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  1. I'm right there with you, and agree with everything you said. I'm hoping for a wild card or something so Nick gets to compete. I'd think anyone who makes it up the Mega Wall should just auto get to the finals.
  2. The Sunday Funnies Volume 1. Who was the fastest hockey player ever? Wayne Jetsky. If I could have lunch in the Walnut Room with anyone, dead or alive, it would definitely be alive. Two burglars are robbing a liquor store. One turns to the other and asks, “Is this whiskey?” And the other says, “Yes, but not as whiskey as whobbing a bank.” Here’s a household tip. Tired of boiling water every time you make pasta? Why not boil five gallons at the beginning of the week and freeze it for later. I didn’t mention this before, but I’m dating a guy who likes Picasso and Mexican food. Talk about artsy fartsy. My neighbor blames my gravel for making him fall, but it was his own dumb ass phalt. Hey, what do you want to bet that Carol Baskin wins Dancing With The Stars when all of the other contestants disappear. You know sin city is Las Vegas. Do you know what den city is? Mass over volume. Now read carefully because I’m only going to write this once. This.
  3. That must have been terribly uncomfortable, having an adult man up your rear end. Good thing you pulled him out. He is probably glad about it as well.
  4. If so, he got edited to be a self-centered d*ck. That's unfortunate if the show chose to display him that way.
  5. Yes to this. Puppy Abuser Ryan was one brought back, plus I remember a player from the Chicago area coming back too. And while Betsy still wouldn't have won, it would be nice if Trebek could have/would have announced that Barry was, after all, correct just to calm the online fury. But NO! to quote John Belushi.
  6. That mystery guy led to me an extensive search for Jessie's husband. For some reason, I was disappointed she has one. If the show had said that was Brian, I wouldn't have gone to all that research trouble and be bummed about a husband. I guess I liked Jessie's image of not needing a man to be the best she can be. (Sorry guys!) I was really bothered by this. He could have acknowledged Sean was there on the platform with him at the finish, like with a "Yo, dude, nice run (even if you lost)" finger point, or a one-sided high five or ANYTHING. Instead, Sean got one big gigantic snub and RJ made it all about him. Poor sport IMO.
  7. Sure, guilt me with a sad face. Oh, all right. Come on over to the Nerd table @Driad. We're having Gatorade and grape juice later.
  8. Interestingly, Phil Mickelson won "only" $800,000 in 2020, an amount which would not even register on this list. But he received $40 million in endorsements, which moved him to No. 25. So yeay to the viewers who knew him from his commercial endorsements!
  9. Sorry, you are stuck at the overly crowded Cool Kids smart table. There is room at the Nerd table though, only four of us here.
  10. Or NASCAR where the oldest regular driver is 76, not counting Hershel McGriff, who completed a race at age 90. And Jockey Mike Smith, age 55, rode in his 26th Kentucky Derby this year. Two years ago he rode Justify to the Triple Crown, becoming the oldest jockey (52) to win the Triple Crown. His nickname is "Big Money Mike," with 2020 earnings of $3,793,736, and lifetime earnings of $331,915,325. Okay, so I follow horse racing and not that "other" so-called sport.
  11. Well, I guess since you WANT to, okay. I've put a chair at that CK table for you. Just know the Nerd Table, where I am sitting, is much more fun.
  12. This is enlightening. And Sameer's "careen" approval came after a break. And sometimes scores are adjusted just before FJ. Yes, it does appear judges come up with the change on their own (I always thought "Hooray for those super-smart judges!"), but now I know contestants protest an answer being declared incorrect, it's not the brilliant judges. Thanks for that info, @ams1001 (who is having a birthday soon). ETA: It still makes me wonder if clues are being vetted that thoroughly though. It's not like careen is an obscure word, and many of us here thought of it. Even if I had thought of g*lf, I would not have said Tiger Woods as he's only just starting to come out of his on-wife-cheating-rage-induced-divorce slump and play/win again, so no way would I think he could top a highest-paid-athlete list. Before all that, yes. Now, no.
  13. Well, if you answered India, I'm fine with changing your scorer to 3/5. I aim to please!
  14. I'm glad Sameer got credit for careen. I had made a note to check it out after the show, but the judges ruling it okay saved me the effort and from posting a gripe about this episode. Although I do strongly object to Mr. Trebek announcing to us all, "A Final Jeopardy everyone can relate to." To that I reply, "Yeah, no. Not at all." I'm glad Sameer won. I like him and hope he continues to do well.
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