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  1. Overall, I liked all three seasons, including this one. I "got" why Julian gave them the tea. That part was well explained, in bits and pieces, but done. They were lying to him. Lies split the soul. When you die, the soul heals and you come back. He basically had no idea what death is, was never shown or taught, and as said above, the Jimson weed wasn't fully understood by him either. From what he'd been told? He was saving their souls. BUT Those men from the town coming to "enjoy" Mosswood. Not members, but obviously anxious to participate. WTF? Just leave that dangling? The one thing I really want to know is about the town's involvement with the cult, it's implied freedom to rape and even kill "the partner" but that seemed to be for the indoctrinated, not tourists. As for the doctor's suicide? He's the Mosswood doc. Obviously he's seen and participated in a LOT, rapes, deaths, beatings, abortions, God knows what else. I think he offed himself because he enabled a lot of what went on there, and hushed it up. He may have even enjoyed some of the same bennies that those strange men visiting were expecting to. So basically, I want to know about the town and Mosswood, as well as more about what perverted crap went on there before Vera took over.
  2. They still are. At least it's no longer in person.
  3. Pretty much sums up to be she's half black, divorced, and "not one of us dear."
  4. Interesting, 9 extra inches in height helped, (probably 14 extra inches when you count those boots!) and this one didn't have the bizarre extra ruching right in a row at the waist, it's more random throughout on the red one. I think the bare shoulders, and huge combat boots helped this odd dress, which? In motion actually looked kind of fun to wear with those random kicks and swings. Different body types, colors, styling, and attitudes. I didn't HATE the red one, but I think it's because the actress (in the video at least) had so much fun with it. Then again, if Nicola tried those high side kicks in the yellow dress I think she's just look even more like a bell, only this one ringing.
  5. I don't think he said he wanted privacy. He wanted to avoid the intrusive and racist harassment of the press following them everywhere and making up lies. That doesn't mean he plans to never engage, although the pandemic has switched "normal" up by quite a lot.
  6. Yeah, I've been thinking an awful lot about that and other things from the show. Atwood was/is amazing.
  7. It looks good!
  8. It's hard to imagine that dress looking good on anyone. Maybe if you were 6'2, weighed 110, and it had a drop to the butt back, and definitely, no black sweater. Even then though? I doubt it.
  9. There were some pretty strange outfits, usual for the Golden Globes though. "Fat girl" is unbelievably nasty. Still, I don't like this combination: It's more the dress than the sweater, but together? Not great. That said, I don't really like what some considered "the best" either. (Emma from The Crown for example.) I don't think this dress suits her at all, the extra gatherings of volume at the waist, or the black sweater. No need for nastiness about weight though. She looks like a giant Christmas bell ornament. ETA, anyone would. ETA again. It's kind of funny that it's yellow, when Penelope complains so much about her mother choosing yellow dresses for her.
  10. I don't know, I watched the Streep version after everyone was talking about it here, but I actually preferred Gillian's. That is what Thatcher sounded like, and she did well with the emotional stuff (son/daughter/getting ousted) I love the Emma won too, she nailed that role.
  11. This is funny, Harry also talks about The Crown here.
  12. Both Emma and Josh deserved it! I'm very happy for them! Gillian Anderson was great too, but I thought it was a long shot for her to win.
  13. I have wondered if Mr. F had willed the house to Marina's father, so he is the one who will "inherit." It seemed Mr. F owed him money, so it could work. Other than that, I'm trying to think of someone who would fit in with future stories being moved closer to the Bridgetons. Any ideas?
  14. I followed up by watching the final two episodes last night, again, this time, just watching for Pen, Marina, and/or Colin scenes. I won't do another "in depth, scene by scene" thing, just the most important parts. The main and most important thing I noticed is that Colin didn't believe Marina was pregnant or was lying to him. At all. It basically took his family KNOWING (through Whistledown's column) to keep him from going through with the elopement. What this said to me was that, no, Pen or Eloise telling him anything would have been completely ineffective. Basically, that Pen guessed correctly, "it took a village" to stop him. Daphne shows up to save the family's reputation with her new status as Duchess. That all works well, and she's kind to all, Colin, Marina, even the Featheringtons by the finale, inviting them to the dance. She also arranges to "find George Crane" for Marina (another option never considered by the way.) Anyway, the important scene is of course when Daphne arranges for Colin to see Marina with Daphne as chaperone, to hopefully avoid further scandal. Colin starts out telling Marina that what LW wrote cannot be true. Marina admits it is true. Colin takes a step back, shocked. "I do not understand, we were to be wed, you said you loved me." Marina: "Colin, I hold you in the greatest esteem." Colin: "Esteem? You are a cruel woman indeed to stand here and talk of friendly affection, as if you have not just committed a great sin against me." Marina: "Speak not of sin, Mr. Bridgerton. I did not come here to be shamed by you, nor anyone else. I did not know better. You may think me a villain, but I did what I thought I must. No one ever truly helped me, or guided me in a different direction. I had no choice. I needed to wed. And you, you were the only man who offered me even a glimpse of happiness." Colin: "So I should feel flattered then? Consider myself lucky that you chose me, lied to me, tried to trick me into a fraud of a marriage? I shall take my leave of you for the last time, Miss Thompson." (starts to leave, comes back) "You wish to know the cruelest part of your deception? If you had simply come to me and told me of your situation...I would have married you without a second thought. That is how in love I believed myself to be. But I see now that was all a lie." (he leaves) Daphne approaches Marina, concerned. Marina: "I believe I would like to return home now. After all, we don't want another scandal attached to your family name." Marina leaves. Just one more scene when Daphne, being kind and concerned towards Daphne, tells her she will work to find George, through her connections. Daphne arrives at the F's and asks to speak to Marina alone. Marina: "For what it is worth I am sorry, your brother is a sweet boy." Daphne says no need, she came to apologize to Marina. She says she understands. Marina says "I wish it had not happened this way." Marina smiles when talks about George, then reflective, talks about finding herself pregnant and alone. Daphne says George is at fault and hatched the find George plan. (actually not much reaction from Marina, perhaps hope, but nothing I could use judge her mood at the idea of having George back.) Anyway, mostly I just included this, to me, important follow up to Swish to show that, no, I seriously doubt a marriage to Colin, based on such lies, and manipulation, would have ever been a happy one, certainly not for him, his hurt at this much of a betrayal is extreme, imagine actually going through with it, and finding out later how long he was lied to, and that he was merely used. His "love" all a sham? Dealing with the gossip and rumors when a child is born 4 or 5 months after his elopement, just all of it. The other reason I include it, is that I think it does show that Eloise or Pen just telling Colin this would never have worked. He didn't even believe it with the whole family, indeed the whole town knowing. He didn't believe it until Marina admitted it. The ONLY reason he wasn't married is that his FAMILY believed it, and stopped him from even leaving the house. Last episode Anthony implied Colin was a virgin, I didn't quite get that until now, saying he should have taken him someplace (a brothel maybe?) So, to me, this shows more of a romantic/lust/love delusion he was having. I find it especially sad for him, and for Marina, that had she chosen honesty? I believe he would have married her, and both might have had a chance at future happiness, even though all of Marina's love and passion was for George.
  15. https://allsoulstrilogy.fandom.com/wiki/Ysabeau_de_Clermont Ysabeau and her relation to these books/series, for anyone who hasn't read the books and is curious. She's a huge part of everything that happens/has happened that lead to all of it. Obviously, spoilers involved, though I doubt the show will follow the books with her character, they really haven't yet.
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