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  1. whatsatool

    Retro TV Channels: ”The Good Old Days of Television”

    Love Bing Crosby show Love Major Case
  2. whatsatool

    S01.E04: The Clockwork Prince

    Agree. With Lord M gone I only have A Place Called Home to watch on Sunday.
  3. whatsatool

    Anne of Green Gables (2016)

    Just saw the Thanksgiving double header with Pollyana. Are they both Edwardian or Victorian? So redheads were the Muslims of the turn of the century./sn
  4. whatsatool

    S01.E07: The Best Washing Machine in the World

    What was Williams secret? I missed it.
  5. whatsatool

    S42.E04: Tom Hanks / Lady Gaga

    I refer to the one with the mom haircut. That and Black Jeopardy were cowbell worthy.
  6. whatsatool

    S42.E04: Tom Hanks / Lady Gaga

    I laughed hardest at Cats but the Black Jeopardy was brilliant. Like the all women shower one earlier this year. And the open was a solid B
  7. whatsatool

    S42.E04: Tom Hanks / Lady Gaga

    1.French cats 2.Black Jeopardy 3.Cold open
  8. whatsatool

    S01.E02: The Big Three

    Boy those party people are vicious
  9. whatsatool

    S09.E02: Magnum Opus

    I liked the Inklings bit.
  10. whatsatool

    S09.E01: One For Sorrow

    The rainbow trout. So beautiful.
  11. whatsatool

    S07.E03: Beyond Good and Evil (US)

    I had a feeling of deja vu
  12. whatsatool

    S07.E01: Entry Wounds (US)

    I'm not convinced the doctor was at fault. Sounds like the young surgeon chickened out.
  13. whatsatool

    The Doctor Blake Mysteries

    Watching PBS from two states so two seasons at once.
  14. whatsatool

    S03.E04: Coda

    Don't see him with Joan, and she needs a break.
  15. whatsatool

    S03.E04: Coda

    Will he live longer now that the bullet is gone?