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  1. I imagine the production meeting for the episode went something like this: "I've decided that this time we're going to be as gross as possible." "Ooh, ooh! Can we do something like the 'Mr. Creosote' sketch? I've always wanted to do a vomit scene." "Sure. Maybe we can work in some cannibalism and eyeball biting while we're at it." -------------------- I guess losing body parts was Starr's hobby for a while. I wonder if the "Jesus can't be messiah but Humperdoo can" thing was inspired by the story of Lancelot and Galahad and the Grail quest (Lancelot fails the quest because he sinned, but his illegitimate son Galahad succeeds.) When Jesse started getting back his bad attitude during the conversation with God, and God said "I made you in My own image", I half expected Jesse to come back with "maybe that's why people are such assholes." But he didn't.
  2. A snot based technique. Makes me wonder what other delightful ninja abilities there are that are based on bodily fluids. Other than Kiba having Akamaru urinate everywhere, I mean: "Fecal Cannon Jutsu!!!" "Secret Technique: Acid Wave! Vomit Tsunami!"
  3. I thought the White Zetsu clones were all supposed to be super enhanced by Kabuto, but they just stand there while various named characters demolish them. It's like the Great Ninja Alliance is fighting an army of slightly mobile cauliflower plants. I had forgotten about Gaara's creepy spy-eye ability.
  4. I've been contemplating this, and have come to a realization: None of the characters who are doing the gen:Lock thing with the suits are the originals. The originals are all dead. When the minds are uploaded, they're copied to the suits, and then erased from their bodies. And then it gets done again in reverse later, making a new copy and erasing the old one. It's the same deal as the process that occurs when you move a computer file from one disk drive to another - the computer makes a copy at the new location, then erases the original. It's similar to the argument about the way that functional teleportation would work; you get killed, but a copy gets made over there somewhere. So in a nutshell, being a gen:Lock pilot means that you'll die, but a spiffy identical copy of you will get to inhabit your body.
  5. "Shiny new mouth" makes me think of Jaws from the Bond films.
  6. So Hoover 2 really was a "Hoover", as in FBI. Too bad this isn't a Fox show, so Mulder and Scully could do a cameo. I wonder if we're done with Eugene now. Probably not.
  7. They did, but it's not going to be much of an apocalypse if it's not a nuclear war. In that case it might end up like this: New Zealander: "You bastards! Take this!" (hurls a koala) Australian: "Aaah! Biological warfare!* Fire the platypult!" (duck-billed platypi start raining from the sky) Not a pretty picture. * Koalas are known to carry chlamydia.
  8. "Beloved Deputy Prime Minister"? That's possibly the most unrealistic thing in the show so far. Apparently the big plan is to kick the apocalypse off by having Australia and New Zealand fight a nuclear war with each other. I wonder if maybe someone at Grail headquarters should have done some research, because neither country has any nuclear weapons. Incidentally, the Grail's bomb was cute; a miniature version of Fat Man. I doubt that it cured global warming either.
  9. One of the commercial break bumps on [Adult Swim] taught me something so bizarre that I had to look it up to verify it: Parts of nineteenth century Austria had a festive courtship ritual in which the eligible ladies would dance while holding a slice of apple in their armpit, and then, after they were done dancing, would offer it the eligible gentleman that they were interested in. The gentleman would indicate that he was interested in the lady by accepting the apple slice, and possibly eating it. Mmmm...sweaty armpit apples!
  10. I'm glad I'm not the only one annoyed by the Eternal Garage Scene. Still not as bad as the shuttle ride in the first episode of ST:TNG. And so Eugene loses his innocence. I wonder what Hitler will do to get even with Starr for beating him up. You know he's not just going to let it slide. I also wonder if Starr's new ear is going to fall off like the other one did.
  11. Seems pretty obvious that Ryogi's uncle has ulterior motives for doing the Robin Hood routine. Like maybe he just wants to cause chaos in the Leaf.
  12. 3D with motion capture, then processed to give it a rotoscoped look. Kind of reminds me of the video game that David Duchovny did voice work for, Bad Day L.A. The characters and dialog remind me of one of Will Smith's action movies. The scientist dude probably figures that pain is an important source of information which lets you know how badly you're damaged.
  13. I can save the brainy guy on Dr. Stone a whole lot of trouble on that brandy making project: Just make some wine and then stick it out in the snow until it gets slushy. Discard the ice, and the remaining liquid will have a significantly higher alcohol content.
  14. "The bad guys attacked our ability to play internet games! Those bastards!" Cammie gets her head ripped off by a new enemy mecha with four arms. Unfortunately it isn't fatal. Ah well, maybe next time. Loved the running gags of the globe rolling across the battlefield and Kazu preferring to bash things.
  15. Naruto gets some more practice wrangling his Beast. In a nice way, I mean. Kabuto shows Madara the special thing that he does with dead people. And the underground clone army gets intercepted by the ninja army. The volcano spewing the clones made me think of a certain J.G. Thirlwell project.
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