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  1. rcc


    Beth and Rip are played by much better actors. After Kevin Cole is my favorite actor in this series.
  2. So do I. Watched it for the first time today.
  3. rcc


    To me Monica fails as a character and the actress is just not good.
  4. rcc


    I hope sometime this season we find out why Beth hates Jamie so much.
  5. rcc


    Yes. Thanks.
  6. rcc


    I love the dynamic between John and Nate. New developers to challenge John. Should be interesting.
  7. I watch this on Discovery. Love this show. The beautiful scenic land they all choose to build on is a plus.
  8. GG is really bringing it in his scenes with little David and with Hope.
  9. I hate "you know" constantly when someone speaks.
  10. Always been a Meredith fan and I like this show.
  11. What is the deal with the constant ads featuring rats in the forums? Have reported them to no avail. I realize ads keep this website up and running but the constant rodent ads are disgusting.
  12. Can't agree more. Ron and his bullshit infatuation with the Ben character or actor is ruining this show.
  13. Excellent acting and well written scenes in the police room today.
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