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  1. Matt seems very kind and level-headed. https://www.newsweek.com/matt-amodio-romance-jeopardy-1639057
  2. I saw him as Jason Alexander with hair. I liked Matt and had hoped he would last until an episode with Ken Jennings as host. But he had a great run.
  3. If the letter had been more publicly recognizable, or if the story had credited the source of the letter and framed itself as a fictional reaction to something like it, or if Larson had completely rewritten the letter, I think any of those things would have put her in the clear. I don't think any of the versions of the letter were 100% verbatim, but in the audiobook version it sounds like there was a significant overlap. In the final printed version there were more changes made. It seems to me that the audiobook version is the biggest problem from a copyright perspective. I can understand
  4. Dawn apparently sent a bunch of corrections to Gawker about their commentary on the story. In that letter she explains that her Facebook group was private and Facebook showed her metrics about engagement so that she could see that Sonya had viewed posts without reacting to them, which is what provoked her to confront Sonya about her lack of reaction. She positions it that she thought she could trust Sonya and somehow Sonya's failure to click or post made her worried. I have seen a lot of interesting discussion about this issue and I feel like I am still processing the rights of it. You ca
  5. The standard used to be that Alex would let you off with a warning in the first round but penalize you in Double Jeopardy if you didn't correct it before time ran out. I haven’t noticed any inconsistency lately although I know I have seen a challenger correct himself.
  6. The thing I can't get past in this review is "dutifully recounting Princess Diana's story". Did they see James Hewitt? The Pop Culture Happy Hour review seems more on the mark: "It's part camp, part sincerity, part morality tale, part Wikipedia entry, and part Waiting For Guffman. Or, I should say, part Red, White, and Blaine, the show they're putting on in Waiting For Guffman."
  7. Thanks. The little intro commentary about the remix particularly confused me. Everything I know about R Kelly's music is third hand. I was hoping for a more ludicrous escalation of the bit. Maybe the other song is intrinsically worse if only I knew it?
  8. What was supposed to be happening at the end of that sketch? Was it a different even worse song by an even worse POS? I couldn't tell. My favourite joke was the part of The Talking where Owen Wilson claimed that HIPAA required him to either tell no one or everyone.
  9. I watched The Grass Is Greener on Deborah Kerr day. I enjoyed it a lot. I read that Rex Harrison was originally supposed to play the Cary Grant role. I can definitely picture his hidebound attitude preventing him from telling his wife he loved her in a way I didn't quite feel from Grant. I did love Kerr explaining to Robert Mitchum that an Englishman would convey his compliment of the wife through her husband first.
  10. I know all that in reality, but in the number they have Diana wanting to "sock" Camilla already. If they had leaned harder into the part where Diana wonders "perhaps his girl could turn him into a rocker" I think it would have served the story better. As it is it feels like they think they have to show Diana being right about everything, which leaves no room for the story to play out.
  11. Pity. I was amusing myself by picturing it as the hand jive from Grease. I watched the "This is How Your People Dance" number and I don't understand why they aren't trying harder at this point in the story to make me understand why she married Charles in the first place even if it turned out badly later. It seems like a bad idea to make her so aware of how little she likes him from the start. I love the Guardian review for mentioning Elephant! from The Tall Guy. https://www.theguardian.com/film/2021/oct/01/diana-the-musical-review-broadway-show-netflix
  12. Please tell me it includes the dance with John Travolta.
  13. I first saw Harriet Walter in Strong Poison as Harriet Vane. Edward Petherbridge was Lord Peter Wimsey and I very much enjoyed the adaptations. She was also in Law & Order UK.
  14. If Teddy's eyewitness testimony had been used to convict Oscar, I don't think Mabel would think Zoe's death was mysterious, or at least she would blame Teddy for lying about Oscar.
  15. I suppose I have seen Arcadia too many times but I spent most of Paul Giamatti's interview shouting "But Ezra Chater !" at the TV.
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