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  1. In any large construction whether a car or a spaceship all wires are labeled with "from and to" info, and are color coded. But she's practically blind; she could have told us that, but the writers chose to show us her despair. Now we have the Internet John Woo's complaining that they should not have taken the time it took to convey her situation. I'm sorry, but the video games are on Aisle 6, this is the adult entertainment section, with character development, and peeing. I can't believe that folks who didn't write the books, and didn't create a line of this story are telling the writers and creators how to fit the story into some fictional time frame.
  2. Outline for the next story in The Beltalowda Gazette: Monica has "sources on Ceres". - Who? Someone (on the Pella?) wanted Sakai to bring Monica. - What for? Karal ordered Drummer to burn for Ceres. - Why? Babbage did not go home, towards Mars, after the transfer of MCRN ships. - Where? Anderson Dawes runs Ceres. - When will the puppet master re-appear?
  3. Does “in control” mean something else when tied to Chekov’s “If something goes wrong” message? Those closing credits...I am in control, with Donkeyballs,
  4. So Marco is expecting someone on the Chetzie, trying to tamper with nav controls? He had no idea Naomi would be there. It's like "Mission Impossible": The plane's crashing, AND there's a nuclear bomb on board, AND he's chained to the seat, AND there's snakes on board, AND he needs to pee.....
  5. Can we re-think the once-a-week releases? The twinge to binge is strong with this show! The voice over the closing credits is so haunting, I need to see what's next! Is Marco's plan to lure the Roci crew onto the Chetzie and then blow it, or to blow the Chetzie as they approach? There is no shock wave in a vacuum, so unless debris from the explosions hit the Roci, it's just a light show. Tamper proofing and proximity sensors seem to be redundant. Naomi's trip to Pallus is definitely the Worst. Family Reunion. Ever.
  6. Bad Ass! The 12th Doctor trapped in the Chetzemoka Confession Dial. In Space no one can hear me scream.
  7. Even a paranoid, psychotic computer felt a need to "run a crew psychological report", HAL. 👨🏽‍🚀 In five seasons if we had no character building moments this would have been a video game, not an adult sci fi thriller. Does an asteroid count as one big thing? Fred Johnson is pretty big in the show for 4 seasons, Nancy Gao was a big thing in season 4. Three major NE coast cities are a big thing, and so's the fall out, IMHO. I heard they did a lot of condensing to whittle 6 books into the show that has kept the Scrmg Frhwks hooked.
  8. Add Drummer to the list of family our Naomi walked away from.
  9. The thing about Naomi is that TBS was right when he said leaving is what she does best. She left the Roci crew several times. Her “thunderhead of judgement” gathered over Holden just like it did over young Marco, and she left. (But I love her anyway.) Amos felt the same hurt Cyn did when she went to the Behemoth. I notice Holden is now his moral touchstone and not Naomi.
  10. Hmmm...maybe. She did say that when she tried to stab TBS that she didn't care if she succeeded or died trying, but this jump seems like a risk a only she would agree to . As regards TLS wanting a command: He's seen that his mother saved the galaxy and his father is the "savior" of the Belt, so he's all" I need a rep, I need to be bad ass & famous". It's really revealing that TBS feels threatened by his own son's ambition, what a (Big) POS he is.
  11. Too bad about Cyn, he was the only salvageable one on TSOS. I don't think they've ever shown the amount of bonds that develop in Belter crews. Karel, TLS, TBS, and Cyn all talk about them being a family. And Cyn tearfullly exclaiming how he loved Naomi and that they were family was touching, for a bunch of mass murderers. So now, TBS gets to say "See, she abandoned you again!" to TLS.
  12. Didn't Naomi treat Holden and Miller after "we just got hit with a massive dose of radiation ...We're dead.", way back in season one? I'm sure many daredevil rock hoppers have done this kind of EVA before, (cough, cough Bizzy Bitiko). OTOH: Is Cyn dead? There was some tragedy in the way Naomi told him he shouldn't have followed her.
  13. Since there's no air in space , or a breeze whooshing by, there's no reason for Naomi to lose her body heat or for her sweat to frost up. She did jump from ship to ship in the Ring, (Behemoth to Roci), all be it wearing a vac suit; I guess Belters are used to space jumps and free floating in space (RIP Diogo, also in a vac suit with air). Now it's time for Naomi to de activate whatever bomb is on the Chetzmoka, (sp?); just like she disarmed the 30 earth nuclear missiles. Yes, it wasn't an excitement rush we've seen before, but it's a TV show, not a shot of hyper-oxygenated blood, so I expect some down time for the characters to interact, and move into position. Will the "tribute" from Drummer's ship, who is now on the Pella, inform her that Naomi just "jumped ship"? That's got to be big news known to everyone on board.
  14. Drummer needs to teach Alex how to get info from an adversary. The way she found out that Naomi is near them is all I expect from her Queens of Earth, Mars and the Belt! Isn't Drummer the one to take Fred's position in Tycho? She seemed in charge even when Fred was there. The way Peaches awoke (Timmy) Murder Snuggles conscience is a nice insight as to how Naomi and he became so close before Season 1 began. I have a bad idea: Is Filip a pilot? Like maybe for a certain gunship that's about to lose it's pilot, maybe?
  15. No one noticed the mention of a "Space Oddity" in the opening sequence? Where's Bowie Base 1 on Luna?
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