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  1. Personally, I just really don’t like her either. 😉 What I find bizarre is all the vitriol towards her from cast mates and viewers for behaviors that are no different from any of the others. She may be new to ya in the show, but she does know a few of these women already. There is history there. Was she a little spikey with Tinsley? yes, but Ramona called a dead man stupid last week for overdosing and Bethenney screamed hysterically at Luanne and called her a fuck doll a few seasons ago. Lu was pretty down and out back then. The only conclusion I can draw is that it is ok to be vulgar, sloppy, cruel and rude as long as you have the right hair, makeup, wardrobe and plastic surgery. As long as you have the money to look good while being a colossal asshole, all is forgiven. Seems to be an ever increasing trend in American society.
  2. But they are ALL instigators. It’s what they do if they want to stay relevant. Wasn’t Sonja tattling to Luann about someone telling Beth about Lu’s bitch out about the room and how hurt B was? Frankly, they would be more remarkable if we had an episode where someone wasn’t actually tattling on someone else or stirring the shit to stay relevant. It’s not like these howives havev any other real skills to fall back on if they lose their apples. Prostitution is still illegal. 😉
  3. After the behavior in the Berkshires, particularly with Ramona’s hideous ribbed knit cold shoulder top and her bare ass and nightie at dinner, capped off by Bethenney telling Ramona to stick a metal straw up her vagina, and then bullying and hectoring Tinsley about her rocky relationship, I really have a hard time understanding why Barbara is so awful. She may not deserve an apple, but as stated previously, half these bitches don’t deserve an apple. It was rich for Ramona to tell Barbara to shut up and listen when you consider that Ramona never does. And frankly, Ramona's accent makes her sound rougher and less educated than Barbara’s Why is it ok for all of them to behave like screaming banshee trolops, but Barbara is somehow offensive? She was no more evil about the shark room than the other fishwives, but Dorinda felt free to go after her. Is it because Barbara's packaging isn’t as stylish and swank? Does that make it ok fir them to gang up up on her? It was kind of gross to see Dorinda start winding up her drunken tirade to shame Barbara for the work she does. Firstly, it’s honest work that makes Barbara independent and not reliant on a man, his money or his alimony. Secondly, how is Ramona’s tacky knock off jewelry business any less tacky? Frankly, most of these bitches just got lucky spreading their legs for the right man and striking it rich at the altar. And notice how none of them can seem to find a man or hold on to a man now in spite of all their best efforts. I am just really mystified as to why they feel so superior to Barbara. The mystery continues when they all feel like they are in a place to give Tins relationship advice, of all the crazy things. And in an unrelated matter, I thought Beth’s dinner party outfit made her look like a cross between Morticia Addams and Cher..and not in a good way. 🙄
  4. Chickabiddy

    S09.E14: Something We Said

    I have no idea, but feel like the name says it all...as in Plan B after Plan A (condoms for example) fails. Maybe my age is showing, but I never thought Plan B was meant to be a default Plan A. Color me confused. 😯😉
  5. Chickabiddy

    S09.E14: Something We Said

    Please stop me if I got the wrong end of the stick, but....Did Leah actually just say that she ran out of birth control and is using Plan B as neeeded?!?!!’ What the actual fuck?!? Someone please tell me I misheard or am drunk. Leah’s stupid is about to give me an aneurism. 😳
  6. Hmm but Emily Post helpfully points out that you should not bring wine or food to a dinner party expecting the host or hostess to use it because the assumption should be that your host or hostess has already put thought and care into planning the menu and wine pairing. Why should that planning be put aside because you brought your favorite Malbec or red velvet cake for dessert? Besides isn’t it just a wee bit tacky to bring something like caviar and expect to get a portion of it during your stay with your hostess? It’s kind of like bringing her a half a gift because you want your your share of the other half. Tinsley should have bbought herself some caviar to enjoy at her house and graciously given Ramona an entire share of caviar to enjoy at her house how she sees fit. Giving a gift with the string attached that you expect to enjoy some portion of it doesn’t really make it a true gift, now does it? Your host or hostess is already sharing their bounty with you, including delectables that they may have received from an earlier occasion. Why be petty because you didn’t get your share of the gift. If you brought your host a pair of socks, would you feel put out if you weren’t offered a chance to wear them during your visit? No, so if you are put out that you don’t get a share of the gift you brought, than it was just something gm you wanted to eat...but wanted the credit for bringing a gift. 🙄 Frankly the only show of appreciation that a host needs to show for a hostess gift is “Thank you so much for thinking of me and bringing us this lovely bottle of wine. I appreciate it so much.” I mean Christ on a cracker they are already hosting you at their house with food and drink AND cleaning up after you when you leave with your belly full. 🙄
  7. Co-sign everything, Jel, right down to the 😉 We makes have been separated at birth. 😃
  8. Dorinda eats and acts like a truck driver wherever she is. And she is entitled to act like a shrew and eat like a pig. I agree totally with you. Where our mileage varies is that you are ok with labeling her as a class act who has manners. I am not. Tins at least has the sense to set boundaries and host a guest to the best of her abilities without devolving into slobbering she devil. And no, her manners aren’t perfect either. It is the heighth of rude behavior to bring a hostess gift and expect the host to open it or use it with you. A gift is a gift. It means you surrender control of the gift and how it is used one you give it away. Tins’ manners aren’t perfect, but she rates better than the rest. I mean, let’s be honest. Anyone with any real money, class, or true social standing would not be caught dead doing some trashy reality series. I love watching these heifers, but let’s be real about who and what they are. Even the socialite Tins has had a major fall from grace with her mugshot and inability to trap a second husband....something she was born and bred to do. It’s why Dale is twitchy and full of not so subtle barbs for her daughter. She hasn’t held up here part of the socialite contract. Ang now she is on TV shilling her “brand” and scraping for reality TV dollars.
  9. But that’s not what Dorinda does. Well, she does for a little while, but the facade cracks and she blows up...usually with a martini or 6 in her hand. She spews invective and rage to all around her...usually with food and spittle in the corner of her mouth. Compare and contrast her behavior with Tins. Tins is treated even more rudely than Dorinda, and she responds with more grace and class. She does throw some low level shade...but she never gets sweaty or has food on her face. 😉 Further, Dorinda sits and eats like a truck driver. Mileage varies, but Dorinda does not exhibit class or manners for any discernible length of time in my book. Frankly, none of these OG shrews has any real class or refinement. Falling into bushes and calling someone a fuck doll are about as vulgar and unrefined as it gets. Plus, none of them should ever let themselves be filmed eating. They shovel food in their mouths and chew like horses. Sonja, Ramona and Beth all have shown themselves to be incredibly coarse, boorish and low brow. In the beginning, Luanne’s behavior was generally more elevated, but her arrogance, snobbery, and entitlent have increasingly revealed themselves over the years to maker her insufferable now. And her drunken behavior have just lowered her down to the level of the others. I’m not a fan of Barbara, but I can’t really see how she is coarser or rougher than the rest of the old timers. Sure, she is not packaged as well as the others, but her behavior is certainly on par with the group as a whole.
  10. Then WHY does Dorinda keep doing it? She is a grown ass woman with enough means and options to set boundaries or not participate. She can organize a trip somewhere else like they all do. She keeps putting herself in that situation and then ends up an ugly drunk on national TV. Why keep doing it? ...unless she enjoys the martyrdom and the chance to rage about how put upon she is.
  11. Well, the weekend ain’t over yet. We’ll see. Dorinda does nice things and acts the gracious host because she EXPECTS a whole lot of gratitude in return. She is a scorekeeper who has a whole list of all the wonderful Things she has done for you at the tip of her tongue. Prayer cards for Luanne, anyone? And when she doesn’t get the gratitude she feels she owed, she goes full on nasty shrew. NutcrackerGate and the Jovani heckling, etc. If she is truly generous and gracious, she would just do those things because that’s what generous and gracious hostesses do - without the expectation of gratitude. Dorinda knows full well what this bitches are like. This is not the first rodeo at her Manor. She can set some boundaries to save herself some frustration and stess. Unless she loves bending over backwards so she can jump on the cross later and wallow in her martyrdom. I just find her shtick exhausting and boring to watch.
  12. So, maybe it’s just me, but I think Dorinda taking the group to the Morgan summer cottage was just a not so subtle way of rubbing Sonjia’s nose in the shit reminder of all she had and lost. Drunk or sober, Dorinda has a real nasty streak to pick on Sonjia. I see her as the weakest and most pathetic of them all. Plus, she really is the nicest of all the harridans. And while we are in the subject of Dorinda, girl needs to set some boundries. She bends over backwards for these heifers and then snaps and turns vicious. It’s a Jekyll and Hyde transformation that just wears me out.
  13. Chickabiddy

    S09.E08: Showdown at Villa Rosa

    Well, he did helpfully point out that his tent sleeps two. 😉
  14. Chickabiddy

    S09.E08: Showdown at Villa Rosa

    I fluv Harry Hamlin explaining propaganda to Rinna. Dumb and Dumber share a TED Talk. 🙄
  15. Chickabiddy

    S09.E15: Hotheads and Hookahs

    If Jennifer wants Bill home more, maybe she should downsize and spend less money. Sure, plastic surgeons make bank, but that tacky mausoleum has to cost a bloody fortune in upkeep...not to mention all the crap she is constantly buying for her litter of miscreants. Stay at Home women with lavish lifestyles crack me up when they complain their husbands are never around. How else is all that “designer” shit and tequila supposed to get paid for? Maybe Dr.Bill could cut out a couple rhinoplasties and a few liposuctionsa week if you he house had “only” five bathrooms and a movie theatre OR a basketball court.