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  1. I can see Meghan being drawn to Delta Burke. I know she was thinner during Designing Women, but she's known for being a gorgeous plus size woman. It always feels strange to defend Meghan, but I can believe DW was her favorite show too. Saved by the Bell premiered when I was a toddler, but it was my childhood favorite. That show was huge throughout the 90s. I think DW was on for many years too. I remember it, and I'm a bit younger than Meghan.
  2. Drew is a sweet person, but I'm surprised she's coming out with a magazine. I loved magazines when I was younger, but with so much stuff being online, I only buy them if I'm traveling now. Anyone else still have subscriptions? I've also noticed the price of magazines has gone way up from when I'd grab one at Barnes or wherever. Paperback books are around the same, but lots of magazines cost several bucks or more.
  3. 100%!!! At the top of my head, I can't think of one TV character who gets up later being someone who has their act together. It's always someone who runs late to work, doesn't work, is a party girl, stuff like that. As a night person who has a hard time both falling asleep since childhood and often staying asleep, I am more productive later in the day. One cool thing is my direct supervisor is the same way. He doesn't mind if I don't respond to an email at 8 am. Most of my coworkers who are morning people and preferred early schedules when we were in the office are the less productive. T
  4. lol! By the time I'm done using mouth wash, showering, washing my face, I gotta eat. I'd totally appreciate breakfast at the house. You know that's right! Getting laid is easy, getting sleep is hard. I know it doesn't sound sexy, but I take my food and sleep seriously!
  5. Thank you THEREADHEAD. :)
  6. Exactly. Kyle does pick some cute things. Kyle does have a cute body. She just doesn't always pick cute things that flatter her. I honestly think Kyle's body is underrated. She looked phenomenal in her Playboy Bunny costume. Great body for any age, but especially amazing for a 50-year-old mom of four. One of Kyle's biggest fashion mistakes, if not her biggest, is she often opts for clothing that's too baggy or too formfitting. It's like she goes back and forth between mumu and bodycon. The Mrs. Roper type ensembles don't do her justice. It's a waste of a nice figure to wear them. The too
  7. That's totally fair! I posted that I've considered getting breast implants and would be bummed if I could no longer shop at Victoria's Secret. Where Meghan loses me is she does act traumatized. I've experienced being too skinny and too tall for many of my favorite clothing stores. Models are taller and thinner than me, but clothing is often cut for a fuller figured woman of average height. It can be annoying, but oh well. I just have to look be more selective of where I shop and spend a bit more time finding cute things. I'll be nice and defend Meghan on a different subject. I'm pretty g
  8. So the DMs were fake?! Can anyone knowledgable about fake messages and such confirm? I'm not a Chrissy Teigen fan, but even if she's problematic, it's not cool to make stuff up about her.
  9. I think I typed accused since I just found out and he hasn't been found guilty. Even though I don't want to believe it about someone I found so special, I do believe he harassed the girls. :( People are complex. They can be charming, intelligent, talented, inspiring, and still have this ugly, dangerous side. I never experienced anything weird with him, but I wasn't the demographic he'd target. He's taught people of all ages, but he'd apparently target college freshmen. He'd look for girls who didn't have family support and needed financial assistance. I took his classes older, and I had
  10. ^ Wow! I don't remember that episode. It's hard to keep track of all of Carrie's awful decisions.
  11. That's interesting. I'm too young to know who he is, I'll have to look him up. I still think these days men generally have to sing and can't get by dancing in flashy costumes. That doesn't mean they're all Luther. I do think there's more pressure on women to be hot. Think Marc Anthony and J.Lo. Anyhow, I'll try to leave it there so as not to continue the OT discussion.
  12. Justin certainly doesn't have my favorite voice. When it comes to pop men, I prefer almost everyone to him-Harry Styles, Charlie Puth, Conor Maynard, Adam Lambert, lots of others. I didn't even think he had the best voice in NSYNC. JC's voice was my favorite, but I do think Justin can sing. He doesn't have a baby voice or rely on lip synching. Mariah in the 90s possessed one of the most gorgeous voices ever. Celine also sings like an angel. She was the last artist I saw perform prior to the pandemic. Tori Kelly sounds familiar, but I can't think of her songs/voice. I'll have to check her
  13. I hope Garcelle questions this too! If my friend cheated on her husband, I'd be disappointed in her, but it's between her and her husband. If my friend put a story out about a mutual friend that was true, I would be on guard tbh. I'm consistent with supporting your friends even during mess-ups, but that wouldn't be friendship ending for me because I do understand LVP's outrage due to what happened to Lucy. There's no way I'd want anything to do with Tom, and I would want some answers from Erika too. If she was in the know, I'd be done. There was a lot of jealousy of Denise's fame and LVP's pop
  14. I definitely think people are harder on female politicians. I won't say any more due to board rules on that. I definitely think with various other women, it just depends. Like I said, I think there's sexism at play often. I just don't think that's behind every criticism. I dislike Meghan Meghan because she's obnoxious and rude. I'd feel the same way about her she were a man. She thinks she gets negative press due to sexism. IDK. Is there a male equivalent of artists like Britney Spears? I'm a fan of her music, but women seem to be able to get by more on being cute and dancing. I co
  15. Random chit chat, but I found out a professor I had multiple classes with has been accused of sexual harassment by several students. He was one of my favorite teachers ever. I truly learned a lot from him. I thought he was kind. I don't even remember all the teachers I've had, but his teaching and encouragement stayed with me. I feel horrible for all the young students he harassed. It's crazy how someone who has so much talent and wisdom and left an impact on your life turns out to be a predator.
  16. As a childfree woman, it can get annoying if a host's whole identity is mom, but you're right. Abby was never like that at all. If Meghan didn't eventually have a baby, would she say no mom topics at all? Could her mom friends talk about their children? Being mean to Abby is like kicking a puppy. Even most coldhearted people wouldn't do it. She wasn't my favorite host for political insight, but she was one of the sweetest.
  17. When your favorite Youtube channel is no more. I loved Pixiwoo. I'm very happy for their success, but couldn't they have left the old tutorials up? Couldn't they still make money from ads? I don't know, but it's a bummer as a fan.
  18. The whole sexism towards celebs discussion is fascinating to me. I think we can all agree Hollywood itself has some major issues with the abuse that went on for so many years. It's sickening how many women were abused and it was just swept under the rug. I know we have a way to go, but I hope the Me Too movement has at least helped keep women entertainers safer. When it comes to other things like gossip, sexist jokes and if the public's super sexist, it gets more complicated imo. On one hand, it does seem like women get called out more for trivial things. "She's not really that nic
  19. I have medium boobs, but I have a small band size (30-32). That's not super easy to find everywhere past a B cup. I've also considered getting breast implants, and that might put me out of Victoria's Secret sizing. It's not a big deal to me even if it happens though. I've looked into other brands, and you're right. There are some GORGEOUS bras out there in so many sizes. Meghan's fortunate she can afford to shop anywhere. Victoria's Secret is cheap for her, but it's a splurge for the everyday woman. I love shopping there. It's probably my favorite store, but I only go when there are sales.
  20. 100%. I know tons of republicans who don't care for her. They may prefer her to Joy Behar, but that's about it. I truly think Meghan needs help with her anger issues. She has everything in the world, and she's so quick to anger. One of the nicest men I know is an older man. He's not the most physically attractive person, deals with anxiety, and he never got married. He doesn't date. He has no kids, no family in the US at all. His siblings also got money he was supposed to inherit, and he doesn't make much. He lives in an old home and drives an old car. Despite living a very simple life where h
  21. Ugh me too! I love clothes. I envy people who have tons of dressy events. When you live a "regular" life for the most part, just wearing a cute dress can be extra to some folks.
  22. I think it was Laura Ingraham, the shut up and dribble lady.
  23. Whoopi should have told Meghan to kiss her ass.
  24. I've always only watched the various late night shows depending on the guests. I remember I thought Jay Leno seemed like a sweet man. I remember seeing Letterman be pretty rude to different guests. His interview with Paris Hilton was so bad. IRC, she was trying not to cry. I'm not saying Leno's always been a saint or David was always bad, I just remember finding Leno likable and Letterman being the show I'd avoid if I were a celeb.
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