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  1. I watched all of his interviews with a very Joey Tribbiani-esque "smelling a fart" look on my face. He was gross. Get a job, dude, encourage your kid to get an actual education, and stop treating her like a commodity. The mother wasn't much better. They both gave me the ick. And some sort of padding for their ribs--or maybe the guys' forearms should be padded. It got to the point where I winced every time they showed a girl being caught. It's got to be excruciating to be essentially whacked in the ribs over and over again. I mean, I presume they teach the guys techniques to minimize the impact, but at the number of reps they do...? Ouch. That practice was rough. They were dropping like flies! Heh. "Fat people don't go as high." I totally thought that when they were talking about weight. That being said, none of those girls looked unhealthy; while slender, they were all very fit and muscular. I hope Mama Bulldawg Monica watches them closely for signs of disordered eating. I've never really liked all of the giant hair and sparkly bows that get piled on for competitions. I know it's supposed to make them "pop" for the audience, judges, and teevee cameras, but I just find it distracting.
  2. My now-husband was one of those people. We started dating only 6 months after his wife died. We were lucky to have support from all corners, including his late wife’s family, who celebrated joyously with us at our wedding five and a half years later. Everyone just wanted him to be happy.
  3. Oh, man, Sergio's FACE when Nina started bagging on his look...that smug smile just WILTED, and I enjoyed it so much I had to rewind and watch it again. All that was missing was a sad trombone noise on the soundtrack. Also, after all of the "Who the hell is Melanie?" and "There's a Melanie??" comments I've seen over the past couple of weeks, I just about died laughing when Nina said she couldn't remember anything Melanie had designed. You and pretty much every other viewer, Nina. None of those outfits were FUN enough for Cyndi Lauper, except maybe the little twirly striped dress that was in the safe pile. BOR-innnnnnng.
  4. I’ve long held the belief that life would be better with more spontaneous musical numbers, so I’m all in for this show 🙂
  5. So are you a pork and sauerkraut girl? Very popular here in Eastern PA for New Year’s Day—pigs root forward in the dirt and are considered a “luckier” choice for the first meal of the year vs. chickens, who scratch backwards. The hubs had a hankerin’ for pork and kraut a few days before the new year, so we had ours early and instead had ham and macaroni and cheese for New Year’s. Tonight I’m making a pork tenderloin with tarragon carrots and a Dijon sauce. Later in the week we’re having creamy mushroom soup, and then a Tuscan chicken stew.
  6. The Night Circus was my first audiobook ever, and thanks to Jim Dale as the narrator, I was hooked! Sadly, he's not the narrator for The Starless Sea, but I will probably still give it a whirl. Currently I'm reading Never Have I Ever by Joshilyn Jackson. It's a thriller, which begins when a mysterious stranger shows up at neighborhood book club and almost immediately gets the members to start spilling secrets. The protagonist, a woman with a dark hidden secret indeed, soon learns that she is the stranger's ultimate target. I'm liking it so far; it's a pretty quick read, well-written, and it's keeping my attention. Overall good reviews on Goodreads, so I'm optimistic that I won't be disappointed at the end!
  7. I've always been amazed at Wayne Brady's ability to riff and make up lyrics on the fly. Guy can sing, too, and seems like a genuinely nice guy. Definitely an underrated talent, and I'm glad he had this opportunity to put his musical skills out there. I'd pay a dollar to see the Daughtry kids' reaction to seeing their dad unmasked on the finale. He said they love the show and didn't know he was doing it, so I bet they lost their shit in the Daughtry family living room!
  8. MALARKEY!! Sorry, had to rep for the old-school MBTV/TWOP recaps. Lee Anne for the win.
  9. I'm usually the last one to notice (or care about) Photoshopping or use of the "skinny filter," but holy crap is this a bad job! Her whole torso is shifted over to her left (the right, as we look at it), making it look like her right hip juts out 8-10" further than her left. And the stripe in the crosswalk is all jagged. Fail.
  10. That was my favorite part, too! Listen, I hate "Marty" the robot at my local Giant store, but now I kind of want to take him a Santa hat...if that's not the Christmas spirit, then I don't know what is!
  11. I'm absolutely thrilled for Alan; he seems like such a sweetie, and it's about time he got the big win. I really couldn't care less who his partner was 😉 After James got eliminated last week, I took the Finale off my DVR and just watched the freestyles on YouTube this morning after checking who won (that's how little I cared; I didn't even think to check the winner until this morning). Kel's was so much fun, and I'm pretty sure Ally almost took a header, saved only by Sasha's muscles and quick thinking, which alllllmost covered up that whoops. The judges didn't notice that? Seriously?? It looked like he was hauling a giant lump of clay around his leg.
  12. They should ask DJ; he's the one who came up with The Lunch Box. Maybe Michael Fishman has already hit his quota of lines this season 😕
  13. Ah, yes, that was another big WTF! Not only was she wearing a lab coat (which I believe has her name on it, and identifies her as an employee of New Amsterdam), but she also had her hospital ID on, and she's DOCTOR HELEN, from the teevee. No effort whatsoever to be covert in that little errand. She might as well have walked up to a cop herself, handed him/her a business card and said, "I'mma take this woman in here to shoot up...you'll be here waiting to arrest me when I come out, right?" I do wonder, though, who dimed her out. I have a mental image of Castro following her, peering around corners and whatnot.
  14. Ah, thanks! I don't remember that outright (uh-oh...) but it makes sense.
  15. My mom told me I happily gummed turkey and mashed potatoes my first Thanksgiving. I was born in early August, so I was almost 4 months old. I didn't develop a food allergy (peanuts, walnuts, and cashews) until I was in my late 30's. Particularly cruel, because I ate peanut butter my entire life until that point, and I know how delicious it is! I'm with everyone saying that it isn't so much that Rebecca misplaced her phone, it's that the phone seems to have become a lifeline for her, the obsessive picture-taking being the digital version of the obsessive notes she took when baby Jack was born. Classic coping mechanism. Were the Kevin/adult Jack scenes the first time we've seen any of the adult Big Three (Justin, Chrissy, Sterling) in a scene with Milo V.? Oh, totes.
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