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  1. OFFTOPIC: I have a question, in what scene did Chyler actually needed a stunt-double last episode? Or is it just random picture. Cause, for the life of me, can't figure it out.
  2. I think Leviathan is going to rule the world by themselves. Their goal is to trap everyone in VR. At least that's what I get from these episodes.
  3. As a side note, man, Alice is gonna be so fucking pissed off when she gets out of Arkham. Kate has betrayed her twice this season. If I was Kate, I'd be investing in to full body bullet-proof armour right about now, lol.
  4. Not as good as the previous episode, but well done. Like many said, Skarsten's acting is superb and makes you feel said for Alice's faith. Though, until Jacob shot the marksman, I thought that Deadshot is in town... but who knows... maybe he's subcontracting.
  5. As I understood, the good doctor found Beth's and Kate's mother's body in the river, fished her out, and fought, hey, I can use her skin! Neat!
  6. Well... in terms of social justice crap, this ep was maybe slightly better than all other heavy-handed social crap episodes in SG (the portrayal maybe 6/10). I really don't think that the guy will get many years in jail for scratching Yvette's cheek, but whatevs, and I really don't think that it warrants trying to kill him, but these heavy-handed social episodes gotta do what they gotta do. Also: 'Kara, you hope speech will not help this time'. Are you sure, Nia? I mean, her hope speeches tend to work, just look at Myriad in Season One. Well, at least, something wrong with lenses plot is moving forward. Hooray?
  7. This ep... 10/10. See, that's what you get when focusing on one storytelling - a cohesive and quality episode. I want more!
  8. OK, with that I agree. Still, does not negate the fact that for 99 percent of time she's popping in to CatCo just to say hi to someone.
  9. Again, off-screen. We never saw it, we just saw a completed journal cover in one of Batwoman eps.
  10. Oh, you mean that 5 min. thingy in the end episodes where off-screen Kara wrote an article, and people miraculously changed their minds about everything? Because, I don't remember her doing any journalism on-screen since S2. I mean, I sort of vaguely remember her writing blogs (during Mon-El seasons I think?), but again, don't remember her Nancy Drewing her cases or anything...
  11. Am I the only one who's wandering why Kara is still working at CatCo, if we haven't seen "real" journalism from her since... maybe even that far long as S1 or S2... And, yes, I'm quite aware that a couple of episodes back she was "working" with William on Lex (in the sense that William done all of the investigative journalism, Kara did..,. I have no idea what she did, I know what her alter ego was up to, but Kara...?) P.S. I actually would not be surprised, if in this Earth William is actually working with Leviathan. Now, that would be a "twist".
  12. Rachel Skarsten is the best thing in this series. Can't get enough of her being bat-shit crazy. I hooe they don't kill her off in the future, cause the show will become boring. Was not surprised regarding Sophie's mom. On the other hand, the way she was portrayed she might as well have been dissappointed for the fact that Sophie pours milk first, then adds cerial. Love the gory bits as well. Definately the tone reminds me of Gotham.
  13. Back on IMDB boards, when they still had them, I wrote something similar that the show might end when Mel either gets pregnant or hits that mark when she can't physically be SG.
  14. Aaaahh... did Dreamer ever outs herself as transgender? I know that Nia did at one point, while talking to Jimmy, but did her alter ego did?
  15. Why does she have to have a human identity at all, for that matter? Why can't she go by her given name and surname? I mean, the aliens have human jobs ever since S2. So...
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