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  1. I think it's the new "the thing" since they did the same with Tayisha. Dude with the mustache was in the second group and caused drah-mah. I've already forgotten his name. Maybe they brought all the new guys in for Clare, not that it matters. I've already forgotten that entire season.
  2. Geesh, even the ending credits scene, usually the best part of the whole show, stunk. This was one of the worse Bach episodes EVAH.
  3. At least Sarah gets to throw some shade at the beyotches in the house before she leaves. So when Matt chooses no one at the end of this, he can always call Sarah.* Nice set up, show. (*Not a spoiler, just snark.)
  4. "The Bachelor - Sarah" is currently trending on Twitter.
  5. LOL! Now that you mention it ... I try not to type "crap" so have been using carp instead. Because I'm so pristine, right?
  6. Ugh. Hot tub suction cup.
  7. Now Fashion Matt is wearing a suit with tennis shoes. Form your own opinion. Matt: "I wasn't going to casually date anyone, I was only going to date someone I was going to marry." So in other words, he's never dated ever. No wonder dude is such a carp bachelor. I also take it he has/had no money to date. Someone needs to ask him about his income now since I don't think he has any.
  8. WTH, a Polaroid camera? Geesh. It must have come from the 70s with the turtlenecks.
  9. LOL at CH's commercial for Orbit: "If you want a great date, you've got to keep it clean." Like naked volleyball and reading porno out loud to a room full of people.
  10. She should have brought her little friend to the porno book reading! Serena took fashion advice from Matt and is wearing HER turtleneck on the date! It's a win-win!
  11. I totally caught that. SO funny.
  12. I've had horses my whole life and still do. No way would I ever sit on the ground and let a donkey stand over me. So far, the dates SUCK. But then so does Matt. He looks like a giant suction cup when he kisses. I can't even watch.
  13. WOW, Sarah refused to let Matt be stolen! The NERVE! And she's not even on the date. Rules are being shattered. Matt's "walking Sarah out." That usually means a limo is waiting, packed suitcase inside. But I guess not tonight. My apologies to @JenE4 for questioning her evaluation of Sarah. I was actually hoping Sarah was normal, but no, I guess not. Gah. This show. Hey, now QV is wearing a bedspread ruffle dress!
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