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  1. Interesting to see Courtney Ford pop up again.
  2. Sara is the parent of the team. Ava is her girlfriend who no one listens to and always screws up. She is and never will be the captain.
  3. Very good finale. It didn't match the highs of last week but still a fine finish to another great and entertaining season. Will miss Zari 1.0 who would have made a great acting captain. Glad we still have Zari 2.0 and Berhard on the team. Will also miss Charlie and Astra. I'm glad John has made peace with this part of his past. It was long overdue. Fun and inventive action from the Encore battle, as expected from Legends. Looking forward to the team battling aliens. Hopefully CAPTAIN Lance (it was great to hear that and see Sara deliver on the action front) will be back with the team soon. I know the writers consider Sara and Ava the parents of the team. Sara is but Ava is mom's girlfriend that no one listens too. She will never replace Sara as much as the writers try and hopefully her "captaincy" will end quickly. Legends continues to be one of my favorite shows. I hate the long wait for Season 6 but I will be there when they come back.
  4. Great episode, maybe the best one yet for Legends. They had had some good ones of late but this was a real standout. Loved the TV homages and the 1984-influenced world. It actually made good use of Mona and worked her in the story well. Always appreciate a Star Trek homage with Mick as Dahn being the highlight. Zari is definitely the MVP and I will share the sentiment that she has earned the right to be first officer like Sara earned the right to be captain. I wonder which Zari will remain. Would have loved to see Ray in this episode. Hope we see Mr. Parker again. Capains, our captains, co-captains...no show. Sara is the ONLY captain. Ava is a good Spock and that's fine but she will never be captain. As noted elsewhere, if Sara had a boyfriend they would never allow him to be co-captain (nor should they) but the writers think it's cute and apparently empowering to make Sara's girlfriend the co-captain. I refuse though to allow my annoyance with this to ruin my love for the show. Great episode. I only wish next week's finale wasn't the last episode of the show until next year.
  5. Fun episode and very much enjoyed it. -Loved the scene with the team around the table and drinking. -Agreed that Constantine and Zari have great chemistry and Zari has been an MVP this year. -Great seeing Gideon in the flesh again and fun story for Gary. -Co-captains for life...er, no. I don't know where this is coming from. Ava is Sara's girlfriend and because of this, that makes her a co-captain? Not buying or accepting that. It sounds like some bizarre take on everyone gets a trophy. Sara earned her status as captain of the Legends and there was no reason that should have been changed before her recen blindness. I do like Ava but she is not and will never be Sara. I can see her as a first officer and I can see a co-captain thing at the moment but there is only one captain of the Legends and that is Sara. I don't know why the writers thought that a joint captaincy was needed or wanted.
  6. It's contrived and terrible writing. The one pilot they are able to hire (paranoid Raffi didn't even know this had happened to Rios) just happens to have a past that's connected this completely the main storyline of the season? He's met a Soji before and has a drawing of her in his locker? It's contrived even more than Riker and Troi having a kid who died because of the synth ban. Shoehorning all of this into the main plot shows some bad writing on the part of the Picard staff. It reminds me of how JJ Abrams writes but it might be even worse.
  7. Dolores remains as unsympathetic and unlikable as ever.
  8. It's hard to imagine the writers and producers putting this episode together and thinking that audiences would love it. It was TERRIBLE. Too long, boring and confusing. I admit, I've wanted to see the world outside the park. But what I've seen is boring. Maeve's storyline looks interesting but that is it. Just a terrible change of course for this show.
  9. Very fun episode and the use of Damian as an encore was logical. Neal McDonough was a lot of fun again and I enjoyed the whole sequence where Constantine was playing Nora's fiance. Real-life married couples sometimes don't have great on-screen chemistry but that's not the case for Brandon Routh and Courtney Ford.
  10. The fact that Rios, hired by Raffi only because he was an off-the-books pilot, is now connected to the whole Soji/synth storyline isn't just contrived but it's bad writing as well. Rios was hired by Raffi before she even know about Rios past and Rios just happens to have met this Soji of the Synths? Just terrible. Definitely not as strong as the last three weeks though I still enjoyed it. Picard and Rios had a strong scene at the end of the episode and Seven continues to have a good storyline. Peyton List gets a back story but that doesn't help her over-the-top portrayal.
  11. I found the Rey/Ben kiss dubious for a lot of reasons and I still think so. But Disney (I'll say Disney because they micromanged this whole thing) went through it and you can't put that genie back in the bottle. People don't kiss on the lips to express gratitude. They hug or kiss on the cheek. Deal with it, Disney.
  12. Prince Charles on the eve of the Hong Kong handover and Genghis Khan on a scooter...this show has an amazing ability to throw the weirdest stuff on the wall and somehow make it stick. Really fun episode. Khan turned out to be an entertaining encore, which is always appreciated. I was tired of Constantine's neverending Astra storyline last season but I have to say it worked really well here and I liked his interaction with Ray and Gary a lot here. This should be good going forward. Really liked the information we got about Charlie's past and her and Behard work. Should have figured that was Charlie as Prince Charles because that the the tinniest and most unimpressive motorcade I've ever seen. I also seem to recall the Hong Kong handover happened on a rainy day.
  13. Not as good as last week but still a fun episode. This new version of Zari is a blast and working out better than I thought. Enjoyed Ava and Zari. It's interesting how much the membership of the team has changed over the years and this is an excellent example of that. I disagreed with the use of Marie Antoinette as an encore for a variety of reasons.
  14. I finally got a chance to see this episode and it was a lot of fun. Perhaps my favorite so far this season. I like the way they bounced back and forth between 1989 and 2004. Also like that since this was a fictional bad guy, they could actually change the past. Everyone got something to do and it's good to see Nora return for significant time.
  15. Yeah, his line-reading was not just forced but terrible. The only part of his performance I would criticize.
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