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  1. Finally looked it up: Vredefort Crater Asteroid impact date: Estimated 2 billion years ago Location: Free State, South Africa Specs: Also known as the Vredefort Dome, the Vredefort crater has an estimated radius of 118 miles (190 kilometers), making it the world's largest known impact structure. This crater was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2005. The impact occurred southwest of what is now Johannesburg, South Africa, and temporarily made a 40-kilometer-deep and 100-kilometer-wide dent in the surface. Philadelphia is ~100 miles each way between NYC and
  2. That’s what Shed said.😪
  3. Lake Winnepesauke is the largest lake in New Hampshire, (NH). 🙂
  4. A lot of folks seem to agree. It’s totally ironic that they used Earth to show devastation on a fictional Illus, but couldn’t show similar devastation at home. I do believe the existence of TWD affected them not showing any of the journey to NH. “It’s been done, and we’ll spend the money on space battles and cgi urine streams...that’ll work”.
  5. Some viewers have shown screen caps of Alex at the cocktail party, subsequently erased; so we really don't know how the post Naomi's rescue scenes were shot. I can't fault TPTB for making the artistic choices to focus on the human drama of their own books. For me the 5 seconds of Bobby's comforting voice in the left ear made all the suffering they kept showing really pay off; I still tear up at the third, fourth, and fifth watching. They spent 10 seconds in a useless conversation with a kid on a roof about throwing rocks in Season 1; that kinda worked 4 seasons later. Patience, Grasshopp
  6. Earlier on in the season as they were going to follow the Barkieth, Bobby was arguing to Alex that the Razorback was "technically" her salvage from Pappa Mao, lol. Someone reeeally needs to re-work the Ring battle scene with little 'flags' identifying each ship and whose navy they're from. Maybe Marco could release his own You Tube video of the battle so we can "look upon his works and despair". Is Claimossa a thing now? Ie is Peaches in Amos' quarters or will she be on her own? The Roci is becoming the Love Boat!
  7. The Chetzimoka= Chetz =Chetzie= Chainsmoker blew up IIRC so maybe not a funeral. Was Marco monitoring to see when it exploded? So sad about the Chetzie, Filip’s first “ride”, lol. (“Mommie drives a Corvette but she buys me an Aztec, WTH?”) No wonder Filip is mad at Naomi, TLS.
  8. Back when she and Alex went to chase Diogo, (after Cortozar was taken), Naomi made a point that she had never killed another Belter. So the attempt to stab Marco was the only time in all five seasons. Now she's calling in a strike on the Chetzie,...will she be all in on having to kill other Belters? Amos learned from his adventure, (and Peaches), that you can't just kill every body outside your tribe; and Naomi's learning you may need to kill some people in your tribe.
  9. What a wrap up! (I'll blame the pandemic for stealing the Episodes 11 thru 13 we needed ) Bobbie's voice in Naomi's ear wrapped around like a warm embrace from Mom - best moment! Naomi one-ups Diogo in the EVA rescue challenge. needed a cheat sheet of whose ships were whose in the battle of the ring gate. Drummer's change of mind seemed abrupt even though we knew it was inevitable; did she discuss her move with anyone? Will Bull and Peaches have to fight for the pilot's chair? (They tossed aside Cas Anvar like a bullet Bobbie picked out of her suit!) N
  10. The independent investigation into the charges didn't conclude until after the season was filmed, IIRC. So you're basically watching Bill Cosby in Space, with a Goliath armored chaperon. Ever since Gaugamela I now have a new type of Tourette's Cyn-drome where I suddenly exclaim at random, "They killed Fred Johnson!" It won't go away until Sakai is drawn and quartered with 4 ships, (Drummer's 3 & the Roci)
  11. From Naomi’s helmet display it seems the Arming range was well outside the range where you could read any thing written on the ship or where she could jump to. Aargh! It just seems hopeless, I’m trapped in the suspense.
  12. Peach Melba, a dessert Amos learned about serving on the Good Ship Tira Misu. (The ice cream must be freshly Churned).
  13. It's the damn proximity sensors that's messing with me. The distances in the Expanse of space travel means "proximity" might be before you can even see the Chetzie; (never mind read anything written on the outside. Looking at you, Starbuck!). In Gravity, a nearby space station was just a flicker in the distance. When do these sensors detect and detonate? Even if she's tethered outside the Chetzie, they wouldn't see her, she's a dot against a black space. Did they establish in the show that Erich's back story is that of a master forger, like the Amos Burton ID? That skill sure came in hand
  14. I loved that Chrissie said "my Arjun...", was that a nod to Not! my Arjun, from Season 4? I hope Amos tells Bobby about all the haute cuisine he's been having since they got to the island. It's good to see that he learned the lesson from the Weeping Somnambulist, and saved the trapped Downton Abbey staff; Chrissie will get a new chef!
  15. On re-watch, (as I prepare to watch the Tues. nite! Expanse): The two places that Naomi hooks the two straps to on the metal grate are the catches used to unlock the grate - a common feature on large equipment boxes here on 21 century earth. Naomi's ordeal was a nod to Dave's final face off with the computer HAL in "2001" - it took up the same amount of screen time. It was one man,(woman), vs the ship, vs the Vacuum. One theme of The Expanse has been about man's use of technology, (the Epstein Drive, the protomolecule), and how it changes everything - In her battle with the stripped
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