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  1. Sandman87

    Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

    I get the impression that the opening theme they're using is starting partway into the song in the English version, like maybe they chopped off the intro. "Are you my mother, or my father?" was hilarious. It makes a little more sense if you've watched the original Japanese versions of his various appearances in the franchise, because O-chan tends to refer to himself with sexually ambivalent language. Even here he refers to himself as "parent", rather than "mother" or "father." One could argue that he's mellowed with age, similar to the way that Hinata's father has. Or maybe he's just being his usual snakey self.
  2. Sandman87

    Black Clover

    Asta hams it up. "Oh no! I'm completely at the mercy of this noble! How could I ever doubt the power and intelligence of such an obviously superior being?" Hilarious that the guy was defeated by an ordinary hole in the ground. Yeah, back when he used her in the fight with that diamond guy. I forget exactly what it was though. Maybe he'll get some more screen time to show off the spirit magic.
  3. Sandman87

    Attack On Titan

    If I understood the episode correctly, all the action so far has taken place on a big island, with the Titans being a double-edged weapon of war. Substitute the word "yoma" for "titan" and it sounds a bit like the backstory of Claymore.
  4. Sandman87

    My Hero Academia

    That was...uh...something. I guess. You just noticed?
  5. Sandman87

    Pet(s): Photos & Discussion

    Update from the House of Gajillion Cats The Twins have settled into their role as the new kittens on the block. Catsby has decided that he's an indulgent big brother, and occasionally inflicts a few seconds of grooming on them when they come near. Calypso still wants none of their nonsense. The Friendly One has taken to running over and wrapping himself around my ankles after being out of sight of me for more than a few minutes. I've managed to avoid tripping over him or stepping on him so far. Both little ones have been doing a thing where they leap at each other and collide in midair. Then they fall down and act like they meant to do that. They both go in and out as they please whenever I open the door for any reason. Much of their time is spent outdoors lounging in the shady area near the water bowl. Here they almost look like adults: The built-in pantry/appliance shelf (a do-it-yourself job by the previous owners) is the perfect place to grab some Zs after an exhausting day of lounging: Dinner time with Catsby & kittens: I'm going to confer with Mom in a couple of weeks on what to name the kittens. First she has to finish her current round of physical rehab for her bum knees. She hasn't even seen them yet (the kittens, I mean, not her knees.)
  6. Sandman87

    Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

    And her father's chakra knives.
  7. Sandman87

    Toonami: Anime for Insomniacs

    English first to make alphabetical searches easier.
  8. Sandman87

    Attack On Titan

    I just hope that the books they found aren't just the first in a series of puzzles to solve, like The Da Vinci Code.
  9. Sandman87

    Sword Art Online

    It'd be worth it just to see Kirito and Alice making that face...
  10. Sandman87

    Black Clover

    Oddly enough, the subtitles were somewhat different from what Gordon was actually saying.
  11. Sandman87

    Final Space

    Episode - "The Happy Place" : The argument over who owns the Crystal Pepsi (or whatever the ship is called) devolves into a literal pissing contest. Much urine is expended, but to little effect other than giving Ash a UTI. And then they get captured by a ship full of aliens who look like the little brothers of Wilt from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, and who just happen to be running their own extremely happy version of The Matrix to power their toasters & stuff. After one insane trip through his happy dancing-and-marital-relations-with-cookies place, Gary gets rescued when the others figure out that the Happy Place is a fatal Happy Place. Turns out that the ship is run by someone who's really pissed at Gary for misplacing the Earth. Everyone heroically runs away. Meanwhile, Clarence tries to defraud a wealthy sucker, but the deal falls through when the mark turns out to have too many hands that need shaking in too many places. In other words, the overarching plot does not appear to have been advanced at all.
  12. Sandman87

    Dragon Ball Super

    Nice to see that Champa stayed in character right to the end. "Hey, Beerus!..." (rude gesture) The Universe 2 second-stringers managed to make a black hole out of love. Sounds like a metaphor for the worst relationship ever.
  13. Sandman87

    The Promised Neverland

    Same here.
  14. Sandman87

    Pet(s): Photos & Discussion

    Kitten Invasion Update On Saturday one of the little grey monsters barged into the house and refused to leave. The other one followed while I was trying to shoo the first one out. I gave up. They're my kittens now. Going to give them a couple of weeks before taking them to the vet for the first time. I'm just barely able to tell them apart by slightly different coloring. The brave one is darker, especially his tail. Not sure whether the shy one is male or female since I can't get close enough to tell, so I'm going with female for now. I need to come up with names for them. I'm calling them "the Twins" for now. There has been much scampering around and pouncing since I surrendered. The brave one has already decided that I'm OK, so we're friends now, with purring and playing and stuff. Last night I had both of them and Catsby snoozing on the bed with me. Calypso still wants nothing to do with them. Not surprising, since she barely tolerates Catsby. The old cat toys still work, particularly the plastic bottle cap that's hanging in my bedroom doorway by a string about 16" off of the floor. An old length of frayed rope makes for a good tug-of-war session.
  15. Sandman87

    Final Space

    New season, first episode - "The Toro Regatta" Tribore Mode: Did I see Fox and Ash doing the Dragonball-Z Fusion Dance when they were introduced? Yes I did. Ash (voiced by Ashley Birch) seems like she'd be right at home on Invader Zim. Why is it that racing competitions in space always end up as running battles? I predict that the handsome blond robot with a dozen aliases will show up again. No way Clarence will leave his head laying around unused.