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  1. You should watch Ben Barnes in Gold Digger as the younger man involved with an older woman. Personally I am rooting for the goat to get a tearful reunion scene in season 2.
  2. Well, I looked up Leo Suter's (Young Stringer) current acting gigs and he is playing King Harald Hardrada in the Vikings spin-off Vikings:Valhalla. So he may not be able to come back depending on how long this role lasts. Edited to add it sounds like a promising role for Suter - he is playing a famous Viking king.
  3. Well, color me shocked. I thought this was canceled and I was upset with the cliffhanger ending. I know the guy who played the leading man is not coming back. But I hope they can get the actor who played Young Stringer back. I have liked that actor in everything I have seen him in - Victoria, Beecham House, and this show. Fingers crossed.
  4. This was clearly a place holder season because of the pandemic because nothing was permanently settled. Frustratingly so. Well, I hope Meth Manson is a goner with his blood spurting out of his neck like that. For once I had an ounce of respect for Emily with deciding on the spot not to dump her problems on EZ when she realized he was leaving with Gaby. And then actually leaving Galindo. Galindo is all alone for now. He of course deserves so much worse. If there was ever much doubt I think this season solidified that EZ is never going to leave this show alive.
  5. I find it sad that most of them follow the "code" of a guy who to me is not quite sane. He had a psychotic break in the flashbacks after his father committed suicide in front of him and IMO never fully recovered from that. All his reasoning is dubious to me. And yes, I also find it bizarre that it's okay to just stand by and let your younger generation be brutally killed because of some inflexible code. I know Walter betrayed his brother because of long-standing resentment and jealousy but he is not wrong in his thinking that Sheldon shouldn't be in charge. I hope we get a seco
  6. Yes. To be fair, it's been a while since I was a teenager and I have zero interest in teen angst and romance of the "chosen one", etc.. But there was enough other stuff in this show and I would watch a second season.
  7. I agree. He is played by a very good British character actor. That's code for being the villain for me. Well, my favorite is George. I also like Hutch.
  8. So far JD's character is an insufferable prig both in the past and the present. No wonder his kids are so messed up. And common sense should always come before some rigid Code.
  9. But she did it for "true Love"! Don't you know that trumps all? She is pathetic.
  10. I don't know. Maybe it's because he is being played by Ben Barnes - I was even trying to find redeeming qualities in his Punisher character, ha, ha - but is the Darkling a 100% irredeemable? Going by his origin flashback story, they persecuted him so badly until he was pushed to the breaking point and finally snapped. The antler necklace is horrible but I still think Alina is insipid and so annoying most of the time. I haven't read the books and I should probably have more sympathy for Alina. I just don't like her.
  11. Oh yes. Maybe I just don't have the shipper gene. Or I am being contrary and just don't want to ship the couple the show wants me to ship. It also doesn't help that IMO these two actors are the weakest of the main cast. In any case the real love match was Jesper and that darling goat.
  12. His special super power is being protected by plot armor.
  13. Tastes will differ. For me there was too much of Alina/Mal in every episode as I thought they are tedious. I was grateful for the scenes with the Crows and Nina/Matthias. By Hollywood standards the curvy Nina is a "big girl".
  14. Shrugs. I don't think Nina agrees with your sentiments. There's chemistry between Matthias and Nina and the enemies to lovers trope is done quite well with them. Alina is so insipid teen love with Mal, it drags the whole show down for me. It's frustrating because there was real heat and chemistry between Alina and Kirigan before the show eeevilled him up to show us he is the big bad VILLAIN. Sigh. On the whole I would have preferred the romance cliche of bad man redeemed by love for a good girl here over the teeny bopper romance we are getting instead.
  15. Well, it's YA - maybe subtlety and complexity not a thing in that genre? I wouldn't know, when I was that age I went straight from children's books to adult fiction.
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