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  1. neh


    Some people just should NOT grow facial hair. Tony is one of them, bless his heart.
  2. Janelle also birthed a lot of children, which took a toll on her body big time.
  3. That outfit beats anything Meri has worn as being the most hideous lularoe ever!!!
  4. I sure hope those are Margaritas! If they are, then this is the plan for me!
  5. Turtle, this is exactly what I meant by nobody has any privacy! How did you get my picture?!?!?
  6. No one has privacy in this day and age...celebrity or not.
  7. neh

    Meri Brown and her Wet Bar of Tears

    I think that Mari got caught up in the "smoky eye" fashion. If she likes her look, well ok. It is kind of like how Mariah likes her look. I guess as a woman, I should support the power!
  8. I agree with with everything you say. As someone who tries to practice yoga, I admire Mariah's yoga skills. Her positions are beautiful.
  9. I think that Mariah and the Browns are making a lot of money being "social influencers."
  10. Does Mariah get paid for the article in InTouch magazine?
  11. neh

    S10:04 Kody's Shocking Move

    I think that he would look even better without the facial hair. Ummm, he maybe trying to develop a biblical, Moses kind of look though.
  12. neh

    Maddie Brown: Seeking a One-Woman Man

    Let's face it, Maddie inherited the same Brown genes that Mariah did. Neither one of these women are going to light up the sky with their awesome beauty.
  13. neh

    Meri Brown and her Wet Bar of Tears

    Well, all I can say is at least he is real....and a man!
  14. Thanks, Ginger. I could only think of a mathematical application of the word, which in a way it is.
  15. Um, what does intersectionality mean?