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  1. I loved this episode, we got a heist plot and a horror slasher sequence, and great character actor guest stars. Bill Burr, you got off lightly by Mando just locking you up along your compatriots. I would have not been so nice to you after you so callously dropped Baby Yoda. Don't drop the baby! It stresses me out. So the only episode I did not much care for so far is No. 5. I expected this show to be more serialized after the first 3 episodes but I have come to realize that the show is meant to be episodic in nature. I am okay with that as long as we get quality episodes like this one.
  2. What can you say about Oleg...when you shock Ivar and make him look reasonable by comparison.... That was a dumb ass strategic move by Bjorn and his womanizing is so unattractive. Ubbe makes a very good temporary king, maybe he should be king period.
  3. I assume they didn't just use a stuntman in the armor and hired a name actor is because there will come a point in the narrative when the Mandalorian will show his face - and maybe that will be even already at the end of the first season. Sometimes I wish I could stay away from back ground info on TV shows and movies. It isn't that attractive to find out how the sausage is made. However, none of this ruins things for me. Nick Nolte wasn't really Mando's buddy in the first couple of episode. And what's his name was only Darth Vaders voice.
  4. I had read that most of the time it's actually Brendan Wayne, John Wayne's grandson, in that armor. It's not really a surprise. Pedro Pascal is a movie star and I can't imagine that a movie star would want to sweat long days on the set in the helmet and the armor.
  5. Not my favorite episode, mainly due to spending a lot of time with a character I did not like even before he did a complete heel turn. When he threatened Baby Yoda I jumped up and shouted "Die, you fucker!" Hee, this show is making me very vocal. I wanted to see more of the mechanic and the assassin. Mando, Mando, Mando, you can't just leave the baby alone on the ship even when asleep at the moment. You got lucky there with the mechanic being a decent person and a decent baby sitter. You won't be that lucky all the time. You must start interviewing potential nanny candidates - and hire only the ones with the best references for crying out loud. (I am only slightly kidding.)
  6. Thanks to The Crown and certain current happenings I am developing an all new appreciation for Princess Anne.
  7. I could barely stand Ivar and his sadism and now I will have to put up with Oleg, another disgusting and sadistic brute for the rest of the series. Oh, hell no! And Oleg is a preening narcissist on top of his sadism. Call me odd but I don't find a man who has a man torn apart alive for amusement in the least attractive - no matter how good-looking the actor supposedly is. I am sure Lagertha's "retirement" is going to be very short lived. I am sad that Alfred, a lone voice of reason is no longer on the show.
  8. It looks like you can pre-order a Baby Yoda plushie now. No idea how good the quality is and we have to wait til May to actually hold it in our hands. https://screenrant.com/mandalorian-baby-yoda-plush-toy-preorder/ Damn it, I wanted one for the holidays....
  9. He needs to find whoever took the bounty out on the kid to begin with and kill them - that will stop the bounty hunters coming after them. Well, I am absolutely gaga over Baby Yoda. I loved this episode because we got so much Baby Yoda cuteness.
  10. I like Olivia Colman in the role and I don't find her queen cold and emotionless at all. I like all the replacement actors with the exception of Tobias Menzies.
  11. I wonder how I would have felt about this episode had Matt Smith been still in the role. I don't like this actor at all. It does color how I feel about Philip now.
  12. I know Josh O'Connor who plays Charles from The Durrells in Corfu . He is a superb young actor. He doesn't look anything like the young Charles but he sure embodies him perfectly. They needed to get somebody who could evoke empathy in the audience because there are probably a lot of viewers who automatically see him as the villain later on.
  13. I am not surprised it's performing well. I expected it to do well since the first trailer. It has Matt Damon and Christian Bale in top form. Fast cars. And the story is well told and gripping.
  14. Well, that should have been called "What Gerald Durrell did after Corfu". I knew Leslie was the black sheep of the family but it was so awkward to have him barely mentioned. A troubled life is still worthy of not being swept under the rug. And why not go more into Larry's literary career? He certainly was famous enough to have an equal presence here. I was glad that Gerry got to reunite with Theo. Gosh, Keeley Hawes is a beautiful woman - and clothes look so good on her. That white coat she wore while narrating was gorgeous. Apropos of nothing I got very tense during that gorilla incident with the little boy they showed. A couple of years ago the disgusting Cincinnati zoo in the US chose to kill a precious and endangered gorilla named Harambe on loan to them under similar circumstances. Those trigger happy American zoo keepers got their rocks off shooting poor Harambe. It makes me so upset to this day thinking about it.
  15. If they do an autopsy on Dita's body I am pretty sure a decent medical examiner would be able to tell that she was strangled to death, burned body and all. Well, it was good to see Potter humbled for a moment. Frustratingly it didn't last with him now holding Angel's son as an ace over him. That final assault was brutal. Our heroes are indiscriminate murderers of innocents among the guilty. Oh, EZ, you shouldn't have given Dita what she wanted. She didn't deserve to go out on her own terms at the cost of some of your soul.
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