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  1. I would say temporary is the perfect name…until all her money goes away and she has to downsize!
  2. How many “friends” went on this latest vacation to take care of her sons??
  3. Are people still buying that crappy clothing? I saw someone in my town trying to sell it for a dollar an item. No takers. What are they doing for money and financing houses? Guess I wonder that about everyone on this show! I don’t think tlc pays THAT well to support all these people! Grifting must be big business!
  4. Kail is too good to use a dining room table for her office! Hey wasn’t she going to study for the bar exam? What has happened with that? She fancies herself a low rent Kim k!
  5. They do owe the IRS and also the county for property taxes on their two homes.
  6. They are also way too busy to pay their property taxes and income taxes! How can they be ok bringing another child into the world with the federal, state and county after them for back taxes?
  7. Wonder what her excuse will be? My guess..her latest self diagnosed drug seeking malady!
  8. Think Tyler is needing attention!
  9. They have been way too busy the past almost 12 years to vote!
  10. And what happened to only having time to make prepackaged salads? 🙂.
  11. I wonder if she really believes she was accepted to the regular university? She isn’t the brightest and she is definitely delusional, but heck who would have thought 10 years ago she would STILL be sitting on her couch or laying in bed and collecting a big paycheck!?
  12. My thoughts exactly! No time for her true passion...eyebrows. Sigh. Wish they paid better attention to the two they have!
  13. I am thinking her reaction is more how dare he not follow the script of baby not being born until oct. or at least birth not announced publicly until then!
  14. Pretty sure she said she was getting a breast reduction several years ago too...maybe before getting pregnant with Creed? But she didnt. And...what happened to going to law school?
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