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  1. I easily got Magritte given my occupation (ha ha, you scientist types), and the Pierce Brosnan movie was The Thomas Crown Affair, a weak 1994 remake of the real 1968 movie starring Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway. Now THAT was a great movie. Brosnan vs. McQueen ... no contest.
  2. Your three-bean salad S*CKED!
  3. I made myself laugh thinking what you used in recipes calling for one cup of EVOO if it wasn't extra virgin olive oil.
  4. Anyone who has ever seen one episode of Rachael Ray's show knows EVOO. She says it about a zillion times per episode. Or at least she use to. I'm allergic to her* so haven't seen her show for ages. My first thought for FJ was the Grand Canyon, then realized it's older than 100 years so went with "the other one." Yeay for me that I actually read the clue this time. *She makes me break out in crankiness.
  5. Hey @Sharpie66, don't forget to report in! It's been two-weeks and Mom gets worried about her players when they disappear. *cough @Toothbrush cough* Meanwhile, the co-winners of Week 30 have been named. TA DAH! Because I like patterns and sequences (and sequins, but I digress), @illdoc and @suebee12 are this week's co-winners with their matching reflective scores of four straight 3s. It's like you guys are copying off of each other's papers. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.) Congratulations to you both! Long may you rock the contest.
  6. That gave me my first LOL in a long time. Thank you.
  7. Canada also cheated you out of winning this week. So there's that, too.
  8. I think all politicians, ex presidents, first ladies, movie stars and everyone else who publishes a book calls themselves a "writer" or "author," even though a "real" writer is the one who ghost wrote those books. The ghost just doesn't get the byline. I learned today that it's pronounced New-FOUND-land in Ireland.
  9. Well, except the victors were usually the OSU guys, so there's that!
  10. Holy cow! I lived on East 13th, five blocks due east of the student union where I'd go on movie night. I was two houses west of the train tracks and the state fairgrounds, where we had a hole cut in the fence so it was a (free) walk through to dog-training classes, horse shows and other events. I lived in a super-great two-story duplex there my junior and senior years at Columbus College of Art and Design, i rode my bike downtown for classes. My boyfriend went to OSU ... as did everyone else in the neighborhood. So many good times. I remember on weekends when OSU was playing football, cars would sit at lights, not moving, while drivers listened to the game on the radio. Game days were also great times to go out, nobody was on the streets. Bernie's Bagels, Seva, Wendy's, when the burgers were so huge you couldn't eat a double by yourself. I bet I saw you at the Agora!
  11. The Kalamazoo Uber-driver-killer episode was interesting to me since I have good friends in that city and have been there many times, plus remember when it happened. There's not much to say about the episode since it wasn't a mystery about who was doing the shootings. The guy killed people because he wanted to and he could. Why does there always have to be a reason or mental illness. I can't blame the cops for not missing the guy in this case, since the killer switched things up mid rampage. I did like the guards forcefully dragging him out of the courtroom though. Good on those guys. Some people don't deserve respect or courtesy. I'm glad his attempt at "being crazy" was a big fail.
  12. WEEK 30 • March 30 — ONE asterisk * 146. Advertising Characters. Jack Keil’s team created this animal character rolled out in 1980, ther year of the USA’s highest recorded murder rate. 147. Geographic Namesakes. A county in England has an ocean coastline roughly twice as long as the 18 miles of this U.S. state named for it. * 148. Canadian Geography. Canada’s Four Corners monument marks the junction of the Northwest Territories, Nunavut & these 2 Prairie provinces. * 149. Classic American Novels. Lady Duff Twysden was the basis for a character in this 1926 novel set partly in Spain. 150. Historic Americans. In 1904 this Hungarian-born Newspaper reporter wrote, “Our republic and its press will rise or fall together.”
  13. So funny. I love her hair too but wasn't going to comment on it until I read this post. She's a favorite player because of it. So I guess by association, I like your haircut as well, @Trey. I also give high approval to women who have ponytails or a pigtail, my chosen hairstyle, and bangs rock. I got the Michigan fight song having lived in Columbus, Ohio, just off the OSU campus, in the time of Woody Hayes. One thing the J-Archive can't do is read a clue in the voice of Foghorn Leghorn. I answered that one before Trebek even got the second word out of his mouth. Trebek continues to be lighthearted and fun during the interviews and the show. I really don't miss the old snarkmaster. As for living in the time of Hammurabi, I wish we still were. I pretty much agreed with all his rules and regulations.
  14. A radio show the other night had people call in telling about what bad things they did at work, so bad they should have gotten fired, but they never did. I think Aram was one of the callers. So what that Elodie has a pre-nup. What difference does it make to anything. She could have knocked off hubbie ages ago. Aram slept around with a married woman with a disabled husband and that's okay, but now that she's going to inherit millions -- and probably won't let Aram impregnate her so he won't have the kids he so desperately wants (!) -- he will break it off. So much dumbassery. Ressler had the best line of the show, about Aram screwing a married woman. I guess no one else cares, including Cooper. Or maybe they just haven't noticed. Yeah, given it's the Crack Task Force, I'm going with that second thought. LOL that Aram goes skydiving before work, then rides his bicycle to the office. What, did he pedal to the air field with Elodie on the handlebars? The dog in the backyard was such a whack excuse given that the woman's back yard had no fence, adjoined a zillion other back yards, so any dog back there would have kept on going. But whatever. *hand wave* Park strangling Purcel ... what was up with Lizzie being all righteous and side eyeing Park when she should have been telling her THANK YOU for saving everyone's ass by taking Purcel out. The guy tried to kill Park, and when Park let loose of the rope, Purcel was just "Oooh, my neck hurts." He didn't fall unconscious to the ground, needing resuscitation. Agree that Purcel could have just moved instead of building some fantastic machine to kill a couple of people. Where I live, I can sit outside and all I hear are some tree frogs and birds. And at night I can see every star. March was great for night viewing with Venus, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn easily visible. Just have to look up. Oh ... and after dark, even the birds and frogs are quiet. As for the happier goofy Red, I'm still irritated at him for killing Mr. Kaplan, this show's best character besides Dembe and Glenn. In Lizzie's mystery box ... was that a passport for Agnes? And why keep it hidden under the floor, like is she planning some major crime. And if that photo is young Ilya she's looking for *sigh,* show, just let it go. The woman she hired ... was that the woman actor/nurse from when Red was captured? Not that I really care. Cheap side note: Lizzie actually looks good in a stocking cap. Not so good without it.
  15. If anyone has been jonesing for some culture and wants to take a trip, The Guardian has generously gifted us with virtual tours of 10 of the world's best art and history museums. All are definitely worth the trip, and you don't even have to leave your couch. Or pay admission! Here's the link.
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