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  1. Actually can’t believe they're live today.
  2. So I guess they’re done until September??
  3. justduckey

    S10.E24: MIA

    I have minimal sympathy for these girls putting themselves thorough these ridiculous procedures. Therapy to find their self worth/esteem would be a better use of time and money.
  4. I hate-watch it sometimes. Other days I just delete if without bothering to watch. I’m sure they’ll only be in another couple of weeks live and/or together before Kelly’s contract stipulated entire summer off.
  5. I thoroughly enjoyed the reunion! Smiled the whole two hours! Wish Shery and Eriq had been there but it was lovely.
  6. I think I’m officially done with this show. Time to remove it from the DVR. It’s just not enjoyable to me anymore.
  7. And back to pre-recorded. At this point they might as well just always pre-record and change the name of the darn show already!
  8. I did not recognize Brian Austin Green at all. Granted I haven’t seen him in anything in 25 years but still.
  9. What is up with Broncs teeth???
  10. Also in one segment Gary was clean-shaven talking to Leah and the next he was fully bearded talking to Kristina.
  11. They’ve been calling him Uncle Doofus all season. Even in jest, it’s disrespectful to repeatedly let them do it without correcting them.
  12. What are they on a three-week vacation?? When was this show last actually live???
  13. My word the whining over which school these kids will go to by both the adults and kids was a bit much. Many people had no options over WHICH school or if there was going to be in person school at all last fall. Everyone just bucked up and did what they had to do whether it was what they wanted to do or not. Damn these people think they get live in a perfect world.
  14. Looking forward to hearing more from Bryan and Rachel. They seem to have grown up very nicely. Odd choice of promotional photos! Strange to see Harley and Mallet (really Mark Derwin and Beth Ehlers from the last day in 1993) included since they were never very much in Bill or Michelle’s orbit but happy to this see a never before seen photo!
  15. I do remember! The show is a shell of its former self.
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