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  1. I love that he's getting a tribute!!! Someone should write a biography, along the lines of the excellent one written recently about Joan Harrison (with whom he worked behind the scenes for Hitchcock). Oh, the people he knew and the stories his archives could no doubt tell!
  2. Milburn Stone


    The line between pleasing younger viewers and being seen by them as a Dad-joke is a thin one indeed.
  3. It's not about rank. Sasha wants everything desirable that anyone else has or has had.
  4. The only scene in that trailer that was remotely convincing was the one between Newman and Pier Angeli.
  5. Even when Paul Newman was in roles that were stupid and/or beyond salvation, they did nothing to impede his career. Probably because it was clear enough that no actor could have done any better.
  6. Any word on when and where S4 arrives in U.S.?
  7. The suits might not even know what's in the back catalogs they do own.
  8. But of course, one can support the Jewish people's right to a homeland without being Jewish. Just as one can support the Palestinian people's right to a homeland without being Muslim.
  9. Translation: You're all axed.
  10. I'm consistently confused by the terminology in the press about Amazon buying the MGM studio. There is no MGM studio--Sony owns the soundstages, office buildings, and back lot. There is an MGM catalogue. That must be what Amazon bought. Unless they really did buy a studio! If so, does it mean they bought the Sony Pictures lot from Sony?
  11. Is it a tradition that cast members who have big nights are leaving? Is there evidence for that? I agree Cecily was sensational, and Beck had a great show, but couldn't that just be that they were "bringing it" for the season finale? And that the writers also wanted to finish strong for the season finale? I don't read any tea leaves in Jeanine Pirro singing "My Way"--it was the perfect song for the character. Anyway, I hope Cecily and Beck will be back.
  12. The name of the channel could be TCM Revolution (in honor of Mark Harris' excellent book Pictures at a Revolution, which is about that turning point in film history).
  13. I feel like if Barbara Stanwyck got slapped, she would punch out Veda's lights.
  14. It's really weird. We watched on Hulu, and the Detroit was clearly audible. It wasn't even any softer than any other words in the sentence!
  15. I was thinking this very thing as I watched. When they put someone in as host who *ought* to be good, the show's a stinker. When they put someone in who's more WTF-are-they-thinking (Elon Musk, et. al.), the writers come up with good material. Maybe they work harder. Edited to add another possibility: When they put in a person with sketch experience who really doesn't understand the show, that person says, "Hey, I know what would be good!," and it isn't. When they put in a person who absolutely doesn't know what they're doing and knows it, the writers have free reign to create.
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