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  1. I saw my first commercial for the Battle Series tonight on ABC. It features the three players walking in slo mo down a hallway. It made me laugh since it reminded me of Ken Jennings' tweet that proceeds from any winnings will be used to buy James a sport coat or blazer, and maybe a nice tie.
  2. I think this "memory manipulation" is a bunch of BS crap so the writers can do whatever they want and explain it away as someone's bogus "memory." They've already contradicted themselves multiple times. "He said/she said." I'm waiting for Liz to wake up in bed with Tom in the shower. "Hey honey, I just had the craziest dream."
  3. How many of you have lived in an apartment with a pipe from floor to ceiling in the living room. Bathroom maybe yes. Living room, no. Unless Katarina had it installed for dancing purposes. Well, now we know those agents in the hallway outside Lizzie's door were sluffing off outside in their car. No wonder we never saw them. And they never saw anyone carrying in all that medical equipment either, nor did they see people going in and out who didn't live there. I'd assume FBI would have photos/names of building occupants, but then again ... FBI. Wow, Lizzie believes everything any rando tells her. And she's some crack FBI profiler? But then again ... FBI. LOL moment: The prison guy one-ups Red to get in to see Tongj. That's a first, Red is losing his street cred. Second LOL moment: Red to Park: "How long have you been here?" Do luxury cars have pull-up door locks? Or any cars these days? Red's Mercedes appeared to have them, yet the cheap vehicles I drive haven't had them for years. Make that more than a decade. Third LOL moment: Aram to Lizzie: "Thank god you are okay" instead of "Where the hell have you been?" Dembe stops Red from getting out of their follow car because those Russian agents (whom Dembe recognized and named) "will kill you too." Yeah, with their fake bullets. Cooper remains all smoopy with Lizzie instead of firing her ass, which is what she's been deserving of multiple times every season. I still say Cooper is her real father. Or mother. And, of course, we are left with the final reveal: Red is hiding the TRUTH while good old Mom is not. Alrighty then. I can't believe this dumbass show keeps getting renewed. ETA: I forgot to say how convenient it was that truck got the only empty parking space in NYC, which happened to be right in front of the FBI stake-out car.
  4. She wasn't the nun who was arrested for breaking into Oak Ridge as a protester in 2012, was she?
  5. I was going to crack up if it turned out Bob Sonic founded that chain. So I looked it up and it was Troy Smith. So close ... no cigar.
  6. We called them High Waters. Lizzie was wearing them when she went to the park last week, and walked through the cow pie on her way to look for dead bodies in the lake. No one "cool" would EVER be caught wearing High Waters. Which I guess explains why Lizzie is wearing a pair. I'm questioning all that happening in Katarina's apartment while those many FBI guards are right outside her door. I find it hilarious that EVERYONE has heard of Red Reddington yet not one single bad guy can recognize him. (Or is it?) Lizzie to Red: "The woman in Paris ... if you find her, will it end?" Me: "Will what end? This crap show? I sure hope so." Ilya was wearing a wedding band during his memory trip. If Katarina was leaving during that Trip Back In Time, when her husband got in the car (wearing no shoes!), why was she running around wearing only a nightgown after the explosion. And why did hubby get in the car if wife wasn't in there. Duh. LOL moment: Katarina comes out of her drug-induced Memory Trip to answer the phone. I kept watching those electrode patches on Ilya, waiting for them to fall off since they were hanging on by a hair, or less than one hair. Red and Dembe rush in and shoot all the mover guys. Shouldn't he just capture one or two to question? Red's been pretty quick on the trigger this season, like it was such fun sport to "accidentally" kill the salt-and-pepper collector guy a few weeks back. Second LOL moment: Red showing the photo to the woman who just got gut shot with a 12-guage and insisting she ID the pic. Alrighty then. I be more interested in Dembe, he not only does needlepoint, he's a fine sketch artist. I swear she was wearing it this episode, I kept staring at her head. Which is not enjoyable in the least.
  7. Finally got around to viewing this episode. I have to say, I don't miss this show at all. I did get a laugh out of Red ranking on Glen and telling him that he's sick of Glen's "insipid banter" all the time. Man, if there was ever a case of Pot calling Kettle black, that was it. Park's been there what, two weeks? and she already knows Red better than anyone else. Katarina tells Lizzie she's seen the men outside her apartment, but none of us have. Never. Ever. Then she tells Lizzie she's seen the gun in her purse so she knows Lizzie is FBI. What, does the FBI issue gun purses? Agents now carry guns in purses and not as side arms? When did that start. And if I were Lizzie, I'd be asking my nanny what she's doing snooping in my purse. I didn't think Lizzie being an agent was such a big hush-hush secret. No one is ever in Glen's DMV. I want to go to there for my license renewal. I join the rest of you in being astounded at the fresh blood and gigantic chunk of hair being stuck on that park restroom mirror. Even I would have taken that hair glob for some DNA testing, and I'm no FBI agent. For sure it would have come back from Ancestry.com as Russian. Those Russian cleaners really suck if they didn't notice that mirror when they removed the body. If they did. Who knows. Maybe the dead guy is in the park service dumpster. Agnes drawing a "dead body" was so bogus. That drawn guy had just fallen on a banana peel, his eyes didn't have Xs over them so he couldn't have been dead. I'd think Katarina would be able to rent an abandoned warehouse for her kidnapping and torture. Or those apartment walls are thick as a brick if no one is hearing what's going on in there, and no one, even the FBI guards! have noticed those men coming and going. Although it appears that one guy lives with Katarina. Not that anyone seems to care, even me.
  8. Well, so much for J names being Jeopardy smart. Although it appears I can again speak to computers given my last four weeks are 0-1-0-1. (My computer replied: "Get away from me, dumbass.")
  9. WEEK 14 • Dec. 9 — NO asterisk 66. Vice Presidents. George H.W. Bush in 1988 was the first sitting Vice President to be elected to the top job since this man 152 years before. 67. Oscar-Winning Films. The first words spoken in this 1970 Best Picture Oscar winner are “Ten-hut!” “Be seated.” 68. National Historical Parks. Est. in 2015, the Manhattan Project National Historical Park has sites in Hanford, Washington; Los Alamos, N.M.; & this Tennessee city. 69, Women Authors. In 1947 she testified before the House Un-American Activities Committee on how the film “Song of Russia” was communist propaganda. 70. Business Namesakes. It’s the last name of the man who said, “Our whole concept was based on speed, lower prices & volume…my God, the carhops were slow.”
  10. I said Sonic. The clue referenced speed, and slow carhops. While Sonic isn't a great last name (neither is Shrapnel), it does mean speed, and Sonic has carhops, some wearing roller skates. A+W also has/had carhops, but I tossed that one out. McDonald('s) never occurred to me. I wear Crocs. And I love them.
  11. It's my understanding the games were filmed this week, so ABC knows how many nights it needs to open up for the battles. I think three are required, but Trebek said if there were ties, it could take up to seven nights to determine the winner. Anyway, ABC now knows its schedule, but I wonder if it will leave that time slot open for the week just to keep people from anticipating the outcome/winner. Sort of like during the World Series, if more games need to be played. I still wonder, as @Ailianna posted, how the regular episodes will be handled if that market airs them at 7-8 on an ABC affiliate. Our FJ contest might have to skip some days if all players can't see that day's episode. I guess we wait and see!
  12. Thanks for posting this. I agree that the prime-time games will not be part of the contest, they are just for us to watch and enjoy. The contest will continue to be for the daily Jeopardy episodes. Although I wonder if the prime-time show will bump any network regular episodes if some markets get Jeopardy at 7 p.m. on ABC. I wonder how sites like TheJeopardyFan.com (where I get the FJ clue every day) will handle the prime-time episodes, or if they will be a separate category. I can't imagine people addicted to keeping player stats would miss tracking those stats. I'm hoping a special thread will be created for the Battle Series so we don't have to read about some "certain" player if we don't have to. You know who I mean!
  13. Thursday's FJ made me think of The Oak Ridge Boys, so I looked them up to see if they were from that glowing town. Turns out they are from Texas, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Alabama, and were originally named the Georgia Clodhoppers. Seriously! While living in Knoxville, Tenn., they played regular gigs in Oak Ridge, so changed the group's name to the Oak Ridge Quartet. This in the 1940s. They became the Oak Ridge Boys in 1966. Ya'll will thank me when they are a Jeopardy! category.
  14. There's a discussion about just that on today's TheJeopardyFan.com. I found it interesting, being a J name myself. IRL anyway. Unfortunately, it has not made me any smarter. I thought of everyone here with the FJ category of WOMAN Authors. Then there was that darned giveaway in the clue, "she." No doubt put there in case you didn't notice "Woman" in the category.
  15. Okay, this is the only theory that makes sense to me given that Benny showed no inclination to steal Piper before. Wasn't he with Jo when they went to the Stepford Housing Development, and wasn't he all verklempt when the cool Hacker Lady Friend got killed. None of his past appearances jive with his being part of the AI Gang. Speaking of the Stepford housing Development, that was a pretty big neighborhood to be undiscovered and with a landing strip. People walking their dogs come across dead bodies IRL, wouldn't SOMEONE have spotted those houses and inquired about realtor prices? I'm assuming the AI Gang is paying property taxes, which should be a nice chunk of money given the location. Obviously, I'm overthinking ... p.s. There was a show a while back where aliens were already here, living among us. I hope this show isn't ripping off that plot.
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