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  1. I forgot all about Peter. Thanks for the correction. i had a crush on Shy gentle Richard first season. Now, not. And he and Monica never.
  2. They absolutely did. But richard then was not an impulsive bizarre nerdy jerk but a shy Dweeby straight man himself. Monica was Gavin’s assistant. There were sparks. the characters were different then.
  3. I loved this show so much The first Season I watched it twice. Then I throughly richard was handsome, sweet and nerdy. the bizarre dweeb he’s become had no resemblance. Similarly monica was a sweet corporate type- and there was even chemistry. and yeah the dick mathematics was hilarious. well live in new reality. i did laugh at Jared’s let me speak- as if she were speaking with her eyes. And she must be because he is certainly communicating with her. He does see her - the way nobody else can. I want the show to end with a win. The huge hologram did crack me up.
  4. I have always seen chemistry between Eleanor and chidi. as well as true love the kind where you can tease and kid around and argue - yes best friends but I’ve always seen the spark.
  5. The skewering of smug wanna be self published writers wasn’t nearly as funny as the skewering of actors- with Vicki the demon it was so creative. This was very on the nose. brent wasn’t “devastates,” he was merely feeling sorry for himself. He didn’t for a second consider his book had flaws just felt sad people were being “mean.”’product of his environment? Dude is 60 they said. He’s still going on about Princeton. No sympathy. but if he’s shooting actual golf at the end I guess that’s something. filler episode.
  6. We’re we supposed to infer that Jared has fallen in love at the end?
  7. I can believe the little girl has suppressed her memories until she SAW her dad. Then it would be like waking from a dream. its true that in much of history women did not have bank accounts or many rights. And yet, it was never gilead. Some women always worked: housemaids, cooks, dairy maids, nurses... widows owned property. And so on. Women talked back to husbands who certainly had no right to mutilate them. it’s puzzling in a way that Serena wojld ever have wanted a seeming Saudi existence.
  8. Yes it’s in the US lol( no dialect just typing fast). I probably was going to write in America and changed my mind. anyway just saying- this show is engrossing and really appealing to me. I think I’d be just as interested if I weren’t a journalist but it’s especially satisfying to see one’s profession represented fairly accurately.
  9. As I thought, the guy in the car is the publisher, the Rupert Murdoch figure. I freaking love Holly. And she was right to leave : when your editor is that weak and waffle it’s over. Just leave the paper. Especially when she knew she had a job waiting for her. The Post doesn’t seem to do investigative serious journalism mostly but seems they want to make an exception for her. its interesting because British libel laws differ from ours. In US no serious paper would dare to print a quote with someone saying he’s a pedo... you’re not off the hook because you didn’t say it, you published it. so we would never run with that quote. Never. also it was odd when Holly did the research and gave Leona the byline. In US anyone who does research gets reported credit. When you see those multiple byline stories in the Times it doesn’t necessarily mean five people actually WROTE it. im just so fascinated by this show.
  10. I am a journalist and love this so much. Have only seen first two episodes. We just literally had that wraparound discussion. And we also have a journalist who thinks leaving a message is journalism l!! only two little fudges I caught: when holly is writing her story she writes a headline. In real life other people do headlines because it depends on column space (unless you’re at a small local weekly like me and are working hand in hand with paginator). and, when she asks police for comment it looked as if she was showing him the story. You would never do that. You can give gist but never ever share a whole story.
  11. The Good Place is made up of writers, directors and actors. These are in jokes FOR THEM.(And some of us also get it) In a previous season vicky also complained about her role and demanded a limp. Everyone on the show has acted or directed. The reason ted danson can say “I’m in my head now” so well is he’s HEARD it and had probably even said it. I imagine a LOT Of giggles in writers room and first read.
  12. Omg I watched the first scene 10 times. I used to teach acting and have worked in theater a long time (now am a journalist). if you’ve ever ever been in a rehearsal michael/vicky’s I’m in my HEAD now just killed. KILLED.
  13. Getting that vibe too. They didn’t need to put in a line about how he knew her address at all: time has gone by, for all we know he’s picked her up or dropped her off. So that was deliberate. fhat said I didn’t take the “boyfriend” comment as a bad thing- to me it felt more like she doesn’t know if she can call me that yet and I’m letting her know it’s ok. I think the gesture alone could be taken different ways- it’s a little forward but then again he’s not wrong that this situation (twin comes home married!) is extreme and he’s trying to help. But with hindsight if he does reveal to be abusive makes sense as well. i guess they have to come up with some reason a slim kate with a nice boyfriend loses the boyfriend and gains so mich weight. I wish just once people would just grow apart etc like they do in real life. Not everything is the result of death abuse drugs alcohol...
  14. This totally read to me that the volunteers reacted this way and I was laughing myself silly, cuz dang those kids must be trouble if they make adults vomit...
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