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  1. If you have a driver's license and live in a participating state and sign up for an online SS account you can get a replacement online.
  2. I just encountered a stunning example of government stupidity. I went to the Social Security website to get a replacement card, and to do it the easy way I need to set up a "mySocialSecurity" account. Fair enough. I clicked on the link to set it up, and got a message that I can only do so during normal hours of operation. Apparently their servers clock out at night, or something.
  3. Was it Spaceward Ho!? Turn based, networkable, lots of fun. The little planet icons wearing cowboy hats were memorable. I used to play it at work when I was on hold during tech support calls.
  4. Had this posted in the wrong forum. Let's try again: The local news channel's site has a report & video clip of my house burning down. I didn't think to look until today. Moved into my temporary room a few days ago. Two nice housemates, three if you count the dog. The owner (one of the housemates) provided a dresser and futon, saving me the cost of buying a bed for now. The only real downside is that the furnace isn't working, but a comforter from the local thrift shop and a small heater keep the room and me plenty warm. Incidentally the dog is a herding dog/pit bull mix. Very smart. ETA- Got myself a small side table & lamp from the thrift stores today. Both of them are of the "only at a thrift store" variety. Lots of character. The lamp has a collapsible cylindrical shade, and the power cord looks like it came from some sort of heavy shop equipment. The table has an upper shelf that's just large enough to hold a lamp, and has a home- made replacement drawer that doesn't quite close all the way. An added bonus: Someone left the Chick Tract This Was Your Life in the drawer. Hilariously bad. ETA2 - Test driving Imagur with pics of the funky new furniture & Chick Tract:
  5. Oops, wrong thread. But thanks for the "like."
  6. Watched the show tonight. Every time that one kid talked about spelunking it made me think of Spelunker Sensei.
  7. Don't worry. It's more fun when everyone complains about things. Otherwise we'd have nothing to talk about here.
  8. Went to a staff meeting at work today. It was in an "unofficial" capacity, since I can't get paid while collecting Disability. Lots of saying hello and catching up after the meeting. One of my coworkers has a room that he can rent to me, but only for a couple of months. That'll save money (compared to the motel) and buy me time to get back to work while I look for something more long-term. Gonna check it out first, but I'm pretty sure I'll go for it. Did some thrift-shop shopping after the meeting. Am now the proud owner of a fully functional $5 clock radio. Also got free coffee and a donut there. Mmm...donuts...free donuts. ETA: From the heating instructions on the box of the frozen burger I had for lunch - "Let sandwich rest for 1 minute prior to serving." Because it's so important to eat well-rested food.
  9. Went out to get my Jeep today. Had to sandpaper the battery terminals & connectors to make it behave itself. But it runs! Then I drove over to work to shoot the breeze with my boss & coworkers. Hospital...blah blah...food was awful...blah blah...and so on. She's ready to put me back on the schedule the instant that the open wounds on the grafts are healed. Probably be another week or two on that. Now that I'm mobile, finding a room or studio apartment is next on the list.
  10. I didn't, but my uncle says that he saw Mortimer while he was hooking the battery up to the charger.
  11. Uncle took me out to the house today. Or rather, to the pile of rubble that used to be the house. I did a quick survey from around the edges since it'd be way too dangerous to go into it. There's just part of one outer wall still standing. Whatever stuff wasn't incinerated has been exposed to 3 months of weather. In other words, there's almost nothing that can be salvaged. Incidentally, I found some items that had been knocked all the way across the house and past the outer wall. Firehoses have a lot of force! One of the things that can be salvaged is my Jeep. A very nice locksmith met me there and replaced the keys for free. I know who's getting all of my lock-related business from now on. The back of the soft top is melted off (replaceable) and one of the taillights looks like a Dali painting (also replaceable), but after a battery recharge it starts and is drivable. Now I just need to replace my incinerated driver's license. Can do that Monday.
  12. Good news for a change. Care to guess what it is? Here's a hint. Yes, I'm back in my home town after 3 months. Finally! The nursing facility staff gave me a ridiculously huge suitcase for my stuff. I could use the thing to smuggle an average size adult. Turned out that I really needed all that room for all the junk I'd accumulated. They also sent along dinner and several pounds of fresh fruit. I had to take a Grayhound bus for the trip. Four hours of NotFun. Not impressed by the experience. Next time I'll take Amtrak. My uncle picked me up at the destination stop. The suitcase just barely fit in the car trunk. Currently sitting in my temporary base at Motel 6, munching on dinner and taking advantage on the WiFi. Plan on collapsing in a few minutes.
  13. There's an awful lot of fiction devoted to the notion that immortality just generally sucks.
  14. Got a new cell phone today. First time I've gotten one myself rather than having an employer-supplied one. Setting it up was a pain in the ass, but at least it was dirt cheap. And this is the first post from said phone. So now I'll have a consistent contact number if I have to relocate a few times in the next few months. Yay convenient technology!
  15. The social worker here is working with Red Cross to find a place for me to land. If worst comes to worst I can arrange for a monthly rate at a motel since I don't have much stuff to speak of.
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