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  1. After seeing the trailer which shows Dolores in the so called "outside world" I am guessing that there is no outside world and this is just another park - like "Futureworld". The humans have probably all exterminated each other and there are only robots left.
  2. There are 20 episodes in the final season, we just finished the first 10, referred to as "6a" - "6b" are the final 10 episodes of the series.
  3. What did you guys think of that promo? They want us to believe that the mysterious figure on that horse with Bjorn's sword is Bjorn - which makes me think it is not Bjorn. Okay, I have had this crack pot notion - don't laugh - could it be Floki? Hirst has said that this final stretch of the show is about the conflict between the Viking faith and Christianity, with Christianity winning out. We know that the Norse eventually converted to the Christian faith. The last we saw of Floki was him buried in the rubble cackling when seeing that Christian cross. Now somebody put that cross there and maybe that somebody rescued Floki. Floki was always one of the most religious characters on this show. He killed Athelstan not just because he was jealous but also because he felt Athelstan threatened his faith. He could have had a conversion experience in that cave if he managed to survive. Floki was a fanatic as a believer of the old gods, he could be just as fanatic as a converted Christian. He could have ended up with Alfred and his armies and is now facing Ivar and Hvitserk. Anyways, I know I am probably completely off. What do you think of the promo?
  4. the same issue as before - drug rehab from what I was told. Did anybody watch the 6b promo? Ubbe and co in North America. Alfred against Ivar and Hvitserk. And some moments that made me very confused.
  5. So what if English is her second language? This has always been an international production with talent in front and behind the camera from all over the world. Why would it be wrong to cast an actor from Iceland as a Viking? I think she is perfectly cast in the role and her accent blends in perfectly. Now if they cast somebody who has an overtly regional American accent like Boston or New York, or Southern - that would take me out of the story.
  6. I feel like a fool for ever liking Harald in the middle section of his arc. I should have stuck with my original opinion of him. He told me who he was in his first big scene way back when. And it galls because at the risk of sounding daft, I am not at all sure that Harald is dead. He wasn't when we last saw him. Bjorn sure looked dead, didn't he? But I can't be totally sure about that either. The way the episode was filmed puts a lot of doubt into my mind considering what was real and what was a hallucination. Gunnhild breaks my heart. When she buried her little tiny son I started to cry.. Ingrid, omg. I did not like the character before this but I felt so bad for her here. I thought it was a beautiful moment within that horrific rape scene when Ingrid went away inside herself and imagined herself serene at the beach.
  7. I miss the show and our adorable little green bean. When can we expect some season 2 teaser footage and a trailer?
  8. Maybe I am being nit-picky but while that actor speaks English fluently he has no flawless American accent. And he doesn't need to given his role. He sounds like a Russian who speaks good English.
  9. magdalene

    NFL Thread

    Well, well, well, for once I love a Superbowl result.
  10. I am watching the final season on my local PBS station. Olivia has known how to pick them but Matthew truly takes the cake. What a selfish and controlling prick. Olivia dear, that ass has no legal rights to force you to do anything you don't want to do. Get a grip and don't be so damn passive! She is making my teeth grind.
  11. Well, I learned a few things that lead me to believe that Oleg will die in the mid season finale. I also learned that Alexander Ludwig was absent from filming of 6b. He was supposedly in rehab. And this makes me happy - we are going back to Alfred and England for the final ten episodes.
  12. Bjorn is already ready for the next new vagina.
  13. Ubbe's eagerness to kill a Christian seemed out of character. Given his history with England and his alliance with Alfred and his general temperament he wouldn't have needed the reminder by Torvi. But since Althair is a liar liar pants on fire and shifty as hell maybe he should be deaded for the safety of Ubbe and family. Poor Gunnhild. She has to put up with mopey and disloyal Bjorn and his skank. Sadly she wouldn't be better off had she married Harald seeing how he has turned out. When he and his brother were introduced I loathed them for their brutality. Then they grew on me over time and I had sympathy for Harald even after he killed his brother. But no more. What a prick. I felt a lot of sympathy for Hvitserk all season long but now that he is boasting about having killed Lagertha he can go hang. Meanwhile, I am almost liking Ivar currently. Having lost his power he seems humbled and contrasting him with with Oleg only works in his favor. Of course, as soon as he gets his power back and reverts to good ol' sadist Ivar I will be hating on him again.
  14. I hope this isn't the way Ubbe and Torvi get phased out of the show. This show is running out of characters I genuinely care about. When they go I will be emotionally done with this show. You know, Bjorn can take a hike for all I care. He's made a lousy king and his constant whoring around is so repellent. Gunnhild deserved better and so has every woman Bjorn has screwed over. What a loser. I figured Hvitserk would be saved at the last minute. I think he is going to end up back with Ivar. I think the only way he can heal is to face the monster haunting him.
  15. The scene at the end with Torvi's little girl seeing the apparition of Lagertha with the Valkyries and then resting at the bottom of the sea until the sand blew away - that was beautiful and poetic, a gorgeous and haunting send-off worthy of the character of Lagertha. As for the death cult and ritual human sacrifice aspect of the episode - I have hated that part of the show since the first season. I don't see anything sacred or worth celebrating in a young woman choosing death at the hands of some freak - who clearly was getting off on it. When Vikings goes there it always smacks of Jonestown and drinking the cool-aid to me. There is actually some controversy and dispute among historians whether the Vikings actually practiced human sacrifice. Oh, Torvi. I am sure Lagertha would have preferred you be a mother to your children and a wife to Ubbe. Actually, after this episode I have a feeling that Ubbe may be a widower soon. I won't be surprised if Torvi dies in child birth.
  16. Isn't this the episode where Mando leans back all male like and baby tries to imitate his daddy and plops back in the same fashion. Adorable.
  17. I was wondering whether the show was doing the "timey-whimey" and showing the mourning song and Ubbe and Torvi looking very serious as Lagertha being dead at that point? Inter cutting the present and the immediate future? I had had the crack pot notion that the old crazy king was setting all the various earls up to be taken out by getting them all in one location. I was overthinking things, I should have realized that it was finally time for Harald to get his historical due. The show is historical fiction but it has been sticking for the most part to important history and famous legend even if they fudge dates. Like the attack on Lindisfarne, Rollo as the first Duke of Normandy and Ragnar ending in the snake pit, etc.. Anybody else take an immediate liking to Eric the Red?
  18. I have known of course that this is the final season of the show. But now I feel that the end is coming. With the exception of the long off screen Rollo Lagertha was the last Original Recipe Vikings main character. She had outlived the love of her life by many years. She got to have one last triumph in combat and then was dispatched by a drug addicted and hallucinating Hvitserk - fulfilling the seers prophesy that a son of Ragnar would kill her. Well done, show. I t was a good end for Lagertha, better than to die slowly from wound fever. And poor Hvitserk being the instrument of her end avoided the predictable cliche of Ivar killing her. I know I am supposed to feel sympathy for Bjorn who lost a child, his mother, and a kingdom in one swoop. Shrugs callously. Bring on the violins.
  19. I would call the various stunt men and Pedro Pascal "lanky" not "chunky". Most of the time it was Brendan Wayne under the suit anyways and he is a very slim man. I think if people consider someone like Pedro Pascal "chunky" they are having body image issues. Good grief. No wonder the US is having one of the most overweight populations in the world while having an obsession with constant dieting and being "skinny" at all cost. Personally I don't want a guy who spends all his time in the gym when he is not preening at his "buff" body in the mirror. Give me a Pedro Pascal any day instead of some narcissistic gym rat.
  20. According to the Internets this episode, along with episode 5, are the two worst episodes of the first season. I am not going to disagree about episode 5 but 4 is one of my favorites - there are so many adorable Baby Yoda moments in it. I can't speak to Baby's dietary needs besides his thing for frogs but from what I have seen in certain memes Baby's favorite foods are chickie nuggies and choccie milk, ha.
  21. Rome, yes, it had slipped my mind that he was in it. He turned that character into an insufferable whiner. But the absolute worst for me was when he was in Outlander. Don't get me started on that one. I didn't like Philip when he was played by Matt Smith but he was interesting to watch then. I know this whole family is so entitled and yet acts so put upon but some of the actors can make me look beyond that because they have that special "it". Like the actors who play the younger generation, Anne and Charles, for example. When Philip endangered that poor pilot with his woe is me attitude I just wanted to smack him. And to be really catty, Menzies is too homely to play Philip. Whatever I may think of Philip otherwise, he was a very handsome man.
  22. They "John Wick'ed" those two asshole storm troopers at the beginning. You gotta have the audience on your side if you kill even two throwaway characters that brutally. Them punching the child several times did it for me. And they murdered Kuill, who was a wise man and a saint! I don't actually want to know 100 percent certain where the child and Yoda came from. I don't want it ever to be confirmed. And I find it hard to believe that Dave Feloni, who is after all a protege of Lucas, would go against Lucas' wishes and vision. I prefer the child to stay with Mando and if I had to guess I am leaning towards the baby being the last of his kind. I will miss the droid, he had just gotten awesome and he was the last creation we had left of Kuill. When the baby hugged Mando's leg and wanted to be lifted up I melted.
  23. I am not sure they would be in a big hurry to find the child's people. Why get rid of a big draw for the show? Also, wasn't George Lucas famously unwilling to reveal much about Yoda's origins? He wanted to keep much about Yoda mysterious. I think they should keep some things about the baby mysterious too.
  24. Okay, I just re-watched the first episode and this time really concentrating on everything the characters said. Both Renfri and the blonde girl mention the same battle by name: it's a German sounding name, "Hochbus" or something like that. But. Renfri said the queen just won this battle and the blonde cutie said Hochbus was the queens first battle win long ago. So, this means the Witcher and the blonde, who must be the heroine, are not in the same time line. The Witcher story is in the past. I was upset that Renfri was already killed off. I thought the actress and Cavill had a lot of chemistry and their sword fighting scene was fantastic. And there is no way that the icky old pervert sorcerer was "the lesser evil". He made my skin crawl in every scene.
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