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  1. GOT THAT RIGHT. Her story lines are MOM and BABY DADDY. Lots of fighting between the two plus the innocent poor cute baby scaring at them.
  2. I LOVE EVERY ONE OF Y'ALL. I was debating HARD whether if I should watch this episode online or not, Y'all tell it how it is. @druzy you NEVER disappoint. You ROCK! You are awesome! We all love your work and digging on the snark. The descriptions and opinions of every ONE OF YOU is beautifully placed, and written. SOME OF YA'LL SHOULD REALLY CONSIDER WRITING A BOOK! You are all the MVP's. ❤️
  3. simple

    S09.E15: Bow Down

    LOL jenelle in her she-shed being she-pissed amber in her ambed being amPISSED. okay, sorry
  4. IN GOES DRUZY WITH THE SAVE Thanks for that, that's a ridiculous price.
  5. Little vivi, looks so much like Isaac. It's super sweet. Now I want a new diaper bag... It maybe just be new cloth slapped on it, but the design is modern and chic and anyone could come up with, which is what they were going for. Where can I find it? other than that, this episode was more exciting than the rest
  6. Nothing about this episode to me was worth watching. Just watch the clips MTV put out. Everything else is just meh
  7. simple

    S09.E07: Surprise

    When I saw the preview of Corey talking to his dad. I thought it was Leah's MAN talking to Corey. Wow. I bet Leah has the hots for Corey's dad. Corey's dad is looking good for his age.
  8. Im sure everyone pointed this out But, hot jam Kayla. What the hell was that first segment? So immature. I feel bad because ALL OF US are pointing and laughing but damn girl. Your son will see how desperate you were to get his dads attention... And then he will see how stupid is dad really was.
  9. I feel like everyone on this show could've had a better relationship with one another if they never signed up for this show. Except Brianna.. she needed this show to see that her ex wasn't the match for her. Dennae? EXACTLY WHAT I WAS THINKING. She doesn't need the headache. Plus her friend would probably be doing the baby sitting while they're fighting outside making yet another scene.
  10. Oh snap she wasted no time.
  11. Lololol Kail's: yOu DoN't ThInk ItS LoVe?? Uhhh, no b. I honestly don't care for Chris wanting to be w her. But she's gotta admit they were just hooking up. Was that the guy that caused the fight w her and javi about a "good morning" text from a guy at school??
  12. I picture the 115lb Briana with her pixie hair cut and on teen mom 3. Doubt she was that tough back then and wouldnt even run up on Jenelle today. When you buy a pair a boobs does an extra side of "better than everyone else" come w it? All the "let me go!!" screaming was fucking pathetic. Glad her daighters and going to see that one day and feel ashamed. Go Brittney & her friend for telling her she looks stupid.
  13. I felt secondhand embarrassment when Kail was skipping around acting hard during the sneak peak. Mightve been her adrenaline after she got her hair pulled
  14. Such a good read! I read it with my Amazon Kindle 7 day trial!
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