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  1. I gave up. Reading the comments here are more entertaining.
  2. I thought the scenes today with the Steveno reveal were very well acted by both of them.
  3. Did Abby talk about it on the show? If so then I must have missed it.
  4. Interesting. Too bad she didn't address it. Unless I missed it.
  5. Abby reminded me of Paula too. Both nice women who tried to get their point across. Abby is doing what's right for her by leaving.
  6. I believe Abby is leaving to help her father. I also believe that she didn't like all the turmoil on the show and Meghan made it too hard for her. She probably felt conflicted with being Meghan's friend and disagreeing how she acted to the other women. I think she is doing what's best for her. She gave a very gracious announcement too.
  7. How did Eve leave? Missed it and will miss KDP.
  8. rcc


    Good riddance Chuck Todd. Not a fan of the little man!
  9. The same happened to me last winter. Not fun!
  10. I don't know this Phyllis and don't like her. I kept on thinking it would have been better with GT playing that scene. MS is a bad actress and PB is so good he makes anyone better.
  11. Not a Vlad fan but Jericka with Anthony and Tony during the week would be good. But the "star" Gayle would have to go and no way would that ever happen.
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