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  1. To me it seems like maybe he was saying this guy was such a PITA that he would have liked his character to be the one to off him. However, Mallet would have reason to want to kill him, too, since he kidnapped Harley.
  2. No, he did not. That’s scary. Did they/she ever report it? He was pretty blunt about him being not a nice guy and a jerk and how they were sick of dealing with him so they made him the killer to get rid of him once and for all.
  3. You’re welcome! Yes, a little green but a true fan and he got stories out of him and Mark tells a pretty good story and has a good memory. Yeah, Mark putting it out there that David Bishins was an a-hole was kinda refreshing. Hopefully he can arrange one with Mark and Frank D., bc I bet they have some fun stories to tell, too.
  4. New interview with Mark Derwin. Really long but some great stories.
  5. https://youtu.be/QbsAz-6SJgA I just watched this episode from December 1992 when Mallet breaks up with Harley after he find out he is sterile. In the beginning and end of the episode he is holding up a photo booth film strip and is it just me but does the lady in the photo look nothing like Harley?
  6. I quit watching in 93 when Harley and Mallet left so I can’t comment. Soaps today pale in comparison.
  7. It definitely was. I am enjoying rewatching so much!
  8. Isn’t the difference between soaps back then and now drastic? Im watching early 90’s GL and man it’s so good. The scenes are long. Characters talk and have normal, everyday conversations. They eat meals, they even have scenes in bathrooms. It’s grounded. Child character were incorporated nearly daily. Little Billy or Michelle are on so frequently, thus making it more real. There is character development and a slow build. There are so many love scenes. At least on GL, there is always pop music or some kind of music in the background. I mean budgets back then must have been amazing. The amount of background actors is also astonishing. So many people at Towers restaurant in the background eating or in hospital scenes. I was watching an episode yesterday where no less than 9 characters were in one scenes just to mundanely help Harley move out of Mallet’s apartment. On GH now you barely get 9 characters at the Nurses Ball. And the background noises. When Harley and Mallet are staying at the Happy Homes Bungalow, you can hear cats driving by in the background as you would at a motel. Crickets chirping at Cross Creek. The diner always has music in the juke box. I don’t know just random noises that I know I never hear on GH in modern times. I was a teenager in the early 90’s so I’m watching these episodes with different eyes but, man, am I enjoying rewatching these episodes (ok mostly I’m only watching Harley and Mallet). It was written and acted in a way that made you really care about the characters.
  9. More like almost 30 years ago lol.
  10. She mentioned walking down the street (can’t enter which street) and got take out. Her background is different. Still so much secrecy. Why not just say we flew home?!!
  11. She’s back in NYC apparently.
  12. The Cooper reunion was wonderful. You could feel the love even if the actors haven’t really been in touch. I was a big Harley and Mallet fan in the 90’s and stopped watching when they left so my connection stops there but I enjoyed John Driscoll in this interview even though I never saw his character. Frank and Harley were the best sibling duo and I know they were really close offscreen as were Frank and Mark. Loved Beth saying they were so much trouble together. It’s been nearly 30 years but I can remember soap magazines from that time and remembering them being a lot of fun. I’m glad Franks son reunited them and I bet we have Jaden Dicopolous to thank for Beth being there in a weird way. I could have watched another hour and a half of this group and not be bored. Good for Beth for finding a new passion in life. I would have loved to hear more stories from the Harley and Mallet days but understand why we didn’t get any. Looking forward to hearing what Mark has to say.
  13. Seems like she’s still in the Caribbean based on the background. I’m sure someone in NY sent her the photo bc didn’t she say family was at their NY house (which one I’m not sure). I found it odd that today suddenly she’s referring to a nephew who is there with them. No mention has been made of him this whole time. Did he fly down and join them? i heard they’re off all next week so I suspect they will travel back to NY (Hampton’s no doubt) at that point.
  14. I had a feeling she wasn’t in NYC or Long Island. Neither room she has broadcast from scream either of those places. Some mention would have been made of NY or LI if she was there. Why was it such a secret?
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