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  1. SomeTameGazelle

    S04.E17: I'm in Love

    I think the chief value of the time jump was to reinforce the fact that choosing herself was not just another impulsive move that she backtracked on and messed up. We saw Rebecca make the choice and then she and all her suitors moved on and made that choice real. Given the way the season 4 storylines bounced around the 3 guys, without the passage of time I would have questioned whether she or they could stick with it. The post-diagnosis part of season 3 and all of season 4 had a lot of flaws IMO and I often wonder if they should have just brought the conclusion in at the end of season 3. But could it have been dramatically satisfying to make the start of season 4 the point where Rebecca chose to work on music instead of romance so that we saw the year play out as story?
  2. SomeTameGazelle

    West Covina, California: The Music of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

    "Phyllis -- it sure isn't you." I don't disagree with your take, but (and I think I am on a broken record about this) the whole season I felt that Other Rebecca's non sequiturs undermined rather than underscored the theme. And because the themes in the first 3 seasons had been so on point and paid off really well, I was sort of hoping that maybe somehow I was wrong about that and there would be some kind of unexpected payoff to the season 4 theme, or the non sequiturs, especially as Rebecca got healthier. But as far as I can tell, Other Rebecca was also somewhere between creepy and bonkers every week and so there was no rational reason why the chorus that couldn't handle Rebecca Bunch thought it would prefer Other Rebecca. Was it that they knew Rebecca Bunch too well and only imagined that Other Rebecca was less complicated because they didn't know her at all? If that was the point, I would have liked to see the chorus come to terms with Rebecca Bunch eventually, because while Rebecca was getting better, it was hard to see "her" chorus continually and repeatedly reject her for someone who was apparently appealing . . . until she opened her mouth.
  3. SomeTameGazelle

    A.P. Bio

    I feel as though I miss the urgency of the first season plots to take down Miles. The various bits are funny but they lack an overarching coherence. What is Lynette's office mate doing? At first I thought she was just on a personal call but it looks like she is broadcasting to an audience that is commenting on her stories? Is that an Instagram thing? Should I assume it is somehow monetized? I was taken aback by how different Lynette seemed to me in the mop dog episode. At first I thought it was finding out that she wants to stay in Toledo, but now I think maybe it was just her straightened hair.
  4. SomeTameGazelle

    S44.E18: Emma Stone / BTS

    Oh, true. Addressing him as "godson" made me laugh. Jared rated a name, though. ETA: I would love to see a version in which the actors get into a bitter argument because their individually-imagined backstories are incompatible. Obviously in this version Jared and Godson have never thought of such a thing.
  5. SomeTameGazelle

    S44.E18: Emma Stone / BTS

    He could have stopped at "I love you" in that case. I assumed that it was to emphasize his pose of heterosexuality.
  6. SomeTameGazelle

    West Covina, California: The Music of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

    Not as far as I know. I was intrigued when they announced that they were planning to have a different theme for every episode in season 4, and very let down when it turned out that they only changed the Other Rebecca gag at the end. I am just going to paste the lyrics here though in case anyone has any thoughts.
  7. SomeTameGazelle

    West Covina, California: The Music of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

    I find the Vulture listing so long as to be overwhelming, so I haven't made it very far up it. The bottom of the list has some things I had completely forgotten about ("Duh", "Greg's Drinking Song"), things I remember disliking ("Farewell, Fair Mustache" would have been at the bottom of my personal list) as well as some things I think about all the time ("I Feel Like This Isn't About Me"). And if I stop to listen to the songs I get very bogged down in wishing for a full-on Consumer Reports-style review with points along different scales. This is chiefly because there seem to be quite a number of songs that Vulture rated low on the grounds that they revealed how shallow Josh's thoughts tended to be when that was a significant part of the point. In my list I think I would give more weight to how the song fit into the plot and illuminated the character who is singing.
  8. SomeTameGazelle

    Media: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Makes The News!

    New Yorker review of the end of the series.
  9. SomeTameGazelle

    S44.E17: Kit Harington / Sara Bareilles

    I was expecting Kit to point out that Rose Leslie is working on The Good Fight. If it were an NBC show I think they might have mentioned it.
  10. SomeTameGazelle

    S01.E11: That Text Was Not Meant For Josh!

    I went back and rewatched this episode after the series finale because I remembered enjoying the Textmergency so much. As a whole I think it is one of my favourite episodes. I was surprised though when Paula told Scott that it was her mother calling when Rebecca called to get her help with staging a break-in at her place. When Paula and Rebecca visited Paula's father in Buffalo wasn't her supposed to be a widower? Or did they explain where Paula's mother was and I have forgotten?
  11. SomeTameGazelle

    S04.E17: I'm in Love

    Therapy with Dr Akopian (the real one, not the dream manifestation) and medication stabilized Rebecca. And she has ongoing maintenance to stay stable. The creative outlet makes her happier and she realized that she craved that more than monogamy with one of the available suitors. And then she explicitly left open the possibility that she might be ready for monogamy in the future. That every day is a new day and things continue to happen to you even after you get married?
  12. SomeTameGazelle

    S04.E17: I'm in Love

    The W network has been airing it about a week behind the CW and I can see episodes 15 and 16 are still up in their on demand. (I also get the CW in my cable package. The only thing I haven't found in Canada is the documentary they showed on CW seed.)
  13. SomeTameGazelle

    S04.E17: I'm in Love

    I didn't mind the fact that the supporting characters took a back seat, and I was fine with the resolution given where everything was in the episode immediately preceding. But I was expecting that there would be a spectacular final musical number, and the Eleventh Hour medley wasn't that for me. Even a payoff of the theme song (which I hated more and more as the season continued) could have worked, but it was essentially just the same joke with different words week after week and it didn't resonate with the arc of the plot the way the 2nd and 3rd season themes did. I think the finale could have been better if the season had been more tightly-structured. I'm not saying that they should have told only the most essential parts of the story -- just that it felt like they picked up and put down threads and ignored some of them for too long when they should have had some background presence even when they weren't foreground. I think I would have appreciated Rebecca's decision to work in musical theatre more if we had seen consistent progress throughout all of the episodes starting from theatre games with the women she was helping in prison, to seeing her half-brother's interest in performing, to working on the amateur Elliott Ellison revue, to parodying the Elliott Ellison songs, to the final realization. We got some of it but it was disconnected. I'm sure they intentionally left Greg and Nathaniel single to give hope to shippers. And I thought the Where Are They Now worked to make sure that we didn't have to grieve for Josh, Greg, and Nathaniel's disappointment. My biggest disappointment was the lack of Naomi, because I wanted her to have a place in Rebecca's life within appropriate limits. But I am probably thinking of season 1 Naomi -- season 4 Naomi was perhaps all or nothing and they went with nothing. Was glum-looking spaced-out Rebecca supposed to be retreating into imaginary musical theatre in her imaginary futures? I started watching the concert but have put it aside, don't know if I am enjoying it enough to continue. I feel more like rewatching the show versions of some songs I haven't thought about recently.
  14. SomeTameGazelle

    Rebecca's choice

    Since @Rhetorica proposed a vote in the I have a date thread, I thought why not try a poll.
  15. SomeTameGazelle

    Can mere mortal create a poll?

    Is this required?