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  1. Shrugs. The humor of Matt Lucas isn't to my taste, but I have always liked Noel Fielding on the show.
  2. I am happy for the fans of the show. I hope it will be a satisfying conclusion for them. I wish Netflix had been around in the nineties when some genre shows I was into at the time were canceled on cliffhangers.
  3. It has seemed odd to me all along that Lucas Film didn't have Pascal under some kind of contract that would prevent him from taking a job with a rival studio series, and where Lucas Film/The Mandalorian is now playing second fiddle to the rival studio/ production. After all, Lucas Film had him first. Something just doesn't add up for me.
  4. https://movieweb.com/the-last-of-us-hbo-series-production-start/ The Last Of Us has started production in Canada and will film to about June of next year. I have no idea how Pascal is going to have any time for working on Mando - which supposedly starts filming soon. Even assuming he were to spend as little time on set as in season 1 and doing mostly only the voice work.
  5. The series Gold Digger, I think it's on Acorn.
  6. Well, it hasn't been officially canceled, officially they are calling it on hiatus: https://www.townandcountrymag.com/leisure/arts-and-culture/a26518700/victoria-season-4/ However, reading between the lines it seems to be done. The woman who was writing the series seems to have stalled out on writing series 4 and I am sure Covid hasn't helped things. But after Sanditon was totally unexpectedly un-canceled and revived I guess it's theoretically possible they might surprise us with continuing Victoria eventually. Though I am not getting my hopes up.
  7. I don't know whether this is legit or not - but this claims to be an official Mandalorian Grogu and Luke poster: https://www.cbr.com/star-wars-mandalorian-baby-yoda-lightsaber-poster/ With the little one building his own light saber.
  8. I haven't been school girl crush age in quite a while but it's kind of difficult to watch this Special and not go swoony about Hiddleston. His voice, his charm, his intelligence, his grace and his obvious enthusiasm about the character. Shakes head. Stop me before I start embarrassing myself.
  9. I want Richard E Grant back. And Kid!Loki and Gator!Loki. And don't waste most of season 2 getting the band back together again.
  10. I can't take the Emmys seriously. They just nominated Don Cheadle for a ninety second cameo in TFATWS. These voters must be either senile or just lazily pick names without ever actually watching the shows. These awards shows are all dumb anyways and I never watch them. I might make an exception if they were to put Grogu in a cute little tux and have him on.
  11. After reflecting about the finale all day today I think this is my least favorite episode of the season. (Episode 5 remains my favorite). I see the comic book people are giddy with delight but I have always watched these Marvel movies and shows without knowing zilch about the comics and as such a viewer I feel alienated and exasperated by Kang, not teased or tantalized. Mostly the character made my eyes roll. The episode also accomplished that I am off the Loki/Sylvie train. I actively dislike her now. If you can't give somebody you have feelings for a couple of minutes to think a bi
  12. I didn't get the episode I wanted but I also didn't think the episode was mediocre or disappointing. I have no idea who that character "He who remains" is and have zero emotional investment in him. He certainly had the flashy role and got to chew the scenery for the entire episode. I think Hiddleston had the more difficult acting job and he was terrific. I really bought his Loki's heart break and devastation. As for Sylvie, she can jump off a very tall cliff for all I care about her now.
  13. Poor Loki. His character growth stuck but the cost oh the cost.... Lost his love the worst way - through betrayal. And the friend he made doesn't remember him. So I don't know the comics but the guy who basically monologued the whole episode was bat shit but right in that worse is coming? Groovy. We are getting a season 2!
  14. We haven't seen King Loki yet from the trailer footage - could he be the big bad?
  15. This was my favorite episode so far. Richard E Grant was fantastic as classic Loki. You know an actor is great when they can make you care after 15 minutes of screen time about their fate. I was upset when classic Loki sacrificed himself. I want more of him, dammit! I want an Alligator!Loki plush asap! Loki and Mobius hugging made me sniffle and they have made me buy into the Loki/Sylvie love connection. Don't laugh, but they come across as adorable and kind of wholesome to me. Don't betray each other! I really liked kid!Loki. I hope they use that actor/character more in th
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