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  1. I feel like this episode confirmed my initial impression of Lawrence: he is fronting as a baddy. His going along to get along reminds me of Czech resistance. Even his seeming cruelty to Janine turned out- not to be, and he’s no doubt clever enough to know that. his face on the phone wirh June was tormented. No. ANGUISHED. and his “they’ve got us over a barrel” was hysterically funny. He knew exactly what was coming. the other thing is that JUNE never doubted him. So I disagree with those who think his wife’s death killed his humanity. I get the need for some closure re
  2. I LITERALLY cannot remember the last time I printed a photograph. I have incriminating (lol not crimes but you know what I mean) photographs from 2009- ON MY PHONE. that clue and the engraved necklace beggar belief. I’d totally believe she had a note or card with the date that her lover might have colored or some keepsake but a necklace that she’d wear? also, the photo was not a Polaroid. Polaroids are square and have a section where the developer lives; they don’t look like regular pictures (unless the technology has radically changed, which is possible). Oh and:
  3. The timing of the dystopia is a huge issue for me; I try to handwave it. We have seen several times young girls brought up as believers but the whole society is less than 10 years old- it’s undeniable because Hannah. and I’m sorry, there’s no way a savvy modern 10 year old, who likely had an iPhone, has been on internet since birth, would forget everything in 5 years. How stupid is commander Lawrence? Prepubescent or not. I teach, and 10 is not 5. give it ANOTHER 5 years, when girls Hannah’s age are 17, and we can talk. I think the show just forgot that handmaids are meant to be
  4. Yes people die in real life but it still felt a bit cheap. wel at least she didn’t die at the wedding. I thought wrapping everything up so neatly was a let down TBH. Don’t get me wrong it would be worse if the movie flopped- it the student gets an Emmy too? Come on. I did like the friendship between the former war of the Roses. all the characters are Jewish so to me it was odd given their age nobody wanted to break a glass by whatever. this season wasn’t as specific as previous ones. Even Estelle in the helmet at the end was funny- and cheap. Glad they got a bigg
  5. Surely there’s a middle ground between “joint account” and not even knowing about it. also, wouldn’t in real life the dad keep like say one million? Vacations, etc? ONLY in Hollywood would anyone think 10 million is a nest egg. It’s a fortune.
  6. I agree re Jane Seymour in particular. it was funny but cliched and misogynistic. and honestly what I loved about the show was the fact that it was a friendship between two seniors and we heard about senior things like hisnorostate from THEIR perspective. Not someone’s funny grandpa. without the banter and friendship it’s sentimental and somewhat cliched.
  7. I LOL at people who thought they were o the wrong channel because so did I except I was watching on demand. someone want to tell me what “possum”ing is? Playing dead, but why? missed that someone betrayed everyone. intoo thought the Indian lady somehow was Harriet which led me down the path of looking for more doubles. the galanthi was cute. But im very j comfortable with the way they all speak about the galanthi as if they are gods. Sacred Hopy beings. It’s just weird. I mean that song that brings hope... and the 4400 was AWFUL after its first season so I sur
  8. I totally agree. The “white void” thing is a tired joke by now. im also kind of over the endless making fun of local news folks- it’s just old now. here’s hoping.
  9. Are you kidding??? there’s been enough to be angry about for five years! Maybe you don’t agree but I find the mass shootings, the Muslim ban. The government corruption to be PLENTY of rage making. And yet John used to be more- gasp- entertaining. obxioualt mileage varies but I’m ot wntertained. This is t rats having sex, etc. it’s just not fun. israel aside, I didn’t think the piece on gun laws was entertaining either and if I want straight expose I have msnbc and 60 minutes. withour the comedy it’s just hopping mad English person, with a snark now and then.
  10. no, John didn’t do this complex situation justice. The only reason Israelis haven’t died en masse is iron dome. I feel like hamas just gets a free pass because their murder attempts don’t work. Hamas not only wouldn’t cry over civilian deaths they actively seek them, rejoice over Jewish deaths and seek the destruction of israel: literally in their charter. yes Palestinian civilian death is awful and there may be war crimes committed , John really did not do this complex situation justice at all. and as I said I felt the stand your ground also didn’t work. Though here
  11. I am Jewish, and like many Jews and Israelis, really hate Bibi. That’s important to know. Israel has a parliamentary system so someone can be in power with a plurality not a majority. I also thought the reality of who Hamas is was glossed over a bit. personally while I enjoy John Oliver anger up to a point I also watch it to laugh; I have news and other commentary for outrage. I realize these things don’t lend themselves to comedy. Just for me the evening as a whole is not why I tune in. stand your ground was interesting in terms of history but other than that, as som
  12. I get that but it also seems a dangerous descent into cognitive dissonance. Seriously, bad practice to constantly remind people gilead isn’t a forever thing, and they couldn’t not know it. (It’s like trying NOT to read a word in your native language in front of you. I can look at russian letters. I can’t look at Latin ones. They just become words.)
  13. If it’s that stupid easy to smuggle someone out they should be smuggling out at least a few people every trip. signed, Jewish woman still bitter about the St Louis.
  14. Ok so if they know why pretend??? I get saying trhe women MAY not read. It seems ridiculous for them all to mutually pretend she CAN not read.
  15. Omg I was so bored. had June actually gone back I was going to throw something at the tv. my 80-something moms critique of this show: she gets out, she gets caught. She gets out again, she gets caught again. one thing I DID like was that June’s idee fixe that Luke would blame her or that she’s not good enough is... her own thing. As in reaL life, people have insecurities and ideas that are not real- just as Moira’s suspicions of Luke turned out to be wrong. (It’s OFTEN true that if he cheats with you he’ll cheat on you. It’s not ALWAYS true.) I found it inter
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