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  1. Lipslut is making a RBG shade. Jill wouldn’t understand.
  2. SeamusOreilly

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    Truth! I read to my oldest in utero and every day. She is extremely delayed. My youngest, only 18 months younger, was basically was on survival mode because my daughter was so challenging and and he was as easy and mellow as it gets. He was reading at an extremely young age and excels beyond his years in every subject. 🤷🏻‍♀️It’s a crap shoot!
  3. SeamusOreilly

    MAFS Social Media, Spoilers & Speculation

    This ☝🏼. Is it me, or does she look significantly better than she was in the previous episodes?
  4. SeamusOreilly

    The Duggalos: Jinger and the Holy Goalie

    I have human children and I feel this way about my dogs sometimes.
  5. SeamusOreilly

    Tracie & Clint: Bless Yer Hearts

    Toodles here ya go!
  6. SeamusOreilly

    Andrea & Lamar: These Arm(ed Robber)s of Mine

    Did anyone else think it sounded like she was having multiple orgasms when he was walking out of jail and they hugged? Or was that just me? (Runs and hides head in freezer like conditions outside.)
  7. SeamusOreilly

    Scott & Lizzie: Trick or Treat

    When I see ‘Makeover Scott’, all I think of is Scabbers from Harry Potter.
  8. SeamusOreilly

    Megan & Michael & Sarah: Three's Company

    Three Ingredient Dunkaroo Dip, First wives club cocktails, three layer lasagna... All I could think when she was putting her bi linguistic talent on display was Did she drink that water in Flint? (I know that’s awful but I live 10 miles from them and put my time in passing out water to the unfortunate residents). So seriously did she drink the water, or did the years of water toxicity give him Wonder Dick that has powers far beyond our mortal comprehension?
  9. SeamusOreilly

    Tracie & Clint: Bless Yer Hearts

    Sherley he can't be serious! But as a great man once said, meth is a hell of a drug.
  10. SeamusOreilly

    Scott & Lizzie: Trick or Treat

    This post is slightly off topic, but Drogo if you'll allow... Anyone ever walk into a party expecting not to know a soul, but realize you know everyone and they're awesome? I just took the plunge with this $hit show, and I open the link and damned if I don't see Drogo, coach wristlet, cooks delight, pity free, neuro chick, vintage... The list is long apologize if I've left you out, hello Duggar Snark fans, it's Seamus!
  11. SeamusOreilly

    S06.E13 & E14: Tell-All

    Islandgal140, you are a specimen! I’m ‘bigly’ crying reading your post! Bravo!
  12. SeamusOreilly

    S08.E01: First Comes Marriage, Then Comes Love

    Blessed be the fruit!