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  1. Also TV but the 2015 BBC One And Then There Were None miniseries is great.
  2. Laughton actually hated children and had Mitchum work with the kids since he had three of his own.
  3. I thought the finale was great and as soon as I saw the X-Wing, I knew it was Luke and it had been what I was hoping for for weeks. Luke is the only logical character it could have been, because his job was to bring the Jedi back (which the sequel trilogy inexplicably didn't want to show) and he's the only person who could have shown up without requiring an explanation. I'm glad it was him and it was thrilling to see the character again in his prime. It went a long way towards washing the bad taste out of my mouth from The Last Jedi. Terrific action and cinema. The shared universe they are building is very exciting. I have no doubt that Grogu will be back next season.
  4. I thought Revolution of the Daleks was great. I'd go so far as to say it was the best episode of the Chibnall era. The Daleks actually come across like a threat here, like in the previous holiday special. We FINALLY get a one-on-one scene with The Doctor and one of his companions and it was perhaps Ryan's best scene. We needed more of this one-on-one interaction between The Doctor, Ryan, Graham and Yaz a lot sooner. The show has focused too much of on The Doctor treating her "fam" like a collective instead of individuals. I think her companions would have been a lot better received if they had allowed this sooner. The Doctor opening up here was a help too. Graham wasn't given much to do but at least had some great final scenes. He is the character I will miss the most and I would have been fine with him being the sole companion for the 13th Doctor era. Was very glad Ryan made the decision to leave himself instead of, as has been noted, being another companion having to be torn apart from The Doctor kicking and screaming. While I find the decision to leave this life puzzling from so many of the companions, I like the idea of a companion doing their time with The Doctor, growing and then moving on. Besides, it looks like Ryan and Graham aren't done saving the world, which I'd love to see more of. Yaz has been given more to do though I hope we get more focus on her, beyond being an obsessed companion. I think she'll benefit from having less companions around. Very much enjoyed the return of Captain Jack and the fact that his rescue took decades. Great stuff with him and Yaz and I appreciated the Rose mention. Jodie was good in this episode but the writing is still failing her Doctor. When the writing for Jo Martin's unknown Doctor is better, it's a real failing of the writing staff.
  5. Glad to see that one of my favorites, Clue, will be on TCM tonight.
  6. Torvi had a son with Jarl Borg who was killed in battle. She has lost three children.
  7. What I appreciated about this series is it is willing to embrace the silliness elements of this franchise (and there are a lot of them). It has a lot of heart and really cares about the characters. I thought Season 3 was great. I liked the Kreese flashbacks although it didn't make my sympathize with him at all. I do appreciate that they do try to add layers to everyone, even those who don't deserve it, like Kreese. Of course they gave him a wacky 80s movie era backstory, which again totally works for this show. Johnny and Miguel are definitely the heavy hitters of this cast as well as with the characters. Johnny still makes me laugh, like when he brushes off rehab. I enjoyed Daniel's trip to Japan and thought he had a legitimate badass moments when he rescued Johnny at the end from Kreese. The show is great with keeping Mr. Miyagi a part of it even with Pat Morita's death. His letter about Daniel was very Miyagi and very touching. I'm glad that he got to know Sam. LOL that even he couldn't be bothered to mention Daniel's son. I laughed at how they wrote off Stingray's character. Miss Aisha though, I liked her friendship/sibling-like relationship with Miguel. Great action as always. Hawk was a total ass throughout most of this season but I found that I couldn't hate him. Peyton List was good but I couldn't keep a straight face at those ridiculous facial expressions she was making in the last episode. I call that look The Tori Spelling. The return of Elizabeth Shue was great and things resolved themselves the way I was hoping they would. Very much looking forward to Season 4. Though it really feels like they are setting up for a final season.
  8. I always take news from British papers with a grain of salt but wouldn't be surprised if it's true. I haven't been a fan of 13 either. Not because of Jodie but the character is written so weakly and seems to be cribbing off of 10 and 11. It's damning that the writing for Jo Martin's Doctor has been so much better in such a short amount of time.
  9. Very good finale. After being disappointed with so many series finals (Game of Thrones comes to mind), I'm glad that Vikings came through in the end. About the one criticism I have us that so many characters are long gone but that is the nature of the show they are telling. Those characters got their resolution and most of them were satisfying. This season did a very good job of turning out the lights as the party was ending. I'm glad to see the new world story didn't end in complete bloodshed. Ubbe (love that he and his group have gone native with the wardrobe) made the right call in executing that dumbass for his crime. Seriously, fighting over gold in a nearly empty land? The guy had it coming just for being a moron. I very much enjoyed the final shot of Ubbe and Floki on the beach and laughed that Ragnar still harasses Floki about boats in his dreams. Very much enjoyed Ivar and Alfred's final conversation. Two sons of kings who started this conflict and practically the only ones left. I didn't sympathize with Ivar, his death was a long time in coming. But the actor always turned in a compelling performance and crafted a memorable character. The Alfred actor did his best work here. Hvitserk's fate worked for me. If any character needed to find religion, it was him. If I would have liked to have seen one character return, it actually would have been Rollo. It would have been interesting to have seen him die in bed surrounded by family as his former fellow Vikings died on the battlefield. Would Rollo have been happy with that fate? I just don't know if he would have... I'll miss Vikings. It was a favorite show of mine. Sometimes they could introduce a character or story that didn't work. I recall a stretch of episodes in Season 5 that made me worry that the show had lost it. But Vikings bounced back and remained a consistently entertaining watch for me. For me it was the characters and acting. It remains a crime that Travis Fimmell didn't get some awards recognition. His Ragnar was one of the most compelling characters on television and his nonverbal acting was second to none. I enjoyed the battles and the action. They could deliver when it came to the CGI battles but I always founded the smaller non-CGI battles more, like when Bjorn took Kattegat from Ivar. The sense of wonder remained perhaps its greatest aspect and props to the amazing location shooting. History is my favorite subject so I always appreciated that as well, even though the show took great liberties with that. Vikings was a great show and I eagerly look forward to the Netflix spinoff from Michael Hirst.
  10. I was spoiled on Floki's return but was still happy to see him, complete with deranged giggle. I'm glad he and Ubbe are together. Seeing them interact with the tri e was great. I couldn't help but wonder how cool it would have been to see Ragnar meet them. Another great and well thought out battle scene. Liked that Elsewith got a strong moment. Serious props to Peter Frazen. Harald is a vial person but still felt something when he got killed. It was cool seeing Haldan appear before him and even if Harald didn't deserve it, it was still a great sendoff. This Erik wasn't very impressive or smart. Never would have guessed Ingrid would be the last person standing in Kattegat. Shows you how bare the place has become although that is not a knock on the story at all.
  11. Exciting ending with Ubbe and his group being surrounded by a native tribe. Continued strong stuff from the new world storyline and the return to Wessex is proceeding nicely.
  12. I'm excited to see Ubbe, Torvi and their party reach the new world. One thing this show has always done is show you the sense of wonder these people have when discovering a new world. You're excited to see what they are about to discover. No one does it better than Vikings. Nice return for Alfred and Elsewith. New haircut is a great look for Alfred. Another impressive show battle. They do it even better when they don't CGI it.
  13. You can't go home again was definitely the theme. Harald is right that if they could forgive him, they could forgive anybody. But Ivar though... It did seem like Harald really wanted to remind the people what the two of them had done. It is true that none of them could be happy in peacetime. I'm looking forward to the return to Wessex.
  14. I was definitely not a fan of Gunnhild's end. The show has struggled with female characters not named Lagertha and created a good one with Gunnhild. So they just have her decide to not fight but drown herself to be with Bjorn, a terrible husband and an indifferent at best father? Lame. The only thing I haven't enjoyed this season. Seriously Kjetill, how could you not see this outcome when you decided not to share the whale. The only thing I found ridiculous is that all the settlers didn't join up immediately against him and his family. That would have ended things in about three seconds. Glad to see Oleg get killed. I going to miss the awesome Russian sets, locations and even costumes.
  15. Great season. What I appreciate most is the love the people involve have for this show. Cobra Kai has some great, compelling, emotional scenes but is completely unafraid to embrace the sillier aspects of this franchise as well.
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