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  1. In the episode where Charmaine visits and Blanche thinks she inspired the book, Dorothy tells the story of a fight as a child with her sister, Gloria: Dorothy bit Gloria, and Sophia says that Gloria is the one who needed the rabies shot... But why would Dorothy have rabies that she could pass to her sister??
  2. Actually that could work I think. In season 1 rose is 55, means she was born in 1930 and graduated (or not) in 1948, giving Hitler 3 years to get to St Olaf and change his name. However the nefarious plot only makes sense before the war.
  3. The episode where Rose and Miles get together after meeting at dancing and she goes to his party with the other college professors. When he tells her that he's a college professor she's surprised, and he says "What did you think I meant when I said I taught Hemingway?" And she says "I thought you were old". I like the joke but it doesn't make sense really. Miles would have said "I'm Miles, I teach Hemingway", which spoils the joke because there's no way to misunderstand it...
  4. The episode when Clayton comes out, and Blanche finds him in the gay bar. But that bar was visited before even by Blanche herself. Why she would think a bar playing sports on TV is a gay bar also puzzles me...
  5. We don't know she didn't contribute. I actually think that only Blanche should have paid as only she owns the house, until they all own part of it later down the line.
  6. Look what you've done! You've upset Kim Fing Toi is one of my favourite moments ever on the GG. It's excellent Dorothy sarcasm (maybe about how stupid the others are who didn't "spot" she isn't Korean).
  7. The episode where Rose gets Baby the pig, she says her uncle died leaving her his baby. Her uncle (Hinglblotter) must be at least 70-something, and no-one queries how he has a young baby, or where the mother is in all this?
  8. Blanche was extremely pleased when she thought she turned a guy when she thought she was in a gay bar with Clayton... The same bar she has been to a number of times ...
  9. Watching the episode where Virginia asks Blanche for a kidney, and it made me think that Blanche doesn't get on with her sisters or her kids. It seems to me she was not very good at maintaining relationships. She does get on well with her brother Clayton though, though at first her reaction to his coming out could have seriously damaged their relationship. And at the end of the episode she says she and Virginia are now good friends again, she finally has a sister.... but next time we see Virginia at Big Daddy's funeral she's so angry with Blanche. Weird.
  10. For the first time in ages the Girls are on the TV here in the UK. Although I have it all on DVD, it's still nice seeing them getting the recognition they deserve.
  11. She also once says they don't believe in therapy/psychology in St Olaf, but works extra to help the people at the counselling centre where she works, even after being fired.
  12. It was ok-ish until the cringeworthy end when St Olivia said, You know what happens when your house burns down? You get a clear view of the sky. Cringe. Not if you burn with it you don't. And if you're outside already then you have a clear view of the sky and don't need your house to burn....
  13. What are your other 2? I think it's weird Rose notified the wife with nothing more to go on than a name and number from a phone book. After all a man cheating would probably use a fake name. Still, if she didn't there would be no plot...
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