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  1. RIP, Olivia de Havilland. A true legend who lived a long, great life.
  2. While I would have liked to have seen Bill & Ted in the movies, the option of putting the film On Demand is the correct one and after seeing the new trailer, I'm looking forward to it even more. I'm not familiar with the actress playing Ted's daughter but the actress playing Bill's daughter is Samara Weaving (niece of Hugo). I've seen her in The Babysitter, a surprisingly entertaining film and in a supporting role in Hollywood. She's a really good actress and will be a terrific addition to this film.
  3. Recently on TCM was1950 movie called Louisa, starring Ronald Reagan, Ruth Hussey, Edwunn Gween and Piper Laurie (among others) in her film debut. A fun and funny movie that was a pleasant surprise.
  4. I finished the season recently and I thought it was a really good season. Outside of the ridiculous, out-of-nowhere end (sorry writers, making a crazy ending that made no sense isn't honoring Philip K. Dick, it's being creatively lazy), I was pretty satisfied with it. Rufus Sewell was the MVP again. He's done amazing work with such a character. Episode 5 really put on display the ugliest aspects of Smith's personality and was another reminder why this guy doesn't deserve redemption. He is an evil man. But Sewell does amazing work that keeps your enthralled. I would say that Chelah Horsdal was a co-MVP. She really stepped up prominently and held up her end of the storyline. At least she is able to see what John isn't and does the right thing in the end. After Rufus Sewell, Joel de la Fuente has been the second best performer on this show. Like Smith, Kido has done terrible things and I don't think he deserves redemption either. But de la Fuente has always done great work with the character, giving him a dogged, single-minded determination to get things done that would be admirable if he wasn't the person that he is. His role in the post-Japanese Pacific States is fitting. San Francisco has become his home, one he clearly didn't want to leave and it makes sense that he would end up as a power-player in this new world. The stuff with the BCR was interesting. I believe they were mentioned towards the end of last year but they should have done a better job setting up the groundwork. Still, their interactions with the Japanese were compelling. Given how badly things have been for them, it's understandable they would latch onto anything as an alternative. But if they think communism is going to work, they'll be in for a rude awakening. Childan has a nice storyline and Brennan Brown has always done a great job with the character. He (and DJ Qualls in previous seasons) have always added much well-needed comic relief to the show. It was fun to see some familiar faces pop up in guest roles this season. David Harewood from Supergirl as the leader of the BCR as well as Rachel Nichols as Helen's bodyguard. Issues with the season...the lack of Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa as Tagomi. To the show's credit, they really did a good job with his glaring absence from the show but it was glaring. He should have at least had an on-camera death scene where you actually see him. I guess it was a scheduling conflict with Lost in Space? But how didn't they shore him up as he was a lead? Tagomi was one of the most compelling characters on this show and was definitely missed. Also missed was DJ Qualls. At the end of last season, it looked like him and Childan would start working with the Resistance but this year Ed is gone without a word. I guess he went back to the Neutral Zone. Another complaint in Season 5 was the line that Patton was at the handover of West Point to the Nazis. Patton, really? He would have gone down fighting, not handing over West Point. If there was something holding back The Man in the High Castle from being "elite" television, it was probably the actors playing Juliana, Frank and Joe. They were the weakest links of Season 1. By Season 2, they had stepped up because they were given better storylines. I liked Juliana kind of becoming the new Man in the High Castle with the book she created with the real history of the world in it. It makes it very much like book where the films were indeed a book. But her character still seemed to move around from place to place looking for a storyline and it's clear the focus continued to be with the most interesting character on the show, John Smith. Smith and Kido were the best characters on the show and were able to carry it in a way Juliana, Frank and Joe never were. Really enjoyed the final season and the series itself.
  5. I saw Clash of the Titans earlier this year and I was really disappointed. It was an early role for Harry Hamlin and it showed as he was terrible in it (he definitely got better as the years went on, ie his great turn on Mad Men). Titans has a great cast but manages to largely waste them (Laurence Olivier, Maggie Smith, Burgess Meredith and Sian Phillips). The movie is very slow and has surprisingly little action. Even the special effects don't look like they've improved at all since Jason and the Argonauts 18 years earlier. They were actually better in that movie.
  6. It looks like a lot of fun. I can't wait to see it.
  7. Interesting to see Courtney Ford pop up again.
  8. Sara is the parent of the team. Ava is her girlfriend who no one listens to and always screws up. She is and never will be the captain.
  9. Very good finale. It didn't match the highs of last week but still a fine finish to another great and entertaining season. Will miss Zari 1.0 who would have made a great acting captain. Glad we still have Zari 2.0 and Berhard on the team. Will also miss Charlie and Astra. I'm glad John has made peace with this part of his past. It was long overdue. Fun and inventive action from the Encore battle, as expected from Legends. Looking forward to the team battling aliens. Hopefully CAPTAIN Lance (it was great to hear that and see Sara deliver on the action front) will be back with the team soon. I know the writers consider Sara and Ava the parents of the team. Sara is but Ava is mom's girlfriend that no one listens too. She will never replace Sara as much as the writers try and hopefully her "captaincy" will end quickly. Legends continues to be one of my favorite shows. I hate the long wait for Season 6 but I will be there when they come back.
  10. Great episode, maybe the best one yet for Legends. They had had some good ones of late but this was a real standout. Loved the TV homages and the 1984-influenced world. It actually made good use of Mona and worked her in the story well. Always appreciate a Star Trek homage with Mick as Dahn being the highlight. Zari is definitely the MVP and I will share the sentiment that she has earned the right to be first officer like Sara earned the right to be captain. I wonder which Zari will remain. Would have loved to see Ray in this episode. Hope we see Mr. Parker again. Capains, our captains, co-captains...no show. Sara is the ONLY captain. Ava is a good Spock and that's fine but she will never be captain. As noted elsewhere, if Sara had a boyfriend they would never allow him to be co-captain (nor should they) but the writers think it's cute and apparently empowering to make Sara's girlfriend the co-captain. I refuse though to allow my annoyance with this to ruin my love for the show. Great episode. I only wish next week's finale wasn't the last episode of the show until next year.
  11. Fun episode and very much enjoyed it. -Loved the scene with the team around the table and drinking. -Agreed that Constantine and Zari have great chemistry and Zari has been an MVP this year. -Great seeing Gideon in the flesh again and fun story for Gary. -Co-captains for life...er, no. I don't know where this is coming from. Ava is Sara's girlfriend and because of this, that makes her a co-captain? Not buying or accepting that. It sounds like some bizarre take on everyone gets a trophy. Sara earned her status as captain of the Legends and there was no reason that should have been changed before her recen blindness. I do like Ava but she is not and will never be Sara. I can see her as a first officer and I can see a co-captain thing at the moment but there is only one captain of the Legends and that is Sara. I don't know why the writers thought that a joint captaincy was needed or wanted.
  12. It's contrived and terrible writing. The one pilot they are able to hire (paranoid Raffi didn't even know this had happened to Rios) just happens to have a past that's connected this completely the main storyline of the season? He's met a Soji before and has a drawing of her in his locker? It's contrived even more than Riker and Troi having a kid who died because of the synth ban. Shoehorning all of this into the main plot shows some bad writing on the part of the Picard staff. It reminds me of how JJ Abrams writes but it might be even worse.
  13. Dolores remains as unsympathetic and unlikable as ever.
  14. It's hard to imagine the writers and producers putting this episode together and thinking that audiences would love it. It was TERRIBLE. Too long, boring and confusing. I admit, I've wanted to see the world outside the park. But what I've seen is boring. Maeve's storyline looks interesting but that is it. Just a terrible change of course for this show.
  15. Very fun episode and the use of Damian as an encore was logical. Neal McDonough was a lot of fun again and I enjoyed the whole sequence where Constantine was playing Nora's fiance. Real-life married couples sometimes don't have great on-screen chemistry but that's not the case for Brandon Routh and Courtney Ford.
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