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  1. The marriage was over but the Princess could have had a fulfilling life with her charities and girlfriends and children maybe taking up golf or tennis. I think she had to just give up on the love part.
  2. Yes Ned should be locked in a closet for his own safety.
  3. Demelza's fun led to a death. I like Elizabeth ruling from the grave.
  4. I like the guest of the week approach. They do seem to be foreshadowing greater war.
  5. So who was the lady in the last scene with Mr Muckraker?
  6. Agree. With Lord M gone I only have A Place Called Home to watch on Sunday.
  7. Just saw the Thanksgiving double header with Pollyana. Are they both Edwardian or Victorian? So redheads were the Muslims of the turn of the century./sn
  8. I refer to the one with the mom haircut. That and Black Jeopardy were cowbell worthy.
  9. I laughed hardest at Cats but the Black Jeopardy was brilliant. Like the all women shower one earlier this year. And the open was a solid B
  10. 1.French cats 2.Black Jeopardy 3.Cold open
  11. Boy those party people are vicious
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