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  1. Good for them to finally get a replacement, still won't change my mind about watching the first episode and then moving on to next show out there. Also, at a shallow/hedonistic/whatever note, will the Batsuit be changed (color/appereance)? Because, it would be really weird for the new Batwoman to be seen at night with the current KK costume. But that's just me. I personally would want something from Batman Beyond.
  2. I think Berlanti and co is banking on that this move would attract more viewers or something, like: "Oh, gee, I wonder what [will happen to KK/Batwoman] and how this new char will come to fruition". But, in reality, it will simply alienate, which is already happening (judging by the comments on the Internet as a whole). I, for one, gonna watch the first or firsts episodes to see how they fucked-up/did not fucked-up, but I really doubt that I'll continue watching past that point.
  3. And that's the whole issue why everyone is upset, cause KK is Batwoman. They might as well create a new series with new cast. I really do not see this working out in the long run (I could see it now, in the first episode KK is shot by Jacob; moving forward a few months years, a new hero is introduced). I'll pass. All of the relationships that KK had down the drain.
  4. Well, can't wait to see the nose-dive of the ratings next season. I mean, who was the moron who thought it is such a good idea to not only recast the character, but create a new superhero that will replace Batwoman? Imbeciles, the lot of them.
  5. Well... I mean... that's one way for the screenwriters to write themselves out of a situation they wrote themselves in. Create a literal deus ex machina, disregarding the fact that it makes fuck sense at all (and I'm not even talking about a time paradox here; I'm basing this from what I've seen of how one can get out of being encased in a stone). Also, plant/spore zombies; Naughty Dog says hi with a lawsuit 😀 Also, nobility of hell is basically consists of 99 percent goths and 1 percent demons. Interesting... Other then that, I rate the season 8/10.
  6. Or, they could take a page from Arkham video-games where Lucious in the third (fourth) instalment gave Bruce a more advance nano-tech suit, which lets him be quicker. I mean, basically, its' the same Iron Man suit, just less sophisticated.
  7. Stephen King "IT". Never read it before, saw the old two or three parts movie and the first part of the new remake, decided to read the book as well. That was months ago, perhaps at the end of this month, I'll finish it. So far, it has been a slog to read through. I get the feeling that the more you read King, the more it appears that places and names change, but the gist of all of his books remains the same.
  8. I mean, if you talking about recasting leads... anyone remember Bewitched? Dick York being seamlessly replaced by Dick Sargent? And it happened, I think in season one?
  9. His alter-ego/sister from another timeline said that if he moves it, he have to star the reupload process anew.
  10. I'll be in minority and say: Eh... I guess it was alright. Not on the level of Batwoman finale (seriously, that was dope), but alright I guess for what was portrayed this season (that is some nonsensical plots that led no where). I guess, the major thing to be taken from this finale is that Lena and Kara are back as friends and that Brainy sacrificed himself, because everything else Leviathan related... well... even more pointless (in the sense of why is it even here) as Alex wanting a baby sub-plot. To think they could have done much more with the whole VR addicts thing, but the show-runners decided not to... waisted potential... and still I have no idea what was Leviathan's end goal in all of this. As far as season villains go... they are even lamer than the tree idiots from the sixth season of Buffy. Waisted potential from Mitch Pilleggi as well. As I've said somewhere earlier, the show-runners are taking more and more liberties from Once upon a time show-runners, and this is not a good thing. Speaking about Brainy... nope, I can't seem to find any good words for his character. For a supposed twelfth level intellect he's... yah... If I was him, I would have started to ask questions the moment where my alter-ego from another timeline came and said I have to work with a megalomaniac in order to defeat Leviathan, alienate all my friends etc. (Cause, this episode: "Oh, Brainy, you don't have to do this. You can help your friends". Really, bitch? Then what the fuck was all of that about after Crisis?) Lex Luthor... I mean, I don't like him (this version at least). He's too... too... everywhere involved. At least in Smallville, that Lex version was more grounded in reality. This one... nope... straight out of Power Rangers. I mean, maybe... he's kinda better than he was in Season Four, because there was no over-the-top villainous moustache twirling, but... there was some over the top: "Surprise, surprise, it was me all along. I know you'd do that, cause I'm Lex Luthor. HAHAHAHAHA". Anyways... I rate this season some where between a five and a six. WASTED POTENTIAL EVERYWHERE.
  11. Well, this was... AWESOME as far as season finales go. Was surprised to see Alice poison Mouse; for that matter, when did she get the time to do that and how? They weren't eating or drinking anything... So, Jacob, you rehire Sophie, but you do not want her in the loop cause she's pro-Batwoman? Why you rehired her, then? I mean besides the obvious plot reasons. So,,kryptonite got destroyed with 40K T of pressure? Wow, that's a lot of pressure. I guess.. we will see the SuperBat cross-over next year, or the asking Kara whether it's OK to destroy the remaining kryptonite will happen off-screen? Anyways, I fairly liked this season. I rate it 7 out of 10. P.S. on a really shallow note, I somehow find Ruby Rose in her Batwoman costume very very sexy 😄
  12. So, is the 19th episode of this season the finale? Or more episodes will be?
  13. He was caught in explosion with Cyborg Superman, as far as I remember back at the Cadmus Labs, and no one has heard from them ever again.
  14. Why MUST she be masked vigilante? Doesn't Jonn have a detective agency? I mean, just rip off Angel and go solve alien crimes while detectiving.
  15. * Assistant Director Skinner. Now, that's a real X-File for ya'. For n years still in the same position. Tisk tisk tisk.
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