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  1. If I were a black man, I would not come to this country right now. Usman's mother must be freaking out. She worried that he would be a slave. Now she must be worried that he would be shot.
  2. I wonder if these two go to Michael Jackson's doctor for their facial "treatments."
  3. Poor Babe it looks like his hairline is receding already.
  4. Thank you for the link.Those otters are too cute!
  5. Where in that town will every family member be able to stay????
  6. Janelle wants to stock the pond with CATFISH!
  7. That sure is a lot.of confetti to clean up!
  8. Yep, I never noticed the bottom tooth before either. It looks worse than the top one.
  9. Hopefully, she was just exaggerating.?.?
  10. Patriot meals can last for twenty five years in a pantry, less time if stored in a garage or shed. The variety of the meals is impressive. The breakfast are decent and all meals come with condiments, utensils desert and drink and cleaning supplies.For people living in areas of extreme weather, the meal kits are a good idea. Some can be made warm with a heart source. Those were good for our homeless clients.
  11. I volunteered at a food pantry and we received several cases of Patriot food packs, like Military MRIs. I "took one for the team" and tried two of the meals. They were pretty good. I felt confident giving them to our clients.
  12. I just watched this episode. Three wives at the end of the table, looking comfortable, talking, laughing.....Meri separated from them by the table and the counter, not talking and with a dreadfully sour face. Meri looked so different from the pictures on her SM . Is Meri acting on the show, because this is her assigned role? Also, did you notice that Meri has a brown\grey tooth on the bottom role?
  13. Well, now, in Meri' s defense she did use the filter to make her nose bigger than her teeth!
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