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  1. I thought the audience was holding off on applause at that point because they expected her to start adding specifics, and then applauded when they realised she was pausing instead. Jennifer Lopez (or whoever wrote the monologue) appeared to be aware of the self-aggrandizement because there were two places where she added a reason why "that's not a brag". The first was clunky but I laughed at the second -- it wasn't a brag because it was "gossip". I found something amusing in almost every sketch, and I was happy to see an assortment of cast members. Some episodes this season have felt like the same cast members were in every sketch while others were completely sidelined.
  2. I kind of loved Paul Rudd as Macron, but as a Canadian it felt super strange to see bilingual Trudeau respond to him entirely in English. Jimmy's impression wasn't especially evocative of Trudeau even in English. I don't know if he has any capacity for French though.
  3. Oh, well, even if 100% of the very attractive women in the world swear that they find Pete hot, that doesn't mean that anyone else has any obligation to agree. Scarlett Johanssen is very attractive and Leslie Jones' Update bits relied on the idea that she found Colin Jost irresistible, but I don't waste any time worrying about whether or not Colin Jost is objectively hot. It all comes down to taste and probably multiple axes (looks/personality/character/material wealth etc). I've seen handsome men turn ugly once you get to know them and vice versa.
  4. I especially enjoyed Stephen pointing out that Rudy shouldn't be doing crime on the phone because all the kids were doing their crime on Tiktok these days.
  5. That seems like such a spectacularly inane thing to say that I think bafflement is the correct reaction. The thing that made Pete's Chad sketches funny (IMO) was the fact that Chad was not really anything special in terms of looks and definitely vacant as a personality. If Chad had been especially physically attractive it wouldn't have been funny to have these people desperately wanting him even if they had to ignore his personality to do so.
  6. I love how Jamila delivers this. Tahani is so taken aback by the notion that there is an evil twin as it were for the cheerful, pleasant, accommodating version of Janet that she knows. Now, that said, while Bad Janet is superficially unpleasant and hostile, and makes a point of farting offensively, does Bad Janet ever actually refuse to do what she is asked? The situations I can think of she seems to serve her purpose, she just insults the person or demon who made the request, or sulks about having to do whatever they asked for.
  7. Wikipedia says that the mansion in Clue was in Pasadena California and has since burned down. The location in Knives Out was the Ames Mansion in Borderland State Park in Massachusetts.
  8. I believe it refers to Helena Bonham Carter. She was on on November 19th.
  9. Yes -- there was a long period where I doubted whether I had been hallucinating that Walt had introduced his wife. In general I would have liked more of the family relationships, and a little more about the different games Harlan played with his children. I went to see it last night and although I enjoyed it reasonably well there were a few things I had a hard time with. If I had known in advance about the vomiting I probably would not have gone to see it just because of squeamishness. But squeamishness aside, the conceit that we are guaranteed to know whether Marta is lying because she automatically vomits whenever she tells a lie felt tonally too cartoonish for the rest of the movie and I could not suspend my disbelief that this was plausible. I was a little annoyed by the way they used the creaking stairs to establish the timeline but seemed to only count each return trip as one incident when there would have been a gap between the trip up and the trip down (or vice versa). I did like though Linda's letters from Harlan, and the bit about the Go board falling on the floor causing Joni to come up the stairs. Both of those paid off in a satisfying way.
  10. Even if one accepts the premise that romance=procreation and is therefore "biological", there is plenty of evidence that The Good Place does not conceive of the afterlife as a truly "post-biological" or post-physical state. The humans are shown to eat and drink (and take pleasure in eating and drinking). They can get drunk (and experience hangovers when the filter is turned off). Chidi's anxiety manifests as a stomachache. And we know that the humans have sex and presumably experience pleasure (plus we know Mindy St Clair masturbates). Michael has confirmed that the promise of a soul mate was fake and part of the torture. So we should not expect everyone to automatically be paired off at the end of the series. I'm not even going to get into the fact that in reality in this life, humans have successfully separated romance and sexual pleasure from each other and from procreation in many, many different ways.
  11. I saw a lot of promos with Eleanor being hostile to people on earth and they did not appeal to me at all. However I also saw a lot of rave reviews online and decided to give it a try, and I loved it from the premiere. I especially loved William Jackson Harper as Chidi. I want to participate in the rewatch, but every time I sit down to try to watch one episode I wind up going through half a season and now my thoughts are cluttered up with the second reboot already. The bit in episode 1.4 where Chidi invites Jason to join his ethics class and Eleanor launches into a tirade about how good Chidi is to help them is charming.
  12. I'm a bit shocked by the demo since the series was so unconventional and different from the beloved 1985 series as well as the books. I had formed the impression that the fans must be very young with no attachment to the source material, very responsive to Gilbert as a cute boy and with expectations around progressive social values. Is this a case where the ratings tools are not able to truly measure the audience and are skewed to network TV and away from streaming? I am curious as to how this compares to the YTV series ratings. Tried googling but didn't find that info.
  13. Cute little "jam or not a jam" with Amybeth and R H Thompson.
  14. To be fair, a lot of other characters have the same names as characters in the book. I am completely staggered that this adaptation, after all of its claims about how it intended to reckon with the dark aspects of the books, didn't deal with Matthew's death, which has such an impact in the books.
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