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  1. Bonjour Hi did seem to be English programming though.
  2. I was never a huge fan of Hans and Franz at the time, but I appreciated "Hear me now and believe me later" and the absurd stretch from washboard abs to laundry to dry cleaner, and found it refreshing that the cold open was not the debate. Really loved the ad for the bank that makes change.
  3. Bowen's accent and Issa's Drake Watch charmed me thoroughly but I was disappointed in the nothingness of Mikey's character.
  4. The Judy Garland A Star Is Born has sections where they have audio but no video, so they show still images. I could see the Kings making something like that work, especially on the theme of paranoia. I was surprised Adrian's run for president wasn't discussed when they decided to try to buy back the firm. Exactly. Is there enough time left in the year that Diane could make up lost ground? The mystery felt too rushed and there were too many people involved. I like both Jay and Marissa but it feels wrong that both investigators are working in tandem.
  5. And with some Language I don't expect to hear on CBS.
  6. I think the inconsistencies in her story are supposed to make us suspicious. I assume the investigation will dig into the flight she missed and why she had the taxi drop her at Arrivals. She was meant to be in NYC even if they shot at YYZ. The only scenes that were supposed to be Toronto were AJ, Kendra's stepson. I have no idea why they were so cagey about revealing what their relationship was at first. That didn't have any in-story logic (unless it turns out that Kendra has More Than Maternal feelings for him).
  7. I was trying to figure out whether Heidi was trying to evoke Geena Davis as a The Fly reference more than Dr Biden directly.
  8. I see the parallels in the plot of the play and the disgruntled talkback woman. Was there also a defamation angle or was that just for additional drama? I was disappointed in Adrian's reaction. Not only was it unethical it also wasn't particularly interesting.
  9. They divorced, I believe. I was slightly disappointed that the play didn't take a swipe at Maya, but I see how it would not have served the story they were telling. Fun to see Jon Michael Hill in a very different role from Elementary. I rolled my eyes a bit at how easy it was for Marissa to get all the drafts but I was happy to see her investigating instead of doing admin work and when she joked about the playwrights hating each other I forgave her.
  10. Thanks; I didn't keep up with JFP after AW.
  11. Janet Jackson as Condoleezza Rice in the cold open followed by Maya Rudolph as Condoleezza during Weekend Update. Have they ever had two different cast members impersonate the same person in different sketches in the same episode before or since? I thought it worked in this case because they were two different takes and different jokes.
  12. Makes sense, but I did enjoy Diane thwarting Canning by agreeing the issue hadn't already been adjudicated. I don't expect much realism from the Kings, so although it seemed unlikely that the DNC would hire the firm to function as a sort of giant focus group I accepted it as a vehicle for the airing of diverse views combined with the HR issue. I thought it started right where the previous episode left off, with the chef reporting the demolition of her restaurant in violation of Julius' order.
  13. Did she show favoritism to Kale? I remember complaints that she catered heavily to David Forsyth and, inexplicably, Kevin McClatchy, but not whether Kale was also on the list. Speaking of Kevin McClatchy, I really wish that Justin Chambers had lasted longer in the role of Nick.
  14. They gave Judi a storyline about Paulina having baby weight and taking pills or something, didn't they? At the time that was considered better than the way they had treated Laura Malone [Blaine], who I think was just given an ultimatum to lose the weight and then was fired and replaced by the less interesting but thinner Judy Dewey before the character was written out when Chris Rich [Sandy] left.
  15. Lucca was clear with the client that settling would cost more money. The client didn't choose to quibble over how much. If that motivated her David probably would have told the client about the tax earlier. How does the tax scenario David was talking about apply? Because if he's describing a tax on income, unless the settlement itself causes the client's income to change, she is going to be paying the tax on that income anyway. So she wouldn't be any better off waiting to pay the settlement in that case. I'm sure in the story we are supposed to feel that David was smarter and Lucca did the client a disservice by not being aware of the tax implications he had been secretly focused on. $10M sounds like a lot of money. But for that to be the difference in the tax implications the amount of the settlement itself must be colossal and the additional $10M might be worth it to the client even if David disagrees.
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