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  1. Ratings drop further. https://www.gamespot.com/articles/westworld-live-ratings-drop-further-for-season-3-e/1100-6475200/ Makes me wonder how they can produce another season with those numbers.
  2. Well, the country is rather distracted right now and the show had been on hiatus for a very long time. That said I am already losing interest as the second episode didn't even feature the story line I am interested in. I don't have the patience these days for the games the writers like to play. It will be interesting to see what the rating for the second episode are.
  3. I didn't like this episode and the Maeve story is boring me this season. It is covering the same ground as the last two seasons. Maeve is sentient but trapped in the park, blah, blah, blah. I also didn't appreciate that I was left hanging with the Dolores and Caleb story after only one episode. Caleb is an intriguing new character and Dolores is finally rootable to me again and they are already side-lined? Thanks, show, this is the way you are going to lose me as a viewer.
  4. Aw, how cute! Mine has been in some shipping facility in Los Angeles since Monday - just an hour away from me and hasn't been shipped yet. And the way things are going around here where I live I could really use some plushy cuddles....
  5. A combination of background info and teasers for season 2, also the child is officially confirmed as a little boy. (I didn't even know that was in question.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rfLidGWq0OM
  6. The show now feels more like a spin-off with some of the original characters. And I am okay with that since I only cared for 2 episodes last season, namely "Kiksuya" and the Shogun episode. This episode benefited greatly from having Aaron Paul, who I have automatic good will for, and no William for the time being. Thank you for that and I know it won't last. Because of the change in narrative I even found myself rooting for Dolores again. Lets see if that lasts.
  7. According to this because of the Corona Virus some of Baby Yoda toys on pre-order may be delayed because of health concerns, though the actual show might not be. https://www.cinemablend.com/television/2492547/why-the-mandalorian-season-2-probably-wont-be-delayed-by-coronavirus
  8. I know they finished principal photography before the shit really hit the fan but I wonder if post-production will be affected and the show won't be ready by October? I can't be the only one who is living in a constant state of anxiety right now and I sure could use more of our little green bean as soon as possible.
  9. After seeing the trailer which shows Dolores in the so called "outside world" I am guessing that there is no outside world and this is just another park - like "Futureworld". The humans have probably all exterminated each other and there are only robots left.
  10. There are 20 episodes in the final season, we just finished the first 10, referred to as "6a" - "6b" are the final 10 episodes of the series.
  11. What did you guys think of that promo? They want us to believe that the mysterious figure on that horse with Bjorn's sword is Bjorn - which makes me think it is not Bjorn. Okay, I have had this crack pot notion - don't laugh - could it be Floki? Hirst has said that this final stretch of the show is about the conflict between the Viking faith and Christianity, with Christianity winning out. We know that the Norse eventually converted to the Christian faith. The last we saw of Floki was him buried in the rubble cackling when seeing that Christian cross. Now somebody put that cross there and maybe that somebody rescued Floki. Floki was always one of the most religious characters on this show. He killed Athelstan not just because he was jealous but also because he felt Athelstan threatened his faith. He could have had a conversion experience in that cave if he managed to survive. Floki was a fanatic as a believer of the old gods, he could be just as fanatic as a converted Christian. He could have ended up with Alfred and his armies and is now facing Ivar and Hvitserk. Anyways, I know I am probably completely off. What do you think of the promo?
  12. the same issue as before - drug rehab from what I was told. Did anybody watch the 6b promo? Ubbe and co in North America. Alfred against Ivar and Hvitserk. And some moments that made me very confused.
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