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  1. When is the last time Kodouche washed his hair? How about cleaning yourself up and LOOK professional. Where did the "When have I ever been in charge?" outburst come from? He gets his way ALL of the time, but acts like a toddler throwing a tantrum. Then he says, "I've got emotional vomit... and I'm gonna puke on everyone!". Who says that? Has he spent the hiatus from the show making up soundbites to use when he can't think of anything? He also thinks he has an "empire". Kody, you have to actually do a lot of WORK to get ahead. Another stupid comment was when he said, "everything we touc
  2. This is what I meant upthread. You put it into words better than I did. It was odd that Sophia believed some stranger who could have been trying to rip her off.
  3. I loved that silly "hot chicken pickers" bit! Funny. Cute. Entertaining. Clean silly fun!
  4. That episode is one of my all-time favorites. From start to finish it's hilarious! "If you batted your eyes any harder you'd blow out the candles." "And by the way... STINKY needs a ride." "It must have been during ONE OF MY BLACK OUTS!" "Don't forget your warm glass of Tang." "I remember when I first drove a moon-crane... damn near drove it into the Sea of Tranquility." "Yeah. I had fun, too."
  5. Gil: "This is my last little man... oh, who am I kidding!"
  6. Oh, that's so sad. I'll probably not watch that one again. Fred and his penny pinching... he was sooo ungrateful in this episode. Ricky and Lucy are taking them to Hollywood and Fred is quibbling over pitching in for gas money. If Ricky was like that, the Mertz's wouldn't have gone anywhere. Ricky was very generous and a good sport. He didn't have to share so much.
  7. I agree with lots of the comments about the way the women dressed. Some of Carrie's outfits were so bizarre I had to roll my eyes at them. Like in the episode where she's in Paris living with Mikhail Baryshnikov's character. In one of the restaurants she is wearing what looks like a baby pink tube top with sparkly rhinestones all over it AND coming out of each rhinestone was a plume of maribou. A 16 year old would like that outfit. For a grown woman who fancies herself the most fashionably sophisticated woman EVER, I found it laughable! Also, she sometimes wears a small pill box hat ruinin
  8. Rose's mother comes across like a rational, well-adjusted person. Rose is nothing like her. I'm surprised that the writers didn't take the opportunity to go over the top with her mother's personality. If they had, it would have explained Rose's beliefs more. Her mom was too normal.
  9. I really enjoyed this episode. They actually addressed some questions that we've thought of here and on the TWoP forum. Thanks, @Steff, for that beautifully written post about Bill's attributes. You said it better than I would have. I find Bill very attractive in personality, caring, AND looks. He's a great guy! Regarding the question about cancer from the young poster - My mother was diagnosed with cancer the first time when I was 6 years old. I was sitting on the steps of our home when my mom asked me why I was crying and I said "I don't want you to die". At 6 years old I knew about
  10. I don't really like that episode. It's a stupid idea in the first place AND I felt sorry for the Pig. I'd rather have had a story about how they were doing something real in their lives... like how they argue over trying to pick a movie to see, or where to go out to dinner. Oh, that's just me and MY family? I'd even rather have had another fake clip show of all the girls sitting and chatting about their lives before they met. No. They had to have Rose announce that she was going to have a "Baby".
  11. Thanks for the info. I'd forgotten her name was Kari. I liked that they made Martin a cop in the beginning and were able to use his background in lots of episodes. It served him well over the years. I hate it when a show introduces something for only 1 episode for 1 or 2 jokes only to never mention it again. I originally thought Niles' nose bleeds would be the same way, but they did use that from time to time. Then again, Frasier had trouble with his ethics several times throughout the series, but he doesn't get queasy like he did with that caller who previously dated Marco. I would have e
  12. Sort of reminds me of that episode where Frasier has the rabid admirer who wants to meet him at that dinner. Frasier hires that female bodyguard.
  13. "The Barra... cuddaaaaa" "You're not even the SEX I want!" "There'll be NO naps in HELL." "If you aren't this tall... you can't go on this ride."
  14. Of all the girls, Blanche would be the hardest for me to believe. Like when that local politician said he slept with Blanche, but she actually didn't sleep with him. Blanche stretched the truth so much that it's understandable the others didn't believe her. Another example is when she showed them the 5 places she lost her virginity. BUT, Rose doesn't go around trying to deceive the others ever. So why wouldn't they believe Rose? They know she's not one to make up something like that without reason. Yet, they believed Holly without question and turned it back on Rose.
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