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  1. Does she reveal why she and Eddie divorced in her book?
  2. I thought the plaintiff with the shiny face and hair looking wet had just gotten out of the shower and only had time to put her bathrobe on. Afterall she had to look clean to be on tv! Lol
  3. I'm no Sally fan and feel the actress tries hard to make the lame storyline something interesting. But I am tired of watching her get shot down every time. Yes she is a conniver but with all the nepotism on this show she has no choice. Today with Adam saying "your superiors" was it for me. Have been FF'd Devon, Sharon and now Sally too. This show is so bad right now.
  4. Yes he overuses that word every time. His schtick is always so annoying.
  5. I agree about the outside brick. The worst is the ugly 2x4s in the middle of the house! Bad design choice. She was hesitant but went ahead with it. Loved the kitchen though.
  6. I could never stand her anyway. Now this revelation makes this show a no watch for me.
  7. Yesterday was pre-empted for me too and I am sorry I missed the judges at the end. Today's question was stupid but yesterday's makes me want to see JM's reaction.
  8. I will no longer watch if her show tanks and she is named full time host. Why not just give it to Ken. Ratings are high with him and he isn't arrogant unlike her. Hopefully her stupid show stays on.
  9. While young punks in California can empty shelves and get away with it.
  10. Neither do I. The pandering to Devon is stupid. He has no right to go back on his word. Unfair to Abby.
  11. I like Abigail as the reporter. It gives her an interesting storyline. And one much needed on this mess of a show right now.
  12. I just couldn't stand looking at the junk man's fugly beard!
  13. rcc


    What is it with Hallie Jackson wearing all black for over a week. Is she trying to be like Rachel Maddow? The MSNBC uniform daytime edition.
  14. Boring episode today. Except for Chance whose hair was combed for once. Lol
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