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  1. Is this supposed to be her bootleg offbrand OnlyFans??
  2. Come thru natural hair! Amani's flat twists are juicy!!
  3. Shit Karen! The man is asking you what you like! Do you like your lady parts kissed, you like kisses on your back, having someone remove the stick out of your ass? What? What do you want? Miles indicating that he wants sex makes her feel "unsafe" and now she has her out.
  4. Mild annoyance: the chef had Miles and Karen dress the salad too early. That salad is going to wilt.
  5. I don't know why this tickles me so much. Hate that Soapy has to be in the middle of his parent's bullshit but I'm ready for the battle of the IG Lives.
  6. If only Kail had a way of knowing how this man would treat her and her new baby before she got pregnant again.
  7. This episode showed us why Brittany and Roxanne never leave Briana alone. The girl ain't right. She is incapable of making good decisions for herself
  8. Olivia a made it crystal clear that her money is exactly that and she isn't going to pay any part of her husband's way. What she needs is a travel partner, not a spouse. She's not here for becoming one unit.
  9. I used to share Amani's theory on My hair, my business u til I started dating a man with a beard. If he shaved the beard he might lose me. Not really, but this WAP might be a bit less responsive.
  10. Oh Bennett. You do not have a home. You can put your tiny shed in checked luggage and follow Amelia all about the country.
  11. If you spit on me, I'm going to beat your ass. Period. Here in NYC spitting is considered assault and charges can be filed. Also it's gross and I will beat your ass😂😂. I'd rather be hit than spit on. Look, I've grossed myself out.🤢🤢
  12. Kail has claimed viloence and filed fake TPO's on each one of her kids fathers when they don't bend to her whim. We later learned it was HER that had laid hands on them. I tend to side eye these claims from her.
  13. So not only was Tania cussing up a storm like a circus monkey at the dinnee table with Syngin's family, this uncouth shrew left her plate on the damn table. She doesn't belong around civilized people.
  14. I have to take Jephte's side on that one. He strikes me as a real asshole husband but damn, the amount of crying Shawniece does makes me uncomfortable. Baby girl just leave him. They aren't fooling anyone especially Laura.
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