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  1. This episode was so much fun. Kai made me laugh when the three guys were lined up for the competition race, making comments about how great Zeke and Koa look, then he waved at his body and said "and then there's this." Then Koa made me laugh when his foot didn't make it through the wet suit. I was sad to see him lose his extra waves, glad he beat Zeke in the contest, and then glad Kai got the extra wave. The pro surfer who came to help with everyone's aerials was so excellent, I wish more of him and his lessons could have been shown. And Zeke, Koa and Kai had me yelling out loud at their
  2. Too funny. I didn't even listen to his act last night and only sorta kinda watched it. I did wonder about all the teddy bears under everyone's seats in the audience. I would have totally noticed those bears under the seats in front of me and under my own, too. I guess audience was instructed to just leave them alone. I'd be taking mine home afterward, but I imagine ushers at the exit doors making everyone deposit their bear after the show, like movie theaters make you give back the 3D glasses. There's a lot of more important stuff to be outraged about than this dude winning the show. Plus
  3. While I'm not a fan of all the singers who don't have to "step it up," or get ranked on when they do change it (YouTube teen girl), I would have understood Jimmie winning it all. I thought Magician Dad was ... let's say, not very good. If I can figure out his "act," that's not exactly "magic." Out of the five finalists, four had real talents yet the fifth one, the absolutely worst one, was picked winner. Maybe my heart is cold, but besides his act being transparently fake, I don't give a care how many kids he has or where and how he got them.
  4. Oh well. I'll forget who won by this time tomorrow. That will be a blessing. And I guess Piff's advice to Josh turns out to be good after all, so there's that.
  5. Hey Josh, is that a Gumby in your pocket or are you just glad to see me? I'm glad to see you ... made it to the final five! Oh gosh, Lea gets the second spot. What's up with two of my favs making it to the end? Aiden and Taewondo, I like them both. But Aiden goes through. I hope he wins enough money to buy some long pants and socks. Victory vs. Brooke. I posted last night it was cruel for the judges to tell Victory she was going to Win It All. Choir vs. Magician Guy. I guess the choir guys can go back to their day jobs now.
  6. Oh, man! I mean Manny. I totally did not recognize him plus obviously don't know his name. I did stop to watch Josh Blue's segment because, Josh Blue. And he made me LOL at the end when Mr. Piffles ended up with him and Josh said, "I got a dog! Did you come for some crumbs?" That was totally hilarious. And that's all I got since I ignored Opera Girl who sang something I think. One-half hour to go. Whoever wins, I have a feeling it won't be anyone I would have chosen. So surprise me show!
  7. So much word, especially about the fire machines. As for the singer with Brooke, I had never heard of her and couldn't understand one single word she was singing while I could understand Brooke. So, whoever that woman was, Brooke kicked her butt in the talent department. I'm so not paying much attention to this episode. Simon's sculpture bit went on too long and wasn't even the least bit entertaining. Then Terry gave some musical instruments to some school in some segment that I did't watch. I don't have a clue who that guy is with Family Magician Guy. OMG, there's still another
  8. I swear to god, this show is going to burn down that entire theatre. WTH is up with all the flames and more debris falling from the ceiling. I give Terry's Dancing Boobs four red Xs. Make that five red Xs.
  9. A thousand LIKES to your post @VartanFan. ANW used to be must-see tv but no more. Not that ANW cares if I'm in or out. But your post sums up why I'm out. If BIP hadn't been so horrible this season I wouldn't have stopped in here at all.
  10. Finally, a FJ that was so brainlessly easy, I got it immediately. So simple ... Lewis Carroll of course. And so my streak of perfection continues!
  11. Thanks for posting your whole avatar @opus. I had been trying to figure out what the cut-off part was so now I know. It's brilliant, well done and so very sad, all at the same time. Respect.
  12. While looking at Josh Blue's show dates from the link that @ams1001 posted above, I discovered that Michael Winslow (Voice Guy) is also making the rounds of comedy clubs. His tickets are more expensive than Josh's!
  13. Oh, man, I had a huge crush on Billy Kidd (and Jean Claude Killy) back in the day. I guess the answer to that clue could have been just "Kid." So there's that. Me likee your new 2021 look @opus.
  14. First up, the Boy Singer. He was pretty good. I mean, for a singer and all. Clothes Changer. GAH! My dog HAD to go outside just then so I missed most of her act, but I still love her anyway. Opera Girl. I actually listened to her this time because of comments here by posters who know opera. But I guess it wouldn't be polite to express my exact thoughts given she's a kid and all and so gets a special pass for a not-so-good performance. But Howie, how is this kid "inspiring?" Does she have a sob story or overcame some deadly disease? Have we seen her parents? Does she have parents? Do
  15. And me, I am just the opposite. All Wild West all the time. Kudos and a huge shout out to all three players for each betting their DDs to the max. Well done everyone, that's how you play this game. RIP Turd Ferguson.
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