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  1. DAMN!!!! You just won the internet with that!!!! I'm glad I wasn't drinking anything because it would have been all over my laptop screen.
  2. Hearing Ari talk about the loss of Bini's dreadlocks and muscles makes me think that this sad bitch was looking for some 'Mandingo' (Google it) fantasy. She wanted a big Black 'buck' and she jumped on the first one that looked at her twice. But when Bini cut his hair and stopped working out, he was just a regular Black guy and that's not what Ari wants. This happens a lot. My family is from the Caribbean and you can spot the women who are looking for dick at the airport. And the guys know it too. I've seen guys play these chicks like they were Michael Jordan in the finals. Ari and Bini's problem is that neither of them had the sense to realize that getting pregnant meant that they were stuck with each other for life. Bini seems like a nice enough fellow, but he's not the sharpest butt-drummer in town. He's finally figuring out that Ari is a very unpleasant person who doesn't give a shit about him. I have no doubt that Ari's mother has already booked her daughter's flight home. On the other hand, Bini's sisters don't look like they're going to give up THIS baby without a fight. I don't know what the laws are in regards to taking an Ethiopian child out of the country without the father's consent but it would be very interesting if Bini's family decided to lawyer up to hang on to the baby.
  3. And Jenny is the best he could do? The world is full of White women. He could do better than Jenny. His DAD could do better than Jenny.
  4. Thank you for the welcome. I haven't been watching long enough to see the beginning of any of the stories. When I started watching, all Jihoon seemed to do was cry, apologize and go to the ATM with his mom. He seemed like a childish, immature man who was in no position to care for his own child much less TWO children. But Deavan and her mother are such harpies, that I've begun to feel little twinges of sympathy for Jihoon, which is more a result of how horrible Deavan and her mother are and less a result of Jihoon becoming a better man. In my opinion, Ari and Deavan should both pack up their children and go home. Ari needs to move quickly before she's unable to fly. It's clear they don't really want to be with the men they're with and it's equally clear that the men they're with wouldn't be heartbroken if Ari and Deavan left. Bini seems way more worried about losing his child than he is about losing Ari. Jihoon's parents seem to care about Jihoon's child than Jihonn does. And nobody really cares that much about Druscilla which probably has a lot to do with why she acts out ALL THE TIME. If there's no developmental issues, there is no fucking excuse on earth why that child is not toilet trained, unless every adult in her life was too fucking lazy to spend the time. And that's a tragedy. I think Brittany and Yazan are a total con-job. They don't seem to like each other, much less love each other. They both must be getting something out of this.
  5. I have no idea what the deal is with Yazan. He can't be that desperate for a green card that he would put up with all of Brittany's bullshit. I'm sure there are lots of already-Muslim American women who would take him on. These two make my spidey-senses tingle because nothing about them adds up.
  6. I said what I thought Brittany's excuse was in my original comment. Brittany clearly thought that being AMERICAN (and having a big ass) was all she needed to become Queen of Jordan. Not to mention the fact that whenever she's with Yazan, she looks like a cat playing with a mouse. She enjoys the game.
  7. I just started watching this show a little while ago, so I don't know all the players and storylines. But I have to say I think Deavan and Ari thought that the simple fact that they were White women moving to non-White countries would be enough to make them royalty and be treated as such. I think both women are surprised that the people of South Korea and Ethiopia need someone to be more than just a White girl to be impressed. Without a red carpet being constantly rolled out for them, they are realizing that they're going to have to live like the 'locals' and that doesn't sit too well with them. As for Brittany, I think she thought that being American was enough. When I first started watching, I despised Jihoon. I never liked Deavan (and that child!) but I could barely stand to watch Jihoon. I'm actually starting to feel a bit of sympathy for Jihoon which just shows how horrible Deavan, her mother and her daughter are. Jihoon is who he is. Weak, spoiled and in way over his head. Did he ever pretend to be anything else? I didn't like his mother but now I realize she's the only one who knows what's up. She realizes it's a shitshow and she's just counting the days when she gets to drive Deavan and Druscilla to the airport for the last time. And Daddy Jihoon just keeps his mouth shut and hangs on to his beautiful grandbaby. Like Kenny, I remember the plague years and I can't believe that these people are having unprotected sex with men they barely know. Did I just miss the newsflash about HIV (not to mention other STDs) disappearing? Using a child as a way to hang on to someone is the lowest thing a person can do. If the man/woman doesn't want you for YOU, a child isn't going to make a difference. It just means that there will be three miserable people, instead of two. As far as I'm concerned, I hope Ari DOES have her baby in Ethiopia. It would serve her right for choosing a man based on muscles and dreadlocks. She had a meltdown the second she was left alone with Bini. The only people I feel an ounce of pity for are the poor children being brought into such horrible situations. And don't get me started on Jenny and Summit!
  8. I agree with the person that said this felt like a 'filler' episode. Because not one single fucking thing of any importance happened in a whole hour (with ample time taken out for commercials). Are there viewers who are enjoying Judith? Is that why she's EVERYWHERE now? Or is this punishment for all the people who complained about Carl, who I always liked? Norman Reedus is earning his big paycheck. I hope Aaron doesn't die. I'm kind of liking Princess. The character is absolutely ridiculous, but she's interesting which is something that CAN'T be said about most of the other characters on this show. Anyone who makes Ezekiel happy is okay with me. And if Princess does have a big stash of clothes, I hope she has a bright red shirt for Yumiko, because ENOUGH. And she can take one for Carol too. Shit, I hope she's got a trunk full of them.
  9. It didn't make up for this shit episode, but his smile IS glorious.
  10. Bitch, I bet you don't even know where RJ is?
  11. Negan is giving life advice to a young woman? And Lydia is too fucking stupid to smell the rapist funk that Negan probably reeks of.
  12. If I were Michonne, I'd get on the first thing smoking to get away from that brat. And she probably forgot all about RJ. Everyone else has.
  13. I thought Judith was 'Little Miss Badass'. And now she's wondering whether a Whisperer, one of the people trying to massacre her and everyone she loves, has a fucking family? Get your narrow ass home!
  14. Princess and Eugene are going to hook up, aren't they? And have the most annoying children in human history.
  15. Did someone NOT tip Daryl off about the massive herd of walkers that were heading their way? So he thinks he has time to give Judith survival tips.
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