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  1. Umbelina

    House Stark: Winter Is Coming

    Ned didn't give him a chance to talk. "You deserted, therefore, off with your head!" I honestly don't remember if he told about the white walkers, I read it years ago...so, I'll accept your word on it. Still, OBVIOUSLY that is why is was scared, and had he been allowed to gather his thoughts and explain his terror, it would have gone there. Even so, that doesn't explain away his endless "duh" nativity in Kings Landing, where every single step he makes is that of an incredibly dull imbecile. In spite of the warnings he gets, he's simple minded over and over again. Detailing it all would require me to read it again though, and was was annoyed enough the first time. "Honor" doesn't require stupidity and blindness to what is happening around him. He walked into a viper pit with a jaunty "dum de dum dum dum" tune on his lips. No, I didn't find it believable.
  2. Umbelina

    S02.E06: The Bad Mother

    9 year old boys in Monterey are in school for 7 hours a day, sleep 9-10 hours a night (*sometimes more) and are eating or dressing for at least another hour of the day. She's have them while awake, otherwise unoccupied for about 5 or 6 hours a day, could easily also hire a nanny, since they have always had one. Add in bath times and homework, she's got maybe 3-5 "empty" hours with them, except on weekends. Less than that if she signs them up for a sport or two, or decides on music lessons, cub scouts. It's not ideal, but it could certainly work, she doesn't seem feeble. There are also movies, TV, video games, play dates, heck they are old enough to have chores now as well. I don't think any of that will happen anyway, but if the courts really believe the kids are in danger? It could. (they won't.) She lives on a freakin' beach, let them run around there while she reads a book.
  3. Umbelina


    I just started watching because I found season 1 and 2 in a local thrift store last week, $4 each, not a bad deal! I didn't think I'd enjoy this show, but I'd heard about it and thought "why not?" Anyway, in the DVD commentary on a season one episode (could be the finale, not sure) the producers/writers talk about the voice overs, and I liked what they said. They all agreed they tried very hard to not have voice overs advance plot lines in an exposition way, and they hated that in shows. They said, with Dexter, who really has absolutely no one to share his real feelings (or lack of feelings rather) or true self/thinking with, voice overs had to do that. It was the only possible way to know what the characters was thinking. Anyway, went ahead and ordered the rest of the seasons, should be here in a week. Sad about the ending being disappointing to so many...but hey, most series endings are, so I'm kind of used to it. Finding a great series ending is like finding a unicorn. Or, you know, a Vince Gilligan.
  4. Umbelina

    S02.E05: Kill Me

    Pretty sure most of those are the Malibu Ocean, unless it's an opening credits shot or a special shot filmed in Monterey County. None of them look like Green Screen to me, and I don't think they'd need to do that anyway, since they are filming by the ocean anyway. Maybe on a reshoot to match cloud patterns for a certain scene.
  5. Why did we never see Fred even react to learning that Nick fathered June's baby? This control freak who thought of June as his property would have gone ballistic that she'd even had sex with another man. Then his WIFE tells him (so she knows, and has been lying to him for a very long time) and he, doesn't react to finding out she KNEW? That's he's basically the laughingstock of his house?
  6. Umbelina

    Mad Men

    Could be. I thought it was true. There were a LOT of "used to be nobility" around that time, monarchy was on the way out pretty much everywhere...except of course the UK, held together by a thread and QEII. A count was relatively minor anyway, there were former Kings around without a country to rule anymore.
  7. Umbelina

    Spoilers For the Hulu Show

    Oh God. It's true. It's time to flush this show, past time really.
  8. Umbelina

    S03.E08: Unfit

    Lots of good reviews out there about how this season, and this show is tanking. Yeah, I seriously doubt Aunt Lydia is divorced, or she'd be shoveling radioactive waste, or long dead from that. Also? I don't care, I'm sick of the endless focus on the oppressors, when we don't even know how Gilead works, after all this time, not a clue.
  9. Umbelina

    Mad Men

    I would watch a show about those people too, I still remember most of them, which is remarkable really, since they were a blip in a very long show. Someone needs to do that.
  10. Umbelina

    Mad Men

    I completely agree that's how they would see Pete. Don does fit in with them though, he has charm, incredible looks, and a "different" take on morality, style, secrets and the accompanying sense of mystery, and most of all, he wasn't trying, at heart he's also something of an artist himself, as well as someone who plays on what others need. Don certainly saw them as "empty" and their lives hollow or maybe more like their lives are based on illusions, not solid ground. Which? They were, but then again, they were living pretty good lives, in contrast to, for example, the place Don grew up, or hardscrabble farmers, coal miners, janitors. In many ways Don would have fit right in, and probably have done well, via introductions, and left them for something more solid later. Don though, was the very definition of an American Capitalist who was succeeding, earning it on his own meant something to him, he needed that hidden money, the bank accounts, the Caddy, all of it, to feel worthy. In the final season though, what does he end up doing? In a way, a poor man's version of that life, no possessions, drifting, staying here or there, with his friend, or with the car racing crew. Until money, fame, power, and creativity lead him back to the rat race...
  11. Umbelina

    The Eyes: News and Media

    We've been discussing some stuff in the Plot Holes thread here, but I'm going to put a couple of these here. Book spoilers about race only in some of these. There is significant media backlash about the obnoxious ways they are dealing with race on this show, and in this funny/astute podcast, they address many of these, including religious and homosexual issues, agism issues, and how horribly June is being written as well. I'm loving this podcast, and will listen to more, because I'm also laughing out loud while they make excellent points. https://podcasts.google.com/?feed=aHR0cDovL3ZlZ2Fud2FycmlvcnByaW5jZXNzZXNhdHRhY2suY29tL2ZlZWQvcG9kY2FzdC8&episode=aHR0cDovL3ZlZ2Fud2FycmlvcnByaW5jZXNzZXNhdHRhY2suY29tLz9wPTM0MTY&at=1563494819866 Although mainstream media has also published several things about this, I'll also share this guy's wonderful article. https://medium.com/@maxgordon19/a-little-respect-just-a-little-bit-on-white-feminism-and-how-the-handmaids-tale-is-being-f954c3d8f50e Also, credit where it's due, I didn't love the two that run this podcast but their guest was fantastic, and she brought up so many great points. In addition, at the bottom of this video are several good links (from Vox, to an interview with Miller boasting how he would fix the racism issues in season two, to the above two links, and I'm still going here.)
  12. From links at the bottom of the above interview. This is just a sample, there are more. By the way, I adored the guest on that show, the two others? Not so much. I liked so much of what she said, for example, the perspective that as a black child, you learn early on to cooperate with police, as partially motivation for Natalie's snitching, that wasn't address, and especially that Bruce Miller CAN NOT FIX THIS and has too much of an ego to hire people who could...(see the video a year ago with him about this here: https://tv.avclub.com/the-handmaid-s-tale-showrunner-bruce-miller-says-theyre-1825535699) 'The Handmaid's Tale' Still Hasn't Fixed Its Race Problem And probably never will A must read: Another article by the same writer: Respect, Just a Little Bit: On White Feminism and How “The Handmaid’s Tale” is Being Weaponized Against Women of Color We need to invite him here! He also recommends the podcasts of Vegan Warrior Princesses Attack! So I'm linking one here: https://podcasts.google.com/?feed=aHR0cDovL3ZlZ2Fud2FycmlvcnByaW5jZXNzZXNhdHRhY2suY29tL2ZlZWQvcG9kY2FzdC8&episode=aHR0cDovL3ZlZ2Fud2FycmlvcnByaW5jZXNzZXNhdHRhY2suY29tLz9wPTM0MTY&at=1563494819866 They talk about many problems in the show, religion, age, race, and the way they're portraying homosexuals. ETA These women are great by the way, I'm still listening and now they are going to town on how ridiculous June's character is being written, and I'm (literally) laughing out loud in places. Like now. Ha!
  13. It starts off poorly, "June blames OfMathew, another lady of color on the show, for NO REASON." Umm, hello? She was a snitch and her snitching directly led to that Martha, Francis, being hung. Maybe it will get better as it goes along... Right now it feels like two oblivious white chicks who brought in a black chick to balance out their ignoring race issues on this show for so long. Either way, obviously this issue, long ignored, is now exploding in the face of the white male "colorblind" showrunner trying to write about women and people of color. Which? Is good. ETA The guest commentator is fabulous so far. Which almost is making up for the other two.
  14. Seriously! What the hell was that? Also, by the way, it wasn't just Gilead that was colorblind, apparently the entire USA was as well, before Gilead took over. It was a great role, a meaty role that she really nailed. I think most up and coming actresses of any color would have loved to play this part. Most of the stuff we learned about Eden came after her death though. Her family visited and there was that whole horrible scene with her dad, and then June found her bible while packing up her things, and she and Serena saw that Eden was reading and writing both (obviously against the rules) and was very devout. Those were the scenes, as I recall that fleshed her out more, and she was already dead. We didn't really get to see her love affair with that guardian either, frankly, I mostly remember that she liked the color yellow, and was raised on a farm. She wasn't fleshed out either, which was especially odd in the love affair part, since she ends up dead from that, and all we saw was a chaste kiss, and him complimenting her a few times. I do hope we see more of Natalie's story, which, with this damn show's love of flashbacks is certainly possible. Aunt Lydia or another handmaid who knew her back in training or something, hopefully with Ashleigh LaThrop actually appearing in scenes, rather than, as with Eden, people just talking about her. After all, Natalie now has several babies out there, so she was handmaid to some of Serena's friends...there are ways. Either way, she did a great job, and hopefully more work will come for her. ETA Thanks for the "book talk" tag @Cranberry! I'd remove my previous spoiler tags if I had the slightest clue how to do that.
  15. Thanks for this thread! I'm sorry the other one is gone. What do you think about tagging it "book talk" so we don't have to spoiler tag the issues of race as being handled by these writers?