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  1. I agree with the person that said this felt like a 'filler' episode. Because not one single fucking thing of any importance happened in a whole hour (with ample time taken out for commercials). Are there viewers who are enjoying Judith? Is that why she's EVERYWHERE now? Or is this punishment for all the people who complained about Carl, who I always liked? Norman Reedus is earning his big paycheck. I hope Aaron doesn't die. I'm kind of liking Princess. The character is absolutely ridiculous, but she's interesting which is something that CAN'T be said about most of the other characters on this show. Anyone who makes Ezekiel happy is okay with me. And if Princess does have a big stash of clothes, I hope she has a bright red shirt for Yumiko, because ENOUGH. And she can take one for Carol too. Shit, I hope she's got a trunk full of them.
  2. It didn't make up for this shit episode, but his smile IS glorious.
  3. Bitch, I bet you don't even know where RJ is?
  4. Negan is giving life advice to a young woman? And Lydia is too fucking stupid to smell the rapist funk that Negan probably reeks of.
  5. If I were Michonne, I'd get on the first thing smoking to get away from that brat. And she probably forgot all about RJ. Everyone else has.
  6. I thought Judith was 'Little Miss Badass'. And now she's wondering whether a Whisperer, one of the people trying to massacre her and everyone she loves, has a fucking family? Get your narrow ass home!
  7. Princess and Eugene are going to hook up, aren't they? And have the most annoying children in human history.
  8. Did someone NOT tip Daryl off about the massive herd of walkers that were heading their way? So he thinks he has time to give Judith survival tips.
  9. Wouldn't it be nice if Kelly's superpower was busting a cap in psycho bitches with scraggly grey hair.
  10. These horse don't know how lucky they are. And Kelly, if you're so fucking sure Connie is alive, why are you gabbing with the bitch who put her in danger?
  11. This is what's commonly known as 'comic relief'. Except I'm not feeling very relieved.
  12. Why is Daryl playing Mary Poppins to Shane's brat? Since when did he have a maternal instinct?
  13. Oh fuck you Lydia! How many people died for your pathetic, mopey ass? Your mother was PAYBACK.
  14. Maybe it's a specific accent that Walkers can't hear. So they walk around holding conversations in Alpha-speak and the Walkers can't hear them. Lucky Walkers.
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