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  1. Ok thanks! but... why? Will the sky eventually be blue? I can’t help thinking of Nazi death camps which were in pretty enough places.
  2. This episode was awesome! I loved that they... were wrong about mayfield. He fucking HATES the empire. The Vietnam refs were everywhere: it was a jungle climate, the people had been colonized by different powers for centuries, the people were Asian looking and wore sarongs... Hess sounded southern, like a baddie in a Vietnam film. loved Mayfeld pointing out his whole unit died... “was it good for them?” also! LOVED seeing things from the “common man” stormtrooper POV- how this time it was TIE fighters as cavalry, how stormtroopers saluted. We get to see these guys as not especially evil just enlisted men which sets us up well Dor mayfeld’s rage at their slaughter (though by blowing up the base he kills everyone in it but we know it’s in service of a greater food). And by the time he does that he knows despite what he said the empire and the new republic are NOT the same. I hope he finds some friends on planet Vietnam. much as I loved mandos callback message as drama I can’t help feeling it was putting Grogu in jeopardy.
  3. ADORABLY BABY YODA TIME! I wonder why the trees have no leaves? I get that the magistrate is not nice but why is the planet itself ugly and grey? In real life atrocities often happen in gorgeous places. doe a long time I thought one actress was playing both the magistrate and Ashoka. They both had weirdly long faces. Thought they were going to turn out to be sisters... Grogu (I think the name is cute, party of one) looked SO UPSET AND WORRIED in the scenes at the end where they spoke about his future. His little forehead creased jp and his eyes got all watery. He was screaming in his mind noooooooo
  4. Well sure but this still seems like bad planning. That this was her last cycle was knowable. I get that he went first to build a life but it still seems a pretty clunky plot device. So what were they going to do if he couldn’t build a good life? exaxtly
  5. So much this!!! essentiallt shes like an earth woman in her 40s and she’s done the equivalent of freezing her eggs. Her species won’t end if she doesn’t get home she just won’t be a bio mom. my question. Why is she planets away from her husband at this critical time anyway? I disagree. women are very attached to the eggs they’ve frozen as well. she has a right to feel as she does but it does nor change the reality that they are unfertilized eggs. I read somewhere that dogs and cats attain the emotional/intellectual age of 2. that’s simplistic of course- quite clearly some cats and dogs have caretaking impulses and become older- but there’s something in that! the jet pack return cracked me up. it was like in a western when the cowboys horse returns. (Or dragon in game of thrones) I screamed out loud several times watching this through my fingers.
  6. Well I made my first best friend at age 4 when I shared a chocolate donut with a girl I’d just met. so yeah while technically the older boy doesn’t HAVE to share it’s disturbing that he can look at a hungry sweet face pleading and say no. similarly you don’t have to pet a dog when it asks, or give a quarter to a homeless person. I would say the older boy is exhibiting absence of empathy, regardless of how “right” he is. (Again, dog. Homeless person.) ir was clear he had a whole PACK of cookies. poor baby Yoda is always hungry. he seems more like 3 than 5 so I would say it’s not ten years to 1, maybe uneven aging like very slowly and then speeded up? I REALLY don’t want the tracking to be a double cross. I hate that plot device.
  7. Ok you’re right I just looked it up. But it also says Spanish Harlem begins at 96th street which makes sense as Harlem is also way uptown. We’re supposed to believe she walks 60 blocks round trip? At night? In heels?
  8. This is such a cool western! in the bar there was even a standoff where we saw the Marshall hand hover near his gun (then the dragon came by). love LOVED the doggy thing loping over to have its sides patted and neck scratched. poor baby Yoda looked nervous a lot this episode but I too bowled when he thought up Birdie thing closing my pram now (could get messy). love aunt Pelli wanting one for herself. Mechanic droids were cute.
  9. Unconventional opinion: Would it have been so terrible for Elena and Grace to be friends? And for the sons to be friends? After all Elena now has Jonathan’s baby. Seems like it would’ve been a way for him to see her without raising suspicions. Although the way he reacted is how I would actually expect someone to react. So Nicole Kidman on the stand was utterly implausible. The lawyer already distrusted her. There’s an old saying when you’ve made the sale, stop selling. It would have made more sense if they were desperate for a character witness because things were going badly. But also, Hailey seemed surprised by the information that came out and I couldn’t help wondering why. This crack lawyer did all this research on the jury but she apparently did no research on her own clients childhood? Why hasn’t the lawyer talked to the mother herself? Why doesn’t she seem to know about what happened to his baby sister? I’m a journalist and to my little reporter soul this was sloppy. Years ago I did a theater project with boys in a juvenile facility. Most of the boys there that we worked with had made a good impression on the counselors and their crimes were relatively minor, maybe their girlfriends were too young, (the Romeo and Juliet law where of both are teens but one underage wasn’t in effect yet), or they’d been convicted of shoplifting a few too many times. But one boy had killed his baby sister years before . Not the way jonathan did either, he suffocated her with a pillow. (Who expected to find that Jonathan’s sister had had a much more suspicious death?) Anyway, the boy who had killed his sister was very quick to show remorse and cry and look upset whenever we did an acting game that dredged up any memories at all. It was so patently fake. He had fooled the counselors at Juvie but he couldn’t for me, and acting teacher. He’s probably out now. by the way in “the psychopath test” jon Ronaon says sociopath and psychopath are the same thing.
  10. Which is also on the west side. I assumed wealthy doctor lived on UES as they tend to do in NYC (nearer the hospitals). Anyone?
  11. That wasn’t his actual name haha anymore that lucindabelle is mine. But I’m American and subject british so didn’t matter...
  12. OK the only thing that makes sense right now is if Jonathan and Sylvia planned it together. OK the only thing that makes sense right now is if Jonathan and Sylvia planned it together. He absolutely looked like he was going to put it on Grace. by the way that portrait was AWFUL. Just a photograph colored in. Not artistic in the least and painting from photographs is so common people get their PETS done so whoever wrote that as incriminating? Idiotic.
  13. This does move slowly. I tried and just cannot see the frozen face and puffy eyes everyone is talking about. she looks great to me. I’m a few years older ar 56 and 3 years ago I sure didn’t have her jawline (and If she had a neck lift more power to her) what is the museum dad sits at? Is it the frick? isnt Harlem on the west side? I live in Jersey but when there I’ve always taken the a uptown and there’s even a song about it (you... can take the a train...) the a is a west side highway so how does she get there? Are we to believe she walks across the park? Or so they live on the UPPER west side?? I too will be annoyed if Grace is withholding. I’d like her to be telling the truth. I doubt Jonathan did it - too obvious- and hate the idea of the kid. and she did not bludgeon herself. so, no clue.
  14. True story. once doing dissertation research I was meeting a subject, let’s call him Alan Moore, at Oxford train station. We’d emailed but I realized I didn’t know what he looked like. arrived and saw a handsome wel dressed man- rather smarter and classier than I expected- standing looking like he was waiting for someone. went up to hkm. Alan Moore? Yes. hi! I’m lucindabelle. (Blank look) alan Moore? yes it’s me it’s lucindabelle. (long pause) (finally) I am Alan Moore but not the one you want. (about 100 yards further I saw the one waiting for me: seedy and run down. Two men by the same name at the same train waiting for someone. so to me, that there’s another Jonathan Fraser ar a Cleveland Hyatt was completely plausible.)
  15. No thre photographer dance teacher has a moral compass. that monologue to Shane explaining how he dare not even be friendly to him was well written, truthful and touching. An interesting choice against the backdrop of the cliched (AND TOTALLY FALSE) plot point of girls being pimped out to board members AGAIN. Who writes this stuff? honestly TV writers. This. Does. Not. Happen. I’m willing to believe there are some lecherous board members. Willing to believe they hire dancers as waitresses. And that until #MeToo off color remarks were made. and that would be IT especially if they are literally underage. With this and flesh &bone it’s become a total cliche. watchinf queens gambit it was so refreshing that the people in the orphanage were deluded and strict but not actually deliberately abusive. That the people who adopted her the dad was a jerk but not a predator that mom had issues but wasn’t an evil stage mom. It made me realize how CLICHED these tropes are. this cliche of the evil board and the pimping of dancers is just another. also as a journalist no way in Hell does someone write an expose and not call for comments before it comes out. They even did that with Harvey Weinstein et and oreilly ffs. so who was in the posters? Caleb and Bette?
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