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  1. I'm just wondering what was more bullshit in this episode: the fact that William actually got "embedded" with the Super Friends and writing a story about how they operate or Super Friends plan on how to get humanity back to the victims from Nxly. No, I'm thinking the latter. Now I'm imagining how Batman, for example, is showing some reporter guy his batcave with all the gadgets and introducing them to his day-to-day activities. And what the hell is this sudden notion that the public doesn't trust the heroes and the heroes need more transparency. So, what we just going to throw out the win
  2. Yep, thought the same. I don't know, I prefer these type of quirky episodes rather than your special education episodes, although, I prefer they don't do either. Though, a bit of a dissonance in the beginning of the episode, if compared to the previous one where Kelly was bitching at everyone for not helping her out and not being there, so now, she is not helping them out and not being there (I know, towards the end she comes), because she has her own villains to deal with. I mean, pot calling kettle black, Kelly? No? OK... Since they treat science as pseudo-out-of-your-ass-whatever-
  3. Kelly's outrage that no one of the hospital staff is rushing in to help the victims of the building collapse made me chuckle. Is this her first time of being in an overcrowded, under-staffed and under-equipped public hospital? I mean, sure, it sucks that people don't get help right of the bat, but it is what it is. Just be glad that, if you are capable of speaking, orienting in your surroundings, conscious and not out right dying, they don't make you wait for almost an entire day to go in to the examination room.
  4. Damn, while listening through discographies on YouTube, somehow forgot that this was sung by Dido:
  5. Probably, the most interesting episode so far in the season. Though, I do not like the out-of-nowhere Lena's mother is a witch and Lena is a witch too direction that the show is taking, presumably, to fight Nxly.
  6. Dido "Odds and Ends" (1995). Demo album. I'd give it about 8 out of 10 as a demo album.
  7. Random musing, so, seriously, why aliens flee to Earth in this show? I mean, take Dr. Raab in this episode; it was said that their race is highly technologically advanced. So, why they fled to Earth? For what purpose? Or, are aliens on their own respective planets powerless as humans, but on Earth they become x-men? Well, if that is the case, humans can try flying to other planets in the show to become x-men on their worlds :D
  8. So, I finished up Linkin Park discography just recently with One More Light. And I've got to say... from hard rock ranging on heavy metal to pop with synthesizers... they might be the most changed band that I ever had the pleasure to listen to.
  9. Nia is dumb as bricks. I mean, she basically said that her mom revered owls, the owl tried to warn her, some stranger (Nia acknowledged herself that she does not trust her) is going out of her way to shoo the owl off, and yet, in the end Nia accepts the offer. I hope she will be tortured by magic just for this. I really hope, man. On second thought, that's what happens when Kara does not speak to anyone about what transpired in the Phantom Zone. On the side note, oh, so the prison warden was corrupt? *Surprised Pickachu face* You don't say. Also, regarding Kelly as Guardian, well, at
  10. So far, three good albums in a row (though, the first two were a bit too edgy for my liking, though, teenager me would have swallowed them all up). Regarding Metallica's discography, well... Hardwired to... Self Destruct was probably their best "new" album, it was definately better than Saint Anger and Death Magnetic, whether it was better or on the same level as Reload? Hard to say...
  11. Oh, look, we are back to environmental problems from S1. How original. And, no, Andrea, you cannot fire anyone within a month, if your paper will not be in top 2 or something position. That's not how this works.
  12. Cause I'm listening to their entire discography on youtube. :D
  13. Metallica "St Anger" Full Album. Help, my ears are bleeding from the god-awful drum and guitar sound. Its probably the worst album of Metallica that I have ever heard. 🤮
  14. Zombieland (2009). A light zombie-flick that's supposed to be comedy, but I haven't laughed once (or maybe my sense of humour is non-existent now, but I did laugh at a couple of Wandavision episodes so...). It was sort of entertaining watch, but 6/10
  15. Finishing up Colleen McCullough "The Song of Troy". Only a couple of chapters left. It's a novelization of Homer's "Iliad". The main difference in here is that there are no divine interventions and quite few heroes of the story are quite sceptical about gods intervening in to the war. Its all driven by human lust for new lands, economic power, greed and envy (as well as shattered pride). I think I swallowed the majority of the remaining story whole during my vacation time. It really was an entertaining read.
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