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  1. The one that got me was when one guy said, "Jane...I can name that tune in TEN notes!" and the whole audience lost their shit and did that "Whooooooaaaaaa!!!!" thing, like he was throwing. down. Ten notes is literally the MAXIMUM you can bid in that round. I mean, seriously. Save your OTT reactions for when someone actually does something impressive. Bidding ONE note after hearing the clue? Yeah, bust out your Whooooooooaaaaaa!!!! for that. Same. I don't recall TV theme songs in any of the other iterations. He did, back in 2003. According to this article he eventually started to gain some weight back and had to get things under control using less radical means (diet and exercise, I guess).
  2. Well, shit, man. If someone had told me two years ago that an episode of The Resident would make me cry and one of This Is Us would leave me dry-eyed, I would have asked them if they were high. That was really well done. There will be life after COVID, but it will never be the same.
  3. He also used the phrase “Where we go one, we go all” (a QAnon slogan) to sell the move to Flagstaff, so yeah. No doubt in my mind.
  4. I think it may have been a one-off; our DVR malfunctioned and didn't record the first airing, so we watched it On Demand and found it under "Specials." I'd speculate that it was maybe a backdoor pilot for a future series, but it seems that this investigation alone took the better part of a year or longer, so I'm not sure how sustainable it would be for a series. Then again, it was called The Jane Doe MurderS, and we only saw one victim...? Maybe it's going to be a series of occasional specials, vs. a weekly? In any case, it was so, SO good. My husband and I love true crime, genealogy, AND long-lost relative stories, so we stayed up past our bedtime, glued to the teevee.
  5. I don't know dawg...the jury's still out for me on this one. I remember watching Name That Tune back in the late 70's/early '80s and I loved it. I learned a lot of American standards and old big band tunes watching that show! This new version is a little..."much" for my taste. I mean, yesterday was A DAY [for future readers: the show premiered on January 6, 2021, and if you can't remember what happened that day, go look it up 🙂 ] so maybe my nerves were just shot, but I seem to remember the old version being light and peppy, but calmer. I'll watch a few more before deciding whether to dump it or not. I enjoy playing along!
  6. This show has very little basis in reality. Cassie's parents have been MIA for months while their kid's been in a coma, but they fly in just to "pull the plug"? And Jesus, I know Nabil was being kind of thick there, but who would use that term to refer to their own daughter? Cops administer Bette a roadside urine drug test? OK, let's just say that's a thing; they still wouldn't say "Oh, yeah, just go over there in the bushes with your sister and let us know when you're done, mmkay?" And yet...in for a penny, in for a pound, as they say. Only 3 more episodes of this shite.
  7. Fun fact: This episode was directed by Joanna Kerns, who played the mom on Growing Pains. I was looking for the cameras, LOL! This show is ridiculous. I honestly don't know whether Shane's Angsty Underwear Dance on Rooftop was the highlight or lowlight of this episode. Will I keep watching? Oh, yes. Yes I will.
  8. I'm in S3, and MAN is this La Fiamma teeeeeeeeedious. I'm not a big opera fan, and the whole tortured diva storyline isn't doing much for me. I guess they had to dedicate significant time to it to justify trucking the whole production over to Venice. The scenery is great, though. I just found out that the actor who played Union Bob died of COVID in March. That makes me sad.
  9. Greetings from the Lehigh Valley! ::waves:: I hate both beets and hard boiled egg yolks, so I don’t eat them, but we call them red beet eggs here, too.
  10. Or, if you're really going low-tech, paper bags! I am so late to the party here that no one even remembers there was a party, but I've been meaning to watch this show forever and, well. Pandemic bingeing, need I say more? I've finished 6 episodes of S1 and now Prime is having itself a little nutty and refusing to show me E7-E10, so I thought I'd take a few deep breaths and come over here for a while. I'm an amateur musician myself, and play in a community band. Our season has been canceled due to COVID, and I miss it SO MUCH. We're all in it for the fun, but musicians gotta musician, so there is still plenty of drama over the kid who waltzed in out of nowhere and sat her butt in the first chair flute's seat, and the crazy French horn guy who mutters under his breath the entire rehearsal, and the trumpet player who wears the same outfit every rehearsal (which inexplicably consists of short-overalls with a Tigger hat...and I don't mean a ball cap with Tigger on it, I mean a hat in the shape of Tigger)...I miss my friends 🙂 I actually read Blair Tindall's book earlier this year, and found it a peculiar mix of dull and eyeroll-inducing. She claims she never meant to write a tell-all, but I'm not buying it. She knew exactly what she was doing, and I finished the book disliking her. I fell down an internet rabbit hole this morning and discovered that she was actually married to Bill Nye the Science Guy for a hot minute back in 2005. There's a WHOLE lot of drama surrounding that union: He contacted her out of the blue after reading the book, proposed after just a few months, then "surprised" her with a very public wedding officiated by Pastor Rick Warren, author of The Purpose Driven Life. Yo-Yo Ma played her down the aisle. Things went to pot 2 months later when they were notified by the state of California that their marriage license was invalid, for reasons that have not been disclosed. In the meantime they had bought a house together -- both names on the mortgage, but his $$ for the downpayment -- and she allegedly took a big financial hit trying to extricate herself from that. I kind of lost track of all of the legal wrangling, but at one point Bill had 2 restraining orders against her for allegedly stalking and for pouring weed killer on the roses in the garden of the house they used to share. There seems to be some crazy on both sides of the equation, honestly. Back to the show, though, I'm a flute/piccolo, so of course I watch Union Bob carefully during orchestra scenes. Wikipedia says he's the piccolo player, but I've only seen him with a picc in his hand once, in the 1812 scene ("This humidity is warping my wood!"). Later in the same scene we see him with a flute (which of course makes sense, because we double all the time), but the case he was clutching when they arrived at the empty lot wasn't big enough to hold both a flute and picc. Sigh. At least he holds the damn thing correctly; I can't count how many times I've seen people in media holding a flute out to the left. Heading back to Amazon to see if Prime has gotten over its snit...
  11. I knew I'd come here and find a chorus of "GEORGE!!!!!!" ❤️ Not gonna lie, I cried a little bit. I was *delighted* they did this! While Patrick Dempsey certainly has aged in the few years he's been off the show, it's easier to overlook because we know Derek hasn't been gone all that long. George has been gone for over a decade. TR's still got a lot of boyishness to his features, but he's not the puppy he was when he was playing George, so I'm really glad they put that conversation in. And all of the parts about how he watches over Mer's kids, and his mom...oh, that just killed me. I like to think my dearly departed are keeping an eye on me in some way. Again: GEORGE!!!!!! ❤️ She's one of the new residents. Light blue scrubs, and she was introduced last week. I believe her last name is Song. To continue the conceit of Meredith being stuck in the in-between (she's seeing those that have gone, plus those that are taking care of her), I think Cristina, Izzy, and Alex would have to visit Mer in the hospital, but yeah, that would be sweet. Oh, he's a goner, I'm convinced of it. I know Helm isn't popular around these parts, but I did love her line tonight: Are you...planning something evil?!??
  12. That's that lump three feet above your ass! [I never miss an opportunity to use that League of their Own quote...] That was my favorite part, and I gigglesnorted at them all kneeling so reverently in the temple, cradling their be-jacketed gnomes. I was waiting for one of them to get carried away and offer up the gnome to the monks.
  13. I've seen that meme go around many times; these are not deep thoughts from Whitney Way Thore. It's supposed to be funny, but coming from her it's ironic.
  14. Yes! The statisticians mathed out how many cases would need to manifest in the total enrolled population to be able to say that the difference in incidence was due to statistical significance, not chance. So for example, if they planned on breaking the blind once 100 cases of COVID were observed, and found that 95 of those folks received the vaccine and 5 received placebo, that's where the 95% efficacy claim would come from.
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