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  1. That's what she told her grandparents happened, personally, I'm a bit skeptical. I'm more than a bit skeptical. I was married to an alcoholic/addict for more years than I should have been and this is exactly the kind of lie they would tell. Whatever drink or drug it was, it was Lexi's and not one of her friends'. 100% guarantee this.
  2. As someone mentioned above, Helen was extremely jealous to the point where it became very unattractive. Either you trust him or you don't. Although from other comments above, AG IRL was a real dog!!!
  3. I wasn't sure which of Andy's girlfriends was Joanna Moore (she was Miss Peggy) so I looked her up. Holy Crap! She's Tatum O'Neal's mother! Edited to add that I hated Ernest T. Bass. I never watch his episodes. Further edited to add that TAGS is comfort TV for me, a remembrance of simpler times and somewhat simpler problems (although they did show alcoholism and spousal abuse). Anyway, I watch it to relax, and Ernest T. Bass's episodes were anything but relaxing. He was nucking futs.
  4. Football. The football fans in Manchester, England are insane. There are pubs designated for Man City fans and separate pubs designated for Man United fans. With bouncers. You can't even get into the "wrong" pub. And if you do, you'll be beaten up by the end of the match when everyone's drunk. (This is soccer, but it's really football.) Anyway, this episode reminded me of one of the nitpiks I have about the Conner family. They clearly have severe financial issues (3 mortgages!), yet they can afford expensive Chicago Bears gear ($150+ for an authentic jersey) to wear for one game? I have the same gripe during the Halloween episodes. It costs money to pull those OTT costumes together, money I thought they didn't have.
  5. This 100%. Couldn't agree more and I had the exact same thought. I've been in therapy for most of my adult life and, while therapists usually don't tell people what to do unless it's, say, a reportable situation or the patient's life is endangered, they guide their patients to making healthy choices for themselves on their own. To Harry, the RF was toxic. His therapist realized this. End result -- Harry steps away from the RF. I live in California and attend an EastEnders meet-up (don't laugh). At our last meeting, everyone was blaming Meghan for the move and giving their marriage 2-5 years! I tried to talk sense but was over-ruled. Their marriage will last forever because Harry did what he needed to do. Edited to add this Note to Self: Don't read the Daily Mail comments.
  6. I was wondering if anyone knew what the people of England feel about Harry's decision to step down and live abroad. Does the majority support him and what he has chosen to do? I'm just curious. I suppose the older Britons feel somewhat betrayed and the younger Britons don't give a darn. Obviously it's more complicated than that but has anyone found information on this? Thanks! Also, I looked at all the opulent costumes in film noire's link above. That party was happening 117 years age TODAY!
  7. I like this thread and I actually have something to contribute! haha In England, there is a very unique type of show that is very popular -- the panel show. They are usually comedies and the panelists seem to rotate from one panel show to another. Anyway, there's a very good one called The Last Leg, and two of the three regulars have disabilities. The main presenter is Australian Adam Hills, who was born without a right foot and wears a prosthetic, participates in Paralympic type things, and is totally hot. Another presenter is Alex Booker who had his right leg amputated when he was a baby. Alex also has hand and arm deformities but it certainly hasn't held him back in any way. Josh Widdicombe is the third presenter who is able bodied. The opening theme to the show is hilarious. Watch it on BritBox. Major props goes to Target who have been using disabled employees for many years in their commercials and in-store branding, and also IN REAL LIFE. Also from England, there's a crime procedural called Vera (highly recommended). For a time, not sure if she's still on it, there was a detective in a wheelchair. NOTHING was said about her disability. She was just there doing crime-solvey things on her computer. It's also on BritBox but this character doesn't appear until the later seasons.
  8. That is the weirdest looking thing. It looks like a fake hand coming out of an orange tube. It can't be someone hiding behind her because she's so slender. Bizarre!
  9. While I don't dislike Aunt Bea, I did find it hilarious that after the release of "Aunt Bee: The Best Cook in Mayberry," it turned out Francis Bavier couldn't cook to save her soul!
  10. Stupid Girl - The Rolling Stones Stupid Girl - Garbage
  11. Unintentionally hilarious. Also, there's a Noel and a Liam. I love both sets of Noel and Liam.
  12. For All We Know - Abbey Lincoln ("Drugstore Cowboy" Soundtrack) Cruel Summer - Bananarama Cruel Summer - Taylor Swift
  13. Fuck, fuck, fuck. My Cityzen heart is broken. I guess we can look for a lot of handballs from defenders as passes are made to the strikers. Fuck you, FIFA.
  14. But is that really true though, about Patricia's choice of friends going a long way in Charleston. I imagine it may count for something among a certain part of Charleston society, but I don't believe the true "upper crust, old money" Charleston crowd gives a shit about her OR the show.
  15. I remember that movie and that shower. Thanks for the chuckle, 2DOGMOM.
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