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  1. I am still hoping that someone will show up that I care about. With only 3 episodes left that seems rather dumb of me.
  2. Maybe it's my rose-colored glasses when it comes to Mandalorian but everything on this show seems less smooth and less skilled, the whole production seems very Xena Warrior princess to me. Please, give me someone from Mandalorian soon - Cobb Vanth where are you? I did like the scene where Jennifer Beals tries to reason with BK. That character has nerves of steel. I really like her. Next week is directed by Bryce Dallas Howard, I hope that means something good.
  3. I noticed they advertise for local organic dairy and products a lot on Kiwi bake-off. That building where they bake is certainly a lot more practical than the British tent. Everything has a certain gorgeous gloss and vibrancy to it that must be specifically New Zealand itself. Even the bakes look more exciting and colorful. Perfect to watch on a large HD TV.
  4. The audience figures of Book of Boba Fett are not matching Mandalorian. https://www.starwarsnewsnet.com/2022/01/the-book-of-boba-fett-scores-less-audience-demand-than-the-mandalorian-in-first-two-weeks.html I picked that site for the info because they are free from the nasty bias you see a lot on Star Wars social media. It will be interesting to see how Mandalorian season 3 will do sans Grogu. IMO they shot themselves in the foot writing the little green money maker out of the show.
  5. I am enjoying the Kiwi bake-off very much. Between the beautiful bakes and and colors and beautiful New Zealand and the super nice contestants I find this very soothing to watch. I have no problem with the accent. English is my second language but I grew up watching lots of BBC dramas and comedies and Aussie soaps. One develops an ear for it with lots of exposure.
  6. Fogg seems to have a tragic love in his past. I don't get a Fogg/Fix romantic vibe at all.
  7. That's Fox for you, putting a new show on hiatus after 2 episodes. No wonder network tv is dying. This is the first thing I have watched on Fox in years. I couldn't actually remember what channel no. Fux was on and now I may not remember to come back for the 3rd episode. I wish this show was on Netflix.
  8. Grins. Oh, yeah I was dreaming of Tuscany when I typed this. Or something. My Star Wars "knowledge" is very limited. I am not correcting it. Laughs at self.
  9. They made me love this Tuscan tribe only to kill them off the very next episode. How naive am I for not having expected that so quickly. Boba giving people a chance sure saved him in this episode when those teenagers he had just hired actually came to his aid. Why is he not protected 24/7? Especially when he is in that tank. How could that Wookie just walk in like this?
  10. Well, in real life I wouldn't want to have anything to do with either of them but since this is fiction I do prefer the gangster so far. It may be naive of me but I hold law enforcement to a high moral standard and the FBI guy in this show is not meeting my standards at all. He has so much power over people, especially vulnerable people and how he is conducting himself is disgusting and illegal I assume. Meanwhile, I don't expect any decency or morality from the gangster - so when he showed some I put that mentally in my plus column. I am sure we are supposed to feel that way.
  11. Wow, they made that FBI agent a complete sleeze ball - between his rather dubious "procedure" using his own kid on the job, really? and him looking like he doesn't take daily showers - call me shallow but he looks gross. They are making it very easy to prefer the gangster.
  12. I only discovered this existed yesterday, so I watched the second episode first and the first one today. I have a soft spot for David Tennant. He is a good actor and not afraid of being unlikable in some roles. I find the woman reporter interesting, I think it's awesome that she is based on a real woman who actually did this journey - and in less time! I did watch the old movie with my grand father years ago. He loved that movie and I never had the heart to tell him that I found the movie kind of dated and a bit racist. This seems more my thing so I am sticking with it. It helps t
  13. I saw this has been renewed for a second season already.
  14. The show has been renewed for seasons 3 and 4.
  15. I didn't even know this was on until tonight and I missed the first episode. But I am hooked already. Great acting by David Tennant playing a very frightened man who is quite ill suited to be an adventurer finally rising to the occasion. I also quite like his two companions. Very intense episode, I was on the edge of my seat.
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