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  1. Once again, I'm at a loss as to the British (or the show's) definition of "dessert." It's fine if "dessert" just means something that's not covered by the other episode categories--not biscuits, not bread, not pie, not cake, not patisserie. But when bakers say things like "I never make desserts," I find it very confusing. Are cakes and pies not desserts?
  2. Logan's death was badly done, but beyond that: -referencing Thomas's statements about their intent: the strengths of Veronica Mars are very different from those of Sherlock, though even Sherlock is built on relationships--with Watson, with Mrs. Hudson, with Molly, lots of others. Taking Veronica out of Neptune is essentially starting a whole different show, and one that sounds a lot less interesting. Not to mention that VM has been able to engage with class issues in a particular way because of the Marses' specific place in the community. All in all, a bonehead move. -the Keith health scare was badly written and badly acted. -how is Daniel Maloof a free man, let alone running for senate? There is tons to connect him with the death of a relative of his brother's fiancee; by no means would it be written off as a simple race-motivated murder attempt. And how is crazy Mama Carr not on every local news outlet shrieking about her other son who's gone missing. I would think the Maloofs would have every reason to get out of Dodge, not raise their profile and run for higher office. -Maddie and the ring? Come on.
  3. Amy to Dan, season 5: "If you made Jonah Ryan a congressman, you could run the town, because you would have just turned this enormous turd into something."
  4. rejnel

    S07.E6: Oslo

    Did you follow HOW Selina could give Tibet back to China? I didn't understand it at all. (I followed what was said, but not how it could result in that.) I think the moment where Marjorie brushed off wedding plans was supposed to be spoofing a typical groom's attitude--"I don't care what you do, as long as there's prime rib" or whatever.
  5. I haven't liked the jokes about Amy's appearance over the seasons, but as she's gotten more eccentric looking, they've started to (almost) make sense. And if the endgame is that Anna Chlumsky will be doing a Kellyanne impression from now on, I'm all in! Those few seconds were hilarious.
  6. What is the meme that Holt sends to the group chat whenever Wunch is mentioned?
  7. I hope not, if traffic cop Holt is based on the first floor and reports to Amy! I'm not a fan of Wunch, so wouldn't be thrilled to have her stick around, though. Lastly: Tim Meadows has never been funnier!
  8. rejnel

    Will & Grace

    I've been catching old episodes lately from various seasons. Never really thought about it before, but almost every episode features a joke about how Grace is obsessed with/dates/falls in love with gay guys. But did we ever see this, other than her college relationship with Will?
  9. Since watching the documentary about making the final episode, I'm starting to think about where the cast will go from here. Speculation? I hope this is cool for this thread--truly sorry if not! Also, none of this is meant to be mean, even if my predictions are more limited for some people. It's more a question of Hollywood's limited imagination; I don't think there are too many opportunities that really let people fly all their talents like CXG. I think Bloom and Champlin are the two break-outs who can write their own ticket from here. Champlin probably as a top Broadway name, though she'd also be great in another stylish TV comedy. (BTW, I've loved seeing her look so gorgeous the last several episodes. I know they were going for exhausted working mom for the earlier seasons, but nice they're letting her look beautiful as the show wraps up!) David Hull--offbeat leading man in a new Bill Lawrence show? Vella Lovell--great potential for indy films and romantic comedies. Vinny Rodriguez--well, more featured stage work for sure. He's a find, just hard to see where he'll go from here. Gabrielle Ruiz--Incredible dancer and super charismatic. Seems pretty delightful in person, maybe a judge on a dance or other reality show? Scott Michael Foster--I could see him on a Shonda Rhimes show or one of these "For the People" or "The Good Fight" shows with lots of attractive people emoting. Erick Lopez--I'd like to see him do drama. Maybe one of those Chicago --- shows?
  10. Oh my god. Day 457 (the Alan Alda episode) is incredibly unsettling. They leave 18-20 wrongful convictions in place that should absolutely be reopened after what they learned? There's an argument at the end between Jay and Adrian about Jay's friend, but there also all those many people wrongfully incarcerated or with inflated sentences because of bad cops planting guns. And they have evidence but decide to leave it alone and go with their reprehensible client and a big payday? They should have told HIM to confess to the bad arrests in exchange for not going to jail, not celebrated an 8-million payout for that POS. The Facebook targeting was also really inaccurate. I don't know much about social media, but I know Venn diagrams. To contact people with all the various interests they were looking at, the numbers would have gone up, not down! The defense wasn't targeting a theoretical juror with all the characteristics, but rather the entire jury with those varied characteristics-->group gets bigger, not smaller.
  11. Thanks, metaphor and palmaire! Glad I listened to you. First 3 episodes of Season 2 have been a lot of fun.
  12. I've only watched the first season and am wondering how the seasons are generally considered to rank. Do people tend to think it keeps improving over S2 and S3? Or is S1 considered the high point? Any thoughts? I liked the first season more than not. I find some of the main cast absolutely compelling, but not all of them. Likewise with some of the stories. On the other hand, if they keep tapping the New York stage for guest stars, it would be hard for me to walk away!
  13. His entrance was so great I had to rewind. Loved the Chick Fil-A joke, too. But overall, the show is starting to lose me. I think the balance between clever and funny has shifted too far away from funny. It's become too much about just waiting for the next wacky reboot to get out of some impossible situation. I spend a lot of each episode ("Janet(s)" aside) going "uh-huh, yes, OK, that's clever" and very little time actually laughing.
  14. NOOOOO! Captain + Kevin + Cheddar 4EVER! But you've got a great idea there--suppose the Cap had to go undercover on the dating scene? I'm down with that!
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