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  1. Bravo that is very good!!! it DOES feel like a Jane Austen copy doesn’t it right down to that “a woman with such a fortune must be in want of a husband.” definitely not historically accurate- one of the things I loved about the 1995 P&P was how standards of beauty were that little but different- buxom was in- and Jane was beautiful while the slender “freckled thing” was not. these girls are all very 21st century and high cheekbones looking. what rude guy are all these Austen characters based on? There’s always some know it all man giving a girl a tongue lashing about her character and then she led away and thinks hmm, he was right. but yes I agree that “I don’t think of you at all” to her apology was BEYOND. Darcy was mostly SHY. That was hostile. WHY would her family let her go off with two people they’d literally just met? I half expected them to sell her into slavery or force her to be a governess at the least. They’ve turned out to be just what they seemed but that was reckless! And bizarre. I like the foreman much MUCH better than Pamuk. lady Denham was bizarrely rude to Georgiana (another Georgiana? Did Austen run out of names?)
  2. Just as the pregnant girl overreacted to your remark because she WAS pregnant, shy overreacted to what would not have Joset a straight man. His feelings were hurt and he’s more nervous than others because he IS in the closet. If he were straight then he would take it as being made fun of for vanity. if she’d signed the contract they’d have had to buy her out. oarty if one I kind of like midge and Noel together. however I also like Joel and Mei, and Midge and Benjamin.
  3. I was kind of hoping against hope that this surreal meta Julie was secretly sophie’s plan all along. I’m a theater critic and let’s face it miss Julie is a dreary play whixh has not been shocking for a long long tkme (an aristocrat has sex! With a servant!) if sophie had turned around and said Suzy you chump... it would have been soooo interesting.
  4. I call BS on not knowing the words to white Christmas. It was HUGELY popular and back in the day would have been sung in public school. (I’m a decade younger and we sang Christmas songs in school in 70s) also of course written by the very Jewish Irving Berlin.
  5. Doesn’t the judge realize:l that if she erases the earth no more justified, or disco, or Tim Oliphant?
  6. Sophie is rusty but if she went to Yale she should know to read the play and memorize her lines. That’s just silly. I too have a background in theater and there’s just no way anybody who studied drama would think she should have the set in rehearsal. im currently a journalist though and have found all the alternative newspaper stuff hysterical. of course Midge has to change her dress. That’s her work clothes. She wears that dress every night onstage. Her chemsistry with Lenny is outstanding though it was strange to hear him suddenly SOUND like Lenny bruce in the TV show- the actor has not been playing him that way. i understood her decision but I hope they rethink it. At some point it stops making sense. At least there should be a kiss! on the other hand- he did not make a pass at her either. i actually never though Lorelei has chemistry with first husband (name?) is the “crazy kid” angle of midge and Joel just works the same way. interesrinflt in Judaism they can never remarry. You’re not allow to remarry your ex (my guess is to stop people from divorcing to save money on taxes or whatever and then remarrying). but neither family would mind. OMG Joel’s family are the worst.
  7. This episode was awful. The sappy dialogue was at OUTLANDER levels and did the opposite of convincing me of their love. the notion that Demelza was that easily duped was just... dumb. She knows he knows about Tess why isn’t her first thought what’s he up to? the whole double agent thing, feh. glad that George saved the day but then he can’t sustain it- oh come ON. He didn’t really even ATTEMPT to grow as a character. It would be one thing to realize he must leave tre with to raise valentine but he seems still motivated by jealousy. caroline and Dwight were the only characters who evolved. to me very disappointing end to a great series.
  8. I forgot all about Peter. Thanks for the correction. i had a crush on Shy gentle Richard first season. Now, not. And he and Monica never.
  9. They absolutely did. But richard then was not an impulsive bizarre nerdy jerk but a shy Dweeby straight man himself. Monica was Gavin’s assistant. There were sparks. the characters were different then.
  10. I loved this show so much The first Season I watched it twice. Then I throughly richard was handsome, sweet and nerdy. the bizarre dweeb he’s become had no resemblance. Similarly monica was a sweet corporate type- and there was even chemistry. and yeah the dick mathematics was hilarious. well live in new reality. i did laugh at Jared’s let me speak- as if she were speaking with her eyes. And she must be because he is certainly communicating with her. He does see her - the way nobody else can. I want the show to end with a win. The huge hologram did crack me up.
  11. I have always seen chemistry between Eleanor and chidi. as well as true love the kind where you can tease and kid around and argue - yes best friends but I’ve always seen the spark.
  12. The skewering of smug wanna be self published writers wasn’t nearly as funny as the skewering of actors- with Vicki the demon it was so creative. This was very on the nose. brent wasn’t “devastates,” he was merely feeling sorry for himself. He didn’t for a second consider his book had flaws just felt sad people were being “mean.”’product of his environment? Dude is 60 they said. He’s still going on about Princeton. No sympathy. but if he’s shooting actual golf at the end I guess that’s something. filler episode.
  13. We’re we supposed to infer that Jared has fallen in love at the end?
  14. I can believe the little girl has suppressed her memories until she SAW her dad. Then it would be like waking from a dream. its true that in much of history women did not have bank accounts or many rights. And yet, it was never gilead. Some women always worked: housemaids, cooks, dairy maids, nurses... widows owned property. And so on. Women talked back to husbands who certainly had no right to mutilate them. it’s puzzling in a way that Serena wojld ever have wanted a seeming Saudi existence.
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