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  1. Spoiler alert! Lincoln isn't really crippled, he's been faking it this whole time. If only ...
  2. Yes. The only part I liked in this episode was when the one guy yelled at and bitched out Lincoln for not listening to him when he told Lincoln to wait before going into that warehouse, meaning it's Lincoln who's the dumbass and it's his own fault he's crippled now. I give that speech a big YEAY. I also noticed Lincoln's right hand moving as he rotated his chair. Busted!
  3. @Sharpie66, you are three weeks behind. Come back, don't leave us!
  4. As Paul Harvey would say, "And now you know the rest of the story." Didn't know there was one besides the Kentucky fort, but now I'm ready for when it's a Jeopardy clue. So thank you PW!
  5. There's always "What is FedEx" for next time.
  6. Social Media. Which is quite different from S and M.
  7. And that spike hair! I thought the bad guy looked like Arquette but didn't look it up to make sure. Photo is too fun, and yeah, they were but wee tykes in that pic. Thanks for finding and posting it @luna1122.
  8. I've been to Fort Knox but didn't notice it being especially vertigo enducing!
  9. We should have teamed up. That was one of the two I got correct.
  10. I think those are brain-lapse issues rather than buzzer issues. Not that I ever have brain failure when confronted with some of those clues. *ahem cough* I liked the Time Zone category, it made me feel smart. The Opera category ... not so much.
  11. I wish the reporter who was following the couple would have asked, "Why did you kill your two kids? Where are the bodies of your two children? Did you bury your kids you murdered in Utah or somewhere else? What was in those totes at the storage unit? How did you cut up the kids' bodies to fit in the totes? Is your god going to forgive you for murdering your children?" Stuff like that instead of the stupid things he did ask. I also wish the storage manager had entered that unit and looked in the totes, even if it would be illegal and any evidence would be thrown out of court. At least cops would know for sure both kids are dead. I wish the grandpa, when grandma got on his case for referring to the kids in the past tense, would have just said "I said it that way because they are dead." Those bikes and books in the storage unit have no evidence on them unless one of the totes opened up accidentally while in the unit and spilled blood and guts over the bikes. Payment was stopped on the unit so everything in there belongs to the storage unit owner now. For Dateline to suggest mom would come back for the bikes in spring was stupid to even say. Add me to the group who doesn't understand how someone can ignore a court order and just la la la go on with their lives and nothing happens. WTH is that about.
  12. I knew what you meant, if it's any consolation, and that you related the Good Omens Crowley to the clue after hearing Alex "mispronounce" the first word of the clue. If you can understand THAT sentence! I've never seen Good Omens so I was lucky to get the correct answer for that clue. Too much knowledge sometimes not a good thing! Of course, AT never mispronounces anything, amiright?
  13. Nor is it a vegetable or mineral. ETA. Crumb, I posted this before reading @peeayebee (and others) beat me to it. I'm always a day late ...
  14. I believe Snoopy is a regular winner of this contest.
  15. WEEK 23 • Feb. 10 — ONE asterisk * * 106. Sports Terms. A member of the British Amateur Athletic Club wrote this 1867 set of 12 regulations whose name honors nobelman John Sholto Douglas. * 107. American History. After statesman & banker Robert Morris turned down a job offer from George Washington, this man took the job. 108. 20th Century European Leaders. In a 1930s broadcast, this man spoke of “A quarrel in a faraway country between people of whom we know nothing.” 109. International Literature. There are reminiscences of branding cattle & lassoing steers in “Martin Fierro”, the national poem of this Western Hemisphere country. 110. Famous First Lines. These 7 words precede, “The rain fell in torrents, except at occasional intervals.”
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