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  1. During the Magic Milo number I was mesmorized by how white and doughy CD's body was, especially to as compared to everyone else. He was the only one without a six pack, or even a one pack. He must have been dying.
  2. I skipped the pressure test. I don't like food made to impersonate other food. I don't get it. I guess I'm not fun like that. AND I don't get white chocolate. Just, why? The social distancing was very hit or miss. The judges were not sitting or standing 6' apart. It seemed kind of the same degree of adherence that they had on Dancing with the Stars AU. But I do appreciate them keeping the show on the air, cuz available cookery programs are going to get as lean as venison real quick. Shout out to @PepperMonkey! Stay safe! I read that a series of Celebrity Masterchef UK got filmed before the lockdowns, so we have that to look forward to this summer. Let us pray things will open up in time to film Professionals.
  3. I'm also confused as to how Eve knew she could find V and K at the train station. So Irina got arrested and thrown in some kind of juvenille lockup that quickly, how is that? Why didn't K just whisk her away to Cuba? I hope Carolyn gets her groove back ASAP, cuz I'm kind of over brooding Carolyn.
  4. Uh oh, now in addition to the Faux Poh Show, we've got the Khahn Con! The fish butcher seemed a little high on himself for figuring out you could chop up a fish a different way. Surely he copped that from some old fisherman in a tribal village where they usually waste nothing. I can understand how the chef's would not know how long to cook cuts they've never seen before.
  5. I thought it was one of Bill's better "at home" shows. He let the guests talk more and there was less interrupting. I agree with diet lady. And Moore seemed calmer --maybe he getting some needed rest.
  6. Is the Birkin bag thing still a thing? Sex and the City did a whole episode around it almost 20 years ago! Still not sure how I feel about the show. I bailed out last year cuz I couldn't take that stupid Roland Blum character and was hoping this season would get back to interesting cases and more realistic character development. Making Luca an insta-millionaire and having Liz inexplicably throw down with a subordinate is not it. I guess I will stick around and see how next season goes. If anyone could do something interesting about coronavirus it's these guys.
  7. The vet murder case was never gonna be solved the minute the bumbling local authorities trashed the crime scene. Too bad. I do think Tom did it, cuz he was aggressively irrational about his break-up, and, well, who the fuck else? Just don't believe his best friend (even if he was suicidally depressed) would go over there, break in, steal his gun, then come back and murder him for no reason. I will say, the defense team was excellent, and almost had me convinced. Was interesting to hear from the judge afterwards.
  8. Hmm, well I do drink wine while watching. But I swear I heard her mention "her girls" --maybe she meant her girlfriends ...or Brendan and Reece.
  9. Who played the young Luke? I'm surprised they didn't create a part for him like they did CL. Maybe they could have hired him to be Oscar or something.
  10. Okay that last immunity challenge actually triggered my seizure disorder. Do they think it makes the show more exciting for the judges to scream and shout and dance about and run to each station to ask about the dishes? The contestants and camera guys were running too and giving us some serious shakey cam. My poor brain! It's like they all decided they better take some lessons from Katy Perry and jazz things up! Jess is getting stronger which is more compelling than people who started out strong and are staying strong. Reece is starting to get that story arc, too. It always boggles my mind when Jess mentions her daughters, cuz she looks 19 and seems very girlish to me. She is adorable. I am actually rooting for quite a few of them. I can't warm to Poh cuz (through no fault of her own) production has decided the Faux Poh Show should be front and center every damn episode, but I also think she milks it. And also her constant laughter seems fake to me, and, yeah, I feel like I could crown one of her back molars every time she does it.
  11. In addition to Sonny continually yelling at Mike and expressing his disappointment to Mike, then he and Jason stand IN Mike's room and talk about his condition and whether they should let him die. Um, he might be able to hear you, morons! Valentin flirtin' with Laura and Sasha, and he made nice with Lulu. He has a spring in his step since getting rid of dead weight Nina. Why are they acting like Liv talking to a psychic is so weird, when Liv WAS a psychic herself for a long time! Brook Lynn is so unlikeable. Terrible way to introduce a returning character. ...ah, that was my final bitch for god knows how long. What on earth will I watch when I eat lunch?
  12. When her Grave's is acting up she gets the very clear symptom of bulging eyes, which is why I don't think that is her issue right now. On the list of symptoms, I don't see anything in the wheelhouse of how she has been acting lately.
  13. As Wendy would say, "Mmm Hmmm." So it was fine while she was running around with Nene, going to dinners and parties and clubs, but now that she is home and can rest and take care of herself, it gets so bad, she needs time off.
  14. With so few episodes left, this episode was a bit of a disappointment to me. Eve learns about the banker's wife's murder and about Dasha, so she knows it was not V who hurt Niko, but we were robbed of getting to see the days after the incident where she likely did think it was V. She was also back in stone cold Eve mode and did not show any remorse or emotion toward Niko. THEN she let Dasha know Niko is STILL ALIVE!! Excellent work, Eve! You know how the 12 hate leaving loose ends! So, is Konstantin both Irina and V's dad? He cried cuz he spawned 2 sociopaths? I didn't really buy Irina's sudden transition to murderer after a few high speed donuts with V. And I don't like the character enough to have her become a big part of the story. I'm starting to care less about Carolyn, too. I appreciate the honesty she shared with Geraldine (finally!) but then she went right back to being a bitch to her. You can be aloof and distant without actively being an asshole to people. This is the first time I'm afraid the show is going to go down a path that might ruin it for me.
  15. When Issa dropped George off, a hot young man opened the door for him, and said "Dad?". I thought for a second it was Lawrence, cuz they made a point of Issa driving away before the guy was shown. ...Anyway, I feel like we might be seeing him again. I don't think Issa should make the first move, but I don't know why seeing Molly sitting there alone on her phone made Issa conclude that Molly was just fine and going about her business like nothing happened. Especially since Molly was at a place known for her and Issa to hang out. It speaks more to Issa's general insecurity than to how upset Molly really is.
  16. How was Edge of Extinction even fair as far as getting back in the game? Natalie had been there since day 3 collecting a massive store of fire tokens. She basically bought her way back into the game. She obviously would not have won the challenge without her 3 advantages. Other players who had not been there as long did not have equal opportunity to bank fire tokens and buy advantages. In conclusion, fire tokens suck even more than Edge of Extinction.
  17. That food sounded amazing. I have never eaten cauliflower crust or fake meat that tasted good, but all the sharks were loving it. Too bad he was so hopped up the sharks were put off. He seemed super caffeinated or something. Even after Laurie called him out, he didn't even apologize! I think he could have saved it if he had just said, "I'm sorry, I'm nervous and didn't realize how fast I was talking, please allow me to answer your questions Laurie."
  18. The brother-in-law was hyper involved to the point it was weird. I only remembered I'd seen this one when he started talking about painting Sarah's nails. And his reaction after he found her body. WTF was that? Them putting signs all over the place during the trial could have derailed the whole thing.
  19. Based on what I have seen so far, I hope they don't just lock into these judges and feel they have to keep them for 12 seasons. Out of all the possible people, I can't believe they ended up with Andy! With Jock, I can see they were probably hoping he would be the Marcus Wearing guy, but he does not have the gravitas, authority, breadth, or the ability to describe dishes. Andy is just like some guy wandered in off the street and pronounced a dish was "bangin'!"
  20. Do shows not have to pay for music rights in AU. Cuz that would explain why when other courties air episodes they may remove the theme song. It also would explain how The Block can constantly play popular hits as background music all episode long, every episode. I think it was the same for Top Model. I would always think, how do they afford that?! As for Katy, it was fun, but damn, girl sure loves the camera. I think her antics would get tiring quickly. WTF with her acting like duck was some totally obscure thing like eating guinea pig or something. Reece was the highlight of the show for me. I was trying to think if I have every been that starstruck. Maybe when I met Dame Edna, and again when I met Spalding Gray. ....wow, I'm a geek!
  21. Sorry Probst, your emphatic 10 minute speech at the beginning of the finale did not convince me that this was the most amazing, stupdendous, exciting, surprising, emotional season ever. (Um, that would be the recently completed Australian Survivor All Stars.) But anyway, EOE sucks, Fire Token were a bust, all the whispering at tribal bullshit was annoying, and Tony was a shoo-in! I can't even think of any episodes that stood out except maybe Denise getting Sandra out.
  22. Is John Oliver still playing around with her, or is that over?
  23. Mystery Box wasn't a terrible twist. I know I often go to restaurants, and after I order, I pull a fig out of my purse and demand it be worked into my dish. I guess they didn't use the footage of Poh reading a magazine.
  24. Mikey hasn't given Sasha a second thought. Sonny looked jealous when Mike was responding to Avery but then blew off his special mix tape. Lulu can do whatever she wants but why would she and Dustin think it's a good idea to sucker punch Olivia at work asking her to help make cupcakes so Rocco and Dustin can take them to Take Your Father To School Day. I mean, how obtuse are you?
  25. Stupid elimination twist. And stupid Jock: They have to be prepared for stuff like this that happens in real kitchens. Yeah, cuz chefs always have to make super complicated desserts without recipes. Amina was crying in her very first talking head, so I figured she was going, but of course we still had to suffer through the Oh No Poh Might Go show. I feel really bad for Amina. And I'm starting to wish they had kept Gary and Matt and just put Mel with them. Other than that, this week is great. : D
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