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  1. Pandorap

    S15.E03: Gut Feeling

    I can't stop watching but sometimes I just wish I could let it go. Why do they have to make Karev look stupid? He's not. "oh yeah, I can sign off on this stuff, on my first day, without knowing anything about the budget or my job!" Yeah, he's impulsive and brash and is going to have to find his footing as chief but this storyline so far is stupid. IMO. I have never liked Jo, not since day one. Nothing to say about her. Bailey is like a caricature of her old self. Makes me sad almost every time I watch her. Webber. I really don't understand where they are going with him. Is he drinking? Is he just lonely? Do I care anymore? It's just totally weird that Jackson has disappeared (whatever the real life reason - it doesn't fit the show for me.) I might be in the minority but I actually really like Maggie and I'm ok with her and Jackson as a couple. I do NOT personally watch this show to learn about the Christian faith and I was never so happy as when April was gone and I could stop hearing about it. Now we get Jackson having a crisis of faith. Blech. I hope this is wrapped up soon. I also might be in the minority when I say that I like the Amelia and Owen story line. Kind of a lot. (I try to pretend Teddy doesn't exist for the time being) And I want to see Mer be happy. I feel like She deserves a beautiful, mature, loving relationship and my fingers are crossed that I might eventually see her get that.
  2. Pandorap

    Season 1 Discussion

    I randomly decided to check this out not having seen any previews. I liked it a lot! I laughed and I think it has potential and added it to my pvr list!
  3. Pandorap

    S05.E10: Cold War

    This was the first season of Alone I have ever watched. I wasn't even aware of the show. I love the premise but after watching this season and hearing (reading)comments here about other seasons I feel like it's a little lacking in the execution. I was not fond of watching people starving and carving big spoons. The first few episodes with fish hooks and actually seeing the flora/fauna and how things could be harvested and caught was interesting. I'll have to search out the earlier seasons and see what they were all about. As for this season, I was hoping Britt would be the one to out last Sam. I hope he gets something for being a runner up. If, as I've read, Sam (and perhaps others) chose to take along extra rations it would have been interesting to me to see how and when those rations were used and consumed. Why pretend on the show like that doesn't happen? Over all this was semi interesting to me enough that I'll watch if they have an eleventh season. But if it turns out that it's just watching who can go hungry the longest every season...meh.
  4. Pandorap

    Season 1 Discussion

    I've watched three seasons of SOA and somehow over all these years I've managed not to be spoiled of the last seasons. Hubby and I just purchased the DVD's so we did a marathon and got through the first season. I have to agree with the poster above who mentioned Tara and Jax making "sweet love" practically over the dead body of the FED. Just ew. That scene fell totally flat for me. I like the characters mostly though. Looking forward to finally finishing the series.
  5. I've been doing a re watch over the past few months and just watched the plane crash. For me, the show died when Lexie died. Not that Lexie was my favorite character, but everything after this season in my opinion is pretty much crap. So much so that I've decided to stop pvr'ing after this season because I'm no longer invested. It makes me sad.
  6. Pandorap

    S13.E08: Neon Terror

    I’ve been watching Criminal Minds for so many years...I’m sad to say that I’m done. Maybe. This episode makes me want to quit watching. Not interesting. The social commentary fell flat. I was bored. I know I’ll watch until the end of the season just because it’s routine for me but after that? For me, CM has run its course. I’m not even sad, just a little bitter. It feels like the end of a stagnant relationship. And I’m actually surprised about how this feeling about a TV SHOW has affected me!!! Ridiculous when I think about it.
  7. Pandorap

    S14.E08: Out of Nowhere

    I wasn’t paying attention and didn’t realize this episode was going into the mid season break. So I’m quite irritated over the cliffhanger. I hate cliffhangers, I think they are almost always a let down and by the time the show comes back I probably won’t care because that emotional investment will be gone. I must be one of the few here who are glad to see April and Jackson moving away from each other and Jack and Maggie coming together. I don’t really care if they become a couple or not, I just like seeing the characters interacting. I could like Maggie a lot more of they gave her a better storyline, and since I like Jackson, I’m hoping this will be it. Still meh on the interns. Still meh on Bailey. Was hoping for some more Sophia storyline but I don’t even think she was mentioned. I’m not clear, did orgasm and Arizona have a conversation about why they suddenly weren’t seeing each other anymore? I was under the impression that orgasm didn’t like the fact that Sophia was coming back to live with her mom and if that’s so, why was she seeming like she wanted to get back with Arizona? also, I wasn’t clear on the helicopter scene. Was that supposed to be normal turbulence? (I’ve never been in a helicopter) I shut my eyes for the blood spray part but I was wondering if they were going to crash.
  8. Pandorap

    S14.E07: Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story

    I wish they wouldn’t focus on new interns. We are just getting back into having decent well paced story lines for the regulars. And I don’t find the intern comic relief funny (if that’s what the intention is, at this point I hardly pay attention to their scenes). I was just getting to like Deluca and would have liked to see a story line...I don’t even know...anything that didn’t involve bringing in a long lost love. Can’t stand whatever her name is, and that’s just because I’m irritated about the whole storyline not because of the actress or anything. Miranda Bailey used to be one of my favourite characters. Not so much any more. No wonder Ben wants to run away and become a firefighter! I’ll miss him. I enjoyed his scenes with the other cast members. I did not know that this was the 300th episode. So the whole throwback to past seasons and Meredith winning the award really got to me I teared up quite a few times! Without a lot of the other stuff (firefighters, orgasm doctors,) it felt like it could’ve been a series finale, and in fact at one point I wondered what the heck was going on, thinking maybe I somehow missed something! Even though I complained a lot earlier in my post, I really enjoyed this episode, and I’m enjoying this season SO much more than the last few.
  9. Pandorap

    Authors You Used to Love, But No Longer Read

    Terry Brooks with the Shannara series. Just too many, and the stories and writing devolved. Which kinda breaks my heart because my late mom read me the sword and elf stones as a child and instilled in me the love of reading and Sifi/fantasy. And Terry Goodkind and the Sword of Truth Series. Again, just to many with the devolvment of story and characters. And then there’s Auel. And that’s “all” I have to say about that!!
  10. Pandorap

    S14.E05: Danger Zone

    I like Owen, and I really enjoyed this episode. I’m glad the wrapped up the sister storyline because I didn’t want it to interfere with the regulars’ arcs anymore. As someone said upthread, my Bold prediction is that Own And April get together. They have a history, (platonic) and I for one would enjoy that romantic storyline/pairing.
  11. Pandorap

    S13.E05: Lucky Strikes

    I didn't know Moore would be making an appearance on the show and while I really enjoyed him as a character, (when he was a regular) having him appear in this episode really jolted me out of my show experience. I felt like the whole part with he and Garcia was unnecessary and forced. Having the team mention him every so often, or even having Garcia go off screen to have a phone conversation with him would be better than having him on screen for a few minutes of long drawn out dialogue that doesn't mean anything. I just kept thinking that it would have been better to show us Garcia developing relationships with the many cast members we already have available. Maybe Prentiss could be more of a "mothering" character, or Reid more of a "Brother" character or really any of them could have been shown caring and comfort and relationship development. Anyways, just my thoughts. The unsub...meh. I remember the original episode, and I wasn't very impressed with this sequel. Why do they bother?? It kind of fell flat for me. As others have mentioned, I too loved Rossi at the end! So triumphant!
  12. I enjoyed this episode mostly because I like the episodes that show smart women in interesting careers. I know this is a half hour comedy but I wish they would portray Penny more in her chosen field, in a positive manner. I even miss seeing her in the Cheesecake Factory just a little bit because at least it showed her holding down a job, taking (or trying to) care of herself. Loved the interaction between Amy and Howard, it doesn’t happen often and it freshened up the show a bit.
  13. Pandorap

    Dr. George O'Malley: 007

    I’m rewatching, I’m the middle of the very first episode right now. And yes, I too miss George! Poor 007 he just froze in surgery but it left me wondering why Burke, as a cardiothorasic surgeon, is doing an appendectomy?
  14. Pandorap

    S25.E06: Week 5: Disney Night

    I guess "boring" is the wrong word, because I do like to watch good dancing. What I meant to convey is that for me, in the context of watching this show, I know that Jordon would dance a good dance and get good scores and not get voted off. I don't watch this show for the fantastic dance (although I enjoy it when I see it), I watch it to see if the people I like do well, do poorly, or stay or go.
  15. Pandorap

    S25.E06: Week 5: Disney Night

    It still boggles my mind that Victoria can dance that well at all while not being able to feel her feet! With that being said, I was surprised at her high score. I didn't think the dance warranted it. Vanessa -meh. Lindsey -I very much enjoyed her foxtrot. Nick -I know he's not a great dancer but I really enjoyed his dance this episode. Drew -finally, a dance he seemed to "fit". I love the progress he continues to show. Sasha -for me, I did not enjoy this Rumba. It looked stiff and awkward. (I was surprised that she got eliminated though, I thought it would have been Nick). Terrel -Meh. I fast forwarded. Frankie -I thought he did a great job. For someone who has little to no dance experience I think he is doing great and, like Drew, I enjoy seeing his improvements. If it wasn't for those two this season I would be so bored. Jordon -he's good, I'll give him that but I forwarded through most of his dance because I knew He'd get high scores. Boring. Nikki -I actually forgot about her and had forwarded through her dance trying to get to the elimination before I realized it. Didn't bother to go back. Over all for this season I'm just hoping to start connecting more with some of the remaining dancers. This season seems a little "off" for some reason?