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  1. I'm curious as to where this child is going to live. Chase and Whitney seem to have no plans on living together as a couple. Are they going to shuttle the baby back and forth and co-parent that way? The show must have Tyler Perry writing all of the scripts because there are so many plot holes.
  2. And smooshing those burgers. Don't do that.
  3. How big is this house that the others didnt hear all the kerfuffle between Taylor and Brandon? They seem oblivious with the "hey you guys want some sausage?"
  4. Katie is not a God. Derek shouldn't be apologizing every day and he'll probably have to apologize tomorrow too. Shout out to Usman to 90 day Fiance.
  5. There he is! There's the fucktard Brandon we all knew was bubbling under the surface.
  6. Jessica with the metal spatula in the non stick pan😫😫😫
  7. Good point. After that lackluster, low energy bullshit proposal, did Whitney and her betrothed go back to the room with Ryan to bask in the afterglow? Why didn't we see Whitney run to her girlfriend Ashley to show off her ring? Why no call to Glen Thore?
  8. Whitney thinks she's being funny but all she's really doing is pointing out that men have to be shitfaced when they come on to her.
  9. Listen, this is getting silly. Michael can't call out "his momma gave him away" every time he gets caught in a lie. Cut the shit!
  10. Did he really forge his own offer letter🤦🏾‍♀️. If you're going to be a liar at least take care to remember the details of your lies.
  11. Apparently no one. Even new mom Ashley is ahead of Whitney and her upper abs.
  12. Nice to see he gussied up for the picture. Did they take it on league night at the bowling alley? My takeaways so far: He's not using his real name on the site and they're getting married on Halloween ??
  13. Is it me? Or is this not s really large dog for an apartment? Shouldn't a dog of this size be on a farm or at least have a backyard to play in?
  14. How far is Chase willing to take this? How much are they paying him🤔
  15. What ass? I see saggy jeans where as ass should be.
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