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  1. The musical performance was great but baffled as to why they referred to it as "karaoke" rather than open mic since there was no canned backing track, no video with lyrics, and each act accompanied themselves on piano. I enjoy the 4th wall and the imagined scenarios with Brigitte, but I do feel like I am watching everything with a shadowy memory of Miranda Hart imprinted over it.
  2. I was frustrated because Emma seemed to start out as too sunny and calm, especially in "Just Breathe" with the smiling and the yellow and so on, so it didn't seem like Zazz was actually required to help boost her confidence. Jo Ellen Pellman was very sweet and sang well but either she or the director made the choice to minimize character growth in favour of that simple sunniness.
  3. I'm wondering about changes from the stage show. Based on the lyrics to "Barry is Going to Prom" I assumed that Barry had not attended his prom at all, but in the Netflix version he apparently did attend and his disappointment was that the boy he liked was there with a girl.
  4. Even the teams that got help with unscrambling SAUERKRAUT rappelled down the building at least once. So some effort. I was afraid the blonde was going to rappel again and was very relieved when she focused on getting help with the puzzle.
  5. When reviewing notifications, I was confused to find that the second paragraph in a post I had made was something I had not written. There is no indication that the post was edited by me or anyone else. Post is here: This is what I wrote: This is the second paragraph that some unattributed other person wrote:
  6. And they seemed to try to convey that it was unusual by having QEII chatter about how she liked to guess who will be in the cabinet and seem surprised when Mrs Thatcher announced that she has not chosen any women, but then apparently her guesses were almost all spot on so she must not have had any women predicted on her list (or at least Margaret Thatcher didn't tell Denis that she made mistakes by guessing women who weren't there). It would have made more sense to have the Queen guess some potential female ministers and be wrong.
  7. I think it was more Elaine Stritch than Merman.
  8. But if they need it to avoid elimination then they will have wasted it -- this time they were in first place and they didn't materially improve their own position. About the only thing that their U-turn achieved was it provoked the blonde sisters to use their U-turn as well to protect Leo and Alana, and of course it made Leo and Alana hostile toward them. If Leo and Alana U-turn them in the future and they can't protect themselves by U-turning another team they will presumably regret it. I found it very stressful watching so many teams leave behind their purchases, including Will and James who seemed to keep having to go back for specific items they had missed.
  9. In the souvenir shop Pete and Chris weren't wearing masks either, but there was no in-story reason for that as far as I recall so I was willing to hand-wave it as being for performance reasons they had no masks but in "reality" they would have been masked. So in Strolling to the Polls for most of it the main characters were out on the street, and Mulaney was never masked at any point when he told them the polls were closed, so I looked at it in the same way. When they finally got in line Lauren was masked -- and then unmasked Mulaney appeared and told them they couldn't enter without masks, meaning that they should have been masked (but really so should he have been in that scenario). I guess since the voters were presented as just people who happened to have come out without their masks, it wasn't intended to suggest that these people we thought were victims of (likely Republican) voter-suppression tactics were actually virulent (likely Republican) anti-maskers, so my vague both-sides feeling may have been unjustified. But pivoting from the voter-suppression angle took away some of the impact of the satire for me.
  10. I would have liked to see better use of the whole cast -- it felt like Too Much Pete to me, with John as lead and Pete as second in the Ichabod Crane, Souvenir Underwear, and Uncle Meme sketches. I missed Cecily in the Souvenir Underwear musical (and was somewhat perplexed by the suggestion that what would be wrong with buying underwear from the souvenir store is that it would be pre-worn and dirty . . . that's not a thing, it just seemed like an excuse for scatalogical-ish humour). Strolling to the Polls was my favourite, although I didn't like the "you have to be masked!!" punchline as it felt a little too both sides-y. I frequently think I don't like Weekend Update and have been blaming Jost and Che, but I have seen more of the Vintage episodes lately which have made me feel that Update is better because Jost and Che have somewhat developed anchor characters (a step beyond news delivery vessels) but they're also not very interesting to me as characters.
  11. The trailer really seems to be leaning in to the heartwarming angle. I've been looking forward to it because of Bob Martin so I was counting on the show being funny. I'm disappointed by the idea of the all-megastar cast and now I'm not sure what the sensibility will be.
  12. Bonjour Hi did seem to be English programming though.
  13. I was never a huge fan of Hans and Franz at the time, but I appreciated "Hear me now and believe me later" and the absurd stretch from washboard abs to laundry to dry cleaner, and found it refreshing that the cold open was not the debate. Really loved the ad for the bank that makes change.
  14. Bowen's accent and Issa's Drake Watch charmed me thoroughly but I was disappointed in the nothingness of Mikey's character.
  15. The Judy Garland A Star Is Born has sections where they have audio but no video, so they show still images. I could see the Kings making something like that work, especially on the theme of paranoia. I was surprised Adrian's run for president wasn't discussed when they decided to try to buy back the firm. Exactly. Is there enough time left in the year that Diane could make up lost ground? The mystery felt too rushed and there were too many people involved. I like both Jay and Marissa but it feels wrong that both investigators are working in tandem.
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