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  1. Two giant, fake, globes. I hate it when you can see the veins because the skin's all stretched out. Vom
  2. When Rachel was on the bandstand fucking with the mic and cursing a blue streak, I think I remember someone say there were children in the area and their parents were getting upset. Way to represent, Rachel.
  3. Ashling is a variation of the Irish name Aisling. The Irish name is pronounced the same way. sugar baker beat me to it!
  4. Sail On - The Commodores Sail On - Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds Looks like Popples and I are of the same age and like the same music.
  5. And of course we found out she was vegan the moment she opened her mouth. I can't stand her accent. It just seems like an affectation. I am, however, open to changing my mind. Her showstopper was amazing. I couldn't understand a word Lizzie said (and I have no problem with the Derry Girls' accents). Is that the dreaded Scouse accent? I do hope to be able to understand her better as time goes by.
  6. Ivan is hot. The whole time watching this, my eyes were drawn to the white light when they were welding. I kept wondering if I was going to go blind.
  7. During the massive fight at the jaccuzzi or at some point during the evening, I heard one of the crew members say "this happens every time." Of course this happens every time. Alcohol.
  8. Brown Sugar - ZZ Top Brown Sugar - The Rolling Stones
  9. Rob's 10 year NA anniversary means nothing if he's still drinking alcohol. He's been shown drinking. If you quit drugs and still drink, you're not sober. You're still runnin' and gunnin'.
  10. Reza never cries. Look closely. There are no tears.
  11. The songs that first popped into my mind have already been mentioned - Rolling Stones, Under My Thumb and Foster the People, Pumped Up Kicks. I like DMX in general but holy hell, have you listened to Bring Your Whole Crew? Alrighty then! I guess Girls, Girls, Girls by Mötley Crüe belongs in this thread because I love the song but I'm not too keen on what they're singing about. But then I consider the source (Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee).
  12. Nobody has mentioned this but it's something I noticed immediately on E01. I think the kid playing Mark has had an incredible growth spurt since we last saw him. Hi looks like a tall, thin giant now. When I first saw him I didn't recognize him. Can anyone who still has the show on DVR validate this? Maybe I'm seeing things. (Wouldn't be the first time.)
  13. My least favorite of all of Andy's girlfriends. She was such a preachy hag. I liked Ellie but she quit the show because Andy Griffith kept pressuring her into dating him and she didn't want to. I think that happened to more than one of his TV girlfriends. Maybe Peggy? Can anyone corroborate this? I first read this here.
  14. Neurochick, I got the name wrong. It's called A Suitable Girl. Check it out.
  15. I'm gonna remove Richard Dawson from this list. His kissing all the female contestants was creepy and borderline abusive. He was in a position of power and there's nothing they could do to prevent his perhaps unwanted attention.
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