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  1. The episode where Rose gets Baby the pig, she says her uncle died leaving her his baby. Her uncle (Hinglblotter) must be at least 70-something, and no-one queries how he has a young baby, or where the mother is in all this?
  2. They also had guests over for dinner, on a stormy night?
  3. Blanche was extremely pleased when she thought she turned a guy when she thought she was in a gay bar with Clayton... The same bar she has been to a number of times ...
  4. Watching the episode where Virginia asks Blanche for a kidney, and it made me think that Blanche doesn't get on with her sisters or her kids. It seems to me she was not very good at maintaining relationships. She does get on well with her brother Clayton though, though at first her reaction to his coming out could have seriously damaged their relationship. And at the end of the episode she says she and Virginia are now good friends again, she finally has a sister.... but next time we see Virginia at Big Daddy's funeral she's so angry with Blanche. Weird.
  5. For the first time in ages the Girls are on the TV here in the UK. Although I have it all on DVD, it's still nice seeing them getting the recognition they deserve.
  6. She also once says they don't believe in therapy/psychology in St Olaf, but works extra to help the people at the counselling centre where she works, even after being fired.
  7. It was ok-ish until the cringeworthy end when St Olivia said, You know what happens when your house burns down? You get a clear view of the sky. Cringe. Not if you burn with it you don't. And if you're outside already then you have a clear view of the sky and don't need your house to burn....
  8. What are your other 2? I think it's weird Rose notified the wife with nothing more to go on than a name and number from a phone book. After all a man cheating would probably use a fake name. Still, if she didn't there would be no plot...
  9. And Derek had a South African accent. That bothers me. But yes, how did he know about the party?
  10. St Olaf doesn't appear till much later than you'd think, I think. And talking of St Olaf, I love how most of the people there have 2 jobs. My favourite is the OBMAG (I think) who is the obstetrician/magician, The Amazing Shapiro.
  11. There are quite a few posts about why Stan is disliked (he's a yutz). But there's one thing in the Stan and Dorothy story that really bugs me, and might be another reason to dislike him. In one of the versions about how Dorothy became pregnant she says she was unconscious, and that Stan must have slipped her something (to which Sophia says, Apparently). Now I get the quite funny double entendre, and I realise it's only a sitcom. It could also simply be understood as Stan being so inadequate that she felt like she wasn't experiencing the moment. But this still bugs me. I know that #metoo wasn't a thing back in the '80s and that the event itself took place in the late 1940s when it would have been considered the woman's fault for getting into a situation in which she can be mistreated, which would explain why Dorothy would have just accepted it, no point going to the police. Maybe I'm overreacting or reading too much into it. And maybe the joke is on Stan who was useless rather than Dorothy being unconscious. But the "slipped me something" suggests something more sinister. Maybe it's because I love the Girls and the thought that that could have happened to one of them bothers me. And this is in contrast with the 2 stories when Blanche's professor and Rose's dentist sexually harass the girls, and they take action.
  12. They tried that with the horrible jacket episode, when an old lady they meet at the shelter who had neither money nor family to take care of her in her old age. Besides that being pretty much the worst episode (I think most agree) I don't understand how come Blanche (I think she bought the tickets) says these are their weekly tickets and we never hear of them again. Couldn't they have said she found $10 in a pocket and decided to buy lottery tickets just because she's feeling lucky that day.
  13. Exactly. I'm not saying it's impossible that someone won't know a phrase, but suddenly not know it is weird. There's a similar thing when Rose talks about a lesbian but then later on in another episode doesn't know what that is. Maybe she has a special type of forgetfulness that is typical of St Olaf?
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