routine. I saw the quickstep and thought, "Oh, it IS a quickstep." Then the background crowd lifted Kate up for an eternity, and I thought,"Oh, call the Lift Police." Yeah, I didn't pay a lot of attention to this episode, except to note that those Disney characters with their OTT mugging make me cranky. I do like Kate with her saying each week that she has a real boyfriend and a Russian boyfriend. That's a breath of fresh air from the manufactured showmances I hate.
  10. I really dislike coming here to rank on a show because, well, I spent an hour watching it. But this show, the one I was looking forward to the most based on previews, is tanking. The crime of the week ... is Bryan Fuller's clone writing this? No one just gets shot/stabbed/garroted in this town, the murders all have to be elaborate art pieces that took hours to assemble for no reason other than so Malcolm can look at the body and instantly diagnose the killer. It worked for Hannibal, not working for this show. Malcolm turned into a giant hateful person this week, and he's been the only reason I'm tuning in, to watch the pretty. But a pretty who is a big asshole is no longer pretty in my eyes. Taking that guy's camera ... WTH. Then flashing his phone at the guy during interrogation and asking the guy how he likes his picture being taken all the time. Malcolm, you moron, famous people go places where the paps are so they WILL get their photos taken. Malcolm = gigantic jackass. Then Malcolm blurts out details of the murder when we all know from watching other crime shows that the police keep those details secret so the perp will reveal something that isn't known to anyone but the killer. And he does this every week. But of course, Malcolm can instantly tell what a person is thinking by his or her reaction. Hey Malcolm, you are no Allison DuBois. Why was Lou Diamond so hesitant to give Malcolm his mom's interview tape when there was nothing on it other than her worrying and crying and being declared innocent. And Malcolm's face while watching, he went from hating her to being Mommy's Little Boy. Of course, he paused the tape without watching the end so maybe mom jumps up and says, "I killed them all!" and we just haven't seen that yet, Mom still has that red dress in the closet, the one from 20 freaking years ago? Yeah, I totally do NOT buy that small detail. I still object to mom looking the same age as Malcolm, which makes his attraction to her, and hers to him, even more creepy. Why not have an actress like the one who played Peter Florrick's mother on The Good Wife. She at least LOOKED old enough to be the mom of someone in his 30s. Unless the show is going for the creepy Norman Bates mom-love-hate thing. Ugh if so. I don't want to see that. Only dad is saving this show for me right now. Although they could have done his flashback better, he looked like an overly dyed Grizzly Adams. The woman in the trunk ... who cares. If mom knew or didn't know ... who cares. What's another body or two since dad's in prison and mom is not. That was 20 years ago Malcolm. For 20 freaking years already!
  11. Hugs back at you, @lb60, you pantsless bear. It's nice to know someone cares, as I become more feeble by the day.
  12. Happy Thanksgiving Day to all Canucks who hang out in this thread. I hope it was a good one. Flashback time! Tony Romo is on Jimmy Kimmel right now. Life is circular!
  13. Now see if you get a dollar from @Driad. I did the same thing, and VOILA! Queso! My FJ losing streak continues.
  14. It's a correct answer according to this contest's rules (which I make up). That would be me. It's like all my brain cells died off during the summer. I've never been more stupid in my life.
  15. I agree, but mentally not physically. She's too entitled to have to scoop poop. I guess that's what Toby's for. I can picture Toby being a great dad (and dog owner), and I don't even like Toby.
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