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  1. I knew that hammer was going to show up somewhere, because movie people are too dumb to dispose of evidence. So, my money is still on Sylvia or Gramps as the culprit. I don't think Henry did it - I think he's covering for someone or someone planted it. As mentioned upthread, it's interesting that the last place Henry practiced his violin was at Grandpa's. Although another twist could be that Grandpa is a flawed but decent guy who sometimes throws his weight around. Since we see him sitting in art galleries all the time, I couldn't help but wonder if he was a secret patron of Elena's Stuff I hope doesn't just get dropped: Seriously, what the HELL happened to the 500,000 that was loaned to Jonathan? And then he needs another 2mil from Franklin for bail, and no one asks about this? What was Jonathan's ruse about the faux conference about? Why was he setting that up well before the murder took place? I like the theory that Jonathan was actually planning to run away with Elena and the baby, and wanted the money for a new start elsewhere. I was convinced there was a hidden relationship between Grace and Elena, but that has not been revealed yet, so maybe not. I hope they explain how the culprit left the scene undetected if they were undoubtably splattered with blood and brain matter. Grace is clearly nuts, and I think the MIL's video might be a red-herring. Not sure if Jonathan is a full-blown sociopath or just an asshole who grew up with cold parents. Nicole's frozen face was bothering much more this episode than any of the others - from certain angles, she was looking more and more like the Joker. She really needs to cut that shit out. It's too bad that something with such a tantalizing premise devolved into a collection of cardboard cutout suspects - essentially this is an Upper West-Side version of Clue. Now I'm off to Pop Sugar to look at the archive of Nicole's coats!
  2. That totally bugged me about Big Little Lies as well. If the actresses were playing their true ages, their kids would all be college-aged or even grad students, not in elementary school. Even if fudged a bit (they were playing younger women, or they had their kids later in life) the math STILL didn't really work for KIdman & Dern - at minimum, their kids would be tweens or high-schoolers. I looked past it because the show was fun.
  3. This show is still fun to me, because I really truly don't know whodunnit! Definitely think the blonde attorney friend played by Lily Rabe is involved somehow - I think she also may have also been having an affair with Jonathan. Donald Sutherland is pretty sketchy too - as I suspected, he has a connection. I'm wondering if either Jonathan OR Elena had been blackmailing him for money. And how come he was hovering around outside Elena's apartment? I just love Donald Sutherland. That is all. Although his brown eyes distract me to no end, the boy playing their son is so, so very good as an actor. The scene at the jail where he crumples and tells Jonathan "we aren't a family anymore" just knocked me right in the feels. And Hugh is doing an amazing job as well - I'm finding myself rooting for him in spite of myself even though his character is a total scumbag. The actors playing the public defender & the high-priced attorney are also both kicking all kinds of ass. Hoping to see more of them in the final episodes. Because I held off on watching this right away (I mistakenly thought it was some sort of a political thriller, and those generally bore me), I only have to hold on until Sunday to see the final episode! It must've been torture for those who had to wait for weekly episode drops! I think whoever the culprit winds up being will probably ultimately disappoint me.
  4. Same. Clearly her style hasn't evolved - it's still hideous! I'm all for incorporating older furniture into surroundings, but it needs to be selected judiciously. Everything looks cluttered, and instead of interesting patina that can come with age, the furnishings all look cheap, shopworn and banged up. She also seems to love drab droopy fabrics everywhere. Again, strong paint colours can be striking, but her choices always look dark and oppressive. You don't need to paint the ceiling to match ALL THE TIME. That bedroom! Ugh! The only room that looked tolerable to me was the bathroom because it was white and mostly empty. I now have smoke coming out of my ears after looking at this dreck. Infuriated all over again!
  5. I'm loving it so far, plot holes and all! On an utterly shallow note: the clothing and decor visuals are absolutely gorgeous. The wardrobe is beautiful, and all the interiors look like they're covered Farrow & Ball paint. I've been drooling over the wallpaper and coverlet in Nicole's bedroom.Must be nice to have a big beach house to hide in when you're entangled in a high-profile murder case. Shallow note #2: Beardy Detective dude is kinda hot. I still find Hugh Grant yummy after all these years (to me he was perfection in Sense & Sensibility) and he's ideally cast as a charming duplicitous scumbag. The story is pulling me along, because at this point, I think ANY one of them could have done it: Grace, Jonathan, their kid Henry, Grace's Dad, Lily Rabe's character, the non-existent dog the family didn't wind up getting... The send up of upper-class Moms is pretty funny. This really does seem like an East Coast version of Big Little Lies As someone mentioned upthread, the opening credits featuring the little red-haired girl are a clue. I'm fairly certain that Daddy is involved somehow. If he's not directly tied to the murder, it's a sure bet a connection between Donald Sutherland's character and the murdered woman will soon be revealed. And I think it's significant that Grace is a therapist. Not only are the couples she's meeting serving as stand-ins for her own marriage, but Isn't it a common movie trope that therapists and psychiatric professionals are even more troubled than their patients?
  6. I really enjoyed his performance too - he was totally convincing as an upper-crust social butterfly party boy type. He is unusual looking in an interesting way. I looked him up on IMDB, and apparently he's going to be playing Orson Welles in an upcoming biobic of screenwriter Joseph Mankeewicz. A good likeness I think! He's also in a film called The Souvenir, which I've heard good things about and keep meaning to see.
  7. I too, am kind of bummed by this. I actually liked the initial glimpse of their home-life and and relationship - they seemed funny and sweet together. The boy who plays their son is very good, but in no way looks like he could be the offspring of either of them, so I find that a bit distracting. I think Hugh looks pretty fantastic for someone who has aged pretty normally, and Nicole could definitely ease up on the procedures, but still looks gorgeous - I love the colours they dressed her in in this episode. The actress playing Elena reminded me a bit of a raven-haired Jennifer Lawrence. It's clear that Nicole's character is an unreliable narrator, and is hiding information. I think the guess someone made upthread about the elevator kiss being caught on camera by police is correct. Lordy, the actor playing Detective Mendoza is one handsome dude. I'm already thoroughly hooked on the plot, and also enjoying the NY Upper-West side decor/clothing eye-candy.
  8. Cheezwiz

    S04.E10: War

    Really!? I hadn't heard about this! Yay!
  9. Cheezwiz

    S04.E10: War

    Yes! No way I would have vacated the palace without the box! That scene drove me crazy! From the way this episode was written, it seemed the Queen issued this award to Maggie Thatcher as a sort of consolation prize, purely out of pity. I have to wonder if Charles was quite as vile as portrayed in this series. Not defending his extramarital dalliance with Camilla, but I suspect Diana had to have been quite a handful at times. His was a family not equipped to deal with normal human emotions let alone serious mental illness. Probably one of the most ill-starred match-ups in history. I did enjoy the scene with an exasperated Queen laying the smack-down on Charles. Olivia was great in that scene. I also enjoyed the scenes of Diana in America - I think she genuinely enjoyed interacting with the people, and contrary to the accusations lobbed at her, I don't believe she was grand-standing by engaging in close contact with those she visited with. I think she was just a naturally empathetic person with a gift for connecting with others, no matter how brief the encounter. I wish the show would go 6 seasons as originally planned. Only one more season. Gonna miss this show!
  10. Cheezwiz

    S04.E08: 48:1

    Yes, the maple leaf flag was adopted in the 60's, so still pretty recent! Prior to that, Canada used some sort of variation that incorporated the the British flag. Canada is a relative young'un compared to other Western nations.
  11. Cheezwiz

    S04.E08: 48:1

    Yeah, they skipped Canada in that sequence, but Australia got a nod. Probably because it wouldn't be obvious to viewers what Canada was, unless they showed people playing hockey? Canada didn't even have a maple-leaf flag at that point, so they couldn't have even used that as a background clue. Later on, at the Commonwealth Conference, I did see someone sitting at the big round conference table with a little Canadian flag in front of him, but it was a brief camera pan to the right. I'm assuming this was probably supposed to be Brian Mulroney. There was a lot of funny stuff in this episode - I loved the verbal sparring between the Queen and Thatcher. I wanted to cheer when the Queen stated that she too saw herself as a "tribal leader in an eccentric costume" - totally laughed at this. Also loved Charles laying the smack-down on bratty self-important Andrew. You can tell the show-runners REALLY hate Andrew.
  12. I agree - I've been thinking it's weird that they've never shown Margaret's children - the show always makes it look like she's completely alone in the world, when she had two offspring who were young adults at this point. A bit of insight into how she interacted with them would have been interesting. Margaret was an awful person and her marriage to Athony Armstrong-Jones was toxic, but their kids miraculously turned out very well - low key lives and never in the press, other than weddings. I'm very curious to know how that happened - I guess Margot and Anthony must've done something right.
  13. The entire Falklands conflict was an utter farce. Had there not been actual casualties (which is even sadder considering how trifling and pointless it was), it would have been hilarious - something straight out of a Monty Python sketch. I really believe it was used as a diversionary tactic to drum up patriotism while Britain was in a terrible economic slump. This ploy almost always seems to work when it's trotted out, and it did in this case - the Brits went nuts celebrating their glorious victory over some distant islands mostly populated by sheep. I found this episode interesting, and definitely dropped lots of anvils about future events to come. Olivia Colman is really bringing it this season - I loved how perplexed she was by each of her children. The fact she had to ask a staffer for briefs on each child made me sort of laugh. I had no idea about Thatcher's family life - I vaguely knew she had kids, but didn't realize they were fraternal twins and that she favoured her son so much. It was sad to watch - what a toxic environment for the daughter. I've often wished for siblings, but this whole episode made me kind of glad that I'm an only child. I'm seconding everyone's lament that they didn't cover a bit more of Anne last season (especially the kidnapping attempt -what a missed opportunity!), and tied it a bit more to this season. The actors they hired to play Edward and Andrew were not nearly as handsome as their real-life counterparts in that era. Andy & Eddie are not much to look at now, but they were extremely attractive looking at that age. I strongly suspect the show totally nailed what spoiled little shits both of them probably were.
  14. I love Charles Dance, but I agree he would have made a much better older Phillip. I was disappointed they didn't bring Greg Wise back as Mountbatten, (they could have easily aged him up a bit) because he was an absolute dead ringer for him. Charles Dance certainly had the right bearing for the role, but doesn't resemble Mountbatten physically at all. I really enjoyed this episode - loved the wild Scottish scenery. Boy, Peter Morgan sure does like trotting out the deer/stag sighting trope when writing about her majesty. The into of Diana has been really good so far. The actress portraying her doesn't resemble her as much when viewed head on, as her face is a bit too round. But from certain profile angles the resemblance is uncanny - she has exactly the right blue eyes. She is doing the coy shy thing very well. When you read about their courtship, it's shocking how little they knew one another. I think they only met about 5 or 6 times before their engagement was announced. So much unhappiness because of archaic rules.
  15. I just figured out who the Benny character reminds me of! Anyone who has watched the animated series BoJack Horseman on Netlflix will remember the kid who dated Princess Caroline. He fooled her into thinking he was an adult by standing on another kid, wrapping up in a trench-coat and wearing a hat. I knew the actor & his costuming was driving me crazy for a reason! Thomas Brodie-Sangster gave a very good performance as Benny, but he just couldn't pull off the look they were going for. I don't think I would have been as bothered if his character had been wearing more basic clothing for the 60's time period. This cartoon had been floating around in the back in my consciousness somewhere and took awhile to resurface.
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