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  1. (In my Alyssa affectation) RIGGA-MORRIS! India should've gone home, not Mariah!
  2. Marilyn is dead, and if she wasn't, she wouldn't have a career of telling people they need to "switch it up" without doing so herself. Ru is indeed a legend, but perfect in every way? I think not. JMO
  3. It always kills me how gagged Ru is every time someone does a split or death drop. I mean, it happens damn near every lip sync now. She should be twice as over it as I am-if not her, then definitely Michelle Visage. I think it needs to become an unwritten rule like not taking off your wig (unless you got another wig underNEATH it!) or shoes during a lip sync. It screams desperation, like these splits are starting to do now. This! Ru has been serving the same look since "Supermodel."
  4. I'm so over the splits and death drops!
  5. Ok, I was wrong! Lol. Was Aquaria shading Eureka with that second chance thing? ??
  6. Preparing myself for the damn rigga-morris (in my Alyssa voice). ?
  7. I yelled out YAAAAAASSSS BITCH! when she hit that dance from the If video! No way that should've been a tie!
  8. Asia what the fuck was that?!!! How dare she not turn it to JANET?!!
  9. Blair St. Clair!!!! Bitch betta werk!!!! That dress is EVERYTHING!
  10. All of this! I didn't get that critique either. I accidentally said, "What the fuck, Michelle?!" in front of my six year old daughter, and she had to get on me for cursing. (I try hard not to do that in front of her. Lol)
  11. Aquaria's makeover person (can't remember her name) was not feeling Eureka in Untucked honey, and I'm living for her side eye!
  12. Agreeing in my best Tati voice. And in my best Michelle from Destiny's Child voice in season one, "I just saw a messy man" when Monet did that. At the same time, I thought she had the better lip sync.
  13. And I'm back to say the guy guest judge was dry as hell, solidifying my opinion that being on a popular show does not mean these people should be guest judges. I did like the chick though.
  14. Yeah I get it. They are now catering to younger viewers. I'm 37 and not really here for the teenage angsty shows...
  15. Just coming in here to say I miss the days when I knew who the hell these guest judges were. Every week now, I'm like WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?! And, I'm living for Asia getting Aquaria right together. She's so damn entitled, it's ridiculous.
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