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  1. Discovery did themselves a disservice by trying to tie it in too closely to Naked and Afraid, unless more of the N&A audience than I realize is watching it for the nudity aspect and not the survival aspect. The hardcore survival part isn't sexy even if the people are, so they watered it down, but "let's use these palm fronds that just happen to be next to the pre-made frame for a shelter as our roof" isn't survival. I've seen clips of the foreign versions (which have names that translate more or less into "Adam Seeks Eve"), and those are all set on similar tropical beaches without a l
  2. I'm American but my father grew up in Scotland, about 30 miles from where Jamie's social media gives as his current hometown, and I'm always torn in moments like this between 'I've heard way worse" and "I've been hearing this accent my whole life and sometimes it still give me trouble so I don't blame other people for not being used to it."
  3. Based on the rainy, windy, cold weather an episode or two back, I'm thinking it's early November. Hurricane Zeta made landfall southwest of New Orleans on October 28th. The track fits what Matt said about the wind being from the north during the storm and there was a pretty sharp temperature drop immediately behind it according to the data from Baton Rouge, which matches the talk of how cold it was the next morning.
  4. I'm just glad they didn't go out of their way to make the spot they were in Texas seem super remote and inhospitable. They were in the northern Hill Country, about 80 miles north of Austin. I grew up doing all of my camping near there and it's not desert hot or jungle wet, but it's still the most pleasant place to be if the weather's bad. Actually, I think they got lucky with the weather - what they showed matched up to early September, which was unseasonably cool this year and, although there was rain and thunder, it wasn't the usual intensity of early fall thunderstorms.
  5. For some reason, Bruno really reminds me of John Barrowman. And I'm pretty sure it goes beyond the "gay and hyperactive" thing they both have going on. My little nitpick is that I don't like that the dancers were introduced with only their first names. Some of them are as famous as the stars at this point.
  6. I think that’s it for me. Folks like Grant, Jake Murray, and Neil Craver are, at most, exaggerating the goofy Or unusual aspects of their personalities. Even when they made a bigger deal of Jamie Rahn being “Captain G4” or “Captain NBC,” he was a regular guy in a costume and not a full character.
  7. In German, Ä is pronounced like a long A in English. A without the umlaut is an "ah" sound. The German words for "bear" and "bar" are pronounced pretty much the same as English, and are spelled "bär" and "bar." But there are also umlauts in some Scandinavian languages, so we can't go by German alone.
  8. Saw an ad on Fox tonight saying it's Season 17 again. I guess Fox is holding Season 19 back in case some other shows can't film and they need to fill time.
  9. Also two people from the episode that started as two men and two women before they became a tribe of four, and they didn't get along with each other, either. It seemed very heavy on people who were on the season that's just wrapping up, and maybe it's just because this was a very long season (Wikipedia says it's actually two but the first episode of season 11 aired before the last episode of season 10) and it was shown in two hour blocks, but there weren't many people who I recognized without the help of seeing footage from their original challenge.
  10. I think that they had a “no negative critiques” policy. If it had been a regular Snatch Game, Nico would have gotten some criticism for not having better improv skills. They nailed the physicality and the bits that seemed to have been prepared in advance, but everything else failed to land.
  11. I got the impression from the meeting with his family that the dynamic is one where he was constantly disappointing his parents because he wasn't as mature as his older brother and that never changed once he grew up. He seemed a lot more quiet and reserved around them and the lead up to that was the only time that I can remember him saying anything about Amber's lack of filter as a negative. Living that way your whole life will really mess with your head.
  12. I can totally see "you signed this contract that says you were going to participate until the weddings" being a pressure point from whatever producer she was talking to without actually saying that she couldn't walk away. Or the contract saying that if you don't make it to the wedding, you don't get paid or even have to pay the producers back for the trip to Mexico and Jessica feeling stuck because of that.
  13. Mark reminds me of myself at 24. I was so completely in love with a friend who was so not into me that I wasn't even the right gender, and knew it, but just couldn't manage to get past it until I finally got hurt so badly that it became the main thing I associated with him for a while. I'm also kind of amazed that Kenny didn't seem to see that coming. They got along so well that I assumed at first that they were just kind of low key, but it seemed pretty obvious as the season went on that there was no spark there. I only ever watched half an early season of the US version of Married
  14. Carlton needs therapy more than he needs a wife or reality TV. He was so ready to be proven right about the content of his secret being the dealbreaker that he never bothered to listen enough to figure out that it was the keeping a secret that was Diamond's problem. As much as I hate the stereotype that men who claim to be bi are secretly gay and refusing to come all of the way out of the closet, I wonder whether he's really that into women.
  15. I can’t help but notice that the quote in the other link doesn’t actually say that they aren’t dating, just that you shouldn’t conclude that they are dating based on a single hug. However, he does seem to show a lot of platonic affection physically. There was a moment between the baking and the judging at one point during the season where he and David were sitting on a bench outside the tent together and he had one arm around David and was resting his head on his shoulder.
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