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  1. Two words I would have NEVER associated with this show way back in February. But now? Oh, sure. Makes as much sense as anything else that's happened this year!
  2. I'm still here, too! ::waves:: And I kept my 7/23 gyno appointment 😉 I had to SMH when the husband was so emphatic about that not being his porn. We kept riffing on the LivePD trope of "Drugs? Those are not my drugs!" "Oh, the drugs are in the car? This is not my car!" "What's that, you found drug in my pants pocket? THESE ARE NOT MY PANTS!"
  3. Lovecat

    I Need a Recipe!

    I see no problem here.
  4. Lovecat


    Last week was S2E2 Britney/Brittany, and HeMo was the guest. It was such a fun episode of the pod, and I had literally just finished listening to it Thursday morning on my commute when I saw the news about Naya being missing. That night I watched S2E3 Grilled Cheesus and started S2E4 Duets (I'm usually a bit ahead of the pod). I put Glee back on Monday evening after they had found Naya, knowing it was going to be a little hard to watch, but forgot Duets was the episode where she and Amber tore the roof off with River Deep, Mountain High, and my heart clutched in my chest when that scene came on. I still can't believe that of the original 12 that closed out S1, THREE of them have died. I don't subscribe to any of that "Glee Curse" shit; it's just a horrible set of circumstance and coincidence, but the waste of young life and talent makes me very sad. Anyway, I've rambled a bit. I don't know when (or even if) Jenna and Kevin will be back. It is going to be so hard for them, and while I was looking forward to the S2 recaps, it would be completely understandable if they chose to put the project aside indefinitely.
  5. Lovecat

    Fruit flies

    My husband uses the same mixture, but puts it in a DIY fruit fly trap made out of a soda bottle. Use a 16 oz plastic bottle, cut in half and invert the neck part into the body. Flies can get in, but have trouble getting back out.
  6. It's possible you were yelling at the teevee and missed this, but it's explicitly addressed--Payton says he won't be 35 by the next election and DeDe says that that's one thing Georgina intends on addressing in her first 100 days, as part of her "let's fix stupid stuff in the Constitution" initiative. Put me on Team "Sing to me, Ben Platt--anywhere, anytime" 🙂 "Corner of the Sky" has been one of my favorite songs since I learned it at Girl Scout camp a million years ago, and his version was divine!
  7. I haven’t seen this episode yet, but the title made me laugh because the answer to “What’s in the box?” is ALWAYS, “Gwyneth Paltrow’s head!!!”
  8. So I should cancel my gyno appointment, then? Huzzah!
  9. We had an Irish trio at the cocktail hour for our wedding, and I have photos of my (then) new husband and his groomsmen onstage (in kilts!) doing the unicorn song, with all of the gestures 🙂 He was wearing kitty ears at the time. Because he had forgotten to bring his unicorn horn with him. ❤️
  10. I commend you for this life choice. I had a large lunch and there is fresh corn in the fridge, so I may follow suit for tonight's dinner!
  11. Yes, he told the story of how he got into his first teevee hosting gig, and other stories of his adventures, then took Q&A from the audience for a good long time. Overall, a very fun evening! I'd recommend it to any fans, if he's ever able to go on the road again.
  12. Lovecat

    S17.E12: Lucca

    My new band name!
  13. That's what was tripping me up--I was 99.99% sure it was her, but couldn't find a credit on IMDB. Thanks for confirmation I wasn't imagining things!
  14. Episode 1: OK, who had "40 minutes" in the "How long will it take for Clay to get the snot beaten out of him?" poll?? And what's the over/under on "How many times will Clay get the snot beaten out of him this season?" I swear Clay Jenson is right up there with Daniel LaRusso and Jesse Pinkman in the "Most Number of Beatdowns Taken by a Single Character" rankings. Was that Phylicia Rashad (aka Claire Huxtable) as the pastor at the funeral?
  15. Lovecat


    I find it intriguing that there was no episode of Showmance, Kevin and Jenna's GLEE recap podcast, this week. They are closing in on the end of S1, and were supposed to cover S1E21, "Funk," which is the penultimate episode of the season. Now it could be that they didn't record or held the episode because it would seem frivolous in light of everything else going on, but Lea *was* their first guest when they kicked off the recap edition of the pod, so...hmmmm. So much delicious GLEE tea!
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