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  1. I've never listened to it and I don't think I ever will.
  2. That Weinstein dig almost made it all worthwhile.
  3. I once saw Joaquin Phoenix at a film premiere and he was more fucked up than just about anyone I've ever seen. He couldn't stand up by himself, so one of his co-stars and the director held him up. The one thing that I noticed is that it seemed that all the people connected with the film were VERY concerned about him and seemed to care about him a great deal. I remember feeling angry at him because he had watched his beautiful brother die of a drug overdose in a parking lot. I hope he's clean for his sake and for all the people who really seem to love him.
  4. Did Gervais get fired halfway through because he's been so boring? Where is he?
  5. It's good to see Wesley Snipes back. He's such a good actor and it's a shame that he lost his way for a while. It's especially nice that it's in an Eddie Murphy joint.
  6. I feel the same way about her. But she was totally right tonight and I applaud her courage.
  7. I'm not a big fan of Michelle but she was very good in Fosse/Verdon and I admire her courage for giving a prochoice speech. I adore Tiffany!!!
  8. If Murphy isn't doing MuShu, I'm out. 'My baby is saving China!'
  9. He didn't burn any crosses, but he didn't keep it a secret. I read it in a biography and it was such a disappointment. He's such a good actor and has been in so many great films. I've had to work hard to separate the artist from the man.
  10. Jimmy Stewart didn't like Black people. Tom Hanks has relatives who are Black people so I'll take Tom Hanks every time.
  11. JLO must have been so relieved when she saw Beyonce's dress.
  12. I LOVE Brian Cox. To me, he's the BEST Hannibal Lecter.
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