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  1. Just watched the first episode - so fascinating and powerful and moving. I think it's going to take me awhile to work through this series - there is a lot of thoughtfulness and detail, and it's emotionally moving as well. Benin looked like a fascinating place - I loved the visit to the water village where Voodoo is said to have originated. The cuisine looked delicious everywhere they went. It's nice that younger chefs are wanting to both preserve traditions and innovate to spread their food to a wider global audience. I have not heard of the host, Stephen Satterfield before, but I am
  2. Yeah, this was clearly intended to illustrate Ava's cluelessness and lack of experience with the club circuit. Women back then had shrug this bullshit off and barrel ahead because there were simply no alternatives and even today, things have probably only improved marginally, as shown by Mr. Pleather MC. Ava is now suddenly facing an unexpected dilemma - her attachment to Deborah is growing, but a promising gig is being dangled in front of her. I honestly thought that phone call to Ava at the end of the episode was going to be a crisis involving her Dad - wasn't expecting a job offer.
  3. Super disappointed Alan Arkin isn't back this season as Norman - to me, he was the most entertaining part of the show. Hopefully he'll be drop in regularly for some afterlife chats with Michael Douglas.
  4. Billy and John are brothers, and are cousins of Erin's Father. So they're second cousins I guess?
  5. Yeah this is the only big mis-step I've seen in the writing - his parents seem unrealistically stable, decent and nice to have produced such an asshat. Even if they weren't jerks, it would have been more realistic to have a preoccupied or distracted parent for his character. I was unsure of who's tackle box and gun that was supposed to be - was it Billy's? Or was It John's, and Billy happened to glimpse it by accident as they were packing? Not sure why Billy confessed and why he would have been covered in blood the night of the murder, but somehow I don't think he's the culprit. I
  6. I'm pretty sure that Carrie nodded off because irony of ironies she did the right thing and refused the uppers from her co-worker. So glad the little guy was alright!
  7. After having time to think more about this and previous episodes, I'm wondering if the whole issue of the identity of Erin's baby daddy is a bit of a diversion or slight-of-hand. People have been assuming that whoever fathered the kid is likely the murderer. Just as the two missing person cases featured in the show appear to be unrelated, someone may have fathered the kid, and a completely different person could have killed her. Could jumpy beardy cousin (who got all uncomfortable and left the pizza party abruptly) be the father, and other beardy cousin John Ross be her killer? Could the
  8. Wowzers. This was an amazing episode that had a bit of everything - humour, pathos, and edge-of-your-seat hair-raising tension. After weeks of grimness, it was such a delight to see Mare laughing her ass off coming home from the funeral with her Mom. I wanted to stand up and cheer when Lori's little boy went apeshit with the cafeteria tray. It would be super sad if sketchy priest had been falsely accused at his prior parish. Jean Smart - once again this episode's MVP. Oh Zabel. Sadly, I don't think this is going to be a miraculous Dylan recovery.
  9. The interior of Ramona's house is lovely - the rooms are all soft and welcoming with soothing colours. And of course the grounds are beautiful too, but I actually really don't like the exterior of her house at all. I know it's pricey as all get out, but it looks like a cheap stucco box to me. I'm hoping we get to see some of Luann's Hampton's home - her heritage house (I think this is the one her kids wound suing her over?) makes me swoon, and if I could pick a home of any of the ladies for my own, I'd pick hers.
  10. This was a really interesting episode - some really sad stuff, but some humour thrown in as well. I felt sad for a whole bunch of people this episode, especially Dawn. The flashback scene was pretty shocking and rough. Planting the drugs was wrong, but it's little wonder Mare wants nothing to do with Carrie, and I'm kinda glad the little guy wanted to come home to his Nan & pet turtle after his visit. Once again, I keep wondering why we're spending so much time on Siobhan's love life. I feel like either her ex or the new gal is going to be tied to this somehow. I hope Evan P
  11. I like this guy for the suspect as well - especially what you pointed out about him showing the photo of Frank passed out. I'm honestly getting the beardy secondary cousin/uncle characters all mixed up. Other beardy guy was of course, acting shifty as well. Perhaps Mare's friend Lori should be in the suspect pile as well - no obvious connections so far... I'm also wondering about Mare's clergyman cousin. He looked awfully anxious to know how things went when Deacon sketchy returned from being interviewed. Like others I'm assuming Siobhan is getting so much screen time because she wil
  12. Nah, she wasn't into it, mildly bemused (and as described above, by @ElectricBoogaloo, resigned to dealing with yet another drunk dude) perhaps. sketchy clergy dude threw the bike off the bridge, not Dylan - Dylan was still in the hospital I believe. I was also nervous when Dylan asked his Dad to hand the kid to him, since he seemed to have no interest in him whatsoever.
  13. iI does bring up the possibility that there could be two completely different killers circulating in town. Even without that sinister possibility, it's just yet another GIANT RED FLAG. Seriously Mare, even if this writer dude isn't a murderer, he's bad news - run away! Guy Pearce has always creeped me out, so it's good casting, I guess.
  14. Yep, he did a great job - it's actually not easy to play super-drunk convincingly. It was funny/sad. Sigh.. so now we're on the "you're off the case!" trope. I'm wondering why the show is spending so much time on Siobhan's love life.
  15. That's exactly how I interpreted that scene as well. She was just trying to prevent him from exploding at her.
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