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  1. rcc


    Jose Diaz-Balart takes over the 10 am slot.
  2. rcc


    Don't know but I like it.
  3. For anyone else that has had it we know how painful it can be.
  4. rcc


    Hallie Jackson takes over the 3:00 pm ET show.
  5. People who once were pretty but over the years didn't take of themselves yet still think they are the same and everyone should too.
  6. He might not win as the host but he does win as the self promoter.
  7. Melissa Peterman would win I think.
  8. I quit watching this version. Only one person I liked and even he got boring.
  9. I agree. This debacle is just too much. Bad enough we miss Alex and all the drama makes it worse.
  10. Watched the new season for the first time today. Not liking it and miss Carrie Ann.
  11. Good! She doesn't deserve her show or her fans.
  12. I never get that message. It just does not enable me to open a thread.
  13. Thanks SoMuchTv for the mention. Now I can follow and will be notified on content.
  14. rcc


    Tried it. No go.
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