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  1. Try and push the pink cure call drink ridding you of sugar cravings….and post a churro 🤔. Think someone wised her up that it was not good marketing for her! Maybe for Disneyland!
  2. If it ain’t a paid gig with his mug on tv he isn’t leaving Robyn. Such a life these women have :(
  3. I thought she said earlier she was in nursing school? Can’t keep track of all these changes. Was Mariah talking about being a PA before she became woke? 🤔
  4. That dress is awful! Spelled, not spelt! 😝and yes it is how it is supposed to be…to earn us money and zero quality control nor money back. Grrrr.
  5. Truly and Christine seem to always be eating out? And this is BEFORE heading out on vacation. Where are Christine’s and Janelle’s magical cure all elixirs?
  6. My youngest grandson is just about 14 mos and is 24 pounds. He was at the 60th percentile for weight at 12 mos. Avalon is way off the chart for weight.
  7. Yes my two nieces are 16 and 19 and wear dresses that Barely Cover their butts. They are tiny. They also wear very skimpy swim suits and post pictures on SM. My kids are more than 20 years older and I can’t stand the look so luckily not so bad when they were teens.
  8. But…poor girl is her mom’s accountability partner! How would Janelle ever be able to exercise without her? 🤔
  9. And what is going on with her hairline? She is looking rough!
  10. My mom lives in Ca. She was called for jury duty and asked to be excused. She has served several times in the past but is very afraid of contacting COVID. She is 81! Well she received a letter back saying age and Covid no longer were valid excuses. I told her not to go, but she went. She was released after 2 hours.
  11. Did she ever post pictures of food she made from her haul at the farmer’s market a couple weeks ago? None of that was prechopped which probably means straight to the trash!
  12. Running behind in her water consumption? Seriously? And. That rock star plexus didn’t take care of all that ails her? Janelle is even too lazy to drink water. Needs an IV to do it for her!
  13. I agree cate looks a whole lot better in the current pictures…guess she has no stress owing nearly 900k in back federal taxes and 7k in back property taxes?! 🤔. I would be losing sleep!
  14. Of course kody wasn’t available! They must not be filming. I thought she was leaving g the land until next spring?
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