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  1. Those shots of Billy's nostrils today are proof of JT's nickname around here.
  2. We drove by King's house in Bangor. High wrought iron fence surrounds the property.
  3. AXS TV has a recent interview with Eddie by Dan Rather on now.
  4. I hope not. Also why has Whoopi been there for the first two Fridays in the new season.
  5. I liked when they all laughed at Joy's ovulation joke. It doesn't happen too often with Meghan joining in.
  6. Sharon looking "refreshed" should have had a new hairstyle too. I liked Sheryl's waitress segment. She was funny.
  7. Wendy loved the attention. She was also a bit defensive.
  8. I am no Lani fan but I thought her talk with Gabi was pretty good. She brought it for once.
  9. What is so hard to understand that assault weapons should not be sold anywhere in this country. Abby was right in saying we should be able to go to a mall without being afraid of getting shot. Meghan is so damn afraid to lose her precious gun.
  10. Casey Moss is a good actor and this show never wrote well for him. A better gig is waiting for him.
  11. Also the fact he didn't pay his employees. He is scum and a narcissist too.
  12. rcc


    Whether she is Native or not she is a weak actress.
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