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  1. Wait till you see Episode 7.
  2. I was a fan of Rose as well. I agree we didn't get enough of Bill. I wish she had been with 12 sooner.
  3. Those three have been great and let's not forget Hailey Kilgore, who has been a real find for the show. Good finale. Not the best finale or best episode of Season 1 but does it's job on what has been a really good and entertaining first year.
  4. Wow. Completely unexpected but thrilling news. RTD was definitely the best showrunner. Moffat was better with individual scripts but RTD had vision.
  5. This episode was great fun. I like how they decided to embrace the batshit crazy in this episode the way Legends of Tomorrow would have. It's fun to do that once and a while and Marvel has with WandaVision and Loki as well. It was great to hear such a large amount of returning MCU alum, with Hemsworth and Portman being the standouts. The Marvel vs Thor fight was an awesome big-time comic book throw down, something we haven't quite seen on this level yet in the MCU. I like how neither character held it against the other in the end and departed on good terms. The ending was interes
  6. Fun episode. I do love a good road trip.
  7. Really good episode. This show continues to get better and better. Kanan deserved that super bitch slap that Raq. She had every right to go nuclear on him and Marvin but I think she made mistakes revealing that she killed Kanan's friend and throwing Marvin out of the business. She should freeze out the latter for a while but you don't want to splinter your family and your organization when you have enemies all around you. This was not a good episode for Raq (aside from taking out that abusive shop owner). I'm surprised Jukebox isn't holding what happened to Nicole against Kanan.
  8. benteen


    Another great episode. Ace continues to be an absolute asshole. It's easy to see why he's a heel. Chris Bauer remains the MVP of this show as Bill Hancock. He is never not funny. Nice bit with him going into business for himself and forcing that match with Jack and Ace. It's good for business. Crystal is definitely emerging as the star of DWL and her promo was great. It annoys the hell out of me that Jack can't see he's got an absolute star with her and setting the show in current times means Crystal should already be a wrestler and not a valet.
  9. Really liked that trailer., looks like a lot of fun. They had me with a Marvel show with a great cast but setting in NYC during Christmas? AWESOME.
  10. benteen

    S12.E04: Photo Op

    Fun episode. Sadly though, this looks like a preview of what the show will be like without Malory if it goes on after this season (with this episode being mostly Archer and Lana on their own).
  11. Looks like I owe Disney an apology. I never thought they would go dark with this series and they have the last few weeks. Really enjoyed this episode. Despite how grim it was, the various team-ups were a lot of fun, especially bringing in the non-powered sidekicks (namely Kurt). Some good interactions here too, particularly between Peter and Hulk. The episode reminded me of my favorite issue of What if (from the second run of the comic book) "What if the Marvel Super Heroes Had Atlantis Attacks." And hey, we FINALLY get an Uncle Ben reference! Complaints...I agree about the to
  12. You know, Legends generally hits a dry patch during a season but manages to bounce back strongly. This season is no exception. I really enjoyed the season finale. After six years, this show remains one of my very favorite shows currently on television. I'll miss both Constantine and Rory on this show. I liked the scene with Rory and Sara at the end as the final two original Legends. Mick has come a long way since being an afterthought on the team when the show was first announced. Him walking Sara down the aisle was fitting. Strong end for Constantine. I really enjoyed his last sc
  13. I found this to be a weak premiere episode. There's some interesting stuff in there but this show and this topic is not as interesting or compelling as the show is trying to make it. I think one of the reasons is that Clinton was never going to resign and there was never any chance he was going to be removed from office after his impeachment. Watergate would be a far more compelling and interesting event to do an American Crime Story about. That actually led to the resignation of a president and a couple of people going to jail. I'm not sure what Linda Tripp's angle was or what we a
  14. After last week's stronger episode, this episode was a disappointment. Not a very strong flashback episode.
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