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  1. Amsterdam - the city where even the police wear designer clothes. No drab clothes for these detectives. Piet was an absolute ass all the way through to poor Job. So what if Job is keeping a secret - Piet is a secretive SOB himself. Just when I was warming up to these people the first season is already over.
  2. I am having such a hard time with the notion that Pedro Pascal had a falling out with the the Mandalorian producers and is a hard to get along with diva and all the other crap certain sections of social media are trying so hard to make us believe. I know that actors are by contract required to promote their projects. But I don't think that extends to the kind of Twitter posts Pascal has been daily making. The man is gleefully and proudly almost boasting about the show and the various Emmy wins of the show.
  3. It was totally unrealistic that they didn't know right away which twin died. I know they did this for dramatic purposes but it took me out of the story and I am no forensic expert. I want that dog - what a charmer.
  4. Disney has come up with a new way to take our money: https://www.starwars.com/mando-mondays Mando Mondays, coming October 26.
  5. Ludwig's baby looks adorable and he's wearing an adorable goofy Baby Yoda hat. Aahh, Ludwig's wife is supporting Pedro. Who is facing a lot of Internet crap right now because he so obviously can't say anything about season 2.
  6. Yes, I have watched various Star Wars movies over the years without ever being a fan. I was sucked in because of Baby Yoda and his relationship with Mando. It would kill a lot of my enjoyment if Baby Yoda's father figure were gone. And if they get rid of Baby Yoda to focus on various Star Wars characters that don't mean anything to me - it's bye-bye from me. I hope they are smart enough to know what a draw Baby Yoda is for the show.
  7. I don't think even Pedro not saying anything now would be automatically a bad sign. It could be that something happens to his character in season 2 that hinting he was in season 3 might be considered a big spoiler. Is it stupid of me to feel bad for the little green bean if his daddy Mando is leaving him?
  8. Is Bo Katan a Mandalorian? She is rumored to be in the 2nd season too.
  9. Smiles. Who is Timothy Olyphant's agency? I would like to have confirmation that he is appearing in the show. Why would Pedro Pascal still be promoting the show if there were bad feelings between him and the show? However, while I have no doubt that Randolph has maliciously twisted whatever occured - or not - I also wouldn't want to bet with a 100% certainty that Pascal will be in season 3. But my doubts have nothing to do with any "diva like behavior" or any of the shit Randolph is stirring. I just have been feeling for a while now that they are hiding some huge twist, something so big that it will change everything. Something nobody has guessed. The show is called "The Mandalorian" but it doesn't have to be centered around our Mandalorian for the rest of its run. I don't know. But I remember how well they hid Baby Yoda. What do you guys think?
  10. Yes, the whole thing puzzles me. Obviously, I don't know the man. But he has a rep as a team player not a diva. There has never been a whiff that he is difficult to work with. I am really disgusted by that whole gossip cottage industry. It's so malicious.
  11. That was my favorite part of this terrific trailer.
  12. That was a great trailer but I didn't get to enjoy it for long. I don't know what to believe here but Randolph comes straight out to claim that Pedro Pascal had a falling out with the producers half way through filming season 2 and so the Mandalorian isn't in a lot of the 2nd season. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYVUYtnzuwY
  13. I liked the first episode. Great location. I enjoyed Marc Warren tackling a role different for him and the other police team was interesting too. Loved the dog! I wan't expecting much from the previews but I was hooked after 5 minutes. I heard there are only 3 episodes in the first season but it was renewed for a second - and delayed because of Covid. Hopefully they can start filming soon. I want to see more.
  14. Makes you wonder whether some of these are just fan wishes disguised as spoilers.... Like the Frank Oz thing - wouldn't he be retired by now? I hope the Cobb Vanth thing is true because he sounds like a really interesting character and perfect casting for him.
  15. "Baby baby I am taken with the notion to love you with the sweetest of devotion" Smiles. Pedro Pascal is adorable.
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