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  1. Personally, I don't want a monarchy at all, but if there is one, I definitely don't want King Charles and Queen Camilla. I hope they all didn't wait too long to stop meeting crowds and shaking hands though.
  2. Prince Charles tests positive for the Corona virus. This is rather bizarre, since I've been doing a lot of speculating in the History Thread here that the public might have a very hard time accepting him as King, and especially Camilla as Queen, but they would probably welcome William and Kate. (It was with general speculation about whether or not the Monarchy would continue after the remarkable QEII dies.) Prince Charles, the Queen's son and the first in line to the British throne, has tested positive for coronavirus and is now self-isolating in Scotland. It goes on of course. It was, IMO, foolish to keep having their regular schedule for so long.
  3. I read that was an eagle, an African eagle of some kind.
  4. I just watched this again last night (starting the series over to wipe season 3 from my mind and remember when I loved this show.) Damn this was a great episode! Every actor really brought it, and the scenes were moving and so well put together. I really loved it. The ending, with Eileen Atkins as Queen Mary, and those old bones dropping into that slow, deep curtsy? Oh my, just genius on her face and on Claire Foy's face. Claire Foy can keep her outward face controlled and still, while still giving us SO much information, expression, feeling. SO GOOD. I really need to find more Claire Foy projects, she's becoming a secret favorite of mine. This episode from start to finish was so excellent, from Phillip staring down that elephant to Elizabeth happily and casually interacting with guests at her party, to coming to her husband in bed dressed in his shirt? The African actors were also outstanding thoughout, and brought so much, including the feel of actually being there, when that King came out as her car drove away? Wow. Claire's face again then, subtle, but that moment driving home her new responsibilities? The scenes with the King, all of them? Again such outstanding acting and writing, so touching. Margaret flitting around flirting, her devotion to her dad, and that scene where her knees collapse are also standouts. Of course each scene with Pip Torrens as Tommy Lascelles just raves for all of those! The scene where Harry Hadden-Paton as Martin Charteris finds out the King is dead and rushes to tell Elizabeth, and all of the supporting actors in those scenes also shone. I miss him being on screen. Honestly, I could just keep going here. In retrospect, I think this episode is my all time favorite of the entire series. ETA, OK, I HAVE to add Churchill and that cabinet for kudos, and that incredible speech, playing over the scenes? Wow.
  5. Can The Crown Be Fixed Before It Ends? Netflix’s lavish royals series has just two more seasons to get back on course. Warning, real life events the show skipped are mentioned in this article. more at link of course.
  6. William's wife was wonderful, even though Betty hated her, she was actually caring for Gene, and about him William just wanted Gene in a home, and yes, he definitely wanted that house for himself. He treated Gene with contempt really. He probably had good reasons for disliking his father both before and after his illness, but we never saw them. Don saw how upset his pregnant wife was, and saw that William was taking advantage of her, and personally couldn't stand him either, so he threw them all out, after taking control and solving it, which included allowing Gene to live with them, keep the car, and not "give" his house to William. Betty was going out for KFC I think, to feed everyone, and Don stopped that as well. I really liked William's wife though, she was kind to Gene, and to Betty. Betty treated her like shit.
  7. It's strange. The article says they don't know WHO actually owns the places that had slides after the flood/storm that hit that valley in the preceding days. The coal authority says they own 11 (I think) but none of those had slides. How difficult could it possibly be to find out who owns them? Here, it's a simple request made at City/County offices to find something like that out. I assume GB has the same kind of set up to keep track of who owns what property. Either the newspaper didn't do due diligence or there is something very fishy. Probably the first, but still? Odd.
  8. WOW. More here, with interviews, and apparently these coal tips are still all over the valley. https://www.itv.com/news/wales/2020-02-17/rhondda-residents-call-for-immediate-inspections-after-mountains-hit-by-landslides/ Several interviews on this site.
  9. Yes, it seems obvious to me that the writers/showrunners have decided they are monarchists after all. The story they seem to want to tell is what a great guy Charles is, and how he's suffered, and earned his spot as King. So they played up the "great love" of Camilla being stolen from him, and Diana will probably be completely raked over the coals to pump up Charles. They've already managed to smear the Queen to prop up Charles, she's so cold she can't even cry at multiple dead children, she hates her son so much she won't even praise him for Wales, she has one expression, almost never smiles, and ruined Charles' life, along with Uncle Mountbatten and the suddenly nasty Queen Mother! (articles cited above and elsewhere mention that the showrunner has decided the monarchy is a good thing after all) Anyway, in my opinion of course, the show suffered. I think skipping over the royal wedding of Anne, AND her kidnapping (and beyond spunky response) was a huge error. Instead we got "star vehicles" for the "star cast" including that boring as fuck episode for Tobias Menzies, just to give him significant air time. He needed "HIS episodes!" I also think fast-forwarding Margaret's long term love affair all the way to 1976 or whatever it was when the photos were released and cause a scandal was simply catering to the CAST instead of story. HBC is a big star, she needed HER episodes! Ditto Charles Dance and that boring episode that did give him his "star moment" and also allowed him to ruin "poor" Charles' life. For me, this season really fell apart, and it's because the agenda of the writer/showrunner is whack. He's forcing story instead of telling it, or letting it unfold, and the catering to the "big names" was sickening. ETA I am in no way blaming the actors, these were, I suspect, entirely showrunner decisions.
  10. Earlier she had said: “It was all so infuriating; I kept saying I didn’t want to get out of the car, and I was not going to get out of the car. I nearly lost my temper with him, but I knew that if I did, I should hit him and he would shoot me.” https://flashbak.com/the-murderous-attempt-to-kidnap-british-princess-anne-in-1974-1756/
  11. Ha! Well, she IS his daughter, and I imagine he would insert himself into every bit of it, not to mention the impact it could have on the husband and wife as they coped/heard. Odd that they skipped that. SO much potential for all kinds of character interactions.
  12. Speaking of Anne, her son just announced he is getting divorced. Perhaps this will be the second of Queen Elizabeth's “annus horribilis.” It hasn't been a very good year for the monarchy. ETA Beatrice is about to be married as well, no grand Abby wedding for her with Andrew walking her down the aisle. So a "private wedding" with a grand party at Buckingham palace to follow. I wonder if it would have been a bigger wedding if Andrew wasn't having sex with kids?
  13. I was just chatting with a friend of mine that lives a couple of miles from Harry and Meagan's new place. He saw them a few times when they were last visiting, people left them alone, and they seemed very much at peace, loving the forest and sea. Anyway, he worked quite a bit with AIDS/HIV (can't say much more or he'd be identifiable.) He just told me that he used to see Harry's mom, Diana, all the time, at a place called Lighthouse Palliative Care Centre for those dying of HIV/AIDS, to quote him directly, "no press just Diana holding somebody’s hand." For various reasons it's likely they will meet up at some point during recreational activities, so I may get a little insider "gossip" but right now, all I have is that most there are pleased they have decided to share their spot of heaven on earth, and wishing them well.
  14. This decision would have made me so sad last year. After season 3 though? Meh, I honestly don't care. In general I thought it was a hot mess, and the cast change a gimmick and a failure.
  15. How Is It Possible That the Prince Andrew Scandal Has Gotten More Complicated? A full article about that very question! Also, this: The Queen and Prince Charles Are Reportedly Still Having Prince Andrew Crisis Talks I wonder if they REALLY thought Andrew could still be a working royal at anytime at all now. Do they have that much hubris?
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