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  1. She looks like she hasn't lost a single pound and he looks like yet another grifter.
  2. Did Lala have her ass done? It's looking pretty...voluminous. And I mean that in a cheap body work kind of way.
  3. I need Pastor Dwight to come and lay some healing hands on me. Umph! That man is foine!
  4. She's home all day. She can't make a cup of coffee?
  5. Goodness Paige, Please get yourself a decent lacefront wig after this. This talking head wig looks sweated out and matted to her head.
  6. I always had the feeling Dawn hangs around hoping for another white baby from Cate and Tyler. Also Mackenzie's kids are feral.
  7. Sure Tyler🙄. Your house looks like a two book a night house.
  8. If you only open your appointment book for 2 appointments during a 4 month period and your mom takes those slots, then yes technically you are booked up.
  9. Why cant someone stay outside with the damn dog? I'm so sick of everyone thinking their dog belongs everywhere.
  10. This episode is dizzying. There's even a troll that lives in the basement.
  11. Yes she was another feeder. Crying about not wanting her husband to die all the while killing him.
  12. Ah yes the oranges🤣🤣. I'm pretty sure that was a patient at Brookhaven.
  13. TLC must keep Brookhaven DEEP in the vault. I haven't seen so much as a rerun since it went off the air. Was there any controversy around the program? Seems weird they wouldn't even have it on the app. Brookhaven was my gateway into this obesity obsession.
  14. This woman has no interest in getting any kids back. Leave them wherever they are and let her enjoy her burgers and fries.
  15. Nuh uh! That is bout the nastiest cough. I want to give Dr. Now a Silkwood shower after being in that room.
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