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  1. Robert Hogan passed away quite recently. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/tv/tv-news/robert-hogan-dead-peyton-place-the-wire-1234961610/
  2. Meredith Scardino, who created the series, used to be a producer on The Late Show. IIRC she did a few onscreen bits with Stephen.
  3. I have generally negative feelings about both Andrew Garfield and Rent but this appeals to me.
  4. W Network is showing them weekly 2 at a time in Canada. I watched the first two last week and didn't enjoy them as much as I had hoped. I wanted more character, less predictable joke-joke-joke pacing, and less Liz Lemon in my Dawn. However this week I watched again since I have read so many raves. I really enjoyed episode 3 with the visit to the songwriter (although I was a little surprised that the guy they picked was credited with the lyrics -- I really thought that they would find him to be a bust and have to go to whoever was the one who wrote the music to get a real hit) and episode 4 wit
  5. Because she wants to be able to continue to use her car while she is living in California? You can print quite reasonable quality photos on home printers, so she wouldn't necessarily have had to take it to a store, but it doesn't make sense that she would want a physical copy that anyone might find instead of wanting to keep it on her phone where she could access it whenever she wanted. The photo itself was kind of odd as well -- instead of being a truly incriminating picture of a sex act, we see him sleeping and her posing in front of him. I have watched too many soaps not to be suspi
  6. When Ava gave Debra new material and expected to hear it in the show that night I expected Debra to explain that her act was a set and she wasn't doing a daily monolog like a late night host. Especially when she hasn't been getting what she needs from Ava yet, so it seems extra foolish to assume she can rely on her for anything. I was also surprised to see Ava leaving Ruby a voicemail after only recently having pitched a joke about how obviously nightmarish voicemails are.
  7. Which blonde is allegedly her natural shade? I have seen enough photos where she appears to have dark roots to be skeptical that she is naturally blonde. https://images.app.goo.gl/ZpKNNQhAjAJQ9kih6
  8. I don't always love Kyle, but I have frequently really liked the pretapes where he plays himself. And I think Chris Redd is very good at presenting a character. I know the difference between Mikey and Alex but I don't need anything more from either of them. I'd like to see at least 4 of Kyle, Beck, Mikey, Alex, Che, Jost, and Pete leave, but they would need 2 more strong newbies coming up IMO. I'm ready for some turnover with the women as well. They need someone strong to replace Cecily (no pun intended). I would be disappointed to see any of Ego, Punkie, or Lauren go now but the rest h
  9. I thought Jess said that Erin had created her profile but hadn't actually turned any tricks yet. Granted we know Jess wasn't always truthful with Mare, but if Erin had a stream of income why would she be so stressed about paying for DJ's surgery? And if she was working for Dylan I think her asking him for money would have been a different discussion.
  10. I'm scratching my head regarding why Mare has to rush off alone to apprehend Billy. What makes the situation so urgent? She didn't say anything about being afraid Billy would harm John or vice versa. I know Mare only just got what she believes is convincing evidence but there doesn't seem to be any reason to think he is trying to escape or about to kill again. Obviously the paper/photo Jess revealed puts a different twist on what Mare thinks she knows and now the chief has to update her in a way that achieves maximum drama. I'm feeling a little jerked around by Drew in the bathtub and Dyl
  11. But not knowing your bra size doesn't mean that you have no clue that there is both a number and a letter in bra sizing. It's more like you think you're a 38 B but you would be better off with a 34 D or whatever. If the joke was that Heidi was completely clueless regarding the size I would have had her say she was a "medium" or something vague. Actually I went back to check to see if the joke was Aidy cutting her off, because Heidi starting to say her size and being interrupted would also have been fine as a joke IMO -- especially since the size Aidy provided (28 Q) was for an unusually small
  12. I am going to interpret "moments" as specific scenes rather than whole storylines. These 3 are in my top 10 for sure. Catlin after his conviction for David's murder lying to Sally that he never loved her. Jake going into his room to be greeted by what appeared to be slutty Marley and turned out to be her unknown twin. Adam Cory apologizing to MJ and the McKinnon family for jilting MJ on their wedding day and taking all the blame.
  13. Wasn't that just his shtick? https://tv.avclub.com/saturday-night-live-classic-charles-grodin-paul-sim-1798205252
  14. He was so shifty about it I thought he was lying about how long ago it was to keep anyone from linking him to the timing of DJ's conception.
  15. It didn't seem like Ryan assumed anything he told Lori. She asked if it was the same woman and he said yes -- either he saw his dad with someone specific or his dad confirmed it in their "secret" talk. Why would he say yes if he didn't know?
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