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  1. I was hoping Vince would have stolen one of their torches. But I'm sure production would have put a stop to that. In addition to no "Get a look at the new tribe, Molly voted out at the last tribal council," we also didn't hear Boston Rob give the "We're not playing, we can't vote, we can't win" jabber when Vince got to Big Head Island.
  2. The "supersized" repeat was actually downsized! They cut out the part where Dr Lee is cutting the finger tumor open and playing with it.
  3. Did they say on the show that he wasn't already in speech therapy at school?
  4. It's over. This sucks.
  5. To be fair, there isn't much one can't see coming from a mile away on this show... Big thanks to TrininisaScorp for the Spotify recommendation! The acting has improved somewhat since last year. Elektra must have taken some acting lessons. She's still... not great... but she's dialed the over-acting down a little, especially when she was talking to Blanca about Popper Paul and telling her she didn't want her to be involved/become an accessory after the fact. I agree with everybody else... the harsh reality is, calling the police wouldn't have ended well for Elektra. It looks like Sister Peg isn't coming back. I guess Damon's dance school storyline is pretty much over?
  6. This is NOT the birthday news I wanted!
  7. I loved Johnny Weir's cameo!
  8. I've gone back through this season's posts and I don't see it addressed (or I missed it if it was addressed in the show), but are we just assuming Hailey blacked out everything except the general idea that she was kidnapped last season? How the hell doesn't she remember Smoothie? Remember the classroom scene with all the other kidnapped kids dressed and made up like dolls? She and Smoothie spent plenty of time together last season. The pink bunny eye didn't change his appearance that drastically.
  9. I'm disappointed we didn't get to see The Ass of Life when Sax was taking off his armadillo orgy costume.
  10. Kind of a demented homage to Forrest Gump.
  11. ShoulderBump Guy's oldest daughter is so nerdishly AWESOME! I really liked that family.
  12. Yeah, there were plenty of crowd shots that showed the upper bowl was all but empty and it looked like some of the top rows in the bottom bowl were empty as well.
  13. She said she had never seen such an extreme case in real life, only in textbooks. It never hurts to get a second opinion.
  14. Did Blue even find out about the explosion? If he did, I'm blanking out on that scene. Nekkid Meloni,Nekkid Meloni,Nekkid Meloni,Nekkid Meloni,Nekkid Meloni,Nekkid Meloni,Nekkid Meloni! I can never get enough!
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