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  1. I'm glad Hemsworth wants to return to Thor but it's him with the Guardians that I want to see the most. Guardians 3 with Thor is the only post-Endgame movie that I'm looking forward to.
  2. THIS! This definitely annoyed me. I still call the original Star Wars "Star Wars" though I do occasionally specify. But that naming convention didn't come around until the late-90s.
  3. benteen

    Game Of Thrones In The Media

    I've put Game of Thrones out of sight, out of mind. This season shouldn't be winning for Best Drama. But I am glad to see Alfie Allen finally get a nod. I thought he should have gotten one for Season 2. Emilia did do her best acting this season I would agree but she's not even in the Top 15 in terms of best actors on the show. EDIT: I'm being EXTREMELY GENEROUS by saying she's not in the Top 15 of actors on the show. I don't think she's even in the Top 40.
  4. benteen

    TCM: The Greatest Movie Channel

    Destination: Moon is on tonight. I saw it a few months ago and found myself really enjoying it. It's definitely hokey in parts and one character is so damn unrealistic and annoying. But I love old sci-fi movies.
  5. Yeah, I also thought that Lucas was pretty much pushed to the background this season and got lost among the whole Mike/Eleven/Max stuff.
  6. benteen

    S03.E13: AKA Everything

    I would agree that locking up Trish in the Raft would be over-the-top. She broke bad but was not a supervillain. But like I said, she'd definitely be a great choice for The Thunderbirds.
  7. I really enjoyed this season. I admit it started a little slow for me but really picked up steam from Episode 3 on. I also give Netflix credit for knowing when to drop the new season. 4th of July was perfect and I love all the bits of nostalgia. I wish Dustin hadn't been separated from the group for so long and a lot of characters are separated from each other. But the show always does well with these groups they put together so that helped a great deal. I liked Robin a lot though I was disappointed with the reveal, as I was hoping for her and Steve to become a couple. I thought Max was annoying this season and then Erica came along. She was annoying almost all of the time and who gets upset with someone saying their name? As Avaleigh pointed out, she was reaching Dawn from Buffy levels of irritating. I will, I really did like Max's friendship with Eleven (the mall scene was a lot of fun) and it was something that Eleven really needed, to branch out on her own with someone else. I admit I knew it was the Neverending Story song right away. Lucas and Max making fun of Dustin by singing it was great. Enjoyed the Russians being the villain. Hopper's letter and the end was very well done. I'm really glad that Mike went from being a victim this season to have a more active role in events. I grew very tired of the Mike torture early last season and I did not want to see another season of that. It also allowed Joyce to do something other than worry about saving Mike, also a plus. LOL on Bald Eagle. I'm glad we got more of him and the other Russian guy (I'm bad with names sometimes).
  8. benteen

    S10.E06: Archer: 1999 -- Road Trip

    I thought this episode was really disappointing, as has most of Archer 1999 (the Mr. Deadly episode being an exception). The only part I liked was the homage to the Twilight Zone episode Death Ship but even that falters. I was so bored I pretty much stopped paying attention.
  9. benteen

    S10.E05: Archer: 1999 -- Mr. Deadly Goes to Town

    This episode was a lot of fun and I loved the Mr. Deadly concept. Seems like something you would have seen on Star Trek (I know of course they did a classic episode called The Doomsday Machine but that was an actual machine). Matt Barry was terrific as the title character. Finally, an episode I enjoyed in a really disappointing season.
  10. benteen

    Cobra Kai

    I'm really looking forward to that and the cover is pretty awesome.
  11. benteen

    S03.E13: AKA Everything

    The funny thing with Trish is, in her original incarnation, her character in the comics is almost as old as Captain America. I believe we see some old Patsy Walker comics in the flashbacks and I'm pretty sure those are real.
  12. benteen

    S03.E04: Chapter Four: The Sauna Test

    Yeah, I would kill for Elizabeth and Philip from The Americans to show up too. But everyone would then be dead.
  13. benteen

    S03.E13: AKA Everything

    Yeah, watching how things played out in Season 2 and 3, it was not worth destroying the Jessica and Trish friendship.
  14. benteen

    S03.E13: AKA Everything

    In Season 1, Jessica and Trish was one of the great TV friendships. I see now why they spent two seasons destroying it...I just don't think it was worth it in the end. Annoying as Trish was, I actually think it's too bad these shows aren't more connected to the MCU as I think the Trish character would be a great addition to The Thunderbolts. For those not familiar, the Thunderbolts are Marvel's version of the Suicide Squad, a bunch of ex-villains that the government sends out on missions. They are supervised and led by a superhero. I believe Hawkeye was the original leader and Luke actually led a team as well. Trish would be a logical addition to that team. It was nice to see Luke again, probably the last time we'll see Mike Colter in that role. Season 3 was definitely better than Season 2 but I was mixed on it. Krysten Ritter was always terrific but I think these Marvel Netflix shows (with the exception of Daredevil) clung to a rigid formula of darkness and storytelling and was too afraid to deviate from it. I think that's what hurt many of these shows. Still, I will miss this one and of course Daredevil. Hogarth deserved to be alone, particularly when she lied again to Kith after confessing everything. Though I still found myself feeling bad for the character even if she didn't deserve it. So kudos to Carrie-Anne Moss there. What the hell with the Malcolm storyline? His personal life is a mess, it doesn't really get resolved (we just see it continue to be a mess) and then it ends with a brief scene of him getting Jessica's company. I suppose having a messed up personal life is a requirement for Alias Investigations. I liked the Erik character but Jessica was right to cut him loose. LOL on them suddenly throwing winter coats and hats on everyone in the opening scene to hide Ritter's pregnancy. I guess Jessica is going to be a superhero at the end in NYC. Always good to see a David Tennant "appearance."
  15. benteen

    Jumanji: The Next Level (2019)

    I only hope they have a stronger villain this time around, someone the cast can really work off of. Funny in the Jumanji mold but not a non-factor like the villain in the previous film was.