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  1. I remember my husband coming into the house looking for my peanut butter (he never ate peanut butter). What he wanted it for was mice and chipmunks in the garage. I gave him the jar for his mousetraps and told him to keep it in his workbench drawer. I bought myself a new jar. Lol
  2. I remember Mike staying at the store and seeing a chiropractor a while back. Watching them climbing over junk and lifting heavy objects I'm not surprised.
  3. I haven't been watching for many years but always felt that DH isn't a very good actress. But maybe there is a reason for that. You've got something there.
  4. I've noticed he is getting worse. Can't understand him most of the time.
  5. Sunny wasn't playing to the crowd with her flirty self. Nice!
  6. Corporations who ask you to donate for their obvious tax writeoffs. Walgreens wanting you to answer yes or no to donate while using the pen on their little machine. No Walgreens brand sanitizer nearby either. Many in my community hate that Rite Aid closed and is now Walgreens and I now will join them in never shopping there again.
  7. I hope Skip goes over to HSN. Or QVC. He is a good salesman.
  8. I couldn't shut the show off fast enough!
  9. Whoopi as VP! The ego has no bounds.
  10. rcc


    Much better than Chuck Todd. Can't stand him.
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