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  1. https://podcasts.google.com/feed/aHR0cHM6Ly9mZWVkcy5zaW1wbGVjYXN0LmNvbS9xZjRYWHJuSQ/episode/NTgzYjJlMjItMmVhYS00OGVlLWJjMTEtNjM0NDRmOGQxOTM1?hl=en&ved=2ahUKEwjpsdfP0MfwAhXVJjQIHQ3ZAtMQjrkEegQIEBAF&ep=6 Here's the entire podcast with Harry.
  2. While I completely agree that, for the most part, Nick is not well written and not a compelling character? For the record, Nick was never just a "driver." He was, as we know now instrumental in the mass murders of USA officials and representatives in the capitol, so involved with TPTB from the beginning never just a driver, that was his cover as a spy, an Eye, spying on Fred and Mayday, and others and reporting to the commander that died (in the bomb blast?) that commander told him he was on the fast track to becoming a commander and something like "keep up the good work a
  3. You are probably right. I did think they were warm and might make good blankets though.
  4. I wonder if that's what looked like wire cages topped with bob wire in the preview of episode 6, VOWS is about? Holy heck, could Canada have already decided not to accept new refugees from Gilead?
  5. That's what happens when you throw away rights with both hands, attack the press, want to bring (your) God back, and to hell with all the other God's heathens believe in, cheer on people attacking protesters, cheer on the abolition of a woman's right to choose, decry feminism, and mock/hate the experts and science, and get all blindly patriotic when terrorists supposedly attack your government, but especially when you put your faith in a relatively few men to create some kind of Utopia. What they thought they were getting (from Serena's books, speeches, and propaganda) was a world where m
  6. That map that we glimpsed earlier in this show showed Texas, most of the south, most of the Canadian border, and most of the west coast in revolt or in the hands of the rebels, along with large swaths of disputed territory bordering them.
  7. Guerilla war is hard to fight. I doubt Gilead wants to nuke them, they have enough nuclear waste to clean up as it is. There is also the economic side of things, poisoning the great lakes won't be good for the east coast either. Economically they are still trying to establish trade, Lawrence's big push that without that Gilead will die. Dropping a nuke on the border with Canada, contaminating Canada as well, is just beyond stupid, and could bring reaction from other countries, and not just economic. So they are fighting with other weapons, and they are stretched thin with sold
  8. You also need to factor in an important question though. What will happen to them if they don't? The wall? The colonies? Neither are very good options. Many people will do whatever it takes to avoid death or torture. Also factor in the religious fanatic true believers who think they are doing it for a Godly country.
  9. I was so moved by that scene, even if it was improbable, things like that can happen, and it was just a joy to see Moira and June together again. June's changed, and not changed. I doubt she will leave Hannah/Agnes to life in that horrible system. She's full on a freedom fighter/revolutionary now, intent on bringing down all the bastards in Gilead, even if she dies trying. If she can't get Hannah out, she will fight to take it all down, and save her that way. She's just far beyond trying to escape herself now, I think last season when she, as bait, lead the Gilead forces away from
  10. https://www.elle.com/culture/movies-tv/a34097322/the-handmaids-tale-season-4-news-date-cast-trailer-spoilers/ Long article with some interviews about spoilers and spoiler speculation for this season of Handmaid's Tale. As usual, much more at link. June’s journey, more than ever before, is about rage. Unsurprisingly, June isn’t able to simply adjust and move on now that she’s (potentially) free from Gilead—even when there’s a pressure for her to do so. “So much of June's journey, especially in the back half of the season, is about a feeling of rage and anger, and about the desir
  11. What are those wire fences (cages?) with the bobbed wire on top? A place to keep refugees? Just the border? I hope someone posts the Israeli promo soon.
  12. Wait, Is Janine Dead After This Week's 'Handmaid's Tale' Episode? Here's What We Know Cosmopolitan Just a very short, including it for the interview with Madeline Brewer, a bit more at link. Much more at link, and yes, I completely missed the hint in the "previously part." Madeline Brewer, who plays Janine, is keeping her lips sealed on this one. She gave an interview about this week's episode and wouldn't say whether Janine was dead or not. “Who is to say whether or not it was a fatal choice? I will not say,” she told TheWrap. “But the fact that Janine made a choice based on just
  13. Season Four of the hit Hulu series finally promises an escape for June. But relief from the show’s grim truths — for her, and for viewers — may be harder to find than it seems Rolling Stone This one is quite political, comparing the USA to Gilead, so skip it if you aren't in the mood for that. It also has several statements from Atwood and Moss. Neither Atwood nor Moss have much use for those criticisms. “Female abuse is a gigantic part of the story, and I think it would be quite cowardly and two-faced to shy away from it,” Moss says. “It’s important to face those stories head-on,
  14. The Handmaid’s Tale explores the razor-thin line between Gilead and Not Gilead AV Club A really thoughtful and interesting review of Chicago. Much more at link of course. There have been several moments over the course of the show where June and Aunt Lydia mirror each other, especially when it comes to their drive. This is one of those moments. Over in Chicago, June is realizing that Leader Steven is way more interested in humping Janine than in actually, you know, resisting. She is desperate to go on missions, help with the trades, figure out how to kill even more people with
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