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  1. Darlene mentioned being 4 when her father died but in another episode (she remembers the E Corp lawyer laughing during the court case), she talks about being lost at 5 and being taken by a woman and brought home...I think. So Darlene has been a bit of an unreliable narrator herself. I seem to recall her being surprised that Elliot had the Mr. Robot jacket.
  2. Watching Philip on Meet the Press showed me that Prince Andrew isn't the only one who gives terrible interviews.
  3. Very good episode. I really liked the actresses who portrayed Alice and Anne.
  4. This episode was very well-done. I had never heard about the Aberfan disaster until I read an article about this season of The Crown. Very, very sad and thiss episode captured the horror of it. The actors continue to knock it out of the ballpark this season. Jason Watkins continues to be a great new addition to the cast and everyone else also delivered.
  5. benteen

    S03.E01: Olding

    Tobias reminds me of an older Prince William in his make-up.
  6. Another great episode. Strong performance by HBC and Clancy Brown was a lot of fun as LBJ. I was pleasantly surprised with the latter considering the complete miscasting of Michael C. Hall as JFK and how badly and misinformed they portrayed him. I know that LBJ is the only president since Eisenhower that Queen Elizabeth didn't host. Reading online and acknowledged here, LBJ was ill and that's why he wasn't at the Churchill funeral. He surprisingly didn't send his VP though and the U.S. delegation was represented by Chief Justice Earl Warren. You can read about it here. https://www.nytimes.com/2015/01/31/upshot/churchills-funeral-and-the-perils-of-staying-home.html The reception was a lot of fun though and HBC and Clancy Brown worked well with each other. It's unlikely Margaret said something like that about JFK publicly (many of Kennedy's family were in attendance) but I can see her and LBJ saying that in private. Tobias was tremendous in that scene where he discusses the Windsors. I think Margaret overplayed her hand. She should have just thanked Elizabeth and told her she would always be there to help if she was asked. It was nice seeing the Tommy Lascelles actor return but I can't imagine a scene with Margaret like that every happening. One other knock...the recreation of the outside of the White House looked terrible. Season 2 is off to a great start so far.
  7. benteen

    S03.E01: Olding

    Great episode! I'm so glad to have The Crown back. While I wonder if they could have gone another year with the old cast, (the new cast look noticeably older), the show has not lost a step with this new cast. Olivia Colman is terrific as Elizabeth and this show continues to knock it out of the park when it comes to casting the Prime Minister role. Jason Watkins is a terrific addition to the cast. So glad that we got one more scene with John Lightgow as Winston. It really felt like the end of an era and Colman's monologue to him as great. I also get the need to keep up appearances but I can't believe they kept that traitorous snake Blunt as the Palace for another eight years.
  8. This show continues to be a lot of fun. It covers familiar territory to be sure (the Jawa storyline) but it's fun and I find myself wanting more when an episode ends. -I'm not usually one for cute but Baby Yoda might just be one of the most adorable things to ever come across the screen. Seriously, Disney should be making a killing on Baby Yoda merchandise like plush dolls. Let's get Baby Yoda a float in the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade. -Familiar aside, I enjoyed the Jawa sandcrawler chase and just getting to see more of the sandcrawler. Sandcrawlers from Star Wars to Doctor Who to Star Wars Rebels are just plain cool. -Not a surprise that Baby Yoda is a Force user but very cool. -Nolte's character is an awesome addition to the SW Universe and I hope that's not the last time we've seen him this season. I have spoken. -This show continues to have a great score and a great look. -If you want to learn more about the Mandalorians, check out The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels. The new season of The Clone Wars will also deal with the Mandalorians. Dave Filoni was the supervising director of The Clone Wars and Favreau once voiced a Mandalorian character. I'm going to post this in spoilers just in case but someone realized something interesting about Baby Yoda... Looking forward to Chapter 3!
  9. Does everything on television have to revole around someone being molested or someone being a pedophile? The episode was well-acted and well-directed as always and interesting. But I'm not a fan of the "Mr. Robot was a child molester" revelation. It colors the previous episodes now in the most unappealing way possible. It feels like it came out of nowhere and I really wonder if Esmail had this in mind from the beginning or not. He admitted that Tyrell's fate wasn't determined until he sat down to watch the episode. A few notes... -If Krista knew about this, why the hell didn't she start trying to guide Elliot towards this conclusion earlier, instead of sitting on the information like she did? Especially as she knew how deep Elliot was in the Mr. Robot persona. -I did get a laugh at Vera's henchmen wanting to see how the show played out. I thought they would have at least stayed out of Krista's office. -I guess Vera's purpose this season was to force this matter out. I still feel Vera could have been wrapped up in the beginning of Season 2 instead of the "Elliot's really in prison" nonsense. -As bobbyjoe noted, this show loves its gimmicks and it feels like Esmail wanted the 13 episodes so he could do more gimmick episodes. We really need another 6 episode to wrap up this show? -Does Darlene know the truth about Elliot's father? -I'd like to think Mr. Robot was separate from Elliot's father but I don't know... -I feel bad for the Mr. Robot cosplayers after this one.
  10. Very good episode. I loved the Randy Savage impersonation.
  11. A very pleasant surprise to see Agent Carter on Disney Plus.
  12. From what I gathered, it's about three years after ROTJ. The New Republic took over but their reach doesn't yet extend to the farthest reaches of the galaxy.
  13. I very much enjoyed the first episode. It moves at it's own pace but I didn't think it was slow (the episode was only about 40 minutes). It's good and that reveal at the end was awesome. Definitely looking forward to more of this. -First off, shout out to the musical score by Ludwig Goransson which is rightly getting a lot of love. To me, it felt like the score you would hear in an 80s fantasy movie. I loved it. -Horatio Sanz was the guy The Mandalorian captures in the beginning. I kept wondering who that was. -Nick Nolte is the voice of the wrangler who helped The Mandalorian. I have spoken. -The look of the show is tremendous and definitely captures the original film's feel. -I hope that's not the last we see to IG-11, who was a very entertaining character. -I had heard about Yoda's species appearing on the show but the end still took me by surprise. Props to Jon Favreau for coming up with that as the central plot, which works and is something I never expected. -This episode was directed by Dave Filoni, who is also an executive producer on the show. Dave has worked his entire career in animation and served as George Lucas's supervising director and right-hand man on the great Clone Wars animated series. Clone Wars showed how effective GL could be when he has the right people around him and Dave is one of those guys. Mark my words, Dave Filoni is the future of Star Wars. As a long-time Star Wars fan, it is exciting to finally see it brought to live-action televison. It did not disappoint and I look forward to more.
  14. I kinda liked the 90s reboot myself...
  15. Definitely an improvement over the past few episodes. Some good stuff here. The guy who plays Vera does a great job but I have to be honest...the Vera storyline feels so disconnected from the main storyline this season. This is probably something that should have been done in Season 2 instead of the Elliot in prison nonsense. Bring back a storyline that has nothing to do with the main storyline feels like more filler from Esmail to justify the 13 episodes. I knew it was coming but I'm sorry with how things ended between Elliot and Olivia. I really did like their hook-up earlier this season. Dom, you probably should have woken Darlene up sooner if you wanted her to kill you before Janice showed up. Have no idea why Darlene didn't empty the guy on both Janice and her goon squad. WR wanting to keep Elliot alive feels like it's just Elliot's plot armor at work.
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