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  1. Wowsers! That is some actual tea! If true, it sounds like neither of them are great people.
  2. I'm hoping the story with Jennie is producer-driven - it's hard to believe anyone could actually be that clueless and selfish, but I suppose it's possible. I can't imagine putting a spouse through that again especially after so much repeated trauma - why not appreciate and enjoy the three healthy kids they already have? He had no answer when directly asked why he wanted more. And it's not like they have just ONE kid, they have THREE healthy thriving kids. Is he really just using this as cover to angle for a new wife? If this is indeed real, he's one of the asshattiest asshat husbands to ever a
  3. Man, when Rinna hopped over to the other couch and was trying wrap herself around Garcelle and be all saccharine sweet, I wanted to barf. I'm sure Garcelle was just playing along in order to make it STOP, but nonetheless, RUN AWAY GARCELLE!!! I loved Garcelle's sparkly shoes, they were to die for, but no one was wearing anything particularly attractive this reunion. Erika looked like gun-moll Barbie, and Rinna as expected, looked totally ridiculous. Oh, Kyle, you are an attractive woman, why do you pick such awful clothes? I too, noticed Erika making weird random interjections when t
  4. Seriously! It's been featured prominently on every single Bravo show I've watched the past few weeks! I'm wondering what the angle is - it's like when everyone was constantly filmed ordering Casa Miga at bars and restaurants on all the Bravo shows. The "Coachella" party set up looked a bit sad with only about eight people partying. It's been said before by many others, but Katie always looks half asleep or like she just woke up. I have a soft spot for Raquel - I can't help it. She may not be an intellectual giant, but she seems like a genuinely kind person, and on-the-spot publi
  5. I firmly believe that when we are getting ready to pass, our loved ones who have passed before us come to greet us and accompany us to the other side. Those who work in hospice say that people about to pass often appear to be pointing, reaching or talking to people they recognize just before they go. To me, it's a very comforting thought.
  6. No Flagg this episode. Boooo. I hate the obviously contrived story lines, and having the bratty kids of a client involved in one makes it 100 times worse. Just awful acting from obnoxious tweens all the way around. If production people are scanning these boards, take note: the audience is interested in the houses and deal-making, not cutesy fabricated stuff. Tracy's sister's house would look really nice if were about 1/4 of it's current size and had completely different decor. Her sister has terrible taste - her interior design matches Tracey's fashion sense. Their Mom seems like a n
  7. Okay WTF is it with all of these Bravo shows and pickleball? I never even knew it was a racquet sport until last week when I saw it on RHo's of Beverly Hills. Is someone at Bravo investing in it and trying to make it happen or something? Charli is a total weirdo and I don't care about her food issues. So Scheana's Dollar General Aquaman is a deadbeat Dad? Too bad, he seemed sort of nice. I did LOVE that Lala didn't get the NYT bestseller status she so desperately wanted for the book she "wrote". I actually don't mind Lisa's appearances on the show, I prefer her to all of th
  8. I think Father Paul also mentioned that he had much further back to to go (he started as an old person). Another thing they mentioned is that people go back to when they were their best selves - at their absolute peak of health, so I guess people don't continue de-aging indefinitely, they stop at some point. So maybe the kids in the show aren't going backward much at all. This episode was a chore - just way too much speechifying, sermonizing and monologuing. It's okay to have these things interspersed here and there, but it's been endless so far. For a draggy episode, it did end with quit
  9. Yeah, that was brutal. The whole time beforehand I was yelling at my screen "Don't go in for that hug Joe!!!". I will miss him as a character - despite being the town drunk, he had interesting commentary on the rest of the town. I figured the demon winged thing had been tucked away in the trunk, but now I understand what Riley saw, when he thought he saw the monsignor walking through the storm on the beach. I initially couldn't figure out if Father Paul had been possessed by the creature, but now I understand that they arrived on the island as two separate beings. This is a plot h
  10. I actually liked the woman who had the casino party too, and think she'd be a good addition to the show. She was very direct with Lisa but managed to remain calm while confronting her. Lisa is a lying liar who lies, and also sucks at fake crying. If true, (and from her behavior, it definitely seems to be) what a dumb petty move she pulled. No wonder she has an affinity for Jen, she pulls all the same moves when caught out. Birds of a feather. She's the type of person who makes me cringe when I see them in action - there is not one genuine bone in her body. I feel sorry for her husband and
  11. That would be a good twist - I'm hoping it's something like that, because I actually like the Father Paul character, but I suspect there's some sort of demonic pact thing happening. I'm thinking back to the trunk in the first episode - is that what Father Paul transported himself in? Reminds me of 'Salem's Lot. There are some jarring things in the show so far - to me, the fishing village screams "Hollywood set designer's idea of a fishing village". I also had a problem with the sets in The Haunting (they didn't look sufficiently aged for an old haunted house) and they're bugging me in thi
  12. I can kind of see why Suzanne Somers Palm Springs estate has been sitting on the market for decades, despite the stunning views and man-made waterfall. It's rambling, disjointed, confusing as hell, and as much as I adore old houses with their quirks, nothing appealed to me. It just looked dated and frankly, kinda crusty. After watching a few eps, I now secretly want to be Josh Flagg's bestie, have him personally tour me around L.A. and sneak me into vacant historic houses that up for sale, so that we can talk about coved ceilings, bespoke wallpaper, and batchelder fireplace tiles. Y
  13. Cheezwiz


    This episode was a snoozer. James is a dry drunk. I hope Raquel dumps his ass. Lala is detestable. The colossal colour posters Scheana had of herself in her home were hilarious. What's the backstory on her new Aussie himbo? That's all I got.
  14. Ditto for me. She seemed like a terrible person right out of the gate, and did not improve as the years went by. It makes me sad that she actually has fans and followers.
  15. I really like Heather, but her continued devotion to Jen Shah is absolutely bizarre to me. Jen is clearly a narcissist - she was pulling every move from the narc playbook out in that meeting: But what about meeeeeee!!!! I'M THE VICTIM HERE! Endless deflection, and I'm not some one who likes to use this phrase ever - but she pulled the race card. No Jen, people don't dislike you because you're brown, they dislike you because you're a spoiled tantruming hellbeast who makes an embarrassing scene a the drop of hat. And now you're also apparently a scammer who has been ripping off vulnerable people
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