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  1. Most of Ree's ideas seem dumb to me, but her latest one takes the cake, IMHO: the idea that all of America would love seeing homemade shows run by her offspring. After finding the first one too painful to endure, now I view only repeats and only ones with recipes that interested me the first time.
  2. Pus. Don't like that word. Also urethra. It reminds me of "Urethra" Franklin. Word that makes me want to run away: expel.
  3. TXVOODOO, I am terribly sorry to learn that you've suffered the tragedy of losing your husband to COVID. I offer my sympathy to you and your loved ones. I hope that you have friends and relatives who can help you through your sadness. I will say a prayer for you. Please rejoin us when you feel up to it. You are loved by many of us.
  4. ?????????? ______________________________________________________________________________________________ I was surprised the other day by something Ree said on a recent rerun. She was talking about her football-playing sons and said that Bryce is 6'4'' tall, and Todd is 6' tall. JEEPERS!!! I knew they weren't little kids anymore and that they were both into football, but I had no idea they had grown so tall. Both guys must have inherited the Grandpaw Smith and the Ree Smith genes.
  5. Thought it was interesting on a recent Ree-run thst Ree referred to Hyacinth as ''Cindy," then explained that it was another Hyacinth nickname since childhood. Who was more sloshed at Meg's engagement party -- Hye, Ree, Alex or Meg?
  6. I'm late to the party, too, but I feel compelled to include at least a mention of my favorite -- the incomparable 'Little Janey and the Treacy Family Visit Disneyland" debacle. If ever a photo brought on fashion nausea mixed with laughter, that group of weirdos had to have been a standout. Booney, thank you for the time and talent you continue to bring to this board. You are so generous to share with us your gift of creating smiles and laughter.
  7. From talk about food to Ree's "horrible" jaw to Katie Lee's pregnancy (not REE but LEE) in a British rag -- Is anyone else confused, or is it just me?
  8. OMG, imagine that armpit after several nights without a drop of water from her shower head! Exposing the nest of bacteria, viruses, cooties and critters living in that pit could wipe out the population of West Chester.
  9. I was looking forward to an Isaac TSV but was flabbergasted to see those cheapo lace duds as the offering. Who chose them -- Isaac himself or a QVC honcho determined to ruin Isaac once and for all? Like Mizrahi or not, he does design some attractive pieces. To flash those lace nightmares on screen all day was an embarrassment to the designer as well as the network! Is there no one left at QVC with an ounce of common sense?
  10. To amuse myself during endless hours in bed, I'm becoming a Hallmark movie addict, but really, how many films are produced by and star Lacey (?) Chabert? No offence to her fans, but I don't understand her appeal.
  11. Heaven help the folks of Pawtuska. A recent ree-run had its cooking star making more chocolate treats for her 'deserving friends." The episode should have been called Death by Chocolate. For the minister, she made a Mississippi Mud Cake which had an ENTIRE BAG of marshmallows poured into it, She made a chocolate "tart" filled entirely with a simple chocolate ganache that made my teeth ache. Her choc. cookies contained FIVE kinds of chocolate, and she was so proud of them. I'd rather be her worst enemy than be in line for one of her treats.
  12. This poor excuse for a woman is all about affectation -- the glasses and everything else about her. She thinks she's fooling the viewers when in fact she's as transparent as plastic wrap.
  13. Amy and her jabbering have made me automatically exit the moment I see her. She should also wear a sign saying AREN'T I CUTE?
  14. Next Door seems to be a good site if used correctly. There is a way to limit your information. You can do a search and learn how to sign up and limit your information that you give them.
  15. When you were young like the Drummond brood and wanted a snack after school or whenever, were you allowed to eat cookies, ice cream desserts, and some of the other treats that Ree makes for her kids? At my house, we were allowed to have about 4 crackers spread with peanut butter but nothing sweet that would ruin our appetites. I'm always shocked by the snacks. What did you have, and is Ree too permissive?
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