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  1. I was on the zoom for six hours today and this was the perfect antidote. I can’t believe I watch the whole thing in one sitting. Even signed up for Epix so I could keep watching after the two free episodes. I love Tamsin Grieg. To me she’s like Emma Thompson, I just like her whenever she’s on screen. And I liked the other grandma too. I liked watching them become allies. Sure as in Downton Abbey, some of the attitudes were ridiculously modern. One Groner was with Charles pope said that one day India would have self rule. Believe me nobody in the cart and Trad looked forward to that. Sure as in Downton Abbey, some of the attitudes were ridiculously modern. One Groner was when Charles pope said that one day India would have self rule. Believe me nobody in the cotton trade look forward to that. Still I liked where it went. Having Oliver hesitate and then we approach him self was really terrific. And I felt for Susan. All she really wanted was to be a mother. I Haven’t read the book, and I didn’t think it felt too rushed. I was glad the letters and the tension over them was dispensed with quickly. I will say, I called it from the very first episode that that marriage which was probably valid or the second or whenever we first heard about it.
  2. NOBODY outside the burgh seems to understand it’s not like an hour behind Philadelphia. Nobody. I did my grad work there, I’m from NJ, I had no idea it was 400 miles away and closer to Ohio than Philadelphia.
  3. I haven’t read books 3 & 4 but the journal tossing to me was a clear oh wait Lenu is kind of a shit isn’t she. also Lila says flat out in the final episode of season 1 that it’s Lenu who is “my brilliant friend.” Pietro is a nice guy but too shy and stodgy for Lenu- he wanted her to cut the sex scenes, wouldn’t sneak into her room- her kissing him first was cute but it could tip over into stuffy. that said he did admit he isn’t a literary critic and did give great manuscript to his mother (who I think we saw at the reading). Which was very decent and upstanding. damn those book readings were intense! I wonder if it’s a 60s thing. It was like a symposium, and a hostile one.
  4. Lila is the heroine so far as I’m concerned. the author tips her hand when she has Lenu toss out Lilas notebooks. Even at 19 I would never have been so heartless. lila was downright selfless about Ada. j feel like a lot of people make thre mistake of assuming the narrators point of view is the correct one. Lenu has used everyone from day one. She’s using Pietro now. She likes him but is not in love with him; she wants to be part of his important family. lila never behaved this way. lenu never once lit up for Pietro the way she did for Nino- Nino, who knowingly abandoned pregnant Lila. as for Enzo how did he not honor lilas wishes? She was down and out in that apartment and he persuaded her to go back. Last I checked persuasion is not coercion. rwjext utterly the idea that lenus mother only hit her because she “must have gotten it from somewhere” meaning the husband. Women can be abusive too (although hitting a child wasn’t considered abusive. as for the maestra - how cruel to pretend she never read the blue fairy when she did read and greatly admired it. And coming on Lila later who was struggling with James Joyce, to tell her the book was too hard.
  5. So serac is Hari seldon? FOUNDATION was better the first time. also how does any of this connect to the Delos theme parks? Totally lost the thread. the idea that man needs to have free Will is such an old Star Trek trope I can’t even.
  6. Sorry I can’t seem to cut, and I’m not replying to this. i hate Leni. She’s self absorbed. She dumps her friends notebooks that she saved since childhood into the river? How would she feel if Lila Had done that to her? shes so busy being jealous of Lila she doesn’t realize how unhappy and tragic Lilas life has become. Even Lila being mean at the party was partly because Elena did NOT make any effort to include her. the not good thing you can say for Elena Is that she does observe herself and tell the truth. but all along it’s been Lila who helped others. Lila who was nothing but kind to the teacher. There’s zero evidence Lila only liked Nino to torture Elena. i feel really bad for Lila.
  7. Yes and the “aktions “ in villages were brutal. Many eyewitnesses to rapes, Jews being shot after digging their own grave, other horrific brutalities. reports came back but think after the propaganda of the barbaric Hun in WWI, some people were inclined to just dismiss. It really was a kind of modern barbarism that was unspeakable and for many unthinkable. (And obviously still is as there are Holocaust deniers.) really the killings began on kirstsllnacht in 38 and never stopped.
  8. Indeed it does make his behavior incomprehensible. The synagogue he’s at seems a fairly traditional one. It truly is hard to understand.
  9. Of course the father dismissed him. Judaism is not a private religion. You LITERALLY cannot even say some prayers without a minyan, or 10 adult Jews (in those days, 10 adult males). You don’t accept g-d in your heart etc. Judaism is NOT CHRISTIANITY. thats a big hairy deal. Sending a family to be “pioneers” for Judaism in a place with no synagogue in walking distance- because observant Jews don’t drive on Shabbat- is asking them to STOP PRACTICING JUDAISM, as any Jew watching this would instantly know. and my beating your child? That idiot said his dad was worse than Hitler. americans at large didn’t know about death camps and shootings but Jews did. We KNEW. It was in the Yiddish papers. or so said my late father and uncles who all fought in WWII. So says my mom, who was a little girl. Jews knew what was happening. He earned that slap. BIG TIME. He’s just lucky his dad walked out. At 15, he’s more than old enough to know better. So no. The parents are not ignorant child abusers. They are Jews. It’s kind of sad this still has to be explained but I guess it does. one reason you don’t find a lot of Jewish farmers in America is YOU NEED A MINYAN. In the old country with small farms, there were many Jewish farmers. But in America you can’t practice Judaism if you cannot meet up with 9 other Jews regularly. period the end. That’s just how the religion works. You can’t say Kaddish. You can’t read Torah. You just cannot. So this resettlement program is 100 percent eradication of Judaism.
  10. Wanting to be considered real American is yes a dream of all immigrants. but the notion that some Americans are more real than others is the one that’s impossibly flawed. The idea that rural Kentucky is more real than Newark NJ is the issue that is so damning. Sadly it’s one many people still hold.
  11. Same but I think I’m actually enjoying season 2 less n owing what’s coming! I’d read book one long enough ago to have forgotten a lot. Which I guess will be the case for the next books. i mean who knows when they’ll be able to film again. It will be a long time, thanks to coronavirus.
  12. Are they going to talk in that whispery tone for the whole season? that and the low light make it very hard to stay awake.
  13. I’m also Jewish and I find a strong story arc and tension. there were programs for Jewish kids to go to farms in real life- but they were run by Jewish groups, and were not “absorption,” they really were for poor inner city kids. I thought Taylor told everyone at first. I was glad he turned out to be just what he seemed, a nice guy who figured out they were tourists from the plates and the hotel. I don’t know if people got kicked out of rooms like that once they were in but in GENTLEMANS AGREEMENT we do see a Jewish man (who isn’t even Jewish just a reporter trying to learn what it’s like) being told there was a mixup with his reservation. pooe Little Philip and his nightmares! i don’t mind seeing an older guy getting it on but that looked like some pretty bad sex. ans who wants to wear another woman’s ring? Ew.
  14. https://youtu.be/QqCiw0wD44U
  15. I so needed this tonight. I’m a journalist and did the COVID updates for my town. And then the news about John Prine. And then I started crying and couldn’t work anymore. the rat erotica made me laugh and the commentary and the that was 1992? g-d bless John Oliver
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