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  1. Speaking of Nathan Lane, I will always regret not having seen The Frogs. I have read that the show dragged but I enjoy the cast recording so much I still wish I could have seen it. Re: Everybody Ought to Have a Maid, I am partial to this version:
  2. Since she was promoted, coding is no longer her actual job. Now her job includes coding plus managing a team of people. Those are different skills and I was frustrated in the first episode when Zoey kept answering the question "why do you deserve this promotion?" with "I'm the best coder!" Then toward the end of the episode to show that she was ready she included a statement to her boss about her leadership ability. It seemed like her recognizing that there was more to the promotion than coding was part of her growth. Then in this episode it seemed clear that her big paper memo was a flub for being big (but not necessarily for being on paper?) and the journals were not received well. But at the end of that storyline where Zoey salvaged things by using her old entries to flatter her employees, she was flipping around and reading inappropriate sections since she hadn't prepared properly -- and I don't think there was any indication that any of her coders had benefited from using a journal. So it felt like her learning how to manage wasn't really as successful as they were making it out to be. I don't need her to be perfect; I just wonder where the line is sometimes.
  3. I feel like I can never be sure when Zoey is bad at her job because we are supposed to see her learning and when she is bad at her job because they don't know how to depict someone who is good at managing developers. In this episode I spent too much time wishing they would address the fact that it might seem weird to give tech guys physical paper journals when they could use an app. I like the cast and enjoyed the musical numbers, including the conceit that people really singing are less good and less polished than what Zoey hears in her head. And I did especially like the bit where Zoey assessed what she had learned about how her power worked. (I still haven't recovered from Being John Malkovich where John Cusack made a bunch of assumptions about how the system worked based on one experience of it.)
  4. I can't think of when I have enjoyed that pretend film segment more. The image of the two Sherlocks slowly killing each other with their magnifying glasses amused me, but John Oliver's vision of the squirrel sports movie absolutely killed me.
  5. I got the Julia Sugarbaker vibe from the start and it was only in the middle that I thought Cecily's voice slipped into the Judge Jeannine range. I didn't enjoy the scenario as much as I wanted to because covering for the birthday meal doesn't require the rest of the cheque to be split evenly. You split the honoree's cheque equally but then each individual pays for what they ordered.
  6. I feel compelled to comment though that Patty's mush felt nothing like Phoebe's vacancy.
  7. We saw Chidi and Michael attend a committee meeting and then some amount of time passed before Michael found out from Judge Gen that the committee had been scrapped. I inferred that the committee had spent time solving additional issues before things got stable enough for them to disband. We also know that there was enough going on that Tahani had the opportunity to become an architect and that she expected it would be fulfilling for her rather than rote drudgery.
  8. The premise was that a single person ordering food for delivery must be anxious that the delivery person will judge them for ordering more than one person should eat for one meal. So the Food Dudes are supposed to make the delivery person believe that the order is for multiple people and therefore proportionate! Everything else was just extending the premise to absurd lengths.
  9. I thought perhaps they were inspired by having a physically big host to play what's-his-name. Disney bits don't need to be super-topical. I will say I felt some irony that they thought they were making a clever point about having a black character in Frozen ... and then having Kenan as the host of the party in My Fair Bigfoot.
  10. Yeah, I was disturbed about where that was going, especially since I wasn't sure how young Kyle was supposed to be. It seemed like almost every sketch went either scatological or sexual. I will admit I laughed at the Duke joke in My Fair Bigfoot and the part where he picked up both Cecily and the harp. I also liked the twist in the pizza sketch that Kenan's pizza parlor wasn't making any money because the delivery man was accepting all payment in sex (although I wanted to tell him that if he takes the payment in sex then really it's on him to pony up the cash for the restaurant).
  11. I am fairly certain that when they all talk at once all we are supposed to get from that is noise. I can't get captions to work but I'd be curious to know whether the cacophony is shown as anything other than "[all talking at once]". She stopped short of identifying him but I thought it was not only a bad thing for Kristen to do and a bad tactic it played out very oddly. Would the authorities really react to being told that a suspected pervert had driven away by figuring "problem solved"?
  12. When I first saw the title of this episode, "Whenever You're Ready" I found it very off-putting. I thought I did not want to watch an episode of the different characters deciding they were ready. However in terms of the actual execution of the episode I was actually very happy with the way things played out. It did not feel to me in any way that Jason, Chidi, and Eleanor decided "why not!" Jason wasn't simply bored with everything. Since we saw his big "sporting" triumph and Donkey Doug proud of him it felt more like closure (for want of better word). Tahani, too, had healed her relationship with her family and accomplished everything she had set out to do in this phase of her existence. I did love the fact that she took a different path. I was basically weeping (but in a good way) from the point where Jason knew he was ready to go. And although I thought I dreaded the idea of Chidi and Eleanor deciding to go through the final door, the way William Jackson Harper showed Chidi's feelings about how he was done even though he didn't want to hurt Eleanor made it worth it. And I liked that they dealt with the pain of people who love each other going at different times. I was so glad that Kristen chose to toast Will in the wrap-up discussion. "Spontaneity and consistency."
  13. I believe it was "burger pop fry", because they were ordering a drink with the burger and fries. In the most recent episode I was surprised when Umma commented that the family had not eaten together in 15 years. Since they were supposed to be celebrating Appa and Umma's 28th wedding anniversary, either Jung has been estranged from the family since he was 13 or less, or he was born before Appa and Umma were married? Or is there some other scenario that could explain it?
  14. I didn't pick up on the colour distinction at all, but I relied on familiarity with the book. I'm wondering though whether there are cues that differentiate real life from fiction. Jo meeting with her publisher and arguing about whether her characters should get married is reality. Is Bhaer in New York real? Was his visit to the Marches real? Or does it only break from reality when people out of nowhere start insisting that he and Jo must be in love?
  15. After each verse of Melissa's song, Colin had lines about how many times he had watched The Joker and watching The Irishman alone on Christmas day. Something about the way his lips twitched as he said them gave the impression that he was seeing those lines for the first time.
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