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  1. Gayle the diva is a given but I like the news without the nonsense.
  2. Both Today and GMA are terrible right now. I find CBS much more interesting now.
  3. I don't care about Billy looking for a fun job. Also he is obnoxious as hell in that dive bar. They got rid of Cane now it's time to send Billy Boy out of town.
  4. I enjoyed Joy and CC bantering during the sex discussion. Meghan aghast that Joy talked to the governor like that was funny. CC often appears on the ABC Sunday morning political show. He works for ABC now.
  5. Yes since last week. Today is the worst.
  6. It's happening again today. Is this problem being addressed?
  7. He lives with his grandparents? I've never heard that.
  8. I am tired of watching Chip and the family too. When he was in jail they were much more interesting on their own.
  9. It looks like she hasn't washed her hair in a long time. Lol
  10. What did Sunny say about Kamala ending her campaign?
  11. Kate had enough of Andy and left. Now he has found another partner and is just as bossy and demanding. Last night with the chain saw "lesson" was a perfect example. When Denise has had enough she will leave too.
  12. This happened to me twice last week. Multiple notifications by one post. 44 and 60. Today up to 100.
  13. Apparently Colin escaped and told Chance he is leaving on a plane. I was watching but was distracted. Grateful that the show is ahead in Canada and they have very good recaps.
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