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  1. There's something seriously wrong here.
  2. Gdamn these bitches get away with everything!
  3. Why not? Pole and Karinie do it and they have a great relationship /s
  4. She's in Texas with her Daddy's family.
  5. If Amber would have chopped up Andrew and James while they were asleep in bed would MTV wait til she was convicted or fire her on the spot? Real question.
  6. Why isn't anyone "rallying" behind Leah's little brother, James, who got attacked by a machete? That's just wrong on all of their parts. They should be ashamed of themselves, but they won't be.
  7. Oh no, that dreaded bun is back. Lol
  8. Fliflops don't have heels, dumb ass.
  9. Everyone knew this would happen eventually.
  10. "If we have a baby we won't have time to argue" Jenelle about Nathan.
  11. Mark my words, that bitch is pregnant!
  12. Just the thought of this along with the party in his pants makes me want to legit never see her tweets ever again. #lostmybreakfast.
  13. I can't get out of bed because of my gestational diabetes.
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