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  1. Lars and Zoe. Thoughts? They actually have chemistry which is weird on a lot of levels. thanks @RealReality- but this is a drumbeat I’ve been sounding for years. Once in style called me for a survey. I’d just turned 40 and when they heard my age they were like oops sorry. Now? 40 considered young. so a lot of this is 100 percent constructed. as for me I’ve just started a new career and so far so good. I think Nicole looks good, we don’t know how old the character is meant to be and the constant harping on her age and plastic surgery is just shaming. And irrelevant.
  2. Again; when people say “age naturally” you’re almost always talking about people blessed with very firm jaws and non drooping eyelids. Do YOU look the way you did in 1999? And no, being famous doesn’t mean you have no right to privacy. I don’t accept that for a second. she’s not a supermodel but an actress, celebrated FOR her acting. I think Masha looks suitably mysterious. to an extent the way a performer looks is worth noting but only to the extent that it fits or does not fit the character. Nobody has yet said anything about that, just age and surgery shamed the actress.
  3. When anyone starts out “with all due respect” they are about to say something disrespectful in my experience. And that’s what you just did. I do t k ow whether You’re a man or a woman but you totally ignore the substance of my post in favor of age and plastic surgery shaming Nicole Kidman. I really don’t understand why it’s OK for people to do this. Shaming is shaming. Maybe if as a society we allowed people to age and still gave them Roll’s we’d be in a different place. But again as a woman in her mid-50s I am telling you she has only had a little bit of work done and the proof of t
  4. I’m also in my mid 50s and this is making me sad. people who say “age naturally” generally haven’t gotten there yet. If it were just some lines ok. But when your eyelids droop and you start to get jowls your look in the mirror and a face you do NOT recognize stares back that you- it’s like a second puberty. it’s quite misogynistic in fact to critique women who do a little work when you’re fine with them dying their hair. in Nicole’s case the neck doesn’t match the face and for me that’s the issue. not denying some actresses have gone overboard and DONT look good
  5. I actually think Nicole is beautiful, but her face doesn’t match her neck… I personally think her filler looks great but her neck looks like a middle aged lady. So it’s unsettling. rhe wig and accent are bad.
  6. I kind of did. People expecting to go to Yale etc do. However that doesn’t mean anyone considers it unworthy. I did mean to say mom went to o school with Ruthie Bader. a close friends mother went to summer camp with her!
  7. So I just spent some time reading comments on The White Lotus and I am sooo glad I didn’t watch it. it seems like it kept its uneven “satirical” tone, with big gaping plot holes too. the only engine was “who got killed,” the question of episode 1 bur so far I really LOVE this show. I loved the book too. mostly I enjoy the characters more. for example the snotty girls on white lotus- I work with teens- I just didn’t believe in them. It was so exaggerated. compaee and contrast: we have Jessica the influencer but RIGHT AWAY we get to see her humanity. She’s not JUST a
  8. My mother went to Cornell hotel school in the 50s- one of just four women! She was an undergrad with Ruth Bader Ginsburg and met her at a sorority party (mom decided not to pledge). cornell is a competitive school. Yes it’s a “safety” Compared to some- but it’s got a strong reputation and has a wonderful egalitarian feel. It’s not in a city like Boston- Harvard grads never get over the fact that they are at Harvard in part because Boston has about 10 other schools so they bump up against other kids all the time. this is not true in Ithaca. also, I would say university of Pennsylv
  9. To be clear I remember I did LOVE the book, but all I really remembered was the writers arc and the screaming driving down the road- and that Masha drugged them. I really am puzzled at how this seems to be suffering in comparison with White Lotus. I keep saying I should go back to that but then I just feel like maybe I’d rather organize the sock drawer.
  10. Just had to come back to say I am loving the show- so much I had to read some reviews and recaps. was shocked that many critics find it inferior to the white lotus. I gave up on that show after 3 episodes. I didn’t believe in the reality of ANY of it- not the characters not the hotelier, nothing. I gather it had a good finale. this is not really believable either but I don’t get the sense that it is TRYING to be.
  11. In the flashback to getting shot, it looked like Masha dropped money on the ground. Are we meant to conclude it was a mugging? I read the book long enough ago that I recall very little details wise. I feel bad about the goat.
  12. Who else was weeping buckets during Michael Shannon’s speech. The Bon Iver music too. He really sold that. I knew all the time he was hiding his grief and playing the strong dad for everyone. the awful thing is that while it’s not his FAULT, in fact he’s not wrong- sometimes just interrupting someone DOES stop the plan. so sad.
  13. I assumed Feliks was russian but spoke English with a British accent. did Enrico survive? Because he’s hot and fbi is shes luminous. And his Nonna is awesome. in retrospect there were tons of clues Shane was a bit…. Observant. He spoke Russian. He asks Megan, you have a friend jn Rome? I just binged tbis over a few days and I would have given up after two episodes until I read spoilers for the end! I didn’t want a whole series of ditzy drunk nobody believes. I don’t understand WHY they wanted to kill Alex.
  14. I actually think Beth’s accent is weird. She sounds like she’s from brooklyn. And once in a while her English accent slips. in season 1 she was a tough chick who didn’t want a “date” and bathed in a horse trough… and dressed in heels and satin on a ranch! I must say I much prefer later Beth. good point about winter and no ranch bands having homes, but, maybe that’s what they’re offered? Kinda feels like all the writers reread Of Mice and Men. Hopefully they talked to contemporary ranchers but who knows. yeah no way did Beth have a hysterectomy- she’d have to stay a week! If
  15. Literally the plot did not move forward an inch. Literally not one new thing was revealed about anybody. And I have decided that the uneven tone is not deliberate. It’s just awkward. Take away the music, & this show is pretty serious and not very funny. I would actually like it more if it took the characters seriously and just made this a drama with a few funny moments rather than trying to lean so hard into over the top silliness when it does. Because the problem is that that over the top ridiculousness is just a very different world. So there are things going on that
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