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  1. I didn't have Hulu either. I am doing the 1 month free trial to watch Justified and came across Prospect by accident.
  2. Any of you guys see this movie? https://www.google.com/search?tbm=isch&q=Prospect It's called Prospect and I watched it on Hulu last night. Turns out Pedro Pascal did a space western before The Mandalorian. I enjoyed it quite a bit, very good performances by the girl and Pedro Pascal. If you like edgy Sci-fi and are not too squeamish and enjoy having your expectations subverted you should watch it.
  3. Is anybody else finding the younger brother more interesting than the hero? I also kind of like the companion of his mother. Mercenary as she is is. Maybe it's the actor. As pretty as the show is the scripts are not up to standards and drag everything down.
  4. Oh, I am enjoying this season so much, the writing has really improved and is so much more nuanced than the last couple of seasons. And what "angst" there is is earned and not contrived. Quite a sad episode for both Mrs. C. and poor Cathy. I was proud of Geordie and the way he handled the situation with his bipolar mother-in-law. Having her committed is not an ideal solution obviously but there weren't really any other options available. And things couldn't go on like this. I was glad Leonard comforted Mrs.C. Will reminded me tonight how young he is. The proposal was not his brightest moment. Luckily his girlfriend was showing common sense. Another guilty woman! It's a theme.
  5. Well, he is me. I have got the Disney Baby Yoda plush, one that my best friend made for me, the one from Build-a-Bear, the Funko-Pop, the tiny Black Series one with the cup and the frog, and the one from Mattel who has the most adorable face, sigh. I also got a Baby Yoda blanket and several coloring books. Yes, I have gone off the deep end.
  6. I am just grateful we are getting a new season in in October - it could have been very easily delayed like most new content. Especially now when any production start of season 3 on schedule seems a pipe dream. Things in Los Angeles are getting worse, not better. I am sure we are going to get some interesting info in July. And then things will ramp up promotion wise in August and September.
  7. Oh, a new illustration! I love it. Very "Madonna and Child".....with the Madonna being a ammo toting badass.
  8. I doubt Brendan and Lateef really got to know Pedro Pascal besides an introduction, but they obviously know each other very well. The stunt community must be very tight knit because it is such a physically demanding job and it can be so dangerous. Watching the fascinating behind the scenes documentary it seems Brendan Wayne did all the weapons stunts and Lateef did the physical stunts. So Mando is a character that was embodied by 3 people with Pedro doing the voice. He was mainly on set for the final episode when the helmet came off I take it. I think actors in action projects owe a lot to their stunt men and if they are smart and gracious they acknowledge that. Pedro Pascal totally did that. Look at Keanu Reeves, one of the nicest actors in Hollywood, and one who does a lot of his own stunts - he always goes out of his way to praise the stunt people in his movies. So the onus was on Pedro to be gracious about the stunt team. Stunt men get paid very well, but actors make the big money. On the first season Pedro made big money for mostly voice work. So this is my long and rambling way saying that we shouldn't assume the Mando stunt men have hard feelings toward Pedro Pascal. They may not talk about him much because he wasn't a big presence in their work lives? With season 2 all bets may be off. If the story changes and the helmet comes off on a more frequent basis Pedro may have spent much more time on set in the armor. Hopefully we will know this Fall.
  9. I think the difference between Will and beyond season 1 Sidney is that Will (as written currently) doesn't have the deep discontent and self-pity of Sidney. I actually never believed that anything and anybody could make Sidney content and happy in a permanent way. Who really believes him to be happy in America after the first year or so?
  10. "Women who kill" must be the theme of the season. I am quite liking this season and now hope we will get another one. I like Will and there is dramatic conflict in his character without having the tediousness of the endless Sidney angst. And I certainly can understand why a woman would want to take things all the way in an alley with him. Poor Mrs.C. Unfortunately, this is not some minor past sin a wife can overlook or forgive in a husband.
  11. I didn't even know there was nudity on Instagram. I looked at the photo and it doesn't bother me. I live in the US but grew up in Europe where there is a lot of nudity all over the place (like topless sun bathing on the beaches) and nobody bats an eyelash. In general I am bothered much more by violence than nudity. But I know things are different here and I have no idea what Disney would make of this. I certainly do not want Gina to be let go because of this picture.
  12. Well, whoever buys this and "bops" him is probably a sociopath.... And Disney agreed to licence this....good grief!
  13. I was wrong, he is the father, not the brother. Come on, what is the big deal with the dead wife? Why all the tedious secrets? Was she some run-away kings daughter, or something? I feel sorry for the household staff having to put up with the obnoxious mother.
  14. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/features/set-mandalorian-jon-favreau-taika-waititi-more-1298077 Taika Waititi holds the baby like "one of his children". Aw.
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