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  1. In terms of popularity, I think you also have to factor in the boy band-style appeal of 4 cute guys with distinct personalities and modern haircuts. Obviously they were more than that but it played a role. The hook sounded like it would be exploring what actually triggers fame and success when you remove the variable of songwriting talent. I thought that the writer's description of his screenplay sounded potentially more interesting than what we got, and even though he had sold it it was still shabby to minimize what elements were in the original treatment of the story.
  2. Wow, Bob Martin will be working on the book. At first I thought it seemed like an odd fit, not really quirky enough, but on the other hand if it's the story of Smash about the creation of the show Bombshell I can see how that overlaps with things like Slings and Arrows, The Drowsy Chaperone,and even The Prom.
  3. I haven't read Brenda's memoir, just her wikipedia page and and an article linked earlier in this thread regarding what is definitely true and what is at best conjecture in Mrs America. Based on that, Brenda had a lesbian affair but decided to stay with Marc because she loved him and did not love her lover. They divorced in 1987 and in 2000 she married a woman. I don't know though whether she considers herself a lesbian now.
  4. Sunday May 17th there will be an online table read with Orphan Black cast members for the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia. https://www.bellmedia.ca/the-lede/press/the-cast-of-ctv-sci-fis-orphan-black-reunites-for-online-two-episode-reading-sunday-may-17/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=the-cast-of-ctv-sci-fis-orphan-black-reunites-for-online-two-episode-reading-sunday-may-17
  5. I didn't feel as if this was presented as simply as "love and hate are just two sides of the same coin" because although Ben and Devi were initially shown being hostile to one another, when the romantic feelings surfaced they flowed out of kindness and empathy. So my reading is that they fight because they are both competitive and have personality flaws that don't always lead them to make the most mature decisions, but they are compatible because they are both smart. In some respects that gives me a kind of Anne Shirley/Gilbert Blythe vibe. (Book, not any of the TV adaptations.)
  6. I thought she was trying to twist the stupidity slightly further and that she meant that she thought only 19-year-olds would be susceptible to COVID-19.
  7. I thought he was clearly making a move from the moment he first spoke to her and focused on her bathing suit. He was trying to convince her to stay overnight in DC by inviting her for drinks which became dinner and would make her miss her flight. If he had just been trying to help her meet donors he could have said that they could arrange something for the next time she could come back to town, but he was pressing for that night.
  8. There was one very quick shot of her in the towel. Otherwise she was wearing a normal top. There was a longer bit where Alex was wrapped in a towel and with one on his head about to get into the shower.
  9. My mind went to MS but I don't know whether the vague symptoms could apply to both. I was surprised about Gerald as well -- I have never thought he was pining for Janet, but having him try to voice his feelings in Korean that she didn't understand was killing to me.
  10. Tiny Natalie Wood with big hair and no way of telling how high her heels are.
  11. Unless they have already shot additional episodes, I don't see how they are going to be able to get the jump on a second season, even if the networks will be desperate. (This is probably off topic in an episode thread but I didn't see anywhere obvious to move it to.)
  12. I was so impressed with the way Jane Levy conveyed that Zoey did not want to be performing that song and dance while singing and dancing, I think I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus was my favourite number of the episode. I wanted to like Zoey's song to her dad but unfortunately I was distracted while it was on and the song itself is not one that emotionally resonates for me. Her song to Simon made me realise I have no interest in Zoey and Simon as a couple and Max's reaction to it made me root against him as well (even though I'm Yours had just made me hope the show could be trending more in Max's direction).
  13. The CEO didn't even pretend to have any integrity. He was constantly lying about his preferences for the amusement of seeing people try to accommodate his whims and then yell PSYCH!
  14. They could avoid a miracle cure but somehow let Mitch continue as a memory/ghost. Of course since we know everyone could see the glitch they can't really hide behind the idea that everything is in Zoey's mind. I feel like neither the audience nor Zoey knows Simon well enough to be in love with him. Max has a lot in his favour and it's reasonable for him to feel a bit jerked around, but he has no right to demand that Zoey choose him, only that she not tell him he's the Only One if he isn't.
  15. It would probably have been less fraught as an issue if Umma and Janet had a better relationship now or in general. I can see how it might feel to Umma like it isn't just that growing up made Janet difficult, she has always had negative feelings about her.
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