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  1. It’s been 22 years and Herr Chickabiddy and I aren’t divorced yet. Course, we circumvented the K1 process, so maybe that’s part of it. 😉 Happy Mardi Gras, y’all! 😘
  2. I have to co-sign this from my time in Louisiana. Plus, one of my favorite memes ever was - “We’re no alcoholics, we’re from Louisiana” it’s definitely a culture that’s not afraid to imbibe. Cocktails are just part of every social event from brunch to lunch to walking the dog through the neighborhood with a wine glass after work. Commander’s Palace made the 25 cent martini at lunch famous. They did have to limit them to three. 🙂 We baptized my son at St. Louis Cathedral and had lunch with wine at Muriel’s for 30 afterwards. The Audubon Zoo sells daiquiris and my son’s school always had s
  3. How did I miss this before my reply? I totally feel you Dobian.
  4. But that’s my point. Natives don’t sound like that when they say New Orleans. Jovi doesn’t. It’s so cringe that natives don’t even use it in jest or as a joke. It marks you as a total outsider. It’s like people calling San Francisco. “Frisco.” 🤮
  5. Oh, Lennie, never been to New Orleans and commenting like an expert on what Yara can expect when she is there. All the Wikipedia links in the world don’t mean that natives use Nawlins, ever. It’s like calling the streetcar a trolley. Sure way to stick out like a sore thumb. I bet you wear green in Dublin on St. Patrick’s Day. 😉 Also not sure what your travels in Europe have to do with NOLA, but ok. My family from France and my husband’s family from Germany always loved New Orleans. Plus all my EMBA students from all over Latin America, the Middle East, Asia, and UKRAINE always had a fab
  6. I’m not really sure how much time you have spent in New Orleans - I don’t know anyone who actually uses the term Nawlins, but I only lived there for 15 years.😉 New Orleans offers so much more than the Jazz and crawfish stereotype. 🙄 They have wonderful art museums, several historical museums in the FQ, an aquarium, an Insectarium, the Audubon Zoo, WW2 museum, walking historical tours, architectural tours, voodoo tours, and historical riverboat rides up and down the Mississippi. My fave goes to Chalmette Battlefield. There is also a lot of great, local retail and day spas on M
  7. So a few things: While I loathe Yara, I have to agree with her that wearing shoes in the house is gross. She needs to buy Jovi a nice pair of house shoes. Share a little positive Middle/Eastern European culture. I do feel Jovi for defending NOLA streets. It’s really only parts of the French Quarter that reek of pee, etc. And it’s not locals pulling that. It’s the damn tourists who can’t behave. Yara is such a spoiled fucking brat. There is so much fun stuff and cultural outlets in New Orleans. And so much of the actual city is walkable and lovely. There is plenty for her to do while Jovi
  8. I think Mike is just fucking with Natalie for sport at this point. I can’t say I blame him. It’s long been obvious she would be absolutely no fun at parties. 😉
  9. Yes it is! You can buy daiquiris at the Audubon Zoo and in drive throughs all over Metairie. Cops know you aren’t drinking and driving because your straw tip is covered in paper. 😳 My favorite meme ever was “We’re not alcoholics, we’re from Louisiana.” 😉😘 God, I miss NOLA. Yara can fuck right off with her NOLA hate. 🙄
  10. Count me in with those who don’t quite get the Francesca hate. It’s not like she is refusing to train Elizabeth how to fancy pour wine or the the intricacies of a formal 10 course place setting. As others have stated, Elizabeth is failing at following the most basic of instructions. And frankly, it is not a managers’s job to help an employee succeed at any cost. An employee needs to take some personal responsibility for themselves and show some initiative. Even hapless Shane was seen making notes in a journal any getting help from Izzy on how to tie knots. And yet, he got fired and Elizabeth
  11. And yet, royalty would never partake in high tea. What a pretentious fucking moron. High tea is what the working classes ate at a high table, ie, kitchen table in the evening after work. Dinner refers to the main meal - usually had at lunch. School children in the UK call the lunch lady the dinner lady. Today lots of Brits refer to the evening meal as tea. Low tea is just a normal tea time and was what the upper classes had/have in the afternoon served on a low table, ie, coffee table in the drawing room. Thus douche wants a cream tea — the souped up afternoon tea with watercres
  12. Ok, the whole BleachGate - Elizabeth made mustard gas in the laundry really bugged me. So, I talked to my German husband who has a PhD in Nuclear Chemistry. Here is the low down according to Dr. Chickabiddy 😉 Bleach is sodium hypochlorite. The chlorine in it is bonded with oxygen. We don’t know what kind of soap Elizabeth mixed the bleach with. Some soaps may be acidic or strong base that when mixed with a base will release the chlorine from its oxygen bonds and create chlorine gas. Just how noxious the fumes were does depend on quantity and ventilation. A favorite sayings our house is t
  13. New Orleans? Hell I’d marry Jogi just to get back to NOLA. And Cajuns are a whole lotta fun. 😉
  14. Brandon and Julia are just Rus and Pao 2.0 ... with a side of Borscht. 🙄
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