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  1. Great episode a d hopefully this will lead to a new Darkwing Duck series. Both the Darkwing and DuckTales parts are handled very well. Liked seeing a smarter Launchpad here. Although for me, Bradford and his various annoyed reactions to what was happening was the funniest part. His anger over having FOWL posted on the helicopter was the best one.
  2. Here's an interview with Michael Price, co-creator of F is for Family. He discusses writing for The Simpsons, the origins of F is for Family, the previous season and what he wants to do for Season 5 (this was prior to the recent news that they would get a 5th and disgustingly final season). https://www.forbes.com/sites/danidiplacido/2020/10/12/interview-michael-price-the-simpsons-writer-and-co-creator-of-f-is-for-family-talks-the-art-of-writing-adult-animation/#1f8dbcee3352
  3. One thing that's been a non-factor this season is FOWL. After being in the finale, they have turned up in all of two episodes this season.
  4. Nice touch there. Great episode today with another Scrooge and Goldie adventure, a fun villain in the lion and Old Webby. Spring break!
  5. While not as good as their Season 1 Christmas episode, I still found The Trickening to be a lot of fun and enjoy the fact that DuckTales does holiday episodes (complete with updated theme song). I loved The Shining references and Donald trying to calm things down is always funny. Last week's episode was good too and the duck bit was classic.
  6. Very disappointed by this. Netflix is continuing an annoying trend of canceling shows that I love. First The Dark Crystal and then F is for Family (at least the latter will be getting a final season though). I used to be a huge wrestling fan so that's what brought me to GLOW in the first place and I have more than enjoyed the show on its own merits. I hope we'll get some kind of wrap-up but I'm not going to hold my breath. According to the article, the first episode was finished and work had begun on the second episode. Is there any chance Netflix would release that episode? Again, I'm not holding my breath.
  7. Very disappointed that Netflix is only renewing this great show for just one more season. I think it's hilarious and I have greatly enjoyed watching and rewatching it. I'm not expecting 20-plus seasons like The Simpsons or South Park but there's no reason it can't go at least 10 seasons. F is for Family is a ridiculously entertaining program.
  8. This episode was great fun and I enjoyed the Barry plot and the continuing search for Archer's valet.
  9. I'm very disappointed to see this great show get canceled. I feel it finished things in a good place though. I hope we will see The Dark Crystal on another streaming service sooner rather than later. I'm glad it won an Emmy.
  10. Very fun return for the show today, which once again proves they can do any kind of combination of the characters and get an entertaining story.
  11. "Spooner joins the time ship crew in Season 6 which finds Captain Sara Lance and her team hunting down extraterrestrials who have been displaced throughout history." Fixed. This new character sounds interesting enough.
  12. Watched the movie on Friday and very much enjoyed it. It's nice to see that Bill and Ted remain the same dumb but lovable and optimistic characters they've always been. No 21st century jadedness there. They both slipped back into the role, with Alex Winter (who was also a producer on this film) seeming like he never left. After watching more than my share of unlikeable kids on various TV shows (Power and Ozark come to mind), Billie and Thea are a breath of fresh air. Not only are like likeable but they actually get along with their fathers. The "Little Bill and Little Ted" retcon was clever. Brigitte Lundy-Paine does a but if I had any complaint about the two, I wish they had given them more of a personality separate from their dads. Enjoyed their trips through time and of course hell. Great seeing William Sadler back as Death and I was amused that Death's fallout with the band came as a result of lawsuits. Nice to see some familiar faces as well like Ted's dad and the various new actors/characters/historical figures add to the fun. I didn't particularly like the retcon of Bill and Ted not coming up with the song that save the universe (LOL that they didn't even bother with lyrics for it) but then again, a lot of singers don't write their own material and they were still needed to finish things off. Very fun movie and it's very easy to slip back into the Bill and Ted world. What I find fascinating too is that even though Old Bill and Ted are technically villains, this franchise has never been a villain-based one. It's about Bill and Ted stumbling across time in a fun and ludicrous way.
  13. Saxe is on a mission to uncover the truth...wow, is it going to be another 64 episodes of him trying to squeeze someone to become a snitch and fail miserably as they either tell him to piss off or get killed? Seriously, how the hell did he get his job back and more power? I have no interest in a show that focuses on Tariq, the worst and most hateable character I've seen on TV in a long time. Add Tasha and Saxe into that mix and Power 2 is a no-watch for me.
  14. RIP, Olivia de Havilland. A true legend who lived a long, great life.
  15. While I would have liked to have seen Bill & Ted in the movies, the option of putting the film On Demand is the correct one and after seeing the new trailer, I'm looking forward to it even more. I'm not familiar with the actress playing Ted's daughter but the actress playing Bill's daughter is Samara Weaving (niece of Hugo). I've seen her in The Babysitter, a surprisingly entertaining film and in a supporting role in Hollywood. She's a really good actress and will be a terrific addition to this film.
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