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  1. And let's not forget saying to him that she only asked Tyler out because he reached out. But how it was always Peter and Jed for her (and yet she eliminated Peter at F3). And still some of her stans insist Tyler committed some big betrayal against her when he hooked up with Gigi Hadid.
  2. Yes, yes she did. "I fucked in a windmill" is part of Bachelor Nation lexicon at this point.
  3. So I started watching this show a few weeks ago and got bored after 10 minutes of the Pilot. But it kept showing up all over my social media timeline and Buzzfeed can't shut up about it, so I decided to give it another chance. Well I at least made it through the Pilot this time and about 10 minutes of the second episode and I have lost count how many times I've rolled my eyes. Between the numerous stupid decisions by the main character and his friends, the black friend who is apparently on track to a great future wasting it around clearly loser friends, looking at you JJ kid, Mr. I'll steal and fire off a gun. The girl in the group is whatever and don't care about what may or may not happen between her and the main character or any of the other guys in the group. Also, I do hope she has some female friends because I'm sorry, I do think it's weird for a teenage girl to spend all her time with three male guys. The mystery is a giant who gives a fuck and in general it was just so try hard. Like it was trying so hard to be interesting with the missing father, murdered guy, crazy gun toting men chasing and yet it was all just so meh. Also, the actor playing John B needs to enunciate better. I had to put my television ridiculously loud and still couldn't understand half of his narration because it was all mumble and he was talking really fast.
  4. Or she picked the guy she wanted and realized in the end was best for her. And I saw an unhealthy situation with a guy who didn't seem like he knew what he wanted at all. Funny how we all see these things differently, huh.
  5. I do not want to rehash the saga of Rachel's season, because it was exhausting enough when it happened. However, as someone who followed the Bachette board, Reddit and social media during that season, while I don't deny there were some who had opinions about Bryan for the reasons you stated, I saw plenty of comments and accusations of his being an obvious player, fake, he and Rachel were just about lust and sex, etc. etc. His mother was this evil and crazy woman because of one stupid joke edited for effect (oh the innocent days before we met Barb). I've always said that I came into Rachel's season with no horse in that race regarding who she picked. I liked Rachel well enough on Nick's season but wasn't as enamored by her as others, so I came into her season with nothing more than mild interest. And because of that I quietly observed a lot of the reaction and comments before her season even started airing and it was clear battle lines got drawn really quickly with some viewers. And look, I don't care that people liked one person over another. However, I've never gotten this intense hatred viewers develop towards other contestants. Emily's season was the first indication I had of how toxic Bachelor Nation could be and Rachel's season solidified it for me. I have never seen anything crazier and seen people so pressed and frothing with hate because a woman chose some other guy on a reality show. Also, this is the first I've heard about Bryan not finishing college. Because I've seen pictures of Bryan at his college graduation.
  6. Welcome to the world of editing. Bryan discussed this on Instagram and said that of course he spoke but yes, apparently the producers decided what he said wasn't worth airing. For what it's worth though, he still had a great attitude about the whole thing, laughed about it and said he had a great time filming the episode and it was fun. Bryan is to me one of the most misjudged people to have been on this show. People labeled him with so many negative connotations, one of the most common being that he was a player, fake, etc. And yet, there he is today, him and Rachel married, never in any drama with anyone and quietly living his life. Honestly, I admire Bryan's ability to ignore so much of the hate and crap that was thrown his way. And Rachel has talked about this. How he was the one to help her ignore a lot of the hate and negativity that was thrown at them (and there was a lot) right after the season ended. I remember looking at Bryan's Instagram after Rachel's season and man, kudos to him for keeping his head up and never giving these assholes the satisfaction of a reaction. And honestly, I think it worked and most got bored when they realized he'd never engage because he gets virtually no hate anymore in his comments. For all the negativity and judgments that were made about him, I do think Bryan like Chris and J.P. was someone who was old enough when he did the show to know who he is and know exactly what he wanted and was ready to settle down.
  7. Just to be clear, my comment was not solely in response to you. This was something I saw all throughout Awards Season and continue to see today - "Taron did his own singing and I thought he was better, so why does Rami have an Oscar". And it really feels like many seem to forget that Taron and Rocketman were not competing against Rami and Bohemian Rhapsody. And so when making a case for Taron and the film, it makes no sense to compare it the latter. Basically it felt like some believed Taron was better than Rami and so he should have gotten an Oscar too, ignoring the other actors that Taron was actually competing against. I don't doubt there were some Academy voters who thought "been there, done that" regarding Rocketman and Taron's performance in comparison to Bohemian Rhapsody. But I truly believe the biggest factor the film had working against it, was its release date. I'm not sure what the strategy was behind that decision but pretty much everyone knows that if you want a film to be in serious contention for Awards Season, you go for a Fall release. Hell since it's constantly compared, Bohemian Rhapsody was released in October. And not only was Rocketman released too early, there wasn't much of an impact. It was a good film that the critics liked well enough and the audience that watched it, loved. But it didn't spark any real dialogue or passion if you will. There was no real controversy around it like say Green Book or hell even Bohemian Rhapsody. It wasn't this critical darling a la A Star is Born or Parasite, etc.
  8. YMMV but it seems to me that a big problem with the feelings about Rocketman and its Oscar snubs is that many keep comparing it to Bohemian Rhapsody. And I get it on some level because of the whole Dexter Fletcher connection, two iconic British performers, etc. However, the fact is Bohemian Rhapsody was one year and Rocketman was another year. Rocketman and Taron to be more specific was not competing against Rami Malek or Bohemian Rhapsody. And that is the mindset many need to let go of. It doesn't matter whether or not one believes Taron did a better job playing Elton than Rami did playing Freddie Mercury. Because voters were not looking at Taron's performance in comparison to Rami's. They were looking at it in comparison to Joaquin Phoenix, in comparison to Adam Driver and Antonio Banderas, etc. And that's the crux when we start talking about who was or wasn't snubbed. Because if you look at the nominees this year and say Taron was snubbed, then it becomes well who shouldn't have been there? It for sure wasn't Joaquin or Adam or Antonio. And after slogging through it, yes, not the most fun movie but Jonathan Pryce was amazing in my opinion in The Two Popes. If I were a voter, for me personally, this would have come down to Leonardo Dicaprio vs. Taron. Because honestly, I wasn't as in love with Once Upon a Time in Hollywood as the critics. And I love me some Leo and he was certainly great as he often is. But I wouldn't have been too upset if he didn't get nominated. But that's where the reality of politics with these awards come into play. They weren't going to leave Leo Dicaprio out. The solid locks for Best Actor were him, Joaquin and Adam Driver. And so two spots were up in the air - Antonio Banderas had been the critical favorite and racked up numerous pre-season awards, then there was Christian Bale as a potential who is always formidable in every role he plays. And finally, it's obvious the Academy was more impressed with The Two Popes than they were Rocketman, going by how many nominations the former racked up. The fact is, there really is no rhyme or reason sometimes for why certain films hit with Academy voters and others don't. If I had to guess, I'd say the reality probably is that Rocketman was hurt by being released too early in the year and then it wasn't exactly a box office smash, making it much easier to get forgotten by voters by the time the year ended.
  9. Bryan is actually quite intelligent and articulate himself. I've listened the few times he's joined Rachel and Becca's podcast and I've listened to a few episodes of his health related podcast. Bryan to me comes across as you noted, as a man not threatened by his wife who yes, has a strong personality. And in fact, Rachel has stated this many times, that when she met his mother and after the show when they spent more time together with his family, she realized that part of the reason Bryan isn't intimidated by a strong woman and is more than confident to silently stay back and be supportive, is because that's largely the dynamic his parents have. His father is a fairly laid back, quiet man while his mother is the firecracker. And it works for them. They even hinted at this on his HTD before he and Rachel went to meet his family and he was describing them to her. When he talked about his father being very calm, quiet and relaxed, Rachel went, "so like you".
  10. Say it louder. This more than anything is what exposed her and why her stans trying to use the "she was just singing the song. Blame the artist" excuse is bullshit. Because Ms. Hannah knew enough to not say the fuck that's also loud and prominent in the song. Because of course not - gasp, "good, Christian Southern girls" can't speak such language. But had no problem saying the n-word. And that's because she clearly DOESN'T see anything wrong or problematic about that word. And that's why her ass needed to be checked.
  11. Yeah, what the hell was she babbling on about to Helen? Helen didn't even seem to know what she was talking about. Yeah I get they wanted some dramatic cliffhanger but that whole sequence made no sense. I understand Kyle's been going through things. But his dad was making an effort with the Hamilton tickets and Jackson's sister was this cute girl clearly interested in him. His whole freakout over Tyler telling him to stay out of the situation made no sense. And certainly not enough to run out and jump in a car and drive off, without a damn license or probably even knowing how to drive. Just strange. And where the hell did all the kids go? That whole thing was just directed weirdly. I'm pretty sure his name is Ryan. Heather Headley is a good actress. But sometimes, her obvious stage training and background comes across where her emotions are slight over the top. Well if Dana Sue is indeed his biological mother, that will certainly change. The look Annie and Tyler gave each other while dancing with their dates suggests that that storyline is definitely not over. Though I do think the Kyle part of the equation will likely be over and he will let go of his interest in Annie. But it definitely seemed like things with Annie and Tyler may still not be entirely finished. As to who the other person in the car is, I definitely think it's either Tyler or Annie. I see the argument about the mayor's daughter, as a way to cause more strain between those families, especially if the daughter is seriously hurt. But I think more drama can be mined if it's Tyler and he does get injured in a way that affects his baseball. Think all the guilt from Kyle, anger from Tyler, more strain in the family, etc. And if it's Annie, there's the whole complicated romantic stuff between her, Kyle and Tyler, coupled with maybe causing some strain between Dana Sue and Maddie, etc. Because my guess, whoever was in the passenger seat was probably trying to get Kyle to stop the car, which likely led to the accident.
  12. Maybe it's because I'm well past my teen years, so I can better understand and empathize with the teenage histrionics, but honestly I think all the kids are basically decent people (except Jackson) and can understand where they're all coming from. I don't think Annie's feelings towards CeCe are solely just because she likes Tyler. I think it's a combination of her seeing CeCe as the popular "mean girl"(even if CeCe really hasn't shown herself to be that mean), who of course gets the guy. And then like that's not bad enough, she's weaseling in on Annie's family. Plus, CeCe didn't exactly help dispel her mean girl rep with Annie, by the stunt she pulled at the mock trial. Which of course she only did because she's insecure herself and is threatened the second Tyler looks at Annie. As for Tyler, I'm not really seeing the gay thing. Honestly, I actually think Tyler comes across as a normal teenager whose not all dramatic about love and relationships. I think what some are reading as his not being that into either girl is his just being fairly chill about it. Which is why I said in the other episode thread that interestingly, the only time I felt like I saw real passion from him was when he and Annie had their fight after Jackson released her voice message. Which is the only thing that makes me think he may like her.
  13. Yeah this. Annie not liking him was more like the straw that broke the camel's back. He already felt ignored by his dad and that Bill was only interested in Tyler who was the big sports star (and I guess the little girl because she's the only girl and the youngest). And he builds a friendship with Noreen, only for her to leave his loser father, deservedly, and so he loses her as well. I actually felt for him when he said he didn't think anyone would notice. And Joanna Garcia played the moment really well, where you could see Maddie's heart breaking hearing and seeing how much her son thought no one cared about him. It was but this episode showed that all these kids are a little dramatic, owing to their insecurities and well, being teenagers. Annie hates how CeCe got the boy she likes and like that's not bad enough, her Aunt Helen is playing psuedo-mom to her. Despite getting Tyler, CeCe is insecure and rattled any time he and Annie even look at each other, to the point that she goes full bitch mode on Annie in a mock trial. They're all a bunch of over-dramatic kids. I don't know, I still find that whole storyline pretty ambiguous. Yes, he was nice to her with the jacket and all but Tyler seems pretty solid in his thing with CeCe and shows no longing for Annie. So I still think it can go either way of his liking her and hiding it or his freaking out because he sees her only as a friend. Pretty much the same way Annie feels about Kyle.
  14. I'm sure she will and if nothing else, it seems like she wants to stay in touch with Kyle, so that'll make it more likely she'll have Bill in the child's life. In any case, I'm sure if there's a Season 2 of the show, Noreen will be back. Seriously. I really felt like Bill and Noreen were perfect for each other, for the number of times these two idiots just made the most clueless, asinine choices. Like Noreen thinking Tyler would appreciate her all up at his baseball games. I'm just glad he didn't do it publicly at the play. I was cringing just thinking it would happen. The saddest part is how completely not into Kyle Annie is. Like there was no second you ever got even a suggestion of a possibility of that happening from her end. She just seemed so completely and utterly clueless. There's a triangle? Because right now it just looks like Tyler has completely friend zoned Annie and completely moved on to CeCe. Hell it's not even friend zone as it looks like they don't even speak since the whole situation with the call happened and Tyler's fine with that. Meanwhile Annie has no romantic interest in Kyle whatsoever, so that's not happening. I actually don't think the situation is so weird and instead makes perfect sense for how the three grew up. Because of their mothers' friendship, they've been attached to each other their whole lives, even if they have their own interests and outside cliques. There was bound to be feelings somewhere. And at least it's not as messy as the one in Little Fires Everywhere.
  15. Huh, forgot about that. And thinking about it, it was kind of random and especially how uncomfortable she looked during the moment. I don't know, there was a lot of focus on Dana Sue in the first few episodes, what with the alcoholic sous chef she fired and someone clearly stalking her. We assume it was the alcoholic sous chef but probably not. Plus, I think Annie's secretly being in regular contact with her father will come into play at some point and he'll probably show up in the town. There's clearly some big story/history there. I'm not really getting any gay vibes and don't think his reaction is so weird either, especially for a teenager. Tyler and Annie, on account of their mothers' friendship have clearly been in each other's lives since diapers. I think there are two things happening. Tyler either simply does not see Annie in a romantic way, which makes things weird for him knowing she does. Which is why he shut it down quickly and pursued things with CeCe, as to really drive him his not being interested in Annie that way. Or, he's denying his feelings because of their long history as friends and not wanting to screw that up, especially again because Kyle clearly likes Annie. And that's also the reason he pursued things with CeCe. Either way, he's probably not being totally real with CeCe. Though again, considering these are teenagers, a little time with her and he may have started to genuinely like her. And the writers are clearly giving her some backstory and developing her, which may mean she's going to become a more integral character. But I do think it was interesting when his friend flat out said, "really, you know you don't like her like that" when he showed Tyler the Instagram picture of him and CeCe.
  16. lol... To be honest, I didn't think CeCe was a typical mean girl right from the start. The way she allowed herself to be so easily set up by Kyle. That whole situation, the way she was so embarrassed when Tyler basically looked at her like she was crazy in front of his friends, made it clear how vulnerable she is. And I didn't think she was out to hurt Annie with the party. I think she was fishing to know for sure what the status was between her and Tyler. Nah, I just think he's uncomfortable because of their long history as friends. I thought his response to her drunk message was his way of clearly friend zoning her, so there could be no confusion. I can't tell though if he just absolutely has no interest in her in that way or if again based on their history, he's afraid to go down that path. Plus I wonder if he knows his brother obviously likes her, which complicates things even more. I will say, their argument after Jackson shared her message was pretty good and some of the most passion/fire I've seen from Tyler. eta: Btw, forgot to give kudos to the writers for including that moment of Kyle asking Eric and kitchen kid (whose name I finally learned is Isaac) how you get a girl to like you and Isaac saying, "That's how stalkers think. You can't make someone like you". Yes, Isaac, thank you.
  17. lmao... Nah, I think they've made it glaringly clear that the chef is into Helen. My guess is they're setting up a triangle of sorts between him and her first love. It's why I've said I keep wondering if the character is meant to be a bit simple. Because Noreen is just odd man. Like yeah I get it sucks to seemingly have no friends but at the same time, she keeps acting confused as to the reaction to her, when it's like girl, you had an affair with a married man and got knocked up, in a small ass town. One where everyone knew the man and his wife, who'd been married for years. A church going small town no less. I mean really?
  18. Yeah I questioned whether she was a bit simple with the behavior at the game in the second episode, but that solidified it for me. Chick is either simple or plain delusional and batshit cray cray. When she said that line about not having her son not have his mother cheer for him, I had a full on eyes bugging moment of "say what now". So I was very glad when Bill rightly said that um, Tyler mother IS at his games. Like WTAF?
  19. This so much. I was mostly indifferent to her in the first episode but I officially wanted someone to punch her in the face in this episode. Honestly, at one point I almost wondered if Noreen was a bit simple. Because I just couldn't understand anyone being THIS delusional. That they would truly believe after fucking a married man, getting knocked up and his leaving his wife for her, that his oldest child with his wife would be thrilled to have her there screaming and cheering obnoxiously at his game. Like bitch really? Honestly I would not have blamed Tyler if he'd yelled at her from the mound, to shut the fuck up.
  20. For real. And I know he was never award-winning material but damn, did he get worse as an actor? What's with that weird eye squinty think he keeps doing? It's the Southern equivalent to "fuck you". I find Noreen annoying as hell in so many ways and it only gets worse as the season goes on.
  21. truthaboutluv

    The NBA

    The documentary never said Michael was deliberately poisoned. Sure, one can say it was framed in way to make it sound all salacious. But all that was said was that contrary to reports all those years ago that it was a flu, Michael really had food poisoning. And if that guy who claims to have delivered the pizza is telling the truth, then we know that a pizza delivery happened and that Michael Jordan was indeed very sick the next day. Estranged...were they married, lol? And maybe I'm the weird one, or probably because my favorite sport is an individual sport but does it really matter if former professional teammates aren't best or even close friends years later? They were colleagues. Honestly, I feel like this is just everyone trying to all get in on a big story at the moment, with little else going on, besides hoping this pandemic ends and life goes back to normal. The documentary was huge, probably again because there wasn't much else going on (though I'm sure it would have still gotten decent viewers without the pandemic) and it's all many are discussing in the sports world and so everyone has to throw in their two cents. YMMV, I don't know about anyone else but I never saw this as some definitive word on everything that went on with this team. The documentary was narrated by and clearly mostly Michael's story and perception of what went down all these years ago. I'm sure many of the people involved could point to a million things and say "well that's not exactly how I remember it". But really, unless there were egregious mis-truths - does it matter?
  22. I posted the following in the specific episode thread but think it's appropriate here as well. I know this comment is like four years late but sue me, this pandemic has had me doing a binge of all the past seasons I missed. And I have the unpopular opinion that I think the hate for Season 7 was slightly over the top and in my opinion, the contestants were far more talented and better than those of Season 8. The Snatch Game episode of Season 8 solidified this opinion for me. That was one of the absolute worse, most boring Snatch games episodes of the show that I've ever seen. Ru was trying but I felt like we only got a real laugh out loud from him when Bob was playing Carol Channing and started interacting with Chi Chi as Eartha Kitt. It was just bad. I mean hell, even boring ass Pearl delivered a decent Big Ang and Violet who was no comedian either, did a serviceable Alyssa. And Ginger's Adele and Kennedy's Little Richard were tops. But the most egregious part for me wasn't even the boring as hell Snatch game but WTAF was that runway? These Queens get Madonna as a theme and half of them come out in some basic ass kimono? Really - seriously? The problem with Season 7 was that there weren't many comedians/all around performers, which made many of the main challenges not great. But those bitches could serve some looks on the runway. And I cannot imagine they would have delivered that level of mediocrity for a Madonna theme. Season 8 on the other hand had a lot of Queens who were legends in their own minds and thought they were funnier and better actors than they apparently were - Robbie Turner, Acid Betty, Thorgy.
  23. truthaboutluv

    The NBA

    I thought the documentary did show how instrumental Krause was to putting the team together, in the first two or three episodes. And that that was the point - that he felt he didn't get as much credit as he should have gotten for that. And they definitely highlighted Jordan and Pippen's straight disrespect and dislike for Krause. That was very much highlighted. Jordan and Pippen went after Kukoc during the Olympic match purely because Krause was scouting Kukoc for the Bulls.
  24. truthaboutluv

    The NBA

    I'm starting to wonder if Horace watched the whole documentary because I swear I think there was a brief clip showing Jordan saying not to serve him food. It was a quick and I think I thought at the time he was referring to Burrell. But the point is, that stuff was in the documentary. Horace isn't revealing anything we didn't see in the documentary. That Jordan was a dick many times to his teammates, off the court.
  25. I know this comment is like four years late but sue me, this pandemic has had me doing a binge of all the past seasons I missed. And sorry, I know Season 7 got crapped on a lot but this episode solidified for me that it was still a better season than this one. This is one of the worse Snatch games episodes of the show that I've ever seen. Ru was trying but I felt like we only got a real laugh out loud from him when Bob was playing Carol Channing and started interacting with Chi Chi as Eartha Kitt. This was just bad. I mean hell, even boring ass Pearl delivered a decent Big Ang and Violet who was no comedian either, did a serviceable Alyssa. And I mean Ginger's Adele and Kennedy's Little Richard was tops. But the most egregious part for me wasn't even the boring as hell Snatch game but WTAF was that runway? These Queens get Madonna as a theme and half of them come out in some basic as kimono? Really - seriously? The problem with Season 7 is that there weren't many comedians/all around performers, which made many of the main challenges not great. But those bitches could serve some looks on the runway. And I cannot imagine they would have delivered that for a Madonna theme.
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