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  1. Not sure which scene, but they did linger on her blood stained shirt. Yeah, they killed his cook but I'm sure Lalo can always get free chicken with curly fries from another friend up north. Wasn't the call to Nacho also to make sure the gang with the "kill everyone" orders would know who not to shoot?
  2. I assume this is not a reference to Howard. Because a boss giving out a crappy, (but not dangerous), task to an underling is not abusive. It's not like she was demoted from partner to doc review. We could see that Chuck called the shots at HHM, I'm sure someone as astute as Kim, should figure out why the owner/partner's brother wasn't being handed a partnership. Has she shown any animosity towards Chuck that it lingers so long after they all left HHM? (Arguments at trial not withstanding)
  3. Mike & Gus were discussing how difficult it was to contact Nacho in Mexico; so they didn't tell him the hit was on. When Nacho got the call they told him to be gone by 3:00, not much else. Why were they waiting for Nacho to let them in? Did Nacho know before he & Lalo drove to Mexico?
  4. Skyler's turn to the dark side in BB was to pretend she could kill Ted , and letting him think the worst of her. But we could see Sky's motivation; to protect Walt and the "business". Kim's only motivation is spite; Hwd represents no danger to Kim or Jimmy. They want to torpedo HMM for unethical or criminal behavior that they themselves aspire to.
  5. So Jimmy, who changed his name and law practice, thinks Kim isn't who he fell for? Cheese, it's like two billiard balls colliding and spinning off in different directions. ABQ is too small for these two jerks, they need to meet other people to fixate on. (God knows, Saul doesn't need more Uncertainty in his life or career.)
  6. Actually I’m making the same point as Kim made and that Lalo made to Kim in jail! ”What’s your problem,I told you he’d be back and he’s here for you”
  7. I think Lalo's concern shows up more in why he didn't wait for a pick up at the well - He didn't go back or, AFAIK, didn't call his "Uber" to cancel. He might suspect being kidnapped for ransom. I mean it looked pretty lonely out there if Nacho had left him. He at no time showed any real concern for Saul. "Looks like you had a hard time. I was worried how you made it". I still don't see what other concerns a drug dealer has than whether all his money got delivered. He couldn't suspect robbery, after all, he gave 7 meel-yun dollars to his unarmed wimpy lawyer in the middle of the desert, without back up as Kim pointed out.
  8. Kim's pitch to Lalo was indeed good lawyering by offering alternate theories of the facts - the bullet holes, but the 'get your s#it together' part went straight into Saul's "You guys suck at being drug dealers" sit down with Walt and Jesse in BB. Saul had no fear talking to them that way; thx Kim! Ps: If all of Lalo's 7 mil was delivered and he was released, what could Lalo possibly imagine happened in the desert, why does he care? Advert Notes: Lalo and his Go-Bag at the well makes a great Ralph Lauren ad. BCS single handedly destroyed the Orange Juicer for me; all I could think of was Davis & Main margaritas.
  9. The "Lalo and the Fish Tank" scene was awesome in showing how Giselle & Jimmy saved Kim & Saul's a$$es. Jimmy kept the same straight face re- and re-telling 'the story"; he even relaxed as he added new parts. But when Giselle made her pitch, (raised her hand to cut off Jimmy) he didn't step on her pitch , he just went with it cold, unseen, un-prepped. He didn't try to shut her down, he let her pitch carry the "play".
  10. Boys & girls : You COVID-19 home school word for the day: ha·mar·ti·a /ˌhämärˈtēə/ : a fatal flaw leading to the downfall of a tragic hero or heroine. Thx, @gallimaufry!
  11. Even though Lucy was once an "it" girl in Hollywood. Angela Langsbury carried her dramatic show in the 80's but rarely had a romantic partner. In the 80's you were either from big-shouldered Dallas/Dynasty or a Charlies Angels big-haired looker as a woman on TV. Egad.
  12. Comedy and it's need of a malleable faced comedian for reaction and spit takes: Fred & Wilma; Herman & Lily Munster, Lucy and Ricky Ricardo, Ralph & Alice Kramden did a lot of that in the 1950s & 60s. Even Cranston started on a sitcom.
  13. Her first child was a "special needs" child so that might have prompted that decision to stay home as things got Grey (Matter). What about Hank & Marie? Leading men and all women in Hollywood had to have "Movie Star" looks; or else, you'll be a "character/supporting actor".
  14. I have a feeling he would have shot Kim if she said/knew anything about Mike or Gus' men. (At which point he would burn in hell and never make it to BB!)
  15. Exhibit 1: Chuck McGill. Was he under the control of his "illness" or was he using it to control others? Or was he controlling it with his foil underwear, while controlling HMM? Or...? Exhibit 2: Jimmy McGill controlling Saul Goodman (Slippin Jimmy). It deems that was just a delay tactic, since he wasn't going to remove the VIN numbers stamped on the engine/car frame. Anybody can call in a License Plate quickly vs jumping into the ditch to read the VIN on the windshield. I agree with Kim that there are lots of shot up wrecks in the NM desert. (Never been there, just a guess). Also: Doesn't Pro Bono refer to the cases an otherwise employed lawyer takes as charity? That is, you can't live off pro bono because there is no pay.
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