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  1. Mereoleona is basically the Captain Kenpachi of this show. "Use any magic you want! I will crush it by punching it while I grin maniacally!"
  2. I get the impression that they're easing into the new season, ramping things up as they go. Might be wrong about that. Loved the way that Saitama disposed of the giant bird monster off-screen, like it wasn't even worth our time to see it.
  3. Honestly, I wouldn't miss Boruto if it went away for good. The arc that focused on Sarada was excellent, but the rest of the episodes...meh.
  4. We interrupt this Great Ninja War to bring you some annoying filler. Sakura bumps her head and gets amnesia. Stupid stuff ensues. I have no idea how it got resolved, because I turned off the TV and went to bed.
  5. For the record, "Golden Wind" sounds like a euphemism for when grandpa has gas.
  6. The Hero Association is apparently run by idiots. There is a very specific set of things that will inspire villains to work alongside heroes, and "gosh, we sure are overworked" is not one of them.
  7. The guy with the long white hair is a Black Bull that we (and most of the other Black Bulls) haven't seen yet. His magical ability is the Black Bull's headquarters. He can basically rearrange the building so fast that it's a combat ability. The high point of the fight is when he turns the building into what amounts to a giant mecha.
  8. I guess those pants could take a lot of Tork. Thank you, I'll be here all week!
  9. I am so incredibly glad that One Punch Man is back. The recent Toonami lineup has had more than the usual number of "I'll watch it just because I have nothing better to do" shows*, so it's nice to have a major upgrade in quality. One show that I have been enjoying is MSG: The Origin. I didn't see any need for discussion since much of it was rehash, but the shiny new 3D combined with the old school look of the characters was neat. Plus it was a nice summary of all the important background stuff, including just exactly how Char became a manipulative bastard and why. * By which I mean Fire Force, Dr Stone, and Food Wars. Lupin I won't watch at all.
  10. Exactly how many times did Goku take a power upgrade during this tournament? 30? 35? Whatever. It was an unexpected bonus that Android 17 was the last one standing.
  11. The unnamed Grail operative in the missile silo summed up my feelings about the episode perfectly: "That was disappointing."
  12. The fight at Holy Bar and Grail was still going on! It's been months! In this show God acts more like traditional representations of the Devil. Offering Faustian "deals" and so on. Interesting that God told a story about Cain and Abel, considering that he played favorites with them just like he's doing with Jesus and Humperdoo. Some folks never learn. Well, Pestilence is supposed to be one of the four horsemen...
  13. And speaking of the Holy (Bar And) Grail, Cassidy's comment about "I'll help you with all the bodies" when he thought it was the owner knocking made me wonder - just how many angel and demon bodies are there stacked up now in the lounge area? How long did the fight go on anyway? Long enough to make some holes in the sign outside. And who won? And how long have the bodies been sitting there? Months? Yuck.
  14. I imagine the production meeting for the episode went something like this: "I've decided that this time we're going to be as gross as possible." "Ooh, ooh! Can we do something like the 'Mr. Creosote' sketch? I've always wanted to do a vomit scene." "Sure. Maybe we can work in some cannibalism and eyeball biting while we're at it." -------------------- I guess losing body parts was Starr's hobby for a while. I wonder if the "Jesus can't be messiah but Humperdoo can" thing was inspired by the story of Lancelot and Galahad and the Grail quest (Lancelot fails the quest because he sinned, but his illegitimate son Galahad succeeds.) When Jesse started getting back his bad attitude during the conversation with God, and God said "I made you in My own image", I half expected Jesse to come back with "maybe that's why people are such assholes." But he didn't.
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