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  1. Bishop being an Aboriginal is definitely a retcon. I remember reading the letter page in Marvel back in the day and it was stated clearly that Bishop was African-American.
  2. Glomgold! Glomgold! Glomgold! The first few episodes started off a little slow but damn, did it ever pick-up from Timephoon on. Great series of episodes with a great finale. I loved the time going wonky in Timephoon. I got a good laugh out of Launchpad's delayed "Oooh" to Louie's burn of Della at the end of that one. I thought GlomTales would be a crowning point to the wonderful insanity that is Glomgold but I loved how his sheer idiocy saved the day and seeing him fighting alongside Scrooge was great fun. Epic finale that really showed how huge the world of DuckTales is and I can't wait for Season 3. Donald's "Mickey Melon" was disturbingly hilarious.
  3. I've heard it said that if Connery had done Her Majesty's Secret Service it would have been an incredibly well remembered James Bond movie. This wasn't a shot at Lazenby but just a general observation.
  4. Right. It's a steady paycheck for her, a chance to develop a new skill, a chance to meet new contacts, a chance to create. All of which can help her if she continues to pursue acting jobs.
  5. One of the first comic books I ever read was Avengers #225, which featured the return of The Black Knight. So I'm definitely interested in seeing how he'll be on the big screen.
  6. RIP, Terrence Dicks. A great writer and such an important person in the history of Doctor Who. I saw him at a convention once though I regret not getting the chance to speak with him. The Third Doctor era is one of, if not my favorite era of Doctor Who.
  7. Whether it was GLOW (it was) or something else, it was a sweet gig that Ruth should have taken.
  8. Ruth really made a foolish mistake by turning down the directing gig. She was right to point out this was Debbie's dream and not hers and it was dropped on her very quickly. But the benefits of being the director of GLOW would have a lot of benefits for her. Legit directing experience, a well-paying job where she wouldn't have to worry about money, the chance to make contacts in the business through the network and a chance to be involved in other projects on said network. No one says she has to remain the director of GLOW the rest of her life and she could still go out on auditions. A lot of directors in real life continued to pursue acting roles (Sydney Pollack, Garry Marshall, John Houston come to mind). Debbie was right about the state of Ruth's career...Ruth had never even been on the highway. Ruth couldn't even get a role in a film where the director was in love with her and the writer was a friend of hers. I know Debbie dropped this on Ruth at the last minute but turning down a sweet gig like that was incredibly short-sighted on her part. I like where Debbie's future is headed as President of the Network. I'm sorry that the relationship with Tex is over. Tex seemed like a pretty open guy when it came to the AIDS benefit so it felt like they just dropped this "you're not my partner" thing all of a sudden. I enjoyed them doing A Christmas Carol a lot and it is the kind of weird thing 80s wrestling would do (I remember an old episode of WWF's Tuesday Night Titans kind of doing that). It was fun and it was nice in a season that featured so little wrestling. Carmen really do have a knack for the business and did a good impression of The Undertaker in her match against Ruth. I can definitely sympathize with her wanting to do so actual wrestling although if this does follow 1980s wrestling (and there have been plenty of references to the actual WWF and their wrestlers) women's wrestling was fazed out by the big promotions in the late-80s. It would pick up again a few years later but not get particularly big again until the late-90s. I enjoyed the season. I had some issues, scattershot storylines, some overly preachy storylines, a lack of wrestling and they didn't quite stick the landing. But I enjoyed it and really want to see a Season 4.
  9. I haven't watched Saturday Night Live in more than a decade but Eddie Murphy's return WILL get me to watch. I've been waiting a long time to see him return. Murphy's appearance on Seinfeld's Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee was great and a reminder of just how funny he is. I would highly recommend that.
  10. I have no idea why Hughie tried to save a piece of shit like A-Train. Let him die, he deserved it. I very much enjoyed this series though I don't think they quite stuck the landing with this last episode.
  11. I very much enjoyed this episode and it was bolstered by it's two guest stars Elizabeth Perkins (I just finished watching Weeds) and Toby Huss (still looking like Frank Sinatra). I was surprised that Rhonda meeting Birdie went so well although I think Bash getting more money is going to a disaster. I realized we saw almost no Ruth but it was cool to learn that Allison Brie directed the episode. Of course, Sam stupidly can't admit to Justine about his health problems for no reason whatsoever and just decides to double-down on being a raging asshole. Sam is pretty much an extension of Marc Maron when it comes to rage. The Out of Africa response did amuse me.
  12. I wouldn't mind it being called Avengers Academy. That was a great comic book.
  13. That really does suck and I still think there's a lot of story left with Ray and Nora. Seems like a strange decision if this is purely a creative one. They teased Sara and Mick being the last two originals standing last year and looks like that's come to pass. I never thought Mick would have lasted this long but DC and the writers have done a great job with his character. I'm confused as to who is on the team now. I'll definitely miss Brandon and Courtney. Routh was always a great addition and Courtney was able to slide into the show nicely. It helps that the two of them had a great chemistry together, which isn't always the case with real-life married couples.
  14. I was waiting for when they would do an episode that focused more on the show itself (ie the wrestling) and they delivered with this one. Gilpin was a GREAT Zoya and Brie not surprisingly delivered as Liberty Belle. Carmen was a fantastic heel as Welfare Queen. Sheila as Liza, being told that she wouldn't be as successful as her mother got a good laugh too. Great, fun episode.
  15. What I mean is it will probably be a few years before Marvel can do another Spider-Man movie anyway and another Avengers movie is not on the horizon.
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