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  1. IMO something like Carousel is even more messed up with the whole slap/kiss confluence. In Seven Brides, at least although the brothers act like dolts, other than the kidnapping they are basically kind and respectful with the brides. Millie puts up with a lot, but she isn't afraid to speak up for herself, and she puts Adam in his place repeatedly. She makes the best of each situation as she comes to it -- she decided she was better off marrying Adam than working in town, so she married him. She found the brothers uncivilized and she made them behave. She didn't want to be stuck looking after 7 men all by herself and she influenced the 6 younger brothers to look for wives of their own. (In the story the movie was based on, it was actually Millie who masterminded the kidnapping; in the movie she is innocent of that crime.) When the brothers arrive with the kidnapped brides, Millie kicks them all out of the house so that the women will be safe and secure (and to punish the brothers for doing it). The movie is pretty clear that Millie is tough and capable, and she gets what she wants in the end. It's impossible to defend the idea that kidnapping a woman will yield you a willing bride. However the movie does mitigate this idea to the extent possible by punishing the men for the kidnapping (making them sleep in the barn) and making sure that the women are safe and protected so that when they interact with the men it's clear it's because they want to (and that Millie would help protect them if they didn't want to).
  2. Short answer: fantastic dancing, plus Millie makes it clear that the kidnapping was not reasonable behaviour and banishes them from the house.
  3. The reactions of Eleanor and Janet to him are entertaining to me. I actually really liked how shocked Eleanor was when his arrogance and entitlement led him to presume that there must be a Better or Best Place that he should get to go to. I won't be really delighted unless the character is in some way relevant to the way the ending works out, but I am OK with him so far.
  4. She was there to record him revealing how evil he was. She didn't need to show him how upsetting his comments are. And frankly I would think any distress she might feel would be tempered by triumph that she should now have the evidence to stop him (since she wouldn't yet know the recording failed). I like Kristen and I don't find her dull or unemotional. She's often self-contained but she speaks up for herself regularly.
  5. Cecily is generally more particular and incisive with characterization, I think. Her impersonations come across with a clear point of view. Her Melania isn't much like Melania but she has a point of view. I thought it would have worked better to have shown Rudy in the Joker makeup on tv still doing the interview. The exposition reminding us that Rudy had talked about makeup felt clunky.
  6. I'm sure that if/when it is important they will be presented distinctly. For now they represent a crowd. But if it helps, the second letter of each name is in alphabetical order from youngest to oldest: Laura Lexis Lila Lynn
  7. It felt clumsily handled. What was she supposed to be (over)reacting to? I took it that she knew that she might find her writing there -- was she expecting that it would be as brilliant as she remembered and she was set off by Cole laughing at it? It's alarming if she doesn't have enough security at Green Gables and empathy for her younger self to recognise that it's OK if she wrote silly things to comfort herself in a place where she was so badly treated. And seeing her take the trip with Cole reminds me that if they hadn't introduced him as a character the natural thing would have been for her to have this emotional relationship with Diana. I know that Cole was created in order to have more obvious DIVERSITY on the canvas, but I also know that a lot of young lesbians grew up loving the relationship Anne had with Diana because it was framed somewhat romantically. Minimizing what Diana means to Anne doesn't sit right.
  8. It's going to be impossible to predict the arc of Anne and Gilbert's relationship since neither the plot nor their characterization parallel the books in any way. I thought that they were still on the idea that Anne couldn't betray Ruby by acting interested in Gilbert, but apparently they have changed to a theory where Anne is blunderingly oblivious to the fact that Gilbert could be interested in her and too immature not to lash out at him because Marilla (Marilla!) gets too emotional and overprotective. I wasn't quite able to follow why Gilbert went to the doctor's office in the first place -- was it because he has started on his ambition to become a doctor someday? I'm quite exhausted by the fact that all characters (unless they are clearly marked as outsiders immediately) are violently hostile to Anne. Were there any children at the orphanage at all?
  9. Kyle was in the What's Wrong with this Picture gameshow sketch as a contestant.
  10. I was surprised and hurt every time Eleanor referred to Chidi as her ex. I know why she had to do it but it made me sad. I did not see the Best Place coming and am interested in how it plays out. I'm seeing Brandon Scott Jones everywhere recently and that makes me more interested in seeing how his interaction with Tahani plays out.
  11. Well, he could still be Darlene's boss even if they break up. Or he could marry Jackie. 🙂 Jay Ferguson is very charismatic to me so I would be delighted if Darlene found a way to stay with him, but the Conners don't normally get to have nice things so I assume that's not going to happen.
  12. When Diana ran into Jerry I thought once again that Moira Walley-Beckett might have done better to adapt Emily of New Moon (i.e. Ilse and Perry).
  13. They were still in the 2016 flashback at that point, so the fuchsia top was right. I think the woman just took the wrong cue and came out a line or two before she should have. The only wardrobe issue I noticed was that Woody started out with a tie in the present, took it off for the flashback to May, and didn't have it back on when they returned to the present.
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