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  1. I still don't care for Emily. I wish they would give some of her screen time to Adelita. I guess we are supposed to wonder whether the father of Adelita's baby is Miguel. Emily certainly is wondering. I don't think it's Miguel. I am guessing it may be Angel. In a show where all the main characters are criminals I find "good guy" Potter the most repellent. I certainly didn't need to know that he was a bed wetter. On this show obviously being bad comes in degrees - there are the mercs who were willing to to torture a young girl and then there are our guys who killed the mercs to save the girl. This is why I can continue to root for a bunch of murdering drug runners. They mentioned that Miguel and Emily lost some property to wild fires. Maybe Dita was injured there. After seeing her back why isn't she in a hospital burn unit being treated and getting skin grafts? I miss the first season version of the theme song.
  2. It's not the end of an Era since Nicholson is still alive - but it makes me feel both nostalgic and sad when somebody like Peter Fonda passes. The counter culture figures are going rapidly. I am younger than that generation and they are not my cultural reference but they are the generation very much associated with cultural change and rebellion. It feels disconcerting having them age and die. If that makes any sense. RIP.
  3. I have been hearing Wells wanted a younger and prettier female lead and that's why the actress from Bones was brought in and why they killed off Smurf. Angela is already trying on Smurf's clothes. They certainly didn't need to do this because of ratings. This show - which until now had a mature woman as the lead - has been a ratings winner for TNT for its entire run.
  4. No wonder Ellen Barkin was so bitter on Social Media. I certainly don't get the impression that she wanted to leave the show.
  5. I thought this was an enjoyable season finale. The show actually got better once Sidney left. I did not like the Leonard story line though that improved in the final episode. Sadly the most comfort he can have in his life in these times is what he has now. His one piece of luck is that he has the support and protection of the new Vicar. He lucked out twice there with both Sidney and Will. He wouldn't find this tolerance with most Vicars in that time period. Geordie needs to chill out. His aggressive behavior due to his personal problems and frustrations is completely unprofessional and unattractive. The Cathy sexual harassment story line came to a satisfying conclusion. Mrs.C was awesome there. I like Will. His character has become quite well defined in a short period of time. He is different enough from Sidney that I hope he will not make my teeth grind the way Sidney did with his endless women drama and general malaise.
  6. Considering how many powerful people were shaking in their boots because of Epstein I find his suicide at this particular moment rather - convenient. I hope the men and women who enabled and procured for him don't get to rest easy now.
  7. Public school will teach even the most sheltered boy gay-dar. Since he is upper-class Will would have gone to public school. And apropos nothing - the word public school is such a misnomer.
  8. I don't know if I long for him. Wasn't Crosby at home, behind closed doors not such a nice guy at all? Is next episode already the season finale?
  9. I am actually more interested in Will now with this episode and learning his troubled back story. Look at things from Will's POV: He leaves to deal with a mess his father made. His father man slaughters a guy and then instead of facing the music takes the cowards way out and kills himself. Then Will returns to Grantchester only to learn that the Deacon has tattled on him to the bishop for what is a minor issue - an issue that should have been discussed instead of getting the bishop involved. I was very disappointed in Leonard this episode. It was very small of him to report the new Vicar like this. Very petty. Obviously Will should not have given in to his violent temper and punched Leonard in the face. I think it's clear by now that this show is not Father Brown where the main characters are always decent and doing the right thing. There is never going to be a Vicar who doesn't have ISSUES. Sidney had his boozing and promiscuity. The new guy has a hair trigger temper he has trouble controlling. Welcome to Grantchester.
  10. What is Geordie's wife supposed to do that wouldn't have awful consequences for her family? The culture is decades away from anything resembling the Me Too Movement. This is why so many women kept silent while being sexually harrassed and assaulted. It isn't pretty but it is reality. And so is what Leonard is currently experiencing. Actually sadly he is fortunate to still have his job and to not be in prison and facing chemical castration.
  11. The movie was too long but the two leads are fantastic. The title should tell you that this is a fairy tale. Robbie was actually not enough in the movie for me but she was so charming. I liked what Tarantino did with the Manson women. He gave them the brutal death they so richly deserved. And I liked that Manson himself is basically a non-entity in the film. That fucker thought he was all that to the end and he would have hated how Tarantino ignored him.
  12. Rutger Hauer wrote his character's dying monologue in Blade Runner, which to me was the best part of the movie. I haven't seen Blade Runner in years but I remember that speech to this day. Tears in the rain. RIP, Sir.
  13. After looking at his wife's cowed and pinched face I am hoping somebody takes out formerly Vamp Klaus' abusive ass out ASAP. Does anybody else doubt that Smurf is actually dying? I don't think Cancer is a match for her.
  14. I thought this return suffered especially in comparison to to the mystery series that PBS aired in the same time slot the previous weeks. There were quite a few moments when I was watching Sidney tediously boozing and smoking his cancer sticks when I thought, damn, I wish Endeavour was on instead. Sigh. I used to find Grantchester very compelling during the first season.
  15. I have a hard time believing in the insta-love Sidney has for Violet. That's not on her. In the short time we got to know her on the show the writing managed to convey that she is a fine woman of strong character. It's that I have come to strongly feel that nothing and nobody can help and cure the dissatisfaction and unhappiness inside him. I don't think Amanda would have managed to do so in the long term either. Going to America with a new love and taking on a new cause won't fix what's wrong with Sidney. You can't run away from yourself and your demons. I know they had to write out Sidney somehow and this was probably better than some other ways they could have done it.
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