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  1. benteen

    Game Over: How YOU Would Have Done Season 8

    I think I would have avoided the "life goes on ending" too. This would mean reversing the the battle against the dead and the battle of King's Landing. I think the landscape will be fundamentally altered after the dead run through Westeros and change the way life is. But we see "business as usual" at the end and as another poster noted, Tyrion is sitting in King's Landing making dick jokes with his buddy. BTW, glowbug, I like your idea a lot about Dany targeting the Lannister soldiers and Cersei, not caring who got hurt in the process. It makes a hell of a lot more sense (while still being in character) than randomly targeting civilians. As noted, it would still be the wrong decision but it would make Jon's waffling about making the right decision make sense. It would show Dany not to be a two-dimensional villain but would legitimately raise the possibility that she might become worse as she tries to break the wheel across the world. But they chose to make Dany twirl her mustache instead. As evil and ruthless as Tywin was, he understood one important lesson well. When your enemy bends the knee, you are supposed to help them back up. But Dany would break that rule by killing her enemies who surrender to her. It's like how her father broke the rules by not allowing Ned's father and brother a true trial by combat and demanding that Ned and Robert be given over to him by Jon Arryn for execution.
  2. benteen

    Game Of Thrones In The Media

    Just like GRRM won't delegate despite the fact that he's lost interest and has a severe case of writer's block.
  3. benteen

    S10.E03: Archer: 1999 -- The Leftovers

    Usually Archer picks up during the third episode but I didn't find anything funny about it at all. Well, maybe the Teapot Dome Scandal stuff but that's it. Disappointing season so far.
  4. benteen


    I finished watching the season and very much enjoyed it once again. I thought it wasn't as strong as recent series but still once that I look forward to every year. I like the procedural aspect of the cases, the cast is excellent and I love the way they shoot Los Angeles. Christina Henry bugged me too and her past involvement with Bosch should have disqualified her immediately. Enjoyed Bosch's fight to the death on the planet. I'm also glad that Barrel is not retiring. Him and Crate continue to remain a fun addition to the show. Agreed that Maddie works a lot better than most teenage daughter characters do. Like that Jay Edgar will be getting a big storyline next season.
  5. benteen


    A Teddy Roosevelt cameo would have been cool but Teddy was back on the East Coast around this time, serving as a Civil Service Commissioner. If Deadwood had gone a few more seasons and expanded from South Dakota, we definitely could have gotten something.
  6. benteen

    X-Men: Dark Phoenix (2019)

    I think the issues with Xavier began when they would kill him off during the original X-Men run only to reveal later on that he had faked his death.
  7. benteen

    Season 5 Discussion Thread

    Yeah, there was some terrific acting in the first two episodes of this season and that made up for a lot of deficiencies with the scripts. Without that acting, you might have had a complete train wreck of a season.
  8. benteen

    S05.E03: Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too

    Unless specified, those who inherit the estates control the use of their image and likeness. I've read that sometime before his death Robin Williams signed something to prevent his image and likeness from being used after his death. Peter Cushing had no heirs and he left his estate went to his long-time secretary. Disney negotiated with her to use his likeness and image for Rogue One. From the interview I read, she sounds like a nice lady and talked about seeing the film with her grandkids and being stunned to see her old boss on the big screen again. Another actor who left no heirs is Jack Lord so his estate is owned by a bank. The current Hawaii Five-O show had to negotiate with him to use his image and create a (creepy) CGI likeness of him. I strongly suspect going forward that public figures, actors and entertainers in particular, are going to leave legal instructions on the use of their image after their deaths.
  9. benteen

    S05.E01: Striking Vipers

    Agreed. Mateen was terrific and quite funny. I appreciated that this episode managed to bring quite a bit of humor. It certainly went a long way and avoided making this a dour story.
  10. benteen

    Season 5 Discussion Thread

    I don't think it was a terrible season but it was definitely the weakest one to date. I think Bandersnatch took too much out of them. But this show has more than earned the right to get things back on track.
  11. benteen

    S05.E03: Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too

    I was expecting this episode to be a train wreck but ended up enjoying it. The whole brain copying new songs thing was ridiculous even for Black Mirror but when you start looking at it like Black Mirror's version of a Disney Channel movie, it kind of works. I thought the real standout was Madison Davenport as Jack. I really appreciated how they portrayed her relationship with her younger sister. They were opposites and Rachel annoyed her but you know she cared for her when she reminded the father when her birthday was and didn't get rid of the Ashley Too doll. Her performance was impressive, engaging and likeable. The Miley-version of the Ashley Too doll was pretty amusing. I thought though that the Rachel character got lost in the shuffle at the end. We don't really see the kind of resolution for her like we do with Jack and Ashley. I admit, I was cringing when she was at the talent show because I knew it would go bad for her.
  12. benteen

    S05.E02: Smithereens

    I thought this was the strongest episode of the season and the most like Black Mirror. I had a feeling it would be with Andrew Scott as the lead. I've been a fan of his since Sherlock and his performance should at least earn him an Emmy nomination. His meltdown about the company and social media was hilarious and he definitely made me sympathize with him despite what he was doing. Topher Grace was excellent too and so was Damson Idris. Whatever issues this season has had, it hasn't been on account of the ending. I like it when an episode does a "closed in" show like this. Despite being in a big field, it had a claustrophobic feel to it and I like it when shows do that. Social media getting information before the cops is disturbing and I like that Chris was able to help out the grieving mother at the end. The episode lost points due to where they ended the episode. It felt like the show couldn't reach a conclusion and decided not to show one. This seems to be a real issue this season and it's disappointing to see on this show. It's also like they didn't want to take an angle one way or another and that too is disappointing. I got why Jaden wanted to help Chris. But grabbing a live gun with police snipers surrounding them (and he knew that they were) was just plain stupid. Though they might have been the worst police snipers imaginable as they 1, can't shoot and 2, don't know what flanking is.
  13. benteen

    S05.E01: Striking Vipers

    I thought this was a good episode that tackled some very interesting subjects though definitely not close to the best of Black Mirror. It did run too long and didn't have enough of a BM payoff to events. One thing I want to acknowledge first... Excellent, excellent point. I think Karl said it was a new game (and perhaps had the new features) but EVERYONE would be doing this. Some people would never leave. Anyway, I appreciated that this episode had quite a bit of humor, a lot of it from Yahya Abdul-Mateen II's Karl. I laughed out loud when he suggested that him and Danny could just do this "the first Sunday of every month" or something like that and laughed too at how hilariously spaced out he looked when he was hooked into the game. I appreciate when a show or movie appreciates humor. I haven't seen Nicole Beharie in anything since she left Sleepy Hollow but damn, did she knock it out of the park during the anniversary scene. It was an interesting compromise that they struck at the end but I can't see that not getting complicated again in the long run for everyone involved. I admit though, I would have been amused if Nicole's character had hooked up with Tom Mison at the end. A strong group of actors and an interesting topic but not close to classic Black Mirror.
  14. benteen

    Doctor Who in the Media

    The new classic Doctor Who to be animated is The Faceless Ones. Doctor Who The Faceless Ones Interestingly enough, while Episode 1 and 3 exist, all six episodes will be animated. Surviving archival material from the original stories will also be included (I'm assuming Episode 1 and 3). This is the final story for Ben and Polly and features Pauline Collins, who I believe the writers wanted as the next companion. They've acknowledged that it's unlikely that some of the classic stories will ever be animated due to the poor quality of some of the recordings and because some of the stories are so complicated (multiple actors, costumes, location shooting, etc.).
  15. benteen

    Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019)

    I saw this movie and it was terrible. I would strongly recommend against seeing it. The plot was dumb, the action was pedestrian and it was very humorless. I felt bad for the cast and I really wish someone would give Charles Dance a script that would get him nominated for an Oscar. He deserves better than this crap. I don't know why those involved in this film didn't learn from Kong King of Skull Island. That was a very entertaining film that utilized its cast well, have a lot of good action scenes and humor.