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  1. OfMathew got Hannah sent away and that sympathetic Martha killed. Of course her tattling turned June against her. She later realized OfMathew was just another victim. She didn't kill Mrs. Lawrence, she killed herself because she knew she was jeopardizing the mission to rescue 86 kids and 9 Martha's. She failed to SAVE her (or try to, it may not have worked) for the same reason Mrs. Lawrence took the pills. It was 95 people or one person, and June made that call. Which was not at all an easy choice, save one or save nearly 100?
  2. As I said, they can still introduce the pedophile murderer as Hannah's intended husband, but not make him Lydia's only confederate conspirator as Lawrence is. Lydia had more than one, they could BOTH be. However, I think Lawrence, for show purposed, would be much more interesting/effective as the main guy. It changes NOTHING of importance in the story. At all.
  3. Hannah had no idea the guy was murdering his wives, did she? Lydia knew, but Hannah just thought he was old and icky, and she was terrified of sex from the school and from her abuse.
  4. and that terrified her FLDS girls are raised in that same kind of world, and many of them try to escape when that is about to happen as well.
  5. Oh I think there are plenty of other reasons a 14 year old doesn't want to be married to a stranger. That said, having Lawrence be Lydia's main contact wouldn't prevent a murdering pedophile from also being on screen, and chosen for Hannah.
  6. No, they aren't. Handmaids are only assigned to Commanders who DO have infertile wives as well. If they have tried for a child for a long time, and failed, they are given a handmaid. It's not a wedding gift, it's only AFTER their own wife cannot conceive. Also, the show aged down many of the wives of the original story, most of whom were well beyond child bearing years.
  7. I think so. For example, the tenderness shown to Janine, and frankly, never killing June, I think it's because she does see June as a natural foe/leader and is seeing if she can use that for her ultimate goal of getting even with and destroying all those who set up Gilead. More though? We saw the whole blackmail thing happening already, with Commander Lawrence. The secrets Lydia collects are her main power, and now she's actually used some to survive. I think Lawrence may replace the murdering pedophile in the book, which would be an acceptable change to me.
  8. I disagree that June's action are not war. I vehemently disagree that June's actions have not been effective. I completely disagree that June is responsible for people who were killed by Gilead. This is guerilla war, it's happening all over Gilead. June is a small piece of that, an inspirational piece to those still imprisoned, to be sure, but still a small but rather flashy piece of the war on Gilead. Honestly, it was Emily who buoyed her up when she was wondering what to do. Emily is a huge force, and I don't think she's done yet. She didn't tell June what to do or how to feel
  9. They ALL had their revenge, or as I prefer to see it, their JUSTICE. They forced the man who helped devise and maintain Gilead justice to die by the same sword he helped create. Had they let Gilead kill him? It would have been a quiet private hanging, sending no message of hope to those still trapped in Gilead, or fighting in the various wars all over Gilead. They sent a message, a huge message, to all those who have lost hope, especially to those still trapped in Gilead. Word will get around, about his death, about the poisoning deaths. That kind of thing is powerful, the le
  10. Not at all. People make choices based on what they are able to do. Moira helped many refugees adjust to life out of Gilead, helped them get medical cards, and housing. Where I think she overstepped was thinking she was qualified to lead group therapy, and instead of letting people talk, tell their truths, she clamped down on that and instead tried to force HER truths on them. They were not ready, which is why they responded to June. Most people do not fight in wars, they stay home and stay safe. However, some MUST fight, or horrendous regimes, like Hitler's, or Gilead's
  11. Who was called weak or selfish, and by whom?
  12. I agree. Remember that other group of Commanders that was poisoned by June as well. She's taking out the leaders of Gilead. Warring forces, rebels, Mayday are taking out troops and wasting Gilead resources all over the country as well. This is a multi-pronged attack that has been going on for years, ever since the coup that murdered the congressional, judicial, and executive branch of the US government, eliminated the constitution, and subjugated all women (and others.) June's done a couple of remarkable things, but none have been out of the blue, her experiences helped prepare he
  13. Maybe. So you think they should all just give up, write off all the stolen children, and subjugated slaves still being beaten and raped and not allowed to read, their daughters old enough to be married off to whomever, and just be happy they escaped? OK then.
  14. That they executed a Commander, using the same methods that Commander helped initiate in Gilead, and they didn't do it because he betrayed Gilead, but because he's a war criminal. Oh, and by the way, we also executed a bunch of Commanders at one of your Jezebel clubs. The message? Keep it up dudes, and you will be next. ETA Oh, and guess what boys? WOMEN did that, watch your backs.
  15. You fight with what you have. You don't think that sent a message to Gilead?
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