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  1. Well, fu::guitar twannnnnnnnnng:: What a bummer. That show isn’t perfect, but I loved it anyway :(
  2. Yeah, when they started in on "Daniel Gil has NEVER fallen in a qualifier..." I said (OUT LOUD) "*I* would like to see Daniel Gil fall..." Ker-splash. If only that was a real superpower. *I* would like five million dollars and a large brick of chocolate brought to me by George Clooney... ::looks around:: Sigh. Nope.
  3. Can someone tell me what Jackie said after everyone rushed in the house after catching Dan and Louise in flagrante? Our DVR cut off just as she went to wipe her forehead. Thanks!
  4. About the same as Pittsburgh to Philadelphia, but these folks make that trip like they’re running out to the corner store for milk.
  5. I usually just find FREEZER BURNED broccoli ;) We are in the middle of using up The Sauce That Would Not Die...last week I made a big crock pot full of chicken breasts and sausage in a balsamic-tomato sauce with onions and peppers. We had it with noodles on Days 1 and 2, and then had sausage sandwiches Day 3. We took a break from The Sauce to have some beef kebabs with rice, then I made stuffed peppers using ground turkey, rice, and more of The Sauce (plus cheese, of course). We had that for Days 4 and 5, and there is STILL sauce left, along with 1/2 a chicken breast (as well as a good
  6. Autumn: Pisses and moans for 375673937 km about her bumped elbow, sore knee, and bruised vag (also, Autumn, it's your vulva and/or perineum that hurt...if your vagina hurts after riding a bike, you may have been getting a bit too intimate with the seat). Angelina: Hears an audible pop from one of her limbs; experiences sweat- and nausea-inducing pain...DOESN'T WHINE AND KEEPS PADDLING THE FUCKING CANOE. --- Teams Russia, SE Asia, and S America: Arise from their indoor accommodations and hop into trucks or train. Team NA: Wakes up freezing on a mountaintop and proceed to
  7. That's why you should always add "FOR RESEARCH" at the end of your true crime-related Google searches. You can always say you were writing a book ;)
  8. I'm a huge NSync fan, but yeah, those were some *gorgeous* harmonies! I kept thinking that the restroom was way too nice for a club! Of course that doesn't mean it wasn't nasty with germs, but I'm used to club bathrooms with TP on the floor, half-empty drink cups crammed in the trash can, and and, urm, "sprinkles" on the seat. I guess I never went to fancy-schmancy clubs back in the day :) OMG, I just now got that. Brilliant!
  9. From the previews, I thought it was Katherine (Debbie Allen) getting out of the ambulance with Richard. When I saw her walking into the hospital with Jackson in the beginning, I thought "Only Katherine Fox would go to a protest wearing those heels!" When I saw the ambulance scene I realized no, just a lady who sort of looks like her...and thought nice fake-out, editors! It wasn't until an embarrassingly long time later that I recognized Phylicia Rashad's voice and the penny dropped--I had seen her name in the credits, for crap's sake! I've always said that [My real name] is French fo
  10. For a second I had myself convinced that Hot Karen is that lady's daughter...then my husband reminded me that Dwayne had been to both the rich lady's house and Hot Karen's house, and they were not the same. I find myself wondering where all of these fancy houses are here in Bethlehem, because no one *I* know lives in one! Oh, except Laura Bennett from S3 of Project Runway. Her late husband's family owned silk mills in the area, and when he passed she inherited the family mansion, which is about 5 minutes from here, down a private drive. Maybe that's why I don't know where the fancy hou
  11. Best wishes to his wife for a full recovery! That being said...kapoop. Vijay is my favorite, too. Except for the characters of Mimi (Daphne Rubin-Vega in the OBC; Rosario Dawson in the film) and Joanne (Freddi Walker in the OBC; Tracie Thoms in the film).
  12. Yes, but I added "Cheeeeeeck!" at the end as well 🙂
  13. Scene from my living room... Jane: Tell me, Alex, how would winning that $100,000 change your life? Me: Don’t care!!! ::gleefully hits the FF button::
  14. THANK you! Between that huge inaccuracy and the fast and loose geography and travel times on this show, this here Pennsylvanian’s head is going to explode some day... ETA: Sorry for the strikeout, I’m recovering from shoulder surgery and am typing one-handed on an iPad that is being a pain in the ass...!!!!!!
  15. Fun Fact: There actually is a Sims Quality Market here in Bethlehem PA, but they’re a mom and pop shop and don’t have their own store brand. Sure, there may be another explanation as to why production chose that name for all of the generic products in the Johnsons’ fridge, but I like to think it was a shout out to us at home 🙂 In case anyone was wondering, the library at Freedom High School is not named after Dwayne Johnson...yet 😜
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