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  1. Kandy Muse should consider immigrating. She'd actually stand a chance of looking good.
  2. After binge watching two seasons of the Drag Race UK, I must say I'm very disappointed. I can't believe that these folks have the nerve to call themselves 'drag queens'. "Basic' doesn't even begin to describe these queens. It's like they haven't got the slightest idea what 'glamour' is. The most 'glamourous' queens on this show would be laughed out of the werkroom in LA on the first day. Is this the same country that produced Alexander McQueen and John Galliano? That probably explains why they both headed out and designed for French houses. Maybe it's because they don't have the tra
  3. That was some kind of fuckery. Ru has let better, more talented queens walk away but she wasn't ready to let Kandy go? Bullshit. From the very beginning, every queen on this show has talked about how they were bullied when they were children. Yet Ru not only allows bullying, she ENCOURAGES it. I'm not talking about garden-variety drag-queen bitchery; that's expected. For me, it started with that 'Heathers' bullshit where one group of so-called 'pretty girls' ganged up to go after the girls they called 'boogers' (most of whom were Black). That was so successful that I guess Ru has d
  4. I've been COVID-19 lockdown binge-watching Drag Race and I was absolutely gobsmacked by Pearl's rudeness and disrespect towards RuPaul. I have to admit that I lost a little respect for Ru when he didn't toss that disrespectful little punk out in the street. Everybody loves drag queens now but I remember back in the day when men like RuPaul risked their lives if they walked the streets in drag. When I lived in NY, I remember the groups of 'bridge and tunnel' thugs who would come into the city just to hunt gay men to beat up. Tyra gets dragged a lot (I have a good idea why), and sh
  5. I definitely think we've seen the last of Richonne. I can't see Danai returning for this fuckery.
  6. VERY funny! I have to admit I noticed the dueling weaves too! I have a feeling that Brittany's mother isn't the type of woman who would spend hundreds of dollars on fake hair.
  7. Bini looks like a 'regular' Black guy now. He's attractive but he doesn't fit the 'chiffarobe busting' fantasy she seems to have.
  8. Please read what I wrote again. I think I made it VERY clear what I was talking about.
  9. I hear what you're saying, but I think it's a different situation. Armando's family is just getting used to the fact that their son is gay. They didn't jump for joy, but they didn't throw him out of their home and tell him they never want to see him again. His father said 'I'm going to need some time'. Armando is from a different country with a different culture. A lot of it is because of religion but not all of it. I don't think it's fair to expect Armando's family to be on OUR timetable. Armando was clearly anxious on the ride down to his parents house. Kenny saw that anxiety and
  10. I don't know why what Brittany is doing isn't considered fraud. She agreed to marry Yazan and moved to Jordan to do that. Meanwhile, she has no intention of converting to Islam or trying to fit into Jordan society. Oh, and she's STILL MARRIED. If that was a man, he'd be dragged for miles. I had to change the channel because the sight of Brittany's face, not to mention Ari's whining, Kenny's tearful manipulation and Sumit's mother's tears, were too much for me. Are there any decent Americans on this show? Brittany clearly has some serious issues. She seems to think that this is some
  11. Getting away from all of those fools is good for a girl's looks. Her hair looked like she's been supporting herself and Herschel by doing shampoo commercials. I only lasted 10 minutes. THIS is exactly what I'm expecting.
  12. This was just sad. Nothing made any fucking sense. We were supposed to care about the deaths of characters that we've never seen before. And people who have spent 10 YEARS in the ZA thought it was a good idea to splash a little bit of blood on themselves and then traipse around in the biggest herd of walkers ever. I can see why the writers sent Michonne to Fantasy Island because she would never have gone for that kind of fuckery. Speaking of Michonne, why did they bother getting her pregnant and going through all that 'I'm carrying Rick Grimes holy seed' bullshit if they are going to TOT
  13. Should someone tell Lydia about what happens to Carol's 'adoptees'? Nah.
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