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  1. Even better is the comment someone (presumably a former roommate) left: I've never seen you drink a Naked and we lived together. Bwah!
  2. Lovecat

    All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    And I can't believe that the Resident Assistant (RA), Diamond, didn't boot him out or escalate the issue to Student Affairs or Housing if he refused to leave. My heart goes out to her because she obviously feels some guilt over Lauren's death (and the Mank was so very sweet, trying to make her feel better), but it really is part of the RA's job to make sure that only paying customers (so to speak) are living in the dorms. In retrospect, that would have been one way to get rid of the guy--let someone know he wasn't paying to stay there! Money talks, even if Campus Security is sitting around with their thumbs up their ass. To partially answer the second question, Lauren met Sean (I forget his real name, too) at a bar; I believe he was working Security.
  3. Lovecat

    What's Your Poison?: Beer, Wine and Spirits

    Mac: option-e, then type another e PC: control-apostrophe, then type an e Fun fact: You can also use these methods to put accent marks over other letters! Just type the i, o, a, or whatever instead of the e. é ... í ... ó ... á ... Source: My name is Renée 🙂
  4. Lovecat

    S07.E03: The Price of Admission

    Ah, I'm glad it's not just me! I can only watch Elementary when I'm fully-alert and not eating anything crunchy, and my husband automatically cranks the volume when we put it on, because, as we say, "they mumble!" We still have occasional episodes of, "What'd he say??" I for sure did a double take when I saw the name in the credits!
  5. Always and forever my favorite! I still have the whole series (late 70’s/early 80’s era—“oval paperback” editions) proudly displayed in my guest room, which doubles as my library. Well...all but the last five, which were released after I had kind of aged out of the series. Those are very hard to find, and really expensive when you do locate them 😞 The Trixie books are like comfort food for my brain...every now and then I’ll curl up with one and just relax for the hour (or less, because I practically know them by heart!) it takes to whip through one. BTW, both my BFF and I have cats named Trixie 🙂
  6. Lovecat

    S17.E12: The Art of Fashion

    And her hair is getting greasier! Does she spend so much time putting her outfits together that she can't be bothered with basic hygiene?
  7. I know what ice fishing is. [/Titanic reference]. I just find it a bit crass. Then again, I too am an #oldfart ... almost twice the #oldfart Logan is, as a matter of fact!
  8. If my husband referred to me as a "Grade A snack," he'd be making a snack of my tiny fist of fury as it punched him right in the chops.
  9. Lovecat

    S12.E22: The Maternal Conclusion

    For me, there's also a nostalgia factor--when I was a kid and home sick from school, mom tucked me up on the couch and I got to watch daytime teevee. Also, as an adult, I have no teevee in my bedroom, so if I want to zone out in front of the tube, the couch it is. And my couch is really comfy 🙂 I don't know about the a specific instance of "applaud the gay couple, " but I actually said to the hubs, "Those people are going to applaud at the end of this speech" because it's *such* a romcom trope.
  10. Lovecat

    S02.E21: A Broken Heart and a Crock Monster

    Same. Every time we saw the commercial for this episode over the past week ("I'm liking my crock monster!") hubs and I cracked up. We are simple folk.
  11. Lovecat

    The Curse Of Oak Island

    They did not. It was going to be about 6 weeks until they had a final report. It MUST have been getting cold up there—Billy finally put on long pants!
  12. Lovecat

    Recipes for lazy cooks

    In a crock pot/slow cooker, cover 4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts with 2 cups of your favorite salsa, and cook for 6-8 hours on low. Shred the meat, and use for tacos or over rice, with your favorite toppings. This recipe has the most yum per unit of effort 🙂
  13. Lovecat

    Bless This Mess

    It occurred to me while I was watching E2 that LAKE Bell's character's name is RIO (Spanish for RIVER). For some reason I found that kind of hilarious.
  14. Lovecat

    S02.E21: Stuck as Foretold

    Exactly. When she entered the room, she said, “Mr. [Furry], you’re due for 1 milligram of hydromorphone,” then stopped halfway through administration to pocket the rest.
  15. Lovecat

    The Curse Of Oak Island

    Next week is the season finale. Since we love us some Crackpot Tuesdays, the husband and I will be moving on to The Curse of the Civil War Gold, or whatever it’s called.