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  1. I say that with my tongue mostly in my cheek…but having seen the “Zack Addy is the Gormagon’s apprentice” plot on Bones, I know anything is possible.
  2. My leading theory is that Greg is the one setting up Hodges.
  3. Funny you should say that—Week 2, when Jürgen was talking about how he didn’t have toys growing up, I mumbled to myself, “Oh, did Burgermeister Meisterburger take them all??”
  4. "Can't we just whoop the boy like God intended?" is up there with "Stay out of grown folks' business!" on the list of lines that made me crack up. Also when Harriett Tubman started lecturing Dean about thinking about boobs. I think this show is starting to hit its stride, and I'm here for it.
  5. Leo is actually played by twin girls. I paused the credits this week.
  6. Anybody wonder where in the hell those guys were rapelling in the middle of New York City? I'm sure there are closer hospitals to wherever it was they had their accident! See also the episode of Gray's Anatomy where the climbers are brought by ambulance from Mount Rainier...which is 2+ hours away. And they are still hypothermic even after that long ride.
  7. I'm a simple cat, and I chuckled at the opening narration: "...almost like we were entering a new [pause] season [wink-wink]..."
  8. Only one episode in and I'm loving the Jürgen-isms. His quiet "There was a little wind..." to explain the downed trees on his Black Forest rolls just about killed me, as well as his dry "No one home" and nonchalant shrug at the end. I was also delighted with Guiseppe's "neat as a pin" rolls...I actually said "Well done, you!" to the teevee.
  9. My favorite part was Jackie and Louise yelling after Darlene, "You'd better run, Darlene, it's further than you think it is! Keep going, it's right across from the Wellman Plastics set!" Very clever way to bridge that transition. Not so enamored of the other "Conners." Bless Ames, he tried to keep things moving, but those parts fell a little flat.
  10. Oh, she was suuuuuuuper annoying. And then I did the math on how old they were when they started dating (14) and it sort of made sense. Neither one is fully grown up yet. More like he collapsed on his knee like he was having a heart attack or something and then practically flung the ring at her without saying anything. I cringed.
  11. BOUNCE BACK!!!!! Sorry, the game in our house is to shout Antonio's pet phrase "BOUNCE BACK" whenever one of the chefs says it. I wonder if any of these kids have actually watched the show before...the sabotages are always the same, so if they studied up, they should have known what to look for. It's like learning to swim and drive stick before going on The Amazing Race.
  12. Come sit next to me, @blackwing... I'd like to think that all of that public mourning didn't have an ulterior motive, but I sure did find it distasteful. There's just something gross about being known as a professional widow(er). See also: Rory Feek. I'm not a country fan, so I had no idea who that guy was until his wife was dying. Then he was EVERYWHERE.
  13. Maybe Whit's like Joey, who thinks he's "Frenchin' it uuuuup!" when he's just spewing gibberish. Phoebe: Je m'appelle...Claude. Joey: Fla-flee-floo...blah!
  14. We were taking bets as to which end was going to explode first.
  15. Right?!?? He was such a non-entity that I forgot he existed from week to week.
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