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  1. Costa is spending all his time writing a book.
  2. Ratings now in for Anderson's two weeks. Not that good. So far Aaron has been the most popular.
  3. Ron and his damn mask storylines need to go. Enough!
  4. I've been disgusted watching The View. I have never been disgusted watching The Talk. Yes, always hated Sharon, but at one time or another disliked the current View hosts. Even Joy. Not a good panel over there and I am done. The Talk had better not be cancelled. At least the current panel are nice women and no backstabbing anymore.
  5. I have not been a Zacharian fan since it was reported he cheated his employees at his restaurant out of their pay. I don't watch him on Food Network either. His smarmy face on QVC with David and his dumb book is just the latest con by him. Wouldn't buy a thing from him ever.
  6. I still cannot open any of my shows listings. Cleaned cache, tried all themes and I get message they are unavailable. Android phone using Chrome.
  7. I hate this commercial.
  8. I now have a small house not necessarily in the woods. Living next to inconsiderate neighbors in a condo complex is no fun.
  9. Call the condo association president or someone on the board. I was once on the board and no loud music after 9 p.m. Otherwise they were fined.
  10. She is damn lucky she has a show!
  11. Sharon is probably happy about this!
  12. I only watch this show for him. He is so good to his dog and I like the way he lives his life.
  13. Liked the dynamic between Jan and Nicole. One still bad while the other now good. Now show will set up Rafe between Ava and Nicole. If GV doesn't come back then Rafe and Nicole together will be good. Also Nicole's hair looked good today!
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