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  1. Goddamn...the last 10 minutes of that episode...I absolutely have not been that tense watching a TV show since Ozymandias. Ozymandias you knew was going to be insane because of the cliffhanger the previous episode, and that one didn't let up for damn near the entire show. This one was unexpected, and focused on the end. But, the same level of tension, which I never really expected another show to do. What incredible acting from all three in that scene. I need to take some deep breaths, maybe have a strong drink, and go to sleep, lol.
  2. Damn, I really trying to think if I’ve ever been so unprepared for an episode of TV, ever. I don’t think so. WOW.
  3. But wasn’t Amy (briefly) already a presidential campaign manager for Selina? How could being one for Jonah be any kind of upgrade? Especially with Selina actually doing kind of well lately, if in fits and starts (with her pulling off the campaign announcement and winning the debate)? She just seemed so excited that she even temporarily forgot how much pain she was in, Dan seemed psyched too, and I just don’t understand, lol. On another note, I truly hope Richard quitting both campaigns doesn’t mean we’re going to see less of him!
  4. Did I miss something? (Easily might have since I watched on my phone on the train this morning...) Why is Amy so super-excited to go work for Jonah? Why is she even available to work for Jonah?
  5. Funniest quote to me... ;) JESUS!!! Not the most erudite, but I seriously, honestly laugh to myself just thinking about it.
  6. I do think the introduction of a black, female president of MACUSA is a new/recent element that is problematic within US history. I do think some of what Rowling has tried to say in the years since the release of the books and the original movies about Hogwarts and the magical world has been new information that in some cases is difficult to deal with. I completely agree that in fantasy like Harry Potter, that is meant to take place in our world/with our history, there is always some suspension of disbelief required and some things aren’t going to make real-world sense. I just feel there’
  7. Okay. Sort of. But my question is, not what were all the so not-prejudiced white people doing "not interfering" throughout American and European history (at least) -- what in the actual, living hell are the BLACK WIZARDS AND WITCHES DOING. (And any other minority group.) I mean, am I just supposed to accept that throughout the magical community in the U.S., they are so completely, thoroughly, utterly isolated, that they can become the magical president by the time of FB1, but never thought to lift a finger to help their "No-Mag" brothers and sisters. Really? The MUGGLE-BORN black wizards
  8. I very rarely catch episodes of the original show on the one channel that airs them (that I always forget), but the last two I remember seeing were a Christmas episode where the gang decides not to buy gifts for each other, they all lie and do, and hilarity ensues, and one where Frank is introducing Murphy to a new girlfriend he might be serious about. The major political themes have always been part of the show, yes, but they were never front and center for every single episode. There were entire episodes where the politics were limited to quick asides and throw-away jokes (in maybe the Frank
  9. Dear lord, I’m just watching that episode now, and made a BEELINE here because of this. There’s no way he’s 22, right? Like...NO WAY IN HELL. I would have thought he was lying if he said he was 42. How can any 22 year old have a FACE like that? Or hair? Or glasses? Or clothes? Impossible! Ok, now, I’ll pay attention to the case, and read the other comments, lol. Geezus!
  10. The Hallmark Channel is the king of this for me...hours of Golden Girls, Frasier, and Cheers around the time I'm going to sleep and well into the night. Wake up the next morning and it's I Love Lucy. It's big for me not to wake up to some obnxious informercial or game show (hello Baggage!), whether I sleep through until morning or get up a some point in the middle of the night. I don't really watch Lucy, but it doesn't have me lunging for the remote as soon as I am alert, lol.
  11. Is TNT still showing L&O? For the last few weeks, it hasn’t been on the times I usually watch - 5 & 6 AM Mon-Fri, mornings until maybe noon or 1 on Saturday and Sunday. I miss it!
  12. Good for Viola! (And Ava Duvernay.) https://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/us_5b99196ce4b0162f4732d131 The Help INFURIATED me. What foolish, insulting, history-rewriting schlock. Never begrudged Viola or Octavia any success they had or leveraged from it, of course. But it’s good to hear her say this. Here’s to POCs (especially WOCs) not being limited to these kind of roles, for real.
  13. I saw this episode of Golden Girls over the weekend...if I’ve seen it before I’ve forgotten, and was struck by how completely obvious it is from about the 1:10 mark on that Bea Arthur and Rue Mc have just lost it laughing. Kudos to Betty White though, she plays it straight long enough to let them get back on track for the scene. Hilarious!
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