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  1. GingerPudding

    Lego Masters

    I really like this show, but I wish they didn't have kid teams and adult teams competing again each other. Maybe split it up into Lego Masters and Lego Masters Juniors. It doesn’t seem fair on the teams where it’s two children. I also wish that instead of eliminations, one team a week won and then at the end the team with the most wins was the overall winner. I just hate watching the kids cry when they are eliminated. We always fast forward the end bit.
  2. It would be really difficult for Rachel to get a visa to live in the UK. Jon would need to earn at least £18000/year. It may be even more with Lucy and other daughter. I’m an American married to a Brit and we live in the UK. Fortunately there wasn’t a financial requirement when I moved over here 15 years ago as Mr Pud and I weren’t making very much as we had just graduated from university.
  3. GingerPudding

    Previous Seasons Talk

    Thanks for the suggestion! They loved it though I did occasionally have to pause it and explain the references like reading is fundamental. I have converted three more to worship at the alter of drag race.
  4. GingerPudding

    Previous Seasons Talk

    I'm trying to get some friends into Drag Race. What do you think is the single best episode to get them into it? I'm thinking the beginning of season 6 because I adore Bianca.