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  1. I totally agree. I didn't mind the jump to modern tmes, but once Mark Gatiss showed up as Renfield, the whole operation totally went off the rails. Who cares if he has a lawyer? Dracula is questionably a human being, let alone a British citizen. And even if he did have rights, fine, he gets his day in court, not just released on his own recognizance. I think all the prisoners on Guantanamo Bay would like a word. Ugh.
  2. Land grant college was an easy get, but being from upstate NY, Cornell is pretty well known. I'm liking Jason more and more as time goes on. He doesn't have the flash of James, but he is steadily creeping up there as a top champion.
  3. Jen's explanation of how they use charcoal to soak up toxins and that it's binding rather than making you go more was priceless. Bill's face as he's listening to her irrefutable medical facts was hilarious. Yeah, a KOA isn't exactly primitive camping. In a couple of shots you could see that they were basically right across the parking lot from the camp store. Also, the KOA's we've been to tend to be mobbed and the RV's are packed in fairly tightly. They typically have pools and wi-fi and game rooms. Mr. Kathira and I are into more primitive and woodsy tent camping, but since we had our son, we've done more KOA's because they're so kid-friendly.
  4. Yup, Helen would have won if she had been smart and bet 0. Always bet 0 when the other two players have to bet to defend against each other. It was a good game. I biffed FJ, too.
  5. We did the Udvar-Hazy building this summer and loved it. We had been there when it first opened, but they didn't have the full Space Shuttle Discovery display area set up then. Just a great, great trip. I cannot recommend it highly enough, especially if you can go with someone like my husband who is a military history buff. I'm just happy to be able to see Jeopardy at all. We have Direct TV and they have been fighting with the owners of our local channels all summer. Jeopardy is on CBS for me and we got it back just in time. My ABC and CW channels are still blocked. GRRR!!!
  6. I guess I'm not seeing the over-the-topness that people are complaining about. If Will was really overindulged in terms of food and sweets, he would be a lot heavier than he is. Both children seem to be normal weight. I'm sure Jen and Bill are aware of how important it is for them to maintain appropriate weight due to their skeletal displaysia. Also, a second toy when they were on vacation and probably bored being stuck in a hotel room? I don't see that as a problem. I do think there's a fair amount of mugging for the camera but overall the kids do seem better behaved now that they are getting older. My kid got better when he got older too. It's not that unusual.
  7. At first I thought it was Takeshi Kaga, the Chairman from Iron Chef, but it turns out to be a Japanese military guy from the new Godzilla: King of the Monsters trailer. The movie apparently features many of the classic monsters, like Mothra, Rodan and Gidorah and this guy suggests that humans should just let them fight it out.
  8. I figured James would make it over a million tonight, but it was still amazing to see. Claudia and Kevin were both good players and on any other night, either of them could easily have won. FJ was easy-peasy.
  9. I know, right? It feels like one of those finales where the producers didn't know if they would get another season, so they wrapped it up to be satisfying if it did turn out to be the last. Not that I would call leaving fans sobbing and shouting "nooooo" at the television a satisfying ending, but it did feel like a farewell. Magic is back, Alice will run the library, Julia got magic again and is with Penny, and Eliot and Margo are back to save Filory again. Unlike last season, which clearly ended with a set-up for this one, this episode felt very much like a conclusion. I love this show. Sniff.
  10. I said that, too. Definitely the glass armonica. I've heard one played. They're amazing and eerie. Kind of like a cross between a singing saw and a theremin. Jaem's big bets make me nervous, but the runaway games do make FJ less exciting.
  11. I wondered whether or not Alex essentially egged him on to do it, by stopping to explain James's "all in" gesture before the wager. If he hadn't made it up and won anyway, it would sort of been Alex's fault.
  12. I went with James's initial guess of D-Day. I figured that was probably wrong, but couldn't think of anything else.
  13. He does look a bit like an Asian version of Tom Ellis. (Based on articles about him, it seems like his mom is Japanese.)
  14. Not that every smart person has to be making a contribution to society, but him being a professional gambler feels like a waste of his intellect. He doesn't have to be a brain surgeon, but I'll bet (pun intended) that he could do very well on Wall Street.
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