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  1. Yes, I went to the convention but only for the de facto Atlantis day (although I'd be glad to talk about Torri Higginson et. al.), the only SG-1 presence being that of Cliff Simon, who seems to think MGM is going to reboot the series. He mostly talked about a new man-vs.-wilderness reality show he's just shot. Gary Jones was the emcee and I wish he hadn't been: all the guests came with new material but Jones trotted out all the same, old, tired jokes. If I go next year I will splurge and on the Amanda Tapping sessions, which I couldn't afford this time around. And now here's something for you DanJan shippers ...
  2. No great revelations at Gateway, which strove to be upbeat. Joe Flanigan seemed rather sheepish about his General Hospital gig and Paul McGillion was a total sweetheart. He auctioned off various personal Atlantis souvenirs in character as Carson Beckett. Of the fierce bidding for a "Sunday" script, he said, "You guys really want to see Beckett dead ... morbid buggers."
  3. I'm off to Gateway, the 20th anniversary Stargate con in Chicago. Alas, I can only attend on the *de facto* Atlantis day -- Torri Higginson, Joe Flanigan, Rainbow Sun Francks, etc. -- but will report any newsworthy revelations, especially as the speakers will include two actors (Higginson and Francks) given unceremonious exits from the show. Brad Wright spent five years tweaking the formula for that show when he should have left well enough alone, IMO ... but then we'd never have had Major Lorne (who M&M almost killed off, before sanity prevailed. The fan backlash would have been volcanic).
  4. Am I wrong to believe that the Lowe-powered spinoff bodes well for renewal of the mothership?
  5. Last night I watched Citizen Joe for the first time since it originally aired and found it rather charming. (Most fans seem to have been put off by it.) Best quote: "They rejected Hathor?! That one was gold!"
  6. Is anybody (else) going to the Stargate convention in Chicago in June? We could have a mini-TwoP meetup.
  7. That could easily be remedied if Pete's screen-right exit were overdubbed with the sound of a speeding car, followed by a loud "Splat!" If anybody deserved the Black Widow Curse it was he.
  8. No, Janet never said that. Hathor came back in a season-ending cliffhanger, in which Jack got to kill her. Incidentally, Hathor looks like Playhouse 90 compared to Joe Mallozzi's recent series Dark Matter (as in horse manure). It thinks it's the new Firefly when it's actually the second coming of Andromeda. I've suffered through episodes for the sake of Torri Higginson's guest appearances but it's a slog. The prerequisite for being cast as a regular seems to be A) under 30; B) flat abs; C) copious amounts of hair gel. [A complete inability to act helps.] Compared to this slab of absolute dreck, JM's worst episodes of SG-1 and SG:A can be forgiven. And he did give us Ripple Effect (bringing back Janet, albeit temporarily), so he'll always get props from me for writing it. See how I brought that back on-topic?
  9. This discussion has gotten so lively I'm running to catch up. Thanks, Marina To: It's nice to know I'm not the only one who wants to crawl under the chair during certain S8 episodes. The feeling that they give me is of enervation, of playing out the string until Moebius -- which would have given SG-1 a nice exit had TPTB not attempted a reboot. I'm not surprised that P.U. was one of the highest-rated episodes of S8, considering how heavily SciFi pimped Claudia Black's guest appearance. Unfortunately, that will never compensate me for squicky scenes of Vala sitting on Daniel's face or Hiccuping Lieutenant being played for a sexist running gag. (Misogyny was a recurring problem with the writing.) Then came the incredibly problematic decision to make Vala a regular, a square peg in a round hole if ever there was. The upshot was to turn her into an intergalactic Mary Sue, wheeling and dealing in ways that went smack against the USAF team ethos of the show. She (and Black) could have been tremendous fun as a recurring nemesis -- as Continuum displayed. That's all I've got on the fly. Maybe I'll re-read and come back with more ... oh, and I *loved* Hathor. The episode and the character.
  10. SGU was a terrible mistake, a classic case of what happens when you spurn the fans you *have* in favor of teenyboppers and BSG fans (and odd combination). That show scraped on my nerve ends incessantly. The attempt to put Jack O'Neill-style quips in a young nerd's mouth was an epic fail. But I digress. Does anybody else have trouble with S8 simply in terms of not feeling compelled to go from one episode to another? I know there are some strong installments at the end, culminating in "Threads" and "Moebius" but there's a f@ckton of filler like "Citizen Joe," not to mention the arid wastes of "Gemini" and "P.U." At least there's a partial reboot in S9 but one's feelings about that may swing upon how much enthusiasm you can muster to the Prior as replacements for the Goa'uld. The latter were at least outlandish and entertaining, while the Replicators had a high creep factor. The Priors are the No Fun Bunch.
  11. Here's some eye candy, just for the heck of it. Amanda's more Dr. Helen Magnus here than Sam Carter, but lovely as always.
  12. Just lovely, marina to. It makes me want to watch Lifeboat again so that I can appreciate your story in context. Keep up the terrific work. On a tangentially related note, Amanda Tapping has been in New York City these last two weeks, directing an episode of Blindspot (so there's finally something to be said for that show) and clearly having a whale of a time. It's nice to know that A-Tap's playing in the bigs and hopefully will continue to do so forever and a day.
  13. Getting back to Dan/Jan for a moment, I thought this was the ship that floated with the greatest amount of buoyancy, maybe because it was initiated by the actors themselves and the writers never touched it. It was there if you wanted to see it and, if not, you could always hand wave the handholding in Rite of Passage and the "I don't give a damn" moment in Lifeboat (Teryl Rothery did several 'correct' takes and then went for broke on the last one, which director Peter DeLuise had the good sense to use). Daniel's grieving almost made Heroes bearable and there were even trace elements of 'ship' in Ripple Effect, even though Daniel/Vala was the official ship of the moment. I certainly didn't mind it because Daniel Shanks and TR made a lovely couple -- and it explained why Daniel's glasses were in Doc Fraiser's pocket in S7.
  14. Why were the SG-1 forums vaulted? We were muzzled right in the middle of a lively debate (on a subforum which I had initiated, ahem).
  15. Speaking of cast members in other roles, Cedar Cove was practically a retirement home for SG-1 veterans. In addition to second-lead Teryl Rothery, it had Garry Chalk (Col. Chekhov), Garwin Sanford (Narim) and Craig Veroni (Dr. Grodin, Stargate Atlantis). Since everyone mentioned bought the farm at some point in their Stargate tenure, it was like Stargate: DOA. Directors Martin Wood and Andy Mikita also dropped anchor there, although it wasn't what you'd call a visually creative show. (Wood, in particular, must have been bored stiff after SG-1, SG:A and Sanctuary.)
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