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  1. Cloning is nothing new to comics. Back in the 80s, Professor X was transformed into a Brood. The process couldn't be reversed but alien technology was able to create a new Clone body to transport his brain into. I don't consider it much different than what happened to Sara. It wouldn't have been my choice to do it and it annoys me because it all comes back to AVA AVA AVA. It's been a huge mistake trying to make the show all about Ava, who proves once again she's a bad captain with terrible instincts and judgement. Anyway, really liked this episode. Bishop has been a good villain a
  2. While the Donner Cut (which I greatly enjoyed) undermined the whole Rocky scene, I have no problem with Superman teaching a piece of garbage like him a lesson. And ultimately, Rocky could have backed away from that fight. He threw the first punch...again. I wish the Donner Cut hadn't of included that scene of him going back in time a second time. The first one was already pushing it but I'll hand wave that, saying his grief was so great that he was able to do it but it wouldn't be something he would be able to physically do again. It's the worst kind of cheat code for when Superman sc
  3. I was not a fan of The Long, Hot Summer. It's not a bad movie but it really suffers from complete tonal shifts. Newman's character is accused to burning down a barn and basically run out of town so you think it's going to be a dark story. Then it becomes this poorly developed romance with this creepy guy and the daughter, before becoming something of a comedy afterwords. When I read afterwards that it was based on three different plays/stories, it really explained a lot about the tonal shifts. The movie did not know what it wanted to be.
  4. This episode was a lot of fun and the best of the season so far. I didn't mind it being as Astra focused as I found it engaging. Constaine was really being an ass to her. I enjoyed how it went from Harry Potter and Hogwats to Disney animation. The animated bits were a blast and looked the way they were supposed to. Matt Ryan was fantastic as Crowley and seemed to enjoy the opportunity to play him. Rememberd Matt Lucas from Doctor Who and it was nice to see, or hear him. Great to have Sara back though I wish the writers weren't so determined to define her completely by her relati
  5. Really good episode and Loki definitely had the best premiere episode of the Disney Plus Marvel series so far. Tom Hiddleston has been an MVP in the MCU and reaffirmed that in this episode. Loki's reactions to his future were strong, as was realizing how stuff like Infinity stones meant nothing where he was now. Owen Wilson played Owen Wilson again but that's all right because he's entertaining and likable. I like the hidden world of the TVA and adding another corner to the MCU. The DB Cooper bit was surprising but great fun. The variable thing is a good storyline and makes sense. Very
  6. Another really fun episode. Only Legends could have an actual game of nuclear football. Nice touch with JFK throwing out his back, which was an actual example of historical accuracy. It was still better than Michael C. Hall's AWFUL JFK on The Crown. But then again, it's not much of an effort to top that JFK. Definitely a strong episode for Nate, who benefits from being the new first officer (He and Mick both would make better captains than Ava). It's nice when his character gets to be an historian and he got to use his powers AGAIN, always a plus. He and Zari continue to ha
  7. I've read that the MGM library pre-1948 belongs to Warner.
  8. That definitely warrants an UGH! You also have comments like this from Jeff Bezos (via a Hollywood Reporter article... "Much beloved intellectual property"...what a charming and blunt way to describe this latest content grab by Amazon...
  9. Beebo animated holiday special narrated by Victor Garber? Sold!
  10. That's too bad. I was looking forward to that spinoff and it seemed like it could have been a big part of that crossover event. I have an idea what that crossover event might be. I'm a big fan of Bill Burr and F is for Family. I wasn't crazy about his initial Mandalorian appearance because he just seemed too much like Bill Burr in the Star Wars Universe. But I loved his second appearance and he fit in great there.
  11. benteen

    Eternals (2021)

    Visually stunning and I really liked the music they used for the trailer. I will probably wait until it comes to Disney Plus though.
  12. I've heard that brought up. That might be the reason but to me, it doesn't excuse not putting in a small scene with Kate seeing her body in the wreckage. They took the time and money a lot of money to put Tig Notaro in the scene, I can't imagine it wouldn't have taken much more of either to show her handing sticking out of some wreckage. Agreed on the second point. She could have screamed that out at the end.
  13. I really enjoyed this movie. This is how you do a CGI movie Godzilla vs Kong! The film looks great, it's a lot of fun (though I thought it could have used some more jokes) and is a nice return to form for Zack Snyder. The movie did a great job of building up its individual characters, like Aliens (clearly an inspiration for this film). A lot of recent films don't even bother with this. The opening montage is great (not a surprise, Snyder's opening montage in Watchmen was pretty great as well) and the setting is fantastic and manages to build a world. Bautista did a good job as the
  14. Very fun episode and the best of the season. Agreed that Tala Ashe as Zari continues to be the MVP on this show. She consistently brings it and I also agree Original Zari would have made a much stronger acting captain for the Waverider. It also helps that she has chemistry with everyone. I enjoy all the storylines and gimmicks they try and this episode is no exception. Lord Knox was a very fun villain and I enjoyed that he actually held himself to the rules of Da Throne. I was hoping he would show up again and was NOT happy when Mick squashed him. Mick was an ass in this but I l
  15. I saw it. It kept me interested and entertained. Amy Adams makes her character far more likable and tolerable than she probably had any right to be. That's not surprising coming from Amy Adams. Julianne Moore manages to steal the scene that she's in. The movie could have used more of her. But it does start to fall apart towards the end. Maybe his scenes were lost in the reedit but Gary Oldman is completed wasted in this movie (though provides some unintentional humor). Jennifer Jason Leigh is also wasted in her. A thousand times this. I think with a better script that didn
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