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  1. Yowza @Giant Misfit, that is some juicy stuff you dug up! First of all, during my binge as I watched the old video footage of Kirkham, who appears to have once had a legit career in TV broadcasting, I kept thinking " wow, what the hell happened to him?" I know those video clips from earlier in his career are probably at least 25 years old, but he looks 900 years old now, and just completely wrecked. Now I know why. I wasn't able to make out the details of Carole's ex-beau's legal documents (they wouldn't enlarge enough for me to read), but colour me completely unsurprised that there are restraining orders that have been put out on her. Probably not the only one is my guess.
  2. @Stiggs LOL! It actually took a loooong while for me to clue in to the fact that only Carol's "sanctuary" was in Florida, and the others were located in different states. I just took it at face value they must all be in the sunshine state, because if ever anyone embodied the "Florida Man" stereotype, it's these goons! Just think, the U.S. missed out on having him as President!
  3. Same. I didn't know how much more I could take of these mulleted toothless wackadoo underground narcissists, but the sudden mention of the mysterious disappearance of Carol's husband got me hooked. These people are ALL utterly batshit crazy and all had the same megalomaniacal personality traits. Only in America. As an aside, the sheer unbelievability and bizarreness of the story and characters reminded me a lot of Netflix's other nutty true-life doc "Wild Wild Country". If you haven't seen it yet, highly recommended. There was absolutely no difference between Carol and the other tiger people. The earlier footage that had been dug up from the early days of her cat collecting showed her doing the exact same thing as Joe & Doc - snatching tiny newborn cubs from their mothers and using them for profit. She simply found a more palatable way to package and market herself to look like a saviour and protector, when really her operation was no better than any of the other sleazy low-rent two-bit zoos. She probably killed her husband too. My heart broke for all of those poor animals living such miserable lives trapped in cages, used and discarded in horrible ways. To be honest, I kept rooting for the tigers to eat every last one of them!
  4. Agreed! I could use something trashy and fun to watch right now. I was shocked at how addictive this silly (and staged) show was!
  5. Have you seen "Happy Valley" on Netflix @Milburn Stone? It's an excellent, very gritty series, and Siobhan Finneran plays a supporting role. She's a much different character in this show: a fragile and gentle recovering addict sister to the lead actress who is a hard-ass police sergeant. It's a very dark intense show, but I highly recommend! 2 seasons of 6 episodes each available for streaming on Netflix. It's the only other thing I've seen her in besides The Stranger & Downton Abbey, but I'll be on the lookout for more - LOVE her. A detective series of her own would be great.
  6. Wow, that's a detail that was completely lost on me. So "Chris" was supposed to be a male to female trans character? I didn't pick up on that at all - I don't recall the Stephen Rea character ever referring to Chris as his son. When was this revealed?
  7. It sounded like on the show they were fabricating an accomplice of Jack's, but I couldn't get a grip on the details. They concocted some sort of story in the book as well, but I can't remember the specifics of how it worked.
  8. Yes, the book was much stronger in this regard, and they had a much better rapport. Same! Her character was much more consistent and level-headed in the book, so points to Stephen King for that one.
  9. @General Days, my hypothetical plot twist probably didn't need to be spoilered, I was just being hyper-aware, as I've had other seemingly innocuous things put in spoiler tags by moderators in the past. : ) Sometimes I can't tell which things can be freely discussed so I'm erring on the side of caution.
  10. I actually enjoyed the finale, but I agree with everyone else, that this should have been eight episodes max. I thought the shoot-out at the cave was quite gripping even though I kinda knew how it was going to play out from reading the book. And I agree, the conclusion where the creature is supposedly vanquished is a bit of a lame let-down, but the show pretty much stuck to how the book played out, and as anyone who is a Stephen King fan knows, Uncle Stevie can write hair-raising page-turning beginnings to his novels, but often has trouble sticking his landings. This book unfortunately was no different. Valiant performances by the actors though - especially from Mendelsohn. I actually thought the movie might do a twist at the end: I'm also not too horrified by the thought of a second season, especially if Price and Lehane are involved again as writers - I thought they made a lot of improvements to the original material from the novel, and they could potentially write something new and interesting. i thought the actor's performances were uniformly great, and felt like they were really starting to gel as a team in the finale. RIP Andy, I knew you were a goner, but you were a gud'un. I wasn't sure who those kids were supposed to be either, but that's a good guess. At first I thought they might be the two kids trapped in the old-timey cave-in, but their clothes were modern. I missed the bit about Holly getting a scratch, so I'm very glad for the eagle-eyed people on these forums!
  11. Maybe Shakespeare was paraphrasing St. Augustine when he wrote the famous line from Hamlet: "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,/ Than are dreamt of in your philosophy (science)."
  12. Agreed on all of the above! They really need to tone down the on-screen graphics so viewers can actually see the models walk. And can you imagine what the designers could have created with even a few more days? Is the show that strapped for cash? I'd love to see them get a FULL week (none of this half-day of fittings on show day nonsense) or two at least!
  13. Although I was entertained by him in this movie, for me, his performance wasn't anything special. I think DiCaprio gave by far the best performance of the two (and I'm not particularly a fan of either). DiCaprio managed be hilariously self-involved yet sympathetic. I think any handsome slightly beat-up looking but still fit middle-aged actor could have played Brad's part. I admit, the roof-top scene made my jaw drop, but basically Brad got an Oscar simply for taking off his shirt.
  14. I was a bit distracted at the very beginning and it actually took me about 2 thirds of the way through the episode to clue in to the fact that the two boys getting lost in the cave was a flashback. I thought the writers were just throwing additional vulnerable people into the mix of the finale. I got all confused by the period cars and clothing of the people in the search party! The conclusion appears to be adhering pretty closely to the book after all. It appears the DA has a major case of the guilties after new evidence was presented to him.
  15. If you haven't seen "Bloodline" on Netflix yet, I highly recommend it - quite a contrast from his role in this series.
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