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    Tennis Thread

    Ah, pooh! Some spectacular points though. That third set was crazy. So glad they let the crowd stay. All our hopes now lie with Tsitsipas. I will be rooting for him, even though he is a bit too much turning into a "brand" for my taste.
  2. Surely there is more to it than Pamela's father's mom died and he went from being the perfect father to being a total junkie in response.
  3. Yay! More beautiful plants and flowers! And everyone seems to be having quite a bit of fun. Uh oh, the one new age lady wants to "talk" to the flowers to see which ones to use in the display. (And I think she means literally.) I mean, these are not even living flowers. So I guess she not only talks to plants, she also talks to the dead! : D Didn't agree with the winner of the intro challenge, but the off was the correct choice. It would have been even worse if the judge hadn't basically told him to start over. Personally, I am not a fan of having dead birds and butterflies in the di
  4. Sigh. I do think the judges wanted Kym to win, but had to go with what they felt was the best meal on the day. Having said that, I still think Erica had unfair advantages on the show. She has worked for Marc and knows his tastes. And being sequestered in a super high stress situation like they are, having your spouse (who is also a chef) there with you to provide support, advice and encouragement (and kiss you in the kitchen, bleh!) is a huge advantage! I am still upset they did that and hope they never do it again.
  5. I was not rooting for Sophie going in, cuz I'm just not that into the gore/special effects looks, so when she said she realized she hadn't done a lot of beauty and wanted to show that she could for the final challenge, I was like, ooh, is she gonna win me over. ...She did! That was a WOW. Dolli and Craig did okay, but Sophie's look was beyond! Glad they will all be getting some professional opportunities from this, cuz that is the real prize of the show.
  6. TVbitch

    Tennis Thread

    The good news is that Rafa, and, God forbid it gets this far, both Stefanos or Zverev still have a chance to beat Novak! I had to stop rooting for Sakkari today after she demanded so many ball checks for balls that were clearly way out, then got all flabbergasted when the ref didn't agree with her. She did it so often that eventually the ref got a couple incorrect and wrongly wiped away both a game and a match point from her competitor.
  7. What in the Sam Hill was that goofy girl bonding date between Anna and Obrecht?! ...Also, I thought Obrecht would have a much better swing.
  8. Oof, that was not pleasant to look at. Those heads/faces will give me nightmares!
  9. I thought Mao Asada was an ice skater, not a donut hole.
  10. My big WTF was when that other police department was investigating the attack on that couple 2 months later, which let to finding the huge stock pile of kidnap gear with the goggles and laser "gun" and crap. The one female investigator said she had to do all this research and digging before she came upon the Vallejo case and its similarities to their case. Really?! The Gone Girl case was a HUGE story. The details were all over the news and tabloids and Inside Edition every freaking day for many weeks. No one in that other police department knew about it?! Also, I freeze framed the letter
  11. In the rock lobster episode, Amir again went in for some kind of fist bump and got denied. I'm glad he's gone, cuz it was just getting awkward to watch. What is Alla going on about that her carrots actually snap when you bend them, and everybody gasps! My carrots snap, and I get them from Trader Joes. What kind of flaccid carrots have they got in AU markets?!
  12. Finn's "Beautiful Mind" board is hilarious. People the show seems to be begging me to hate today: Willow, Nina, Jax, Stella, Nik, Michael, Curtis, Portia.
  13. I am also tired of Jackson's eeyore attitude and whining about being out of his comfort zone. Dude, you entered a photography competition meant to challenge you, and you knew you would not be doing only your stuff in your genre! Try to have fun and learn! I did not understand what the client or Rankin where on about in Paul's branding shot. It wasn't the most original concept, but Paul's shot with the dead flowers on one side and the cactus on the other would clearly illustrate the "which would you rather have" difference between cut flowers or a living cactus. Nestling the dead flowers
  14. Jordan pretty much sanctioned Curtis going into Portia's house even though there were actual police offers surrounding the place and Curtis is a civilian! WTF?! So while he is a moron, it is her fault and she should be in trouble for that! Why isn't super PI Sam out finding Maxie's baby instead of bitch flirting with Dante? It's like she follows Dante around so she can pick fights over nothing. I feel so sorry for DZ. Wiley started babbling in the middle of his and Michael's scene. ...and sadly, CD cracking up a little was the most authentic emotion I've seen out of Michael in forev
  15. David is being almost too David in this show. Yes, it's a game, but you don't tell Janine you are totally gaming it when you know she will tell production. Lord Sugar is not having it and I hope he doesn't get himself offed. He's a smart guy and could be contributing a lot more.
  16. TVbitch

    Tennis Thread

    Um, er, uh... ugh. Well, hopefully Musetti has learned a valuable lesson about what it is going to take to win against the top players in a slam. Novak falling down, hitting the shot while sprawled prone in the court, getting up and winning the point basically sums it up.
  17. I had forgotten The Big Flower Fight was teams! ... ...but still.
  18. TVbitch

    Tennis Thread

    Wow, Djokovic/Musetti match is a barn burner with some amazing points. Go Musetti!!!! You know Dj is rattled when he starts bouncing the ball 25 times!
  19. A new season of Survivor South Africa has just started. Haven't watched it yet, but I will be! If anyone needs help finding it online, just shot me a PM.
  20. TVbitch

    Tennis Thread

    How come we never get to hear the after match on-court interviews?! Also, I think it's bullshit that you can't play the matches they already aired on demand at tennischannel.com, unless you pay for TCPlus! Not happening! Med is on fire! Looking forward to his match with Stefanos. Delbonis' serve looks like it takes so much energy. I finally figured out who Fokina and his gestures remind me of: Jeremy Renner.
  21. This show has dropped to the bottom of my "creative competition" viewing list because the level of execution is so poor. Maybe it is not the contestants fault and they are not given enough time and/or the right materials, but these works do not even come remotely close to what the artists on "The Big Flower Fight" produced. A lot of these finished pieces look like giant mounds of a mish mash of botanicals. I would have no idea what they were meant to be. Even the ones that I can recognize do not have the precision, color schemes, and magical flourishes that the UK artists came up with.
  22. I've also wondered why people do not prepare by doing some fasting (while still being pretty active) beforehand to see how it is going to affect them. That is such a huge part of it, and some people react very badly! Tim might have realized it was not going to work before putting himself through all that and taking up a precious spot. I'm sure the Alone medical team had to have also vetted and cleared him, so... how on Earth did that happen? Was it also Tim who brought the sneaky silver toothbrush which he drilled a hole in the bottom so he could use half of it as a fishing lure? That may
  23. Yeah, putting that gorgeous tentacle into the grinder and it coming out grey mush was just sad. Why Alex, why? A four person finale? That's new right? I thought maybe they were doing that so Erica and Josh could lose together? ...dramatically, of course. I wonder if they are going to cut one or two before the final meal. I enjoyed seeing last season's winner. I adored him!
  24. If I recall correctly, Farie did not finish her first 2-3 M2Ms, then went on a three week winning streak. I knew either Farie or Damien were going next, but I was rooting for Damien to have a good week, as I find him very entertaining. He had a great sense of humor, good attitude, and played well off the host well and other contestants. Alas, he had a really bad week. I bet he and his friends are having a whale of a time watching the show.
  25. Why did Jordan bust down the door, see a killer with a gun pointed at her, and fire ONE SHOT ...AT HIS LEG?! Why is Jax checking on Michael instead of his own daughter? Why isn't Jason being arrested for breaking out of police custody and going on the lam?! I'm pretty sure that's a crime, even though he was only awaiting trial. How long is Austin going to be dressed like a Boy Scout?
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