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  1. "You can match Truely and I." No. NO. You don't say "You can match I," you say "You can match ME." Therefore "You can match Truely AND ME." Jesus. WHY is is so fucking hard for people to use object pronouns properly, especially compound object pronouns?? Take it apart and make sure both objects are correct. I learned this in fifth grade. [I know it's because people are hammered on for saying "Me and Truely went to the park," but those are SUBJECT pronouns. PEOPLE JUST DON'T KNOW THE DIFFERENCE, AND IT MAKES ME WANT TO SCREAM.] ::cough:: Sorry for the rant. I'll get off my soapbox before I give myself a nosebleed. [Don't even get me started on how people misuse "myself." That's a rant for another day...] Edited to "fix" the spelling of "Truely." Sigh.
  2. I had PT this morning. I was not prescribed that particular exercise. Hrmph. Yup! When I hurt my knee, my BFF, who is a PT, came over to the house to help me do some laundry. I answered the door with one crutch, tucked under the armpit on my "bad" side, and before she even came in, she said, "First of all, you have that on the wrong side..." This go-around (different knee issue) I hear her voice in my head every time I pick up my walking stick 🙂 I don't think we got a good enough look at the bottle to see whether the label had the patient's name on it, but I doubt that any doctor would be able to walk into a hospital pharmacy and just casually pick up a bottle of painkillers, all "Oh never you mind who it's for, Mr./Ms. Pharmacist..." In fact, inpatient pharmacies dispense meds on a per-dose basis per electronic orders filed by a doctor or other licensed prescriber like a Nurse Practitioner; they don't just send a whole bottle down to the floor. Sharpe would have had to write a prescription in the patient's name and have it filled, either at the outpatient pharmacy (whose computer system may have flagged the lady as an inpatient, triggering some questions) or at the Walgreens/CVS/Duane Read (because you know that there are at least 2 of those within spitting distance of the hospital). And I don't know about New York, but I'm pretty sure my CVS here in PA asks for ID when one is picking up opiates. So stupid. It would have been more realistic for her to prescribe PCA (Patient Controlled Analgesia) and hand the patient the button with a wink-wink. Those are programmed so the patient can only give themself a certain amount of medication in a certain amount of time, but I'm sure Dr. Helen could have overridden it somehow. A nurse would have gone down for that "mistake," though. This show is so infuriating with its inaccuracy! But it amuses my husband to no end (he laughs and laughs at the Izzy/Vijay antics), so we continue to watch...
  3. That's *exactly* where I thought they were going to go with that. For me it was when "Doug" turned back into "Hades." The hairs on my arms stood up, I was so creeped out. Kudos to that actor.
  4. I was half convinced they were going to turn out to be distant cousins, especially when Melissa's Scottish/Irish ancestors were found to have been living on Stone Row...Stonestreet, Stone Row? C'monnn! But then Eric's people were identified as German and Austrian, so there went that theory out the window.
  5. That is beyond my ken. I know they had a weird ad campaign a few years back, based on the premise that Mike and Ike had had a falling out and were no longer friends...some boxes had Mike's name crossed out, others Ike's. It was kind of dumb and left a lot of people scratching their heads. I think overall the goal was to bring some new attention to an old brand (first manufactured in 1940); perhaps the billboards are in the same vein? Ah, yes! Wikipedia confirms: In April 2012, the company ran an ad campaign based on the premise that Mike and Ike were "breaking up" due to "creative differences"; the packaging showed one or the other name scratched out. The campaign was intended to capture the interest of younger consumers. In 2013 the company announced Mike and Ike would reunite. In addition to a re-designed packaging and juicier tasting candy, a trailer for a movie was released, entitled, The Return of Mike and Ike.
  6. To make it even more clear (since people sometimes assume they are allowed to bring a guest, even though only their name is on the invitation), you can have your RSVP cards printed to say, "We have reserved ___ seats in your honor." and fill in the number of people included in the invitation.
  7. I literally LOL'd when we saw the workout video playing on the teevee, followed by the slow pan to the right to show...Oliver, lounging on the couch eating crunchy snacks.
  8. Mike and Ikes are made in my hometown, less than a mile from where I’m sitting, actually! When they appeared on the screen, my husband and I both pointed and yelled in delight: “MIKE AND IKES!!”
  9. Did anyone catch the name on Amy’s nametag this week?
  10. I loved the scene with Dr. #1, Dr. #2, and Dr. #3's obvious discomfort. Though I doubt that kind of dick-measuring contest would be allowed in the scrub room. You know, due to hygiene concerns.
  11. Flower is Miss Patti, 100%. In addition to the clues you've pointed out, there was also an honorary doctorate from Temple University. Patti's from Philadelphia. I still remember her appearance on Cribs back in the day. She confessed to frequently tossing things up or down the stairs when her hands were too full, and called it the "ghetto elevator." To this day, when I toss something up or down the stairs (c'mon, you know you do it too!) I mumble to myself, "Miss Patti's ghetto elevator!"
  12. They also showed a quick shot of her and Nick onstage, and she appeared to be frozen in place, when she had previously been moving around, making little "maybe, maybe not" gestures, etc. While we of course couldn't see her face, her body language said, "Oh shit, I've been made!" so I thought Robin was onto something. When she started to sing, I was 100% onboard.
  13. Thanks! Those have become my favorite three letters in the alphabet 🙂 I also enjoy being called "unremarkable," when it is in the context of a CT report. Still trying to recover from some of the side effects of the immunotherapy--I like to visualize my T cells as having found and killed any hidden melanoma cells, then getting bored and zooming off to wreak some havoc in other parts of my body, like my thyroid, pancreas, gut, and joints--but as long as those scans keep coming back clean and there are no new lumps or bumps anywhere on my outsides, I can deal with it!
  14. I hate those things. I think the one at my store has a crush on me; I swear he follows me whenever we encounter each other. I've started doing my shopping at 8AM with the geriatrics, because I've noticed that Marty isn't on the floor until after 9:00. So blah-blah, I was amused with the whole robot plot!
  15. Giselle (or Gisella?). I thought that part was a hoot and a half! I think her hustles are going to get more and more ridiculous, and I'm here for it 🙂
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