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  1. Well, in the real world, since season one, there would be hundreds of top-leading scientists in the show working with alien technologies, and not just one computer geek and/or multi-billionaire philanthropist (up until Brainy shows up). In the real world, the DEO would have much better security and no village yokel could waltz right in there uninvited. In the real world, everyone, who is close to Kara, would instantly recognize she is Supergirl. In the real world etc. The show is not the real world, though. And it's going down the Smallville route (which is the easiest route, I guess for them, cause, what else you are going to do with a Luthor. At least, in here the animosity did not stem, cause Kara and Lena both fell in love with the same guy *cough Lana cough, cough*).
  2. Ah... Buffy reference, where Spike threw that kid in to a cage and hoisted it in broad daylight lol?
  3. The gist of the whole Lena-Kara drama: "I can't help but think, that if I made different choices along the way, things might have turned out differently". No, shit, Kara. I'm not saying that Lena is in the right, but, yes, if you'd made different choices, none of this would have happened. Also, could you imagine Lena's outrage, if Kara would have told William that she's Supergirl lol. And, yes! Finally, the long overdue issue of Alex still being in the DEO. She quits! And all it took was change of realities. Now, if only Kara would come to understand that it is not necessary for her to work at the DEO, as well... Also, surprisingly, a good episode. P.S. So... should someone tell the two Winns that only one of them is supposed to be alive? I mean, judging by Batwoman series.
  4. Well, that was a solid and strong episode, without any unnecessary comoulsory social policies thrown in to the mix. Too bad that Supergirl has less and less of those. I kinda would have liked for Sophie to be the one to pull the trigger, not Mouse's father. That would have been a much bigger catalizer and would have put up a big Stop sign in Kate's and Sophie's relationship, but alas...
  5. Why would they? They are like unnamed henchmen. The only characters of importance are Mouse and Alice. I guess, they recruited every malcontent psycho, who did not already belong to Joker's, Penguin's, Scarecrow's, Two Face's etc. crew. The more important question would be how the gang was formed.
  6. Better episode than the last one, but still, I don't like this soft-reboot stuff after 5 seasons. And why does Winn's doppleganger does not go "Ah, my head!" like Alice's doppleganger in Batwoman? Consistency, man, it is important. Addendum: you all have these magic-science mumbo jumbo, which you can create within 5 min. in to the episode, and yet you chose to disguise Winn the same way as Kara. Producers, with all do respect - go f' yourselves.
  7. LOL, what a weakling. The camera did not even show anything, it was just implied. IMO, Mouse's father should wear a top-hat, grow an evil moustache and tie damsels down to train tracks in order to fully complete his evilness ensemble.
  8. Beth: You guys do have police, right? Me: Well, they do, but they are as useful as the cops in Simpsons. Makes me wonder, couldn't Kate simply yell "Supergirl, help us!" now and their predicament in the junkyard would have been over in a jiffy? Overall, I liked the episode. Much better than SG. At least, Gotham is the same for 99 percent, unlike softly rebooting Supergirl after the Crisis. This Lex Luthor sucks. Addendum: yeah, no, Kate should have been more seriously injured from that car crash. I'd suspend my disbelief, if she were in costume, but she was not. And all she got was some lip bruise. *Shakes head*
  9. Addendum, as a side note, all of this do you wanna be partners with me from Lex, Kara, Lena and Lillian reminds me of do you wanna marry me and have my kids thing. I mean, no one in the proof-reading department found it strange...
  10. I only have one word summing up this episode post-Crisis. TERRIBLE.
  11. So, it is not related to Alanis Morrisette album? OK, my bad, then 😀
  12. Thebeginning of the episode on the runaway train: "Some of us have tickets to Jagged Little Pill". Um, in what year they are that they are going to Alanis concert? Also, as far as side plot B goes... teenager mad at the world so she exacts her frustrations on everyone else so her parents will talk to her... yeah... no. Disregarding this monstrosity, it was a fine episode. Also, fuck the alternate universe thing. Not only did it mess up a perfectly good Leviathan plot in Supergirl (where's my Mitch Pilleggi?!), returned that fucking god awful version of Lex Luthor, but now in this shiw there are two Beths??? For the love off...
  13. Buffy's universe crossed-over? LOL
  14. Yeah, well, I'll see if it is true this week. I don't have much hopes.
  15. Well... worst Crisis on [insert name here].. ever. Basically, the baddy dispatched in five (ok, ten minutes tops), while lolly gagging around for three episodes (well, OK, two and a half, they did something in the first one) and then addressing this issue as any other non universe threatening issue that hey have in their regular series. The only thing that was remotely interesting to me is that now they are on Earth Prime (although, one has to wonder, why all of the separate earths got wished back to existence; just place them in one huge mega giga Earth, then. That way, you can get crossovers with much more series, than just these five (well, OK, now, with Black Lightning, six)! As one good meme says: "I did not expect much, and still was let down". And, I just realized, OMG, Lena still (again!) does not know that Kara is Supergirl and we will see more of Lex Luthor in Supergirl series. This is literally hell.
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